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What is texting online?

Texting online is a common mode of communication between two electronic devices. Such as mobiles and laptops in the form of numerical and alphabetical characters. This can be especially beneficial to one or more bodies in conveying messages and chatting with others in an easy manner.

With the beginning of SMS (short messaging service) texting has become one of the most frequently used types of communications by various organizations. Widely used by governmental and non governmental bodies and even for personal means. No doubt that Joseph Priestley had said an un-neglectable truth that “The more elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate'', but still it is one of the most emerging sources of communication since two decades.

How to text and avail the hot features of texting online?

Texting has evolved to digital and multimedia messaging along with the revolution in the world of science and technology. This includes sharing audio, pictures, videos, locations and even emojis (ideograms), which speak more than words.

Either in the form of web texting or mobile texting, the use of texting is expanding. This is a common and powerful tool, used by marketing agencies and experts as a source of earning utilizing texting online and SMS marketing to grow businesses.

Texting is defined in different terms and modalities according to the current chained world of globalization and communication. This includes instant messaging, email and web texting online through the use of social media websites and apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Hangouts among the most famous options. Texting online is one of the most common and most used mediums for chatting. There are many websites on the internet, hosting chat rooms where users do instant messaging anonymously around the globe. Some leading chat websites are TalkWithStranger, Omegle, Shaggle, Chat42Online, E-Chat and a lot more.

Brief History of Texting

Beginning from the core to current texting online trend

No one can determine the beginning of communication precisely. One can say texting started from the beginning of time, such as pigeon posts. Discovery of Telegraphy is the most appropriate hypothesis for the base or origin of texting. While comparing with the modern texting pattern the most linked and apparent source was the invention of telex. It was the same as TWX that we can trace back to teletypewriter. After all these the most popular source of communication in the 80s was Text-only. It was a paging system under numeric characters which was initially just a one sided text conveying method.

Later on, since the beginning of the 90s it improved to a two way messaging application, applied by both business and consumers. Due to an effective way of precise communications at that time, texting started gaining popularity.Then in a short time SMS (Short Message Service) replaces it, that was introduced by Neil Papworth who was an engineer for Airwide Solutions. He sent the first text message in 1992. The first message he sent was “Merry Christmas”, from his computer to a mobile phone over the Vodafone network in the United Kingdom. 

As we know, modern text messaging is the sending of messages from one phone to another, this began in 1994. Where person to person messaging services started with the help of Finnish Radiolinja who is also known as the pioneer of modern text messaging. Later on, various other networks began this service. Moreover, it  created a vast market of different cellular competitors providing person to person texting. Finland was the first nation to provide access to messaging between organizations, people and vice versa.

The initial growth of texting was quite cold and slow at the beginning due to various barriers in 1995. Such as slow operating and networking issues while considering privacy aspects for prepaid users. It is not necessary that all text messaging systems are using SMS. Such as different alternative systems which include J-Phone, SkyMail, i-Mode and a lot more been used in different companies and countries.

In 2007 text messaging was the most widely used data service. Texting online later on is most often used for substituting voice calls. Especially in a place where voice calls do not suit or are impossible due to the environment. Some examples where voice calls fail are meeting rooms, classrooms, prayer areas and libraries.

With the passage of time SMS advancement has reached to remote controlling of appliances such as home appliances. In 2012 the group messaging system or we can say the conference texting platform was developed. There are in different forms such as official group texting, chat rooms and a lot more.

Flash SMS was also developed in later stages. It is a kind of messaging where the text appears on the screen without the user’s command and is displayed without being stored. It is used for multiple purposes such as controlling the alarm system, one time password authentication and is famous for confidentiality.

Applications of Texting online

In the current time so many advanced applications of text messaging are available. Some are as follows;

Microblogging through online texting

Microblogging is a platform for brief posts often used for briefing updates online. Apart from traditional blogging patterns which are hosted by custom websites. Examples of microblogging platforms are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. In such platforms we can easily publish our microblogs.

Microblogging Platforms for texting online

Twitter is considered as the most appropriate platform for microblogging in the form of tweets. Microblogging includes various options like hashtags, mentions or linking with many web media resources. I doubt that facebook is considered more flexible as compared to twitter due to the vastness of data sharing length. Still twitter falls appropriate to terms and patterns of microblogging. Facebook emphasizes more social networking than microblogging. Beside these Google+, Instagram and Tumblr also provide the same services.

Emergency Text Services

In many countries text messages are used to contact for emergency concerns. Like the warnings and precautions against emergency situations. Main core purpose was to benefit disable people, but later on it was used widely for countering emergency situations for all. In some countries there were issues regarding signal strength, so SMS texting is used as an alternate mode of conveying message. 

Uses of Emergency Text

Texting is widely used in disastrous situations as an alert tool. Such as alerting before and during Tsunami in Asia, and used in many other countries of Europe against various kinds of mini and huge destruction. If we take the example of Australia, both voice calls and SMS alerts are used for informing the public against emergency and alarming situations. It depends on the location of the phone or the addresses registered against the devices.

Appointment Reminder

For booking appointments in the current time, texting through SMS is common for sending out reminders. Some examples are hospital appointments, professional meeting reminders, any official notification among others. People and organizations are using it because of its effective outcome and quick response as compared to letter services.

Texting Online Between Multiple Bodies in a Form of Group 

Group messaging is one of the biggest revolutions in the text messaging world. In this scenario a body has an option of conveying messages to multiple people and platforms at the same time. Instead of sending messages one by one. It is cost and time effective, either for organization or personal use, such as invitations and a lot more in large volumes.

Marketing Services

There are a huge number of websites that provide services of free online messages. Either using for marketing of their own platform or businesses for other bodies.SMS texting are widely used in advertising organizations or products under different terms and pricing policies.

Text Messages as a Source of Chat

Chatting can be done easily while texting. Many free and paid platforms are available for chatting world wide. It includes free chat rooms, websites, free chatting Apps.Moreover, so many other modified features are now a part of texting online including free text Gifs,text stories, text reminders and many more.

So many free chat rooms are available on the web, debating on various topics. Experts are available 24/7 for benefitting its users. Even many apps are available free which are rewarding bonuses and incentives which becomes a source of earning. As simple as sharing experiences, opinions and ideas. Broad range of trending topics are also part of these platforms.

Free texting online apps

There are various types of calling and texting free applications. Some are as following;

Free chat rooms

Free chat rooms have been one of the most trending sources for interactions between people across the globe. Some of the best and mostly used free chat rooms are as follows;

Various Effects Of Texting

There is no doubt that texting online and its effects are remarkable and it has deeply affected the whole world. 

Social Effects

Multiple effects of Texting in Social terms exist. Some of them are positive and some may be negative, depending upon the scenario, condition, and the consequences. Where it brought ease in connection with loved ones. It is also a huge threat towards security and its misuse can lead to disturbance in life. Like everything else, it also has various effects, some are as follows.

Effect on Language

The effects towards languages are both positive and negative. Either it made communication and language dealing easier or it destroyed the whole origin and grammar of the actual words and their meanings.  Language faces dual aspects of texting, negative and positive. One of the positive aspects are predicting and recommending tools which suggest the correct word and grammar in texting.

Texting While Walking & Driving

While walking or driving if we start texting it may distract us from the current surroundings and situations. This condition may lead us towards major cases such as accidents and disasters. On the other hand modern texting services has also improved texting while walking. It also provides services in the form of quick responding, auto generated messages and templates services.

Love and Romance 

Where texting has provided ease in staying connected to loved ones by love words. It gives a lot of ease for different people throughout the globe in sharing their Love and Romance Feelings.While romance is a debatable concern in texting, depending on different regions of use and their cultural policies. Some say that romance by texting had made it easier in exciting pleasure and ecstasy. On the other hand some say it promoted vulgarity, abuses and limitless openness of youth. Romance by texting also affects mental and physical health.

Law and Crime

Texting also effects and controls the law and crime situation. If we take the positive aspects, it has also aided the national security in tracing crimes and maintaining confidentiality of information. Where it concerns the damages in the form of crimes, texting had also played an important role due to some loopholes and barriers in the texting policies. Either it is scamming, bullying or threatening people are facing various issues throughout the globe on a daily basis.

Health Care

Health care has benefited by texting in the form of warning text against different spreading diseases by health authorities. It was a common way to counter disease by giving precautions throughout the globe. by many governmental and non-governmental authorities. Where it is beneficial for health, it is also affecting badly through the common usage of texting, especially eyesight and mental absence. It had been a huge threat for concentration while distracting up to fatal consequences. 

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Anonymous Texting online

Anonymously texting online is a way of keeping your identity hidden. People feel more comfortable texting anonymously around the globe without showing their identity. It is mostly for wishing and giving surprises to our loved ones or for pranks while varying both positive and negative aspects.

In use, it is very easy, no need for registrations or any kind of signups. Just simply choose the preferred number of different regions and countries, and enter your text. It is sent in a couple of clicks or either scheduled for sending later. Some are paid services and some are free.

Top popular anonymous texting websites and Apps are as follows;

Texting Games

Texting online games are based on texting between multiple users. These games include an organizer or we can say referee. Referees offer users to play in the form of answering questions, or fast responding, and in a lot of other different patterns.

Famous texting games are as following;


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