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Raise your hand if you are bored with your current social circle. Many of you must be stuck in the same endless loops of conversations with the same old people for years at end. There is never a change, is there? Bob wants to talk about his crappy marriage and Ana would not stop talking about her latest plastic surgery. All you want to do is talk about the latest political crisis around the globe or may be discuss your never ending love for Game of Thrones. That is where anonymous chatrooms come in.


TalkwithStranger Free Chat Rooms Community is the latest platform for you to find like-minded people who are willing to talk about the matters or topics that are your areas of interest. Online Chat rooms have been widely debated about and discussed throughout years but well they have always been in demand so there has to be something cool about them.

A community of curious and helping individuals!

Our free chat room is full of 1000s of people who are available from different parts of the world wanting to connect with you to start new friendships and relationships.

Our top members

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You get the option to start random conversations with random people on the most random topics. There are no restrictions. The chatrooms are for anybody and everybody to use. You can talk to strangers & chat with strangers for free. If you would like adult chat, gay chat, teen chat or random chat.

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There are many anonymous text chat apps available online but TalkwithStranger gives you an easier and safer access.

  • Discuss all sorts of topics
  • Text chats, picture sharing and much more
  • Save your conversations for memories
  • Expand your social circle
  • Reconnect with old friends and sweethearts

There are many reasons why TalkwithStranger chatrooms are different from many other anonymous chat room that allow free chat online. Some of these reasons are as follows:

  • Easy to Use. The chat room page is divided into many sections that allows the user to enter a conversation of their choice much easily.
  • Privacy protected. The people that you come into contact with through our free chat rooms only know what you tell them yourself. Your privacy is our priority from our end.
  • If you like chatting without any login or sign up, You can have random chat with no registration required to chat online. It is easy & fast.
  • It is basically a lot of fun.

Recent Topics Being Discussed

If you do not have any particular topic in mind, you can always join in conversations that have started most recently or the ones which have the most popularity. We do not put any controls on what you wish to do. You may text chat or share any content that you would like to share. The chatrooms are your arena and you are master of your own wishes in the anonymous chat.

Why should you use anonymous chatrooms on TalkwithStranger?

Now this is an interesting question. You know how there are certain embarrassing parts of everyones’ lives that they are unwilling to discuss with people they already know. Bob and Ana would most likely not be of much help with the embarrassing boil in your groin or the fact that you you don’t know how to act on a first date. So you get into free chat online start a topic on our anonymous chat room and get the solution to your problem. It is as easy in real as it sounds. With our ever growing community, there are chances that the questions you want to ask have already been posted and answered a number of times. In that case you can check older posts and talk to strangers .


Sometimes you feel blue for no reason whatsoever and you have nobody who listen to you moan about your life. So what do you do? Have a miserable day like you do every day? No! You get out there on TalkwithStranger and find people with whom you can have a mental and emotional connection with. There are countless people in this world who are stuck in endless loops of daily life and they would love to chat with you to help you with your blues. Anonymous chatrooms are a great way of letting go of your reservations and opening up to new people.

There are other chatting websites where you might go unnoticed but not on TalkwithStranger. Here we give you badges and rewards for being our regular visitor and for posting high quality content. Of course these badges would be of help to you too. They would show up on your profile and would enhance your reputation on the website. This will in turn increase the chances of more people gravitating towards answering your questions or starting up conversations with you out of the blue. If you are a fan of random video chat. We have got online video chat too.

How do you start a topic?

Well to answer that, many a times you don’t have to start a topic yourself. Chances are that there are many similar on-going discussions that are taking place. So in that case the sensible thing to do is to join the most active conversations because they obviously be more fun. Anonymous chat rooms are always full of various on-going topics at the same time and you are bound to find stuff that suits your interests otherwise you can always start up your own conversation and free chat.

The most recent and the most popular topics are also listed under separate tabs on the chatrooms community for your ease.

There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t yet met.”- William Butler Yeats.

Everyone on TalkwithStranger is only a stranger until you haven’t gathered the courage to strike up a conversation. There are so many people online who are looking for new people to talk to, new minds to pick, and new conversations to start. Anonymous chatrooms give you the perfect platform for starting new relationships from scratch. You can meet sexy people & chat with sexy people. . You are in control of how you want to present yourself to other people who are available in the chat rooms. Your online profile is the window into your life. What you choose to put there about yourself is totally on you. There are many old friends that you must have lost over the years. There must be friends who are waiting to reconnect with people they were once close to in their high school or college. There must be high school sweethearts who never moved on with their lives and waiting to hear from their old flames. TalkwithStranger Tips can very well be the one to help you reconnect. It is an ever growing community of people who setting up profiles to increase their social circles. We hope to help you in whatever you desire right now.

You can also find the latest and upcoming news about TalkWithStrangers on our online live chat blog.