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Since our website users have been growing exponentially, a lot of our loyal users have asked various questions regarding our random chat rooms website.

Please feel free to browse the FAQs listed below. Alternatively, if you don't find an answer to your question. You may reach out to us via our Facebook page or email us on Contact Us


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How do I chat on TalkWithStranger?

Visit the TalkWithStranger homepage or any of our Chat Rooms page, simply enter any nickname of your choice (if you want) click on “Lets Talk” green button. You will be connected to somebody random on the other side of the planet.

How can I find someone with whom I have chatted before?

This is one of the most asked question from our users. We know your chats are so valuable, therefore we are going to release a feature soon specifically to address this issue. Meanwhile please visit & post here.
Search for your chat partner on TalkWithStranger Website! OR
Search for your chat partner on TalkWithStranger ChatRooms Community! OR
Search for your chat partner on Facebook Group!

I am unable to use and chat with anyone on TalkWithStranger?

Since we upgraded our site some old users have been unable to chat with people on our chat site. If you think that all the website loads properly but you are unable to chat with someone, it could be that your network is blocking access to our scripts. To fix this issue, please follow the steps:

  • Use Google Chrome as your default browser to use our chat site. If on mobile, you can use any browser.
  • Download Zenmate Free chrome extension (If you are having problems in chatting on mobile, please download Android app Free Betternet VPN Android App OR if using iPhone or iPad download Free Betternet VPN App from Apple Appstore. and turn on VPN. Your chat should work on mobile after turning on VPN.). Follow remaining steps if using Laptop.
  • Sign up at Zenmate and create account.
  • Once you verify their email and your account is created, you will see a small (Zenmate) icon on top right side of your Chrome Browser.
  • Click that button, & select a country like United States (USA) and turn on VPN.
Once you turn on VPN, you will see their icon turned to green. Now try to chat on our website again (reload the chat page). You should be able to chat properly. If you still face any issues, please Contact Us


How can I send pictures and videos to chat partners?

After you start chatting with a stranger, on your right just before the send button, you will see a camera/video icon. Just press that, and you can select the picture or the video file you would like to send. Once the picture or video chat is sent, you will see it in your chat window. Please note at the time of writing we have limited supported video formats available.

How can I chat using Android App, if it crashes?

We are currently experiencing some issues with our android app, we are working hard to fix it. Meanwhile, please use our website on your mobile browser directly like Google Chrome or Firefox. Our website works perfect on mobile.

How safe is it to chat on TalkToStrangers?

Safety & Security of our users is our first priority. We make every effort to keep bad people away from our site. It is important for you to visit the safety tips page before chatting for the first time. However, TWS Development Team and Administration have gone to lengths of ensuring safety by having the capability to block countries, users and IPs with a bad repute. If you find any user involved in any negative activity. Please inform us immediately.

How can I avoid bots on TalkToStrangers?

We make every effort to keep bad people and bots away from our site. This is why sharing URLs and links are not allowed in chat. It is important that you should help us in solve these problems so that we can ensure a smooth chatting experience. If you find any user/bot involved in any negative activity. Please inform us immediately. Take screenshot of the conversation and send to [email protected]

If I have a problem, how can I contact TWS support?

You can certainly go to our contact page and contact us at any time when you have an issue. We are here to help you resolve your problems and love to hear from you. Feel free to give us new suggestions. You may reach out to us via our Facebook page or email us on Contact Us

What kind of people are here on TalkWithStranger?

You will find and encounter both men and women from the whole world who are aiming to create relations and meet new people or a special someone. It is totally based on luck who you connect with. If you want to connect with people of our own country, use our website during the peak hours of your country. Feel free to talk to strangers online.

How long do we keep chat conversations / logs stored ?

We normally don't save our users chat logs and messages as we respect our users privacy. However, We may from time to time store logs and messages to improve our chatting experience or to prevent spamming and for moderation purposes.

Rest assured our users privacy is our first priority so feel free to chat and express your emoticons freely as this is meant to be a private chat between you and your partner.