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You don't have to become a different person in order to find friends. You just need to adjust your attitude and skills when you deal with others or meet new people. Be patient and focus on making small changes every day. Remember that our habits have become crystallized in our personalities over the years and it takes time for them to change.

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Do you want to make new friends?

The goal of a good conversation is to make new friends, meet new people and understand the world around us. We gain a lot when we meet new people. As we share our experiences we can grow in new ways. When we meet new people we open new horizons and opportunities to grow and expand as our relationships. These small meetings may grow into a meaningful friendship.

If you are looking to make new friends and meet new people. You must have the desire to change yourself to try new things. Set a goal for yourself to find friends and meet new people in the process. With the proper knowledge of communication skills, you can easily achieve your goals.

Body Language is vital when you make new friends

In order to find new friends, you need to understand that your body language is very important. It is safe to say that one of the most important communication skills doesn't come from our tongue but from our body. According to experts, around 50% of our face to face communication is nonverbal. The concept of body language is that we communicate our feelings and emotions through our body before we even start to speak

If you are meeting new people in a video chat or in a gathering and you are looking to make new friends. You should always remember that you are judged by the first signals you give out. If your first impressions are not good, open and friendly it will be very difficult for you to maintain a good conversation. 

S-O-F-T-E-N Technique.

In our quest of how to make new friends? We need to start from the basics. S-O-F-T-E-N is a six-point technique for improving your body language. This technique focuses on the following:

S - Smile to make new friends

A pleasant smile is a strong indication of friendliness and a willingness to communicate. A smile is an important step in your effort to make new friends as it triggers a response in others to smile back. When you smile you give out a signal that you have noticed the other person in a positive manner. The other person will take your smile as a compliment and will feel good. This is a first step on the journey to make new friends.

Smiling doesn't mean that you keep a fake smile on your face. It means that whenever you meet new people you smile and show an open attitude and willingness to find new friends. A pleasant smile is an indication of general approval towards others and makes other people feel more relaxed to talk to you. A smile is considered to be contagious and is considered by some to be the first step towards any successful conversation. A pleasant smile is necessary when you say your goodbye. 

O - Open arms 

If you want to make new friends at a party. Always remember never to cross your arms, as crossed arms give a signal that you are busy thinking and don't want to be disturbed. Whereas an open arm posture gives out a vibe of friendliness and openness. During a conversation open arms make others feel that you are listening and receptive. 

F - Forward lean

To make new friends you need to be a good listener. Remember, in order to find new friends you must make others feel comfortable while speaking to you. Leaning slightly forward when someone else is talking makes them feel that you are genuinely interested in listening to what is being said. This is generally taken as a compliment by others and encourages them to keep talking with you. 

On the other hand, if you lean back in a resting position this gives out a signal of being judgemental and even boredom. Leaning back makes people uncomfortable while talking. Such a posture may discourage the speaker to continue. When we talk about learning it's important to note that you should never violate someone’s personal space. Remember to maintain a comfortable distance while talking with strangers.

T - Touch.

In almost all cultures across the world, the most acceptable physical contact is a handshake. This is usually true not only when you meet new people but when you find friends whom you already know. In order for you to make new friends when you meet new people, you need to have a warm handshake along with a smile and a pleasant “Hi”. It's a good habit to extend your hand first when you meet new people.

E - Eye contact

Eye contact is perhaps the strongest nonverbal signal. Having direct eye contact shows that you are listening to the other person and you are interested in knowing more about them. You can make new friends very quickly if you maintain healthy eye contact along with a smile on your face. This gives out a clear message that “ I like talking to you and would like to know you a bit better”. Eye contact must be natural and should not be forced or overdone. 

N - Nod

The essence of "How to make new friends and meet new people."

In an effort to make new friends you should always remember to nod when the other person is speaking. A nod of the head shows that you are understanding what is being said. Nodding generally translates in to; “ I understand please continue”. A nod is also a good way to greet when you meet new people. A nod of the head coupled with a smile and a “Hi” is an excellent way to greet people.

Even Though there is a lot of room for improvement when you are trying to make new friends. But there are some suggestions that might come in handy every time you meet new people. When you are giving feedback to someone, it's better to focus on the positive aspects and try to avoid targeting weaknesses.  You should always try to sandwich criticism between positive comments. 

In order to make new friends, you should always acknowledge the effort of the other person. People generally respond well to encouragement. If you want to be liked by others its advisable that you always use words of encouragement in your comments. Remember to always tell others about yourself, show others that you are a good listener, always go out of the way to meet new people

Tell others what you do in a precise manner. Always make an effort to help others. Be open to other people’s opinions and feelings and express your emotions and feelings as well. While closing a communication always try to invite people to dinner or social events. Keep in touch with friends and always ask them about their opinions and suggestions. Be tolerant of other people’s beliefs.    

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Make new friends app

It is safe to say that the most common thing in the world nowadays is the use of mobile phones. If you want to make new friends app like TWS chat app provides a great new way to make new friends online. Make new friends apps can help you find new friends and keep in touch with old ones. 

Apps for making new friends were science fiction some years ago but nowadays it's an everyday reality for millions of people around the world. Whether you like this technology or not there are some thoughtful ways to enhance your experience. On the other hand, ignoring these simple ways can hurt even old friends.

Continuing your conversations when you meet new friends

If you ask yourself “how did I find my friends?” you will realize that the only reason you kept your friends is by keeping our conversations going. 

The gift of friendship

If we value companionship then making friends should be our goal. There are a limited number of people whom we call friends and share our most personal feelings with them. There are many who argue that they don't have to make friends. This can be changed as good friendship can come at any time in your life. Whenever you say that I need to find my friends to share something with them you feel safe and supported.

What is friendship?

Friends can be your allies or supporters, they are the ones who give you encouragement feedback, honest opinions and advice. There are a few golden principals to make new friends and keeping them. These principles include taking an initiative to reach out to others, show genuine interest in others, treat others with respect and value others and unique individuals.

Friendship is like a plant it can grow steadily over a period of time. Friendship grows with sharing your experiences. When talking with old friends it's important to reaffirm old ties and bring each other up to date. You can talk to your friends about the big events in your life and discuss the big decisions you are about to make. A good friend is a good listener and can give you feedback and advice from his angle.

It is the duty of a good friend to inquire about the lives of others and to seek out if they need any help with something. Remember to nurture friendships you need flexibility and tolerance. You should do whatever you can for your friends and show up when they want your help.

Rules for mobile communication

There are some ethics that you need to follow if you want to make new friends and keep them. For example, it's a good idea to tell someone if you are going to be late or if you are unable to see them at the decided time. 

If you are sitting in a group of people and you receive a call. You should inform the caller that you will not be able to talk to avoid long and inappropriate conversations that don't suit the present company. Also, you should always set your phone on silent when attending a meeting. 

Another thing to take care of while using mobile phones is to choose the time of your call. You should be considerate about the schedule of the person you are calling.

Open and closed-ended questions

Open-ended questions are usually the ones that require more detailed answers. These questions encourage the other person to talk. In order to make new friends, you must allow people to open up. An open-ended question can help you find friends. These questions often start with “in what way?”  “How did you get involved ?”

Closed-ended questions generally start with are, who, what? where? Which? etc. These questions generally have a one-sentence answer. For example, if you ask someone if they smoke? The answer, either way, would be a one-word a “yes” or “no”. This doesn't mean that closed-ended questions should be avoided? Instead, they should smartly be placed among open-ended questions in a balanced way. Asking too many closed-ended questions gives a signal of bullying.

The art of remembering names

Almost all of us have experienced the awkwardness of forgetting the name of a person we are talking to. Sometimes we tend to forget a person’s name even if we have met them before. The main cause of this is the lack of concentration at the time of introduction. This could be a result of a distraction at the time of introduction or wandering off of your mind. 

We all have been in a situation where we are about to meet new people, and we are exchanging introductions and there is barely enough time to shake hands and remembering names at the same time.  In such situations, it's advised that you associate the person with the first letter of his name. 

If you find someone having a common name with someone you know you can link them together even if they have no relationship. You can also choose a feature of the name to link with that person. Remembering someone’s name has a lasting effect on others. Remembering his or her name can be the start of a good friendship. It shows your willingness to keep in touch and make new friends.

How much to disclose when you meet new friends

In order to make new friends, you must make sure that you are realistic about yourself. People may identify you as a fake if you hide your faults and exaggerate your good qualities. It is considered good to share your goals as people generally encourage such discussions. 

The key is to not be boring. In order to make friends, you should keep detailed information to yourself. Its advised that you discuss the topics of mutual interests. It is a good idea to keep certain information secret when you meet someone for the first time. For example, it's never a good idea to share your home address or place of work during the first meeting. Sharing details that might lead someone directly to you is not a good idea. 

You should avoid any political discussion that might hurt the feelings of others. Also, never discuss race or religion as your views might hurt someone’s feelings and may result in an argument. When meeting someone for the first time try to keep the conversation generic. It's considered safe to talk about the weather or sports or fashion etc. 

It's also not advisable to boast about your achievements in life as you might sound fake. When you are in any conversation be aware of the dynamics involved in ending a conversation. You should always try to end a conversation in a positive manner. If you are uncomfortable while chatting with someone, it's always a good idea to end the conversation early. The best time to end a conversation is when both the participants have expressed their opinion.


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