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OKCupid - Find love online Alternatives & Sites like OKCupid - Find love online


OKCupid - Find love online Alternatives & Sites like OKCupid - Find love online

Were you looking for Best Chat Sites like OKCupid - Find love online or finding online free alternatives to OKCupid - Find love online or may be finding sites similar to OKCupid - Find love online ? TalkWithStranger is proud to write reviews and opinions on other chat sites like OKCupid - Find love online & OKCupid - Find love online Alternatives. Read more below and stay tuned with best chat sites of 2020.


Find Love Online By Either Joining Dating Sites Like Okcupid Or By Going For Chat Websites Like Talk With Stranger

Who doesn't enjoy a little bit of flirting? If your real life is missing out on this spice, but you are also fed up of trying out dates only to be disappointed, why not try online dating? Online dating refers to finding potential partners on social websites. Everyone uses social media, chat websites, and dating apps these days. You can easily find a partner on one of these sites.

Reasons Why Online Dating Is Better Than Traditional Dating

When it comes to dating, you can either choose the traditional route, or you can go for online dating. Both are great, however, both come with pros and cons. We'd argue though, that online dating is a way better option than traditional dating.

Wondering why? Here are some ways online dating gains points over traditional dating:

1 - It is safer

Your grandma might argue that the internet is an evil and unsafe place but, in truth, the real world is way more dangerous. Imagine coming across a hypocrite who is a creep but pretends to be the nice guy. In online dating, you can get rid of him by blocking him everywhere. Also, not all your information is with him. In the case of the real world though, you're in trouble.

Said person can follow you around along with stalking you over the internet. He can make your life miserable by just being in the same place. Even the idea of having to deal with such a threatening individual in person is horrific. So, looks like your granny has been wrong about one thing - its better to get to know a stranger online on a chat website and then date him then diving into a potential relationship with a weirdo in real life.

2 - It gives you time to think things through

You must have watched movies in which the girl is so obsessed with the guy that she keeps insisting him to jump into the relationship. The poor lad has to eventually succumb to an official love affair even if he is not quite okay with it. Now, this can be stressful and eventually, leads to heartbreak. In the online dating world, people can't nag you at the same intensity.

You can simply go offline for a while until your mind is completely made and you are entirely sure about the relationship. You don't have to request the other person to give you space to think things through, you can simply take the space and time that you need.

3 - You can initially date several people

In the real world, you can see one person at a time to check if he is worth dating. But in online dating, things can move quicker as you can date more than one person at one time. Not that you should pretend to be serious with more than one person at a time and con them all. That is not ethical, and we do not promote that at all.

But in the initial stages when you are getting to know someone, at that moment, you can date more people. This way, you can cancel out the creeps first and filter out every other person who is clearly not your type and get to the few interesting people until you finalize one. Basically, everyone can go through a vetting process in your mind so that you can quickly get to someone who is worthwhile.

4 - Breakups are much easier

Okay, so you dated this person and then you realized that he is cheating on you, that you are not ready for a sincere and serious relationship or whatever other reason and now you want a break. How does that play out in real life? Honestly, it's a messy affair. Lots of nervousness and tears involved that can difficult to move on from.

You can even be blackmailed into getting back into something that clearly is of no interest to you. Online dating, however, brings cleaner breakups in comparison. The its-not-you-its-me speech is a lot easier to give in text. All you have to do is dedicate an hour to preparing a dope, comprehensive message that says what's on your mind. Even if an online argument ensues, it's a lot less stressful than the situation that unfolds in the case of traditional breakups.

5 - You can use it as your practice ground

Dating is intimidating at times. Particularly when you are new at the game or when you are returning to it after a long time. A great way to approach it is by trying your hand at online dating first. You don't have to meet people in person, so that makes it more comfortable for you. You learn what questions people typically ask, what sort of people exist out there, and other things.

Once you become somewhat good at exchanging words and ease into the idea of getting romantic, you can then go out in the real world and date people. This way, you won't be entirely clueless when you go on your first real-world date.

6 - It saves you money

Let's be honest, how much money have you wasted on dates that turned out to be disastrous? Tons, we bet. First, you have to spend on looking your best, then spend money on petrol to reach the place, and then you have to spend more bucks on food. There's additional wine too that eats at your pocket. All for what? A bad experience?

Not worth it. A better way is to go for online dating. You only have to pay for the internet connection which you already do. Then you can see if someone is worth going out on a date with and take it from there. This way, you only go and spend on dates with a selected few.

7 - You date people who match you better

Offline, you typically go on blind dates if not with people you purposefully date. This means you have little to no idea of who the opposite person is, what he or she likes and dislikes, etc. This means you are just shooting arrows in the dark. However, when it comes to online dating, you have the details of several people to choose from.

You can look at the profiles of various people and then pick out only those who you think will be good matches. People with similar hobbies or who seem more interesting. This is one option that you do not get in traditional dating.

8 - You can direct your entire focus on just talking

When you go out on dates in real life, you tend to notice a lot about the person. From his scent, his style, his clothes, his status, his body language to so many other factors. Likewise, this person notices you too. While concentrating on these unimportant factors, you often get too distracted to focus on the main deal - talking and getting to know one another.

This problem doesn't exist when you go for online dating. You actually engage in a conversation with a person. You get to actually know this individual and learn more about him than you could had you met him in person.

9 - You are allowed to stay comfortable

When you converse with some potential romantic partner in person, you can vomit words. This can make you anxious, and you can end up messing things up. This doesn't happen when you date people online. You can stay calm and reply when you are at ease. This feature is particularly beneficial for introverts who are not always okay with dating strangers in person.

Neither do you spend so much time worrying about what you will talk about or have said. Online things are easier. Love is built rather than jumped into based on outward appearances. This makes the whole dating deal a lot simpler.

What is Okcupid?

Okcupid is a dating website and a dating app that is not only based on pictures. It enables you to talk about yourself, your passions, interests, hobbies and more. The idea is to find love based on your personality rather than looks. Okcupid is known in short as OKC. The dating site was birthed back in 2004. It has been a popular dating service for 14 years now.

Though the dating app has its roots in America, it's an international platform. It features multiple-choice questions for matching individuals. Users are bombarded with advertisements, though, unless they pay and get rid of those. The app enables both emails as well as instant messages for communication. One is required to register for becoming a member.

Okcupid app is available on Google Play as well as in the Apple Play Store. The chat app comes with in-app purchases for improving one's experience. There are plenty other online dating services that can be found online. One can either go for dating sites or for chat sites to find love online. Both come with perks. You can try out both to see which you enjoy better.

Why chat websites are better for dating than dating sites?

When it comes to finding love online, you can do that on any social platform. Just like you can find a lover on Facebook or Instagram, you can find one via a dating app as well. Another way you can find a partner for yourself is by socializing on chat sites like Talk with Stranger.

Chat sites do have an upper-hand over dating websites in some ways. These are the following:

1 - It all starts with friendship

On dating websites, you know everyone is there with the intention to date. Whereas, on chat websites, people are there with the mere intention of conversing. A romantic relationship that blooms via a chat website, hence, typically starts with friendship. Affairs that start with friendship are a lot more fun and tend to last as well. They are based on truly liking the opposite person for who he is.

2 - There are no expectations

When you go for dating apps, every person you message starts wondering about you romantically at least somewhat. This creates expectations which may, and typically do, lead to heartbreak. In the case of chat sites, you are not bound by the nature of the platform. If a love affair starts, great for the couple. If it doesn't, no one gets majorly hurt because there's no label that states that the platform has been designed for the purpose of finding love.

3 - You get to know people better

Since dating apps are designed for finding potential partners, several people wear masks and pretend to be nicer than they are. This problem does not exist on chat websites. This is because users do not become members with the intention to impress the opposite gender. They all just want to enjoy themselves and talk about stuff. So, if someone is genuinely interesting here, you know he is most probably not lying online.

4 - You can just flirt

Dating sites are serious. You cannot just expect to invade a person's inbox and then ghost him or her. That would be rude as you can't just pretend to be someone looking for a serious relationship and get frisky with someone who also becomes a member in all seriousness. On chat websites, you can just have fun by announcing so in the free chat rooms for singles. You can also take relationship advice from others and just drop flirty lines when in the mood. Don't spam or annoy people, though.


Top 5 countries that use Okcupid

  • America
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • England
  • Germany

Top 5 browsers on which Okcupid is used

  • Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Samsung Internet

Top 5 hobbies of Okcupid users

  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Drawing
  • Skateboarding
  • Swimming

Top 5 professions of Okcupid users

  • DJs
  • Photographers
  • Singers
  • Salesmen
  • Managers

Okcupid alternatives

  • Bumble
  • Tinder
  • Talk with Stranger
  • Badoo
  • Happn

Features offered by Okcupid

  • Instant messaging
  • Emailing
  • Adding stories
  • Uploading pictures
  • Chat app

Pros of going for Okcupid

  • You get to be liked for who you are
  • You can find love and make friends
  • You have a great time

Cons of going for Okcupid

  • Bad app reviews
  • In-app purchases
  • Registration required

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