Online dating :

Online dating is quite different from conventional old-school dating. In online dating, you don’t get to sit in front of your crush at a bar or a restaurant and impress him or her with your charming smile and dashing looks. Instead, in online dating which is usually done in chat rooms, you have to impress the other person simply by your text chat. In doing so, one has to be very careful as a few subtle things can make a bad impression of yours on the other person. Most of these things that should be avoided at all costs in an online chat are related to the representation of person’s maturity level. So here is a list of the few things that need to be avoided at all times and under no circumstances, these should be done.

online dating

Don’t use abbreviations:

These days, people in chat rooms doing online chat tend to use a lot of abbreviations as it has become sort of a trend. But people who are dating via text chat in chat rooms should avoid the usage of all the abbreviations at all times. The reason behind this is that the use of abbreviations show lack of maturity in a person and if you are dating, immaturity is the last thing that you want to show to the other person. So always use full forms of words and don’t show your inner child by using abbreviations and short forms like “btw, atm, k, ttyl, tysm, ofc, bc” etc. If you use short forms like this, the other person might think you are a 13-year-old boy.

online dating

Don’t use excessive emoticons:

When you are in an onle chatting room and doing text chat with your crush, you should not use excessive smileys and emoticons. Rather you should try to express your emotions in words as this will result in a stronger bond between you and the other person whom you are dating. Don’t use a lot of smiley faces followed by clapping smileys unless the joke that your crush cracked is actually too funny. As with the usage of abbreviations, excessive usage of smiley also depict a lack of maturity which is again a negative thing while you are dating.


Don’t try to be funny on purpose:

Being funny is a good thing in online dating but one should not try to be overly funny or funny on purpose in chat rooms when dating. If the conversation is flowing easily, then no need to be funny on purpose as this will show desperation to impress the crush. Forcing fun into a chat is not a good gesture anyways. If you have to force it, it’s probably not that funny anyway.
So these are a few things that need to be kept in mind while dating in an online chat room via text chat.

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