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Making a prank call to someone or receiving a prank call from someone can act as a breath of fresh air in the time of distress. Acts of fun gives you double joy when free, Talkwithstranger now gives you an opportunity to make prank calls to strangers in a safe environment and relive your past experiences when making a random phone call to strangers, gave you thrills but took a handful out of your pocket.

Benefits of Prank Call

International prank calls

Don’t worry if your dating partner, friend, or family member lives in some foreign country. So, if you are in a mood to make a prank call, borders cannot restrict you because talkwithstranger connects people beyond borders, even for prank calls. All you have to do is to register and engage your loved ones in prank calls.

Anonymous prank calls

Sometimes, it becomes pertinent for the prank caller to hide his/her identity either for safety concerns or some other reasons. Whatever your reasons are, talkwithstranger facilitates you with an option of anonymous calls. So, you can hide your real identity during a call. This feature is likely to make you much more comfortable because neither your identity would be revealed nor you would be judged for your insane comments or remarks that you normally blurt during prank calls. Moreover, since your data is not accessible, it is almost impossible that some random caller will get you back on call. To be precise, at your disposal, whether you want to continue talking or not, nobody can contact you back when you end up the prank call. In brief, talkwithstranger facilitates anonymity that you can use in any way possible to make your prank call more interesting and funny.

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Facts About Prank Call

  • 65% of people prefer to contact a business by phone, only 24% prefer filling out online forms.
  • 48% of customer phone calls come from mobile search.
  • Businesses are predicted to get 162 billion customer phone calls from mobile by 2021
  • Men account for 53% of customer calls, women clock in at 47%.
  • The average call duration is 4 min, 52 seconds.

Related Voice Chatrooms

Prank Call

Prank Calls are also known as hoax calls or crank calls. It is a kind of practical joke on the telephone. People have been using prank calls to have fun for many years. However, continuous prank calls may account for harassment, hounding, and persecuting. It is necessary to use common sense and recognize that prank calls may lead to anxiety and distress to other men and women. 

Talking about the fun factor, prank calls can be highly entertaining. However, there are not many platforms that offer numbers to making prank calls to strangers. 

Prank Calls should only be used for fun within limits 

If you are tired and need to frighten a stranger, a friend, or even a company operator, subsequently making a prank call may be just the activity you're searching for. 

You may create a prank call that baffles, annoys, or even entirely infuriates the individual at the opposite end of this line. Be aware that what you do may offend the individual at the opposite end of the line. 

For a nice start 

Produce a fake title, behave like you were planning to provide them a free raffle prize or competition, or a great college they got to, for instance. 

While it's important to rehearse what you are going to say, it's also important to get to know the character you are impersonating to go with the flow and say anything based on what the individual on the opposite end of the line says. If you are too concerned about sticking with your script, then you won't have the opportunity to improvise if things go out of hands. If you'd like your voice to sound more nasal, pinch your nose and try speaking clinically, so the sound feels like it is going into your nose.

How prank calls can give you a virtual thrill?

Prank calls may be offensive for some people, but they are also the best way to get to know a stranger on a virtual level. Sometimes simple hi or hello can put off a stranger for good, especially when we meet them on a chatting website. Therefore, it is important to come up with something innovative. What can be the best way to be innovative on a chatting website other than coming up with the prank call?

Prank calls are the best way to break ice with strangers. However, one needs to make sure not to be offensive on a chatting platform through prank calls.

How Prank Call is best to find a connection with strangers? 

In our life, we are introduced to strangers as new customers and new colleagues. At professional media events, linking with strangers is the main objective. In a comfortable social setting, getting to know strangers is the only real way to make new friends. For full-size extroverts, meeting strangers is thrilling; however, for most of us, there is at least a small tinge of anxiety if meeting somebody for the first time. We all know the value of creating a first impression, and we all would like to be popular from the beginning of any interaction.

People love talking about themselves, and they especially love talking about their passions. Among the greatest methods to acquire a stranger to enjoy you is to ask a lot of questions that keep them talking about themselves. 

This subtly keeps the dialogue going in a way that shows what they are genuinely passionate about in life, and then stay on such a topic for as long as you can. Please pay attention to them and ask honest questions.

You're likely going to find them light up as they speak. While being on the receiving end of a prank call is just about the most infuriating thing on earth unless it is carried out so well that even you are on the ground laughing so hard. 

Additionally, recall prank calls for emergency services or even people who are not well are off-limits.

Some strangers may get angry over some prank calls, like informing them that they've won something via the lottery, so proceed with caution. You will also need to attempt and disguise your voice in case you are creating the call yourself. Please make certain that you call them with their name so that they believe that it's legit. 

Even though there are many sites and apps online nowadays whereby you may earn a prank call to strangers, among the best is TalkWithStrangers. When TalkWithStranger runs, it appears, at first sight, just to become just a game, which makes it possible for your sufferer, but that is where the pleasure comes in. 

10 Fun ideas for Prank Calls: 

If you're a newcomer to prank calls, then we advise you to find out a thing or two about these before embarking on a trip of friendly mockery.


  • Telling a stranger that you have won tickets:


The stranger might get mad at you for this one, so proceed with care. You will also need to attempt and disguise your voice in case you are creating the call yourself. The best way to make a prank call is by telling the strangers that they have won some kind of tickets. This would initiate a sudden interest and you will likely end up having a conversation with a stranger through a prank call.


  • Telling a stranger that you are living in a haunted house:


You may try this Prank call idea with someone who is a complete stranger to you. In a silent voice, let them know they need to listen to you attentively. Tell them that many years back, someone died in the home, and their spirit haunts your home. Try to seem very convincing, but if you see it is causing another person distress, be sure that you let them know, it is only a prank.


  • Telling a stranger that you are a mobile operator:


Pretend you are calling from their phone company, and you are running a mobile phone checkup. Most of the people take this prank call idea very seriously and act on it even.


  • Voice Commands:


This one is best performed on a stranger who is not tech-savvy. Introduce yourselves as a customer service representative by his phone company and notify him that a new service was activated on his phone, enabling him to control it using voice commands, but it needs to be calibrated. Then proceed to request to repeat a couple of phrases so the service may be activated correctly. Start simple and slowly increase the silliness on your sentences and find out how much you can take it until they realize it's a prank. It is always a good idea to let the other party know that you are simply pranking them, so they are not distressed.


  • You hid the body:


This call prank on our list of prank call ideas for strangers or friends requires good timing. Get on your desired platform and tell a stranger you know a secret. To make this prank call idea work you can simply tell a stranger that you know they have hid a body. This is likely to create a spooky reaction in a stranger so act with caution.


  • Calling for help:


This call prank on the list of prank call ideas for strangers is a brief but good one. Call a stranger and ask them to get help because you are in a difficult situation. Once they start asking questions, clarify that you can't go too much into details, and they need to help you instantly. 

Once they get to agree, ask them to bring you some toilet tissue paper. However, don't do this too often because you might end up in a situation where you need help for genuine but will find a roll of toilet paper instead.

Prank calls are fun, but to try them you need a lot of prank call ideas. In case you think that you have a creative mind than this prank call thing is for you. You can always imagine great things by being creative. Make sure to come up with more creative ideas so you can have a prank call with strangers.

Which platform is best for a prank call?

Although there are a lot of chatting websites on Google yet, not many of them offer prank calls option. Whenever you go to a platform to try, prank calls make a show to see if the platform is genuine. On the Internet, you will find many platforms where scam is a regular thing. It is always a good idea to do your research before going for a platform that may not be a very good choice for prank calls.

As per our recommendation and suggestion, talkwithstranger is the ultimate option for prank calls. Not only this platform is genuine, there are a lot of opportunities to get yourself a stranger who would be happy with the overall idea of prank calls.

Why is talkwithstranger best for prank calls?

Ever thought of making prank calls? If not, you are missing the fun part of your life. So, if you want to enjoy funny reactions from your friends or family members or you want to have some fun enjoying pranks on strangers, prank calls through a trustable platform is all you need. Talkwithstranger is one such trusted dating platform that offers unlimited prank calls. Let’s know a little more about talkwithstranger.

What makes the talkwithstranger platform best for prank calls?

Although talkwithstranger is a dating platform, yet it is considered best for prank calls.

Free numbers to prank call

Money always matters. Whether you are buying a necessity or some luxury, your primary concern is money most of the time. Therefore, it becomes your foremost priority to avoid such products and services that are likely to burden your pocket. In fact, you can’t even think of these even in your leisure time. However, this will never be your concern if you are making prank calls using talkwithstranger, there is a page to get numbers to prank calls for free too. Surprisingly, you can make as many calls as you want using this platform. So, all you have to do is to sign up on talkwithstranger to enjoy unlimited prank calls.

Provides location-based receivers

What will attract you more towards prank calls is the likelihood of connecting to the people living in the same region as you. Interesting right? Talkwithstranger provides this opportunity through its region-wide database. Thus, if you prefer to create fun with strangers in your vicinity, talkwithstranger can do it for you. Moreover, no one knows when you get your friend, family member, neighbor on the receiver side. So, the scenario will turn out to be more favorable for you because you will be able to make more fun out of it.

Prank Calls with loved Ones 

You can have lots of fun while making a prank call to a person you actually know. Imagine you are doing a prank call to someone who can react to the information that you will provide about him/her. At the moment, he will get scared, and you can make a video or audio of his reaction to later show that to him. Many people on this platform do this to prank their loved ones, but they tell the reality to the other person at the end of the call. The friends living abroad will have no clue that you can be behind this. Well, you can do this in a few minutes. Moreover, you can also check if the person you are dating is loyal to you or not by doing a simple prank call to them.

Prank calls without revealing your identity

Most people on the online platform do not stick with one person. However, you can easily check this by making a prank call to the person you met on talkwithstranger without showing your real identity

You can tell that particular person and flirt with him/her. If that person does not get in our trap, that means he/she is loyal, so you can take the call on a funny side and later tell that person that you were kidding. And if he/she turns out to be a cheat, you can easily leave them. This feature can save you from big trouble.

Prank call options on TWS 

A call to prank a stranger is an entertaining option. Many people make hundreds of such prank calls using the TWS daily. They can talk with strangers over these calls and make this conversation amusing. By teasing people in a jolly way, confusing them over something. Giving them a lollipop that they won some kind of lottery. Which will thrill them for a while, and you'll enjoy your trick.You might come across many prank call websites. But I'm sure TWS stands different from all of those websites. On talkwithstranger, You have multiple options for making a fun-loaded prank call. It's the most convenient and instantly accessible website. 

Most of the time callers who want to perform a prank prefer to stay anonymous they do not want to show their identity.

Talkwithstranger hides its user's identity who uses different numbers and tries to have some fun-filled moments with a stranger. Most of the time these callers don't want to disclose their identity in front of the receiver. They prefer to stay anonymous and enjoy pranking a stranger. 

Sometimes revealed identity can cause serious issues. Talkwithstranger always protects its user's identity and doesn't disclose it in front of the other users. This feature is one tap away on the prank call, clicking you get an option for a person to make a  call to anyone and make jokes. If you want to change the person, you have the option to select from multiple options. And if you don't find a suitable person you have the option to disconnect the call and continue to the next number.

You have the option to make local and international calls on the TWS platform.

If you know someone living abroad and you want to make a call to them, you can make a prank internationally on talkwithstranger completely free. No cost is charged while you make an international call on TWS.

You can have fun across the border by talkwithstrangers. You can find new friends internationally while using talkwithstranger.

You have the option to make calls to any country. 

  • Make sure to be polite and kind

while using any stranger chatting website be sure that you don't hurt the feelings of other people. Continuous calls will be considered harassment, which can get you in trouble. 

While dialing a number, be sure that your joke is harmless. Never hurt anybody's sentiments. 

It's very important to take care of the feelings of another person. Your call should be fun-filled, but this fun shouldn't be based on anybody's tears. Try to perform a harmless prank. 

  • Serious consequences of prank call

Remember that these calls can be a cause of stress and anxiety to another person. Never make fun of someone's feelings. Be sure to stay sensible during the call. Make sensible jokes, never cross the limits. fun should be fun for everyone, not a burden for the one.

Make sure that the next person also enjoys your prank. You can create a little bit of suspicion through your talk but never cross the limits. Your negligence can cause serious consequences. Refrain from offending anyone's feelings. 

Our religion also prohibits us from unnecessarily teasing or disheartening anyone. Making jokes is not bad, but making such a joke which can hurt anyone is not good at all. Be sure to stay sensitive toward others. Today's life is already tough for many people. Try to make this world a better place for everyone. Think about others as well, never give priority just to yourself, and don't think about anyone else. 

  • Be prepared before making a prank call

plan your call before dialing a  number. Rehearse everything before dialing a  number. Make sure to set all the plans sequentially beforehand, otherwise, you will be spotted easily. Make sure to set everything to the sequence so that you don't miss any point or make a blunder.

Try to generate some innovative ideas for the call. Call ideas should be different. One should use such ideas which are innovative and full of fun and entertainment. These ideas should be planned to keep in mind moral values. Ethical prank call ideas should be used, these ideas used unethically during a call are not a good option.

  • Prank call app

 Talkwithstranger facilitates its users with a prank call app, which means most conveniently making calls. If you have a prank call app installed on your smartphone you can dial a number any time you want to. Today's world is very fast, the new generation prefers pre-fast-ongoing ideas and options, this is the reason that these apps attract users. Everything is now offered through apps. These fun-filled apps are convenient to use with easy options and fast dialing. So what are you waiting for to download the prank call app now and start making every moment joyful? Forget about getting bored with talking with talkwithstranger.

  • No hidden or asked charges to make prank calls

Talkwithstranger offers a prank call-free. All the services are completely free on talkwithstranger. Like all other services, this amazing service is also free of cost. Which can be enjoyed any time with ease. Talkwithstranger is famous for these exciting options given to its users. Users love to use these lively options which can change their mood in minutes, no matter what they are going through. These options give you happiness in a short time on TWS. Nowadays everything has value, and we have to pay for what we want. Nothing is free but talkwithstranger is giving prank call free options. In this time of greed and selfishness talkwithstranger provides its users with a prank call-free option to have some stress-free time.

In these days of hassle and stress, people avoid entertainment which costs them money, rather they prefer to stay bored. Talkwithstranger's prank call free offer attracts all of the people who were bored but couldn't afford costly calls to have fun.


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