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Talkwithstranger provides you a free platform to have random audio chat with strangers whenever you want from anywhere around the world without spending a penny. What an exciting thing it is to talk to strangers on random audio chats and much more like conference calling, video chats and text messages. Audio chats with strangers cuts down the time taken by texting or messaging through typing long messages and it gives you the sense of ease to convey your message as you mean to.

Benefits of Random audio chat with strangers

Learn new things from strangers on random audio chat:

You will learn something through another person or a good conversation much faster than you will ever learn from a book. Conversations and continual interactions with people help you develop ideas, perspectives, and new skills faster. Random audio chat with strangers is a good way that you can evolve yourself as a person and learn new things overall. You will get to learn about things from all across the world. Because unlike the geographical and cultural strains that we talked about earlier, online you have a much wider world out there and you can talk to almost anyone through random audio chat with strangers  and perhaps learn about their culture and famous things about their place that might intrigue you, or they might be useful to you if you ever decide to travel the world.

Random audio chat with strangers can boost your confidence:

As mentioned earlier the anonymity of the online platform is what makes people of all kinds of social anxiety levels confident when talking to people on random audio chat with strangers online. This is where no one knows what you look like, what you dress like and you are virtually free of all the societal standards that make a person socially acceptable and possibly make them see beyond what is on the surface. No matter how much we may say that one should not judge a book by its cover, it is true that you will be a lot less likely to talk to someone who seems homeless and scrappy than someone who is well-presented. 

These online platforms allow you to look past these societal standards bound by visual inability. With random audio chat with strangers, you get to know the other person for how they talk and what they talk about rather than the material standards that bound their personality to a particular stereotype on the voice chat app. And what do you know, you might end up liking the person who dresses like a hobo but has a kickass personality.  There are many success stories of people who have found their mate and their best friends online because this is a platform where you can be more selective about the people that you choose to associate with on call chat. It’s an opportunity to find the perfect person who will be compatible with you and share the same interests as you.

Its fun & entertaining

It is entertaining because you are constantly growing your communicational and interpersonal skills by talking to newer and newer people and learning about their perspective on certain topics. They might share experiences with you that you can both relate to and then share a bond in the sense that you will both have something to talk about, even if it is just a TV series that you both like. You could even start the conversation on call chat with questions about things you like to find out if they tend to like the same things or not. This will help make the conversation much more fun, if they disagree you might have a health argument that you are likely to enjoy, or you will have a fun discussion about whatever it is that you both enjoy on call chat.

Facts About Random audio chat with strangers

  • 65% of people prefer to contact a business by phone, only 24% prefer filling out online forms.
  • 48% of customer phone calls come from mobile search.
  • Businesses are predicted to get 162 billion customer phone calls from mobile by 2021
  • Men account for 53% of customer calls, women clock in at 47%.
  • The average call duration is 4 min, 52 seconds.

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Random audio chat with strangers

How many times would you have heard “Don’t talk to strangers”, it seems like for a lot of us the world around us is a mere red riding hood tale, step outside, talk free online to a fox, and the next thing you know someone’s in your grandma’s bed attacking you…. well, maybe not exactly! We all know the feeling though, being wary when someone comes up and asks for the way to the public library or scooting away to get away from a random chat with sketchy stranger who compliments your hair, wouldn’t you wish you were in a world where stuff like that just didn’t bother you anymore, where you could take a stranger’s compliment like a compliment and move on with a mere thank you? Well, we happen to want that for you too. So, what do we do? We’ve sorted one of the best online random audio chat with strangers, the kind of audio chat app that you are guaranteed to enjoy whether you’re a 30 year old looking to find your forever mate or a 16-year-old looking for a good laugh and the thrill of that first meeting with a stranger! 

What’s more? We can tell you exactly how you can use the Talkwithstranger app to talk to strangers in English and other languages. This allows you to make new friends and meaningful connections with people who chat with strangers globally. Not only that, you can enjoy voice chat online with friends as well.

5 Things to keep in mind while chatting randomly with a stranger

This also should be considered that there is an equal chance of hurt, betrayal, and damage from both known person and stranger. The known person can be more dangerous as they know everything about us, but strangers don't know more than what we tell them. Talkwithstranger gives us the freedom to limit our shared info, we can hide what we don't want to show. And share what we want to share, it's better to not share your info with any stranger unless you get to know them better. 

Random audio chat with strangers is not a bad thing, but there must be some precautions to take while using this facility of talking to random people and in your search for a good friend or partner.

First of all personal data should be protected, secondly choose wisely with whom you're talking. Always opt to talk with sensible and mature people. You can judge a person's intentions better while you listen to their voice. On a text chat random guesses can be made but to make clear opinions about random strangers we need to listen to them and judge their talk. In this case, random audio chat with strangers is very helpful. We can boost our confidence by using this free feature and gain knowledge as well. 


  • Keep your eyes open while you talk online on random audio chat with strangers  


Cybercrimes are very common nowadays, many exploiters find their prey online. So be aware of these fraudulent people while using random audio chat with strangers. You can come across a pervert so judge the people by their tone of talking, if you feel something fishy immediately quit audio chat and report the person. There is a special complaint cell center on TWS where you can report any suspicious behavior. 

Some try to gather your bank information which can be misused. 

Although talkwithstranger has a moderation system. TWS hires human moderators for the website to maintain check and balance. 


  • Never share personal information on the first Chat, Protect your data


First of all, you should be concerned about your data. Never share your data while using random chat with strangers. Perhaps you'll encounter someone, who will ask for your data but you should refrain from doing so. Our safety is in our own hands. These online chatting can be harmful to us but the reason would be our childish behavior. Never allow anyone into your realm. Talk on general, trending topics but not about personal info.


  • Don't share personal pictures of friends and family online


Never share your picture or video during an online chat. Sharing your pictures with random strangers can cause you real trouble. You can't differentiate between a pervert and a common man. So it's better to be extra careful while having fun chatting online and avoid indulging in any activity which can result in any trouble. There is a hike in cyber crimes nowadays. It's better to stay safe.


  • Draw a line and keep your limits during random audio chat with strangers 


Random audio chat with strangers is for fun but there should be a boundary line while having random chat with some random stranger. Never let anyone cross the limits. Set moderate limits while talking to someone and be strict about them. You should be clear about the limits while having a random audio chat with strangers.


  • Avoid revealing to much too soon


Don't get extra frank in the first conversation. Start the conversation with the formal topic and judge the person is on the other line. Be sure that the person you're talking to is trustworthy and reliable. After making sure you can be frank and proceed with your random audio chat with strangers. But if you feel something weird about the person you're talking to, then immediately stop the conversation and find another random stranger, don't take any risk.


  • Refrain from indecent talk online


Try to keep your random audio chat with strangers transparent, avoid obscene topics. Never attack someone personally. Sexual talk should be avoided as it is against TWS policies, any such activity monitored by talkwithstranger's human moderators or other users can report such activity. 


  • Report any suspicious activity 


During a random audio chat with a stranger, if you find any bad activity, immediately report it. If someone bullies you or you see someone bullying any other user, report the act to our management team. This act will keep the flow smooth and no one will be harassed. Be gentle and courteous but never let anyone cross the limits. Make some rules for chatting with strangers. 

Random audio chat with strangers on TWS:

While there are some unspoken rules, we all abide by in person for the very reason we mentioned earlier, i.e., to seem unthreatening and comfortable to people you would think that these rules don’t normally apply when you talk free online on random audio chats with strangers online audio chat app. However, much to our surprise, the same conversational tactics, and skills when applied online result in a much better conversation than most would think. These are simple tricks and tips that lighten up your online persona to the other person and enable a sense of trust and understanding between you without having their voice chat number.

After all, not everyone will want to open up to a complete stranger giving them the benefit of the doubt over random audio chat with strangers. The audio chat function that this popular platform provides is to enable a sense of personalized conversations between the counterparts which is the closest thing to an in-person meeting without risking any identifying features of yourself of course. Sure, the app facilitates free random video chats that you can make use of when you can do voice chat online with friends and get a little more comfortable of course. 

Here are a few tips that you can utilize to make sure that you are leading up to a meaningful bond with your online friends even if it is through random audio chat with strangers:

Listen while you chat with random audio chat with strangers:

A popular saying goes “Listen to understand, not to reply”. Having a first-time conversation can be quite a bit of a thrill, especially for the extroverts out there who tend to enjoy a greater range of interpersonal interaction through voice chat online. However, you are making sure that you are not simply listening to someone to reply to them, you are listening to them to understand them without exchanging your voice chat number. When they talk about themselves make sure that you listen and respond to what they are saying instead of simply jumping from topic to topic, in the mix, simply annoying and completely losing touch in the conversation. Random audio calls with strangers online tend to be a lot different in the sense that the stranger may decide at any moment that they would rather have a conversation with someone that may be more entertaining to them or serves the purpose of their conversational needs.  It might even serve your conversation greater purpose if you do look up this anonymous stranger’s profile to check if they have something on their profile to get their voice chat number. This might help you strike a conversation that they will be more interested in having and it will also help you in understanding their purpose of joining the voice chat app in the first place. Your random audio chat with strangers online will be so much better when you can keep them engaged in a conversation that you both want to have in the audio chat app.

Look at the right places for random audio chat with strangers:

This is a feature that talkwithstranger allows. It gives you these chat rooms that you can use to make sure that you are looking in the right places for random audio chat with strangers online. These chat rooms each have a subject or purpose that allows people to choose their own personal interests and what they would like to talk about. So, let’s say you’re a 16-year-old who is interested in talking about academic topics and making intellectual friendships with people your own age online through random audio chat with strangers. You can use talkwithstranger, search up the chat rooms and select one that matches your interest. 

After joining the voice chat online room, you will probably want to observe in the chat whose views you seem to like the most. After which you can hit them up in person for random audio chat with strangers and appreciate their views and tell them if you agree or disagree with them. You could participate in the conversation if you do have something to contribute to it and have people approach you just the same way. This way you know that both of you can relate to each other and have some pretty interesting conversations given that you can both contribute a lot to the conversations and talk free online. After all, conversations are the mere exchange of perceptions in the audio chat app.

Start with something interesting:

A boring conversation isn’t something anyone is looking for online so try and make sure that you do not start with a boring conversation. Getting to know each other through chatting about fun things and all but at some point, you will have to start putting in an effort to keep the random audio chat with strangers going. This is why you want to personalize the conversation during voice chat online with friends. Look up their profile or perhaps ask them about their interests and why they are passionate about what they are passionate about. Most people love to talk free online about themselves so this can be a fair ice-breaker. You could even start with something like a joke, humor always lightens up a conversation to speak randomly. Of course, with someone new you would have to play safe to make sure that you aren’t targeting any particular race, gender, or culture that might or might not be offensive to the other person, after all these are simply random audio chat with strangers.

Be yourself while having a random audio chat with strangers:

With the anonymity that comes from online voice chat with strangers, it is easy to make up a persona that you are certain that the other person will like, however, make sure that you are being as authentic as you possibly can. If a long-lasting relationship or a meaningful friendship is what you are looking for from random audio chat with strangers after all then make sure you aren’t risking being caught as a hoax. In the best-case scenario, you will tell them who you are later on, and seeing as how you lied about your identity, the other person will not want to take the friendship any further with you. Or they might always be on standby around you and won’t reveal as much about themselves to speak randomly. Both of which do not serve your interest of a long-lasting friendship and a good bond that only comes out of trust and understanding. While there are some dangers associated with sharing voice chat service numbers, in-person interactions, online call chat are not free from any sort of dangers. Fraudulent is one of the biggest kinds of dangers that normally relate to random audio chat with strangers online.

Be safe on a random audio chat with strangers!

We cannot stress enough this point especially for the beginners who have never really experienced call chat with people online. Talkwithstranger is a platform that is relatively safer than most other platforms, especially if you’re looking to talk to random audio calls with strangers online. You can choose the right places to attract the right kind of people, minimizing the risk of coming across a fraudulent. However, you cannot completely eliminate the risk when it comes to online chats. Make sure that when you are talking to someone you keep the topic of the conversation as general as you possibly can not talk about identifying factors about yourself like your educational institute, residence, free phone call online, voice chat number etc. You will have to try to stick to more general topics about yourself like what you are passionate about, what you like, and what you don’t like. You want to make it personalized but don’t forget that it is after all a random audio chat with strangers online. You do not want to give out more information about yourself than you are comfortable with, even if asked.

On the flip side, it needs to be just as comfortable for the other person to trust you enough to talk to you. You want to make sure that you seem like a person that the person at the other end of random audio chat with strangers can trust. Make sure that you have your profile in order, write a bio that describes your interest or your purpose for joining the talkwithstranger's website. This will allow the other person to make sure that your interests align when you talk on video call online to you. You should probably not write identifying information even on a website like this however, you must make sure that you reveal just enough about yourself to personalize the conversation when you’re on random audio chat with strangers.

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