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If you don’t make things happen then things will happen to you. ~ Robert Collier

In my heart I have always regarded friendship with great reverence and that combined with my enthusiasm to chat and meet new friends online. I used to read chat stories and was a fan of hooked chat stories when I stumbled upon this website full of chat rooms to meet new people and make new friends online.

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I came across Talkwithstranger live chat website offering free friendship chat without registration and to meet new friends online without registration.True to their word free chat and I instantly got connected with a real user to chat without registration as promised. After a few tries I managed to have a little chat with this guy who shared the same enthusiasm to chat. All of this started when we got into an argument over an issue in a public chat room discussion. I wanted to know more so I became a member of the community and found him by the nickname. I made contact through a private message to continue the argument out of curiosity. After listening to his side I got to see his point of view and it intrigued me even more. Our chats and conversations started growing and we became best buddies. We remained in contact since that day and still are close friends who help each other out and have each other's backs at all times. I made a priceless friend who was once a stranger.

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I happened to chat with a guy who was very sweet and considerate. He listened to what I had to say and never made any demands. We started getting to know each other while chatting and shared photos with each other. I was taken aback when I got to know he shared the same interests as me and by how young he looked. We started to chat and after some time we decided to exchange phone numbers to continue at a later time. This was the very beginning of our friendship through this chat avenue.

We started texting and used to chat or video chat as well whenever we had the time and after several months became fast friends who were always there for each other. Our friendship kept growing, some time later he travelled all the way to meet me in real for the first time and took me on a dinner. I found a gem of a person who did that and a lot much more for me and still does.

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    The coolest thing ever happened to me on talkwithstranger(random chat) was i found my bestie there...that was when 2017 had freshly started.We have been friends ever since and she s like the bestest stranger ive found so far.

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    I have learned a lot recently from people who actively share their knowledge.. Everyday I come here I learn something new.

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    Not just some have made friends on TalkWithStranger but we have some poets too who have written some amazing lines about random chatting and hooked chat stories online

    Hello is the greeting that I expect,
    it shows respect,
    and I hope they won't disconnect,
    but all anyone wants is some "fun."
    Where are the people who will share my love?
    I just come on for a quick chat,
    and that,
    can be cumbersome trying to find,
    someone random to share these feelings I have inside.
    I'm always a pleasant fellow,
    just trying to find someone to be mellow.
    But if your first question is asl,
    I know you'll dc so I might as well,
    keep looking until I find the right one.
    I'll show them how to have real fun,
    of expression and emotion,
    and a moment both can cherish among all this commotion.

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    I found my best friend here... which is my favourite real life friend now (: