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Chat games or texting games are the most recent addition on Talkwithstranger for our valued users, especially the people who are searching for chat games and texting games. The chat games – chat room is open to all users from all over the world who are looking to meet new people or find new ways to make new friends in a fun way. We are proud to announce the launch of a new chat room for users to play chat games with whomever they want. Chat games is a gaming chat avenue where you can take a break and indulge yourself in a little fun.

We have made available the chat games chat room for users who want to play chat games with other users online. Users can use this website to connect with strangers, join our growing community of awesome users and meet new people in order to engage in online chat games with other users. Thousands of users are logging in daily looking for different ways and means to connect with other online users, we also have chat games and chat based activities to promote meeting new people. A brilliant chat avenue awaits you to connect with online users to chat with strangers, along with chat games / texting games we have numerous chat rooms for you to chat and make new friends or meet new people.

chat games - texting games

Snapchat games alternative

What’s more our chat games chat avenue serves as an excellent snapchat games alternative. You can use our services at TWS chat games just like the way you play snapchat games, you can also play chat games here with added features like file sharing including images, music and videos. Additionally you can even access our website from the internet to play chat games or use any other chatting service. If you are a smart phone user you can also download our android app in order to remain connected on the go through your mobile phone. We also have mobile chat rooms for mobile users who want to chat using text messages.

Online chat games and texting games at TWS

A couple of months earlier we introduced some games to our users so they can chat and communicate as well as have fun. We have made these games available so that users can enjoy them and find new ways to connect with others through the multiplayer system and the chat games page. Our aim has always been to promote user interaction with other users so they meet new people and find new friends. Along with the introduction of multiplayer games we thought it only fitting to introduce some chat games or text games for our users who prefer to play them over other games.

Here are some awesome games that you can play for free with other users online. A couple of multiplayer games and a solo game for our users to enjoy while they chat.

Adventure Time
Hexa Tetris

Chat games and other games

Here in this chatroom for chat games and texting games you can connect with new people and participate in new texting games with other users online. Apart from texting games we have other multiplayer games that you can play like Adventure Time: A massive multiplayer adventure. In this game you can explore the map and interact with other players who join the game along with many non-player characters. There are treasures for you to find, enemies and dangers that you need to avoid or overcome and lots of enemies that you can find.

Another brilliant multiplayer game for you to play with other online users is Bomberman. Bomberman is the classic bomber man that users can play with each other in a competitive environment. This is one of the best classic games with an arcade one-on-one based approach that you can never get bored or tired of. A highly competitive and addictive game that can be played with your friends.

Hexa Tetris is yet another free game for you to enjoy in your spare time. A very simple yet a highly addictive game that that will keep you glued to your screens. This is a solo game that users can indulge themselves in to make a record high score or even beat their own high scores. To play this game press the right and left arrow keys to rotate the hexagon on a laptop. Tap or swipe on touch screen devices to rotate the hexagon. You can also use a mouse to play Hexa Tetris – Free tetris friends game.

What are chat games, online chat games and text games

Basically chat games or online chatting games are all text games that can be played by chat participants in a group chat room as well as playable through any text messaging service privately with just two participants. Chat games and texting games gained popularity due to the reason that two participants with texting services can play chat games easily. Talkwithstrangers is a chatting platform and it is only relevant that we include these chat games and text games for our users. These chat games and texting games can be played from anywhere, all you need is to choose the chat games to play over text, connect with a stranger and start playing  texting games with them. Playing chat games or texting games is as simple as that, and of course these and other services are absolutely free for you, so feel free to join chat games or any other chat room of your choice.

Listed here you will find some of the best chat games available online to play text based games with friends and strangers. So what are you waiting for! Find yourself a chat partner in our free chat rooms for texting games choose the games to play over text and you are all set to have a good time.

Chat games - text games with friends

1. I Spy

I spy is a classic game that has been a family favorite since a long time and is a really fun way to pass the time almost anywhere. This game is played in a face to face setting with partners usually while travelling or indoors. I Spy is being played since a long time with real participants although you can still play this game with others far off and away like you play chat games or texting games. This game can be played over any text messaging service and even on chatting websites for free with a chat partner.

You start this game by telling your chat partner your current location and looking for something particular in your environment that is hard to guess. The thing that you spy can be any object, something that is written down somewhere, it can be huge or even very small. You can give a clue to what needs to be guessed, usually the first letter of the word is chosen as a clue and passed along to give your opponent a fighting chance. You can use a number of variations in this game by limiting the number of guesses that are allowed in the game or by selecting something of a particular category to be guessed by the opponent.

2. What if

What if is a chat game that can be played by two or more than two players as a group chat game. It is a scenario based texting game that you can play in chat games or any of the chat rooms that you may like. This chat game is played by putting up a scenario for your chat partner and giving them an option to choose. There are no correct or incorrect answers in this texting game but it  might give you a better understanding of your chat partner’s reactions and responses.

You can start playing this texting game by finding yourself a chat partner and putting up a what if scenario to them. After they are done answering you, it’s their turn to ask you a what if scenario question. This scenario can be reality based or fiction and you have the freedom to form any question that you might want to ask. People usually ask hypothetical questions while playing these texting games and games. This chat game will also help you get to know more about you chat partner. It is a highly fun chat game to play with others once you get the hang of it.

For example:

  • You can ask a girl or girl friend “what if you got to relive one day of your life, which day will you go for and why?

Another good question can be

  • “what if you could choose one superpower for yourself, what would it be?

Or the deadliest what if question

  • “what if you got 24 hours left to live what would you do?

3. Hangman

Hangman is a classic game that you might remember playing when you were younger. Back in the days hangman used to be a highly played game that everyone wanted to join or play on their own. This game might not need an introduction nor any kind of information as this is a very popular game. This was a game played on a piece of paper and by drawing the hangman.

Hangman can also be played over text messages or in a chat room for texting games. Basically this game is played by choosing something, it’s name or word and leaving blanks or dashes for all the letters in the word for your opponent to guess. The opponent will call out a letter which if guessed right and is used in the word has to be placed in the blanks. If the guessed letter is wrong, the opponent loses a chance and a hangman starts to form.

The chances your opponent has are denoted by a hangman’s drawing in which a stick-man figure is hanged on a noose – hence the name hangman. There can be multiple words, phrases or sentences to be guessed and as many chances as you like to give your opponent. Usually people play this game with mostly nine (9) or ten (10) chances for the opponent in total. The hangman’s rope is attached to the noose and the stand for hangman can be drawn in three or four steps and the hangman can be done in six steps. The man on the noose – hangman drawing is completed when all chances are squandered without guessing the word. The fate of the hangman rests in your hands, be the one to guess it right and save the dying man.

4. Fill in the blanks

Fill in the blanks is a fun text based game that is awesome if you are in a newly formed relationship or just want to get to know someone better. It is a very simple game in which you fill out blanks in the sentences made for you by your chat partner. This can be a very enlightening game when you get the hang of it isn’t very difficult either to play this chat game with your chat partner and friends.

For an example, you start the game by texting to your chat partner:

  • ” you will never _______  _________, but will always ______ ______ .”

You can even the leave these as open ended questions according to what you text and so on…

  • ” would you like to be my _______ for the rest of your life? “


  • ” you would love to have _______ in this moment.”

5. “Build a story” known as “Story builder” or “Story time”

The most simple chat game based on texting as most chat games are, yet one of the classics that can never go out of fashion. You begin playing this game by starting a story with a word, phrase or a sentence and sending it through text or chat to your chat partner. The textual exchange between chat partners keeps this game alive and can be built upon to make the story lengthier or shorter but it all depends on the participants in this texting game. You can turn the story in any direction you want it to go and keep up pace with how the other part of your story is turning up to be.

6. Question: Would you rather… ?

You can begin this game when one of you asks the question “would you rather…” which is followed by theoretical scenarios with a choice to make or choose one option. The fun part are creating the options in the scenario, you will have to be imaginative in thinking and can freely choose any scenario or options in this question. Be sure to maintain a balance between the options you use in this question, something comparatively as terrible or good as your first option which ignites a competition for the best choice to make.

7. Twenty (20) questions

This game is another classic chat games that is based on guessing the correct answer within the limit of 20 questions. It became very popular and even had shows made on this game’s basic concept. The game can be played among chat partners as well, as one party may think of a known person or an object and invites 20 questions to be asked in order to guess it right to win the game. This routine is usually taken in turns with answers limited to yes / no answers only. You can add rules and restrictions in this game as much as you like and can also set up particular genres of objects that can be guessed. The main thing to keep in your mind while playing this game is that you can only get a yes or no answer for your question.

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