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Wechat Alternatives & Sites like Wechat

Were you looking for Best Chat Sites like Wechat or finding online free alternatives to Wechat or may be finding sites similar to Wechat ? TalkWithStranger is proud to write reviews and opinions on other chat sites like Wechat & Wechat Alternatives. Read more below and stay tuned with best chat sites of 2020.


WeChat is a Chinese chatting app that was launched in 2011. But it's not only for chatting it's also a mobile payment and social media app. Now, it's also providing service as a website where you have to scan a QR code to get access. Over a billion people monthly use WeChat, and it's quite a number.

But why do you need to chat with strangers?

Just imagine your mental and physical health if you’ve no one to talk your heart out or no one to understand your feelings and console you. Tension and depression even about daily tasks go through the roof if there's no venting. We humans take comfort in getting the attention of other humans. We need human connection.

Online chat websites, such as TalkWithStrangers, are providing a great service of connecting with other like-minded people. Where you can make friendships and get intimate with strangers without any risk of showing your identity. TalkWithStrangers is free to use and it requires no registration. After developing trust with any stranger you can share pictures and videos also.

If you’re feeling down in the dumps, chatting with a person of your interest will free your mind from worries and fill your life with excitement and joy. WeChat is just providing the opportunity of improving the quality of your life.

An Overview of WeChat:

  • It’s the most popular Chinese app and most of the users belong to China. The Chinese name for the app is Weixin which means ‘micro message.’ It was launched in 2011.

  • WeChat is a complete communication app, not just a chatting website. It provides the features of audio calling, video calling, messaging, and group chatting.

  • WeChat is also a mobile payment system.

  • Basically, it was made for mobile but now, it's also available for desktops.

  • The main purpose of this app is not to facilitate people to get intimate with each other but to connect also. It’s very similar to Whatsapp.

  • You can’t use WeChat without registration.

Pros of using WeChat:

Registration Is Easy Peasy:

No one regards registration as good for chatting with strangers. But because it's a complete communication and payment system, not just a chatting tool, so you have to register for it. The process of registration is very easy. You can register with your Facebook account or phone number. In that case, a username and password are not required. But if you don't want to register with a Facebook account, you have to register with a username, but you can change that name anytime. Your username will appear to the contacts you made.

Complete Communication System:

As already mentioned, Wechat is not just a chat website, it’s a complete communication tool. You can make an audio call or a video call to another WeChat user. Messaging is a granted service but you can also do a group chat and transfer documents. Because of its high-quality services, WeChat is spread over many countries. It’s in direct competition with Whatsapp. In China, using Wechat became a way of life.

Mobile Payment System:

Can you believe WeChat is also a mobile payment platform? If you’re in China you can pay with WeChat at hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, vendors, and taxis, etc. But you need a Chinese bank account. For making payments you have to link your bank account with WeChat. Payments are made via barcode, either the vendor scans your barcode or you can scan the barcode of the vendor or service provider.

While buying anything online in China you would be presented with an option of paying with WeChat. For availing of the option of WeChat, you have to enter a passcode or authenticate biometrically. The messaging option can be used to transfer money to your WeChat contact. WeChat greatly helped China to digitalize the economy and introduce the modern way of living. You can room around China without any cash in your pocket. This app made life easier in China and helped the digital retail business to grow rapidly. So, you can make contacts with this app and can also use it for business purposes. In the mobile payments category, WeChat has a tough competition with Alipay which is owned by Alibaba.

Feature Of Mini-Programs:

They try to make WeChat a one-stop-shop. There is a feature called mini-programs in the app, which has a separate page. It contains many of the apps. These Chinese apps function within the WeChat app. Such as Dianping is a Chinese app, where you learn about the ratings of services and local restaurants. If you want a ride there is an app with the name of Didi, and if you want to order food you will find the Meituan app in the mini-programs. You don’t need to use these and other apps out of WeChat, instead, you can use these apps within the mini-program page of WeChat.


You will be astonished to know that you can play games within the WeChat app. Yes! Games within the WeChat app are a major source of revenue for the parent company of the app, Tencent. They created a separate world within this app. You can do a lot of things in WeChat, that’s why over a billion people are using this app.

Available On All Platforms:

WeChat is available on all the major online platforms. You’re using an iPhone or an android phone or a Blackberry or Windows phone is in your pocket, WeChat is available for you to download. 

Free App:

WeChat with all the features and services is free of cost. You can download and use it without paying a penny. This is one of the biggest reasons for getting a billion users. You will never find any other app on the globe which is providing all of these services free of cost. 

Message In The Bottle Feature For Lonely People:

If you’re feeling lonely but there’s no appropriate contact in your list to talk with then this feature is made for you. Have you read about the ancient stories of drop a bottle in the sea with a message? They created this feature of a virtual bottle based on this ancient idea. You can drop a virtual bottle with a message in the virtual sea of over a billion users. Anyone of them will receive the bottle and re-drop it after reading the message and replying to it. Call it a mystery feature. You can also search for these virtual bottles, dropped by other people. It's a very epic and romantic way of making contact with interested strangers and shedding your loneliness away. You will never find this feature in any other popular social media apps.

A Fun App:

It’s a fun app. It sucks you in and becomes a need in your day to day life. It has a whole world in it. You can talk with strangers or with your friends, share pictures and videos, find romantic partners, make payments in the hotels, play games, call a ride and so much more. You can also hide your identity and change your username. When you start using WeChat, it becomes your habit. It becomes your friend and your go-to place for passing time or having some enjoyment. If you want to crush your loneliness and want to experience some romantic or leisure time then what better place online is than WeChat.

It’s very responsive and navigation is easy and smooth. The design is catchy and you easily understand its features. 

Saves Money:

Call rates are not cheap these days. Even packages of cellular companies are not that affordable. The great thing is that audio and video calls in WeChat are free. But it requires mobile data or wifi to make a call, even then it's calling service comes in very cheap and saves you a lot of money on phone bills.  

Cons Of Using WeChat:

It Requires Registration:

You know what’s the most annoying part of chatting on a website; it’s the process of registration. For talking to strangers or for intimate chatting people don’t want to reveal their true identity and also they don’t want to provide their email address or phone number to chatting websites or app. It’s a normal act of securing your identity online. But WeChat is not good at it. You have to provide some details about yourself such as email ID, phone number, or Facebook account for registration. That creates a headache for the user because the user doesn't want to provide contact details to save its privacy. There are credible platforms on the internet such as TalkwithStrangers, where for intimate chatting you don’t require any registration and you don't have to provide your contact information. Chatting on these platforms is hassle-free. 


On September 18, 2020, the US Department of Commerce, in response to the President's order, announced prohibitions on money transactions relating to WeChat and Tiktok. You see China is not a democratic country and it is presumed that Chinese companies' data is within the access of the Chinese govt. So, there is no guarantee that your data will remain safe and secure and WeChat will not share your data with the government. The people who want to chat with strangers or want to make contact with new people are usually very possessive about their privacy and their personal information. They don’t want to share it with anyone because there’s always a possibility of misuse of that information. This whole information makes WeChat an unlikely candidate for chatting intimately with strangers.

Most Services Limited To China:

Although it is available on all the major platforms of the world, WeChat basically targets China. Most of the users of WeChat are also from China. You need a Chinese bank account to make money transactions with this app. You cannot pay for hotels, stores, and taxis outside of China with this app. This all makes it unattractive to the people outside China. Another thing is that because most of the users are from China so if you want to chat with any stranger you will find a Chinese person most of the time on this app. It is not like Tiktok, which is used globally. 

Not Dedicated Just For Chatting:

Apps like WeChat are considered ‘super apps.’ WeChat has a whole world in it. In WeChat, you can make an audio or video call, send messages, do group chat, share pictures and videos, make payments, play games, use other apps using the mini-programs feature. So it’s not dedicated to just chatting and making intimate relationships with strangers. It’s not an ideal app if you just want to chat with strangers without sharing any personal details. It lacks the features of a dedicated chat website or app. Even on the website of WeChat, you have to provide a QR code to get access.

Is WeChat An Ideal App/Website For Chatting?

Keeping in view the above pros and cons we can say that it’s a great app for communication and mobile payments but it’s not a good platform for chatting. 

If you want to make contact with strangers and want to have an intimate chat with them without registration, sharing personal details, showing identity, and free of cost then TalkWithStrangers is a great choice. 

Lets justify why TalkWithStranger is better than WeChat:

  • It doesn’t require registration for online chatting, but WeChat does.

  • TalkWithStranger doesn’t ask for your personal information but WeChat demands it.

  • WeChat is mostly used in China and most of the users are Chinese citizens but TalkWithStranger’s users belong to all parts of the world. So, you have more options to choose the like-minded person for chatting.

  • There are data security issues with WeChat. That’s why the US banned the transactions through WeChat. But you enjoy complete privacy with TalkWithStranger.

  • WeChat is not a dedicated chatting app. That means most of the people do not use the app for chatting with strangers. On the other hand, TalkWithStranger is created just for providing a credible platform for intimate chatting between strangers. People come here with the mindset of making intimate connections and enriching lives of each other.

Check Talkwithstranger, right now!



Enjoy Wechat online like experience without getting in to hassles of download and payments. At talkwithstranger we provide a lot of different chat rooms and wechat web chatting rooms for you to chat locally as well as globally. You can have fun there and meet new people. At talkwithstranger follow your dreams to make friends that match your interests and allow yourself to share life’s most interesting experiences with your WeChat friends.

Chat experience on Wechat

With all its features of audio and video calls and making payments, it’s also a platform for chatting. Where you can connect with new people, having a chat with them, and make new friendships. Though in the presence of big, more common, and business-friendly features, the chatting feature of this app to connect with strangers and become intimate with them did not get that much importance, even then this facility is available to its users and they have created interesting ways to approach strangers.

One interesting way of connecting with strangers on WeChat is the option of shaking your phone. First, you have to select the option of 'shaking' and then shake your phone. You will instantly know about the users who are shaking their phones at that moment and then you can add them to your list of contacts and start chatting with them.

Another feature is called 'Look around' if you enable that feature you will see the people who have also enabled this feature and they can see you also. That's another interesting way of making a connection with strangers. In this way, you can create new friendships with the people who are also looking for friendship.

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