ChatBlink Alternatives & Sites like ChatBlink


ChatBlink Alternatives & Sites like ChatBlink

Were you looking for Best Chat Sites like ChatBlink or finding online free alternatives to ChatBlink or may be finding sites similar to ChatBlink ? TalkWithStranger is proud to write reviews and opinions on other chat sites like ChatBlink & ChatBlink Alternatives. Read more below and stay tuned with best chat sites of 2020.

ChatBlink — The Popular Site Trending in Chat World

Among the never ending list of social networking chat sites like Omegle and ChatRoulette, have you ever tried ChatBlink? Some people never even heard about it, and if you’re among them, then you are lucky to be here, where you can experience a deep analysis in regards to it.

What is ChatBlink?

Why Chat Blink?

What it was, what it is and what it will? states;

“Find new friends as fast as it can be”. Yes love, it’s online random chatting!


Site Type: Online Chat

Special Features: Profile Option, Online Texting, Regional Chatting Options, Chat With Randoms

Famous Chat Rooms: Talk To Stranger, Random Chat, Find a Girl

ChatBlink Overview

ChatBlink is one of the sites with diverse chatting features. It is a random chatting website with a Chat Blink app for mobile devices as well. Some say it’s “easy to enter, hard to leave” due to its addictive features by giving multiple options and choices to chat. Above all, it is also famous for the wide range of regional oriented chat rooms (county wise).

Compared to the tycoons of the online chatting-and-dating world such as Omegle, ChatRoulette, POF, ChatForFree, Coffee Meets Bagel, ‘’ is not that highly reputed. Still it is widely used all over the globe, due to its countless beneficiary reasons. Some of the countries that generates most traffic of users are;

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Australia
  • Philippines
  • Sri Lanka
  • Netherland

These chat rooms are quite famous due to their highly developed intuitive features. It’s core purpose is the same as other chatting sites which is to pair users randomly. Without any registration complications and detailed requirements, in a couple of clicks you are ready to have a quality time chat, simply by entering a username of your choice. Classy layouts are also a plus point of the site.

ChatBlink is one of the easiest ways to connect with strangers randomly without sharing your real identity, either through your cell phones or other smart compatible devices. It even allows users to create an authentic profile by sharing their basic information and email address verification. Then you can easily access the ‘ChatBlink login’ and enter your profile to enjoy the exciting features ‘’.

Well, when it concerns security and privacy, ChatBlink is a pro!

Features of ChatBlink.Com

You might be wondering, why ChatBlink? So first you must be familiar with all it’s amazing features, which diversifies it from other online chat sites. ChatBlink is not popular as some of the other top ranking chatting sites. Neither by position nor by services. Still there is a uniqueness which attracts people to use it for chatting.

The most unique thing about this chat site is its chat rooms. It gives the taste and genre which you can rarely find on other sites, like Indian Women, United Kingdom Men, Canada Women, Philippines Women, Single Chat, Adult Only, and many other diverse chatrooms, and that is the only reason I see in regards to its success.

Some of Chat Blink’s best features are as follows;

Wide Range of Chat Rooms

Apart from all its features, ChatBlink gives its users an opportunity to chat in multiple chat rooms, which effectively boosts its fame. These numerous chat rooms are made on the basis of different genres and interests of users. Giving multiple options for chatting is the best way to satisfy a chat-lover, which is precisely fulfilled by Some of the unique chat rooms are Indian Women, United Kingdom Men, Canada Women, Philippines Women, Single Chat, Adult Only, and many others, which you can’t easily find on other chatting websites. 

Privacy Protection

Secure chatting is what most users expect from a chat-site. User’s privacy is a very sensitive matter which can not be compromised. Where ChatBlink is concerned, the security measures and privacy policies here are quite effective. Since its beginning to the current time, the servers are highly secured and there are no cases reported of data breaching or loss from the company’s side. To gain user’s trust, privacy protection plays the most important role.

Profile Creation

Apart from chatting randomly, there is also an option of creating your personal verified profile. Especially when it is concerned with serious users, the profile option is quite better. Since there are a lot of profiles of men and women on the site, it gives the opportunity to chat with them directly by simply entering their profile. It also shows the online or offline status of other users.

Texting Online

Online Texting is one of the oldest text chatting ways which is still commonly used and liked by users around the globe. ChatBlink also gives the opportunity to enjoy this feature as much as you can. Moreover, users are given full control and authority over the chat, by which they can simply exit from it at any point of the conversation. 

Q&A Feature

The questioning and answering feature is the most rated one on this site. You can simply ask questions yourself, or answer questions asked by other users. It promotes learning and social networking. This is the best way to connect with users that you expect to be with.

5 Top Alternatives For ChatBlink.Com

No matter how Chat Blink is, there are multiple other options of websites which are hosting online chats. Among the endless list of chatting sites apart from BlinkChat, 5 of the most exciting websites for online chatting are;

TalkWithStranger (TWS)

TWS, a wonderful masterpiece in the world of online dating and chatting. There is no comparison of TalkWithStranger.Com when it comes to quality chatting, under the best management and moderators. Apart from its endless features and benefits, TWS is well known for fulfilling the needs of its stakeholders. Highly reputed and trusted by users across the world. If you ask me, I’ll say it's the coolest website and highly secured with the best chat filters. One of the best alternates for ChatBlink and don’t forget to enter the TWS Social Community.

Chat it! - It’s worth Chatting!

Statistics of TWS

  • Page Views Per Month Exceeds 75 Million.
  • Number of estimated users is around 1.2 Million.
  • Average Time Spent daily by Users on TWS is approximately 20 Minutes.
  • The USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, India and Pakistan generate the most traffic.
  • It is accessed from 220+ countries.
  • It’s common user’s familiarity sources are, word by mouth, organic, invitation based, digital advertising and online marketing.
  • 75% of traffic comes from mobile end devices.

(Note: Values may vary)


Now here comes the “shortest-lived crazes of the internet”. Yes, it’s ChatRoulette, a pioneer in the world of random chatting. It dominated like a reigning king and left like a burnt ash.  Believe me or not, New York Magazine once stated ChatRoulette as the “future of the internet”. It was a top icon at the beginning which gained millions of users in a very short passage of time. Apart from that, ChatRoulette became a hub for celebrities which trended as a brand. Compared to ChatBlink, ChatRoulette was a gigantic platform of social networking, but what happened later during the huge downfall is an endless silence, just surviving because of its short legacy. 

Statistics of CR

  • Average time spent daily by users on ChatRoulette is approximately 1 minute 48 seconds.
  • The USA, Canada, Mexico and India generate the most traffic.
  • Most users are adults and male.

(Note: Values may vary)

POF (Plenty Of Fish)

Weird by name, vital by fame. POF, a chat-&-date site which is listed among the pioneers with a great reputation in the world of online chatting. After a slow start in 2004, it gained an everlasting popularity due to its publicity in multiple songs of top celebrities. The golden period of POF was between 2008 to 2010, especially after launching its app. Diverse by features, top in quality. However, 2011 was the most crucial moment of POF when it was hacked. Still it succeeded later to gain its position back.

Statistics of POF

  • 90 Million Registered Users.
  • Average time spent  daily by users is 11 minutes and 9 seconds.
  • The USA, UK and Canada generate the most user traffic.

(Note: Values may vary).

Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB)

In terms of chatting and dating combination, no one can deny the power and fame of CMB, just because of its quality oriented ways of working. Along with its dynamic features, the dedication of the Kang Sisters (Owners & Co-Founders) is incomparable. Above it, CMB is not a platform just for chatting and dating, in fact it emphasizes more on serious relationships. Quality filters in addition with skilled moderators, makes it one of the best. Currently it is still among the trending websites, with less traffic compared to Chat Blink, and also known as anti-Tinder.

Statistics of CMB

  • Approximately 7 Millions users, in which 3 Millions are the paid members.
  • Since its launch, it has made 50 Million successful matches.
  • Average time spent by daily users is 1 minute and 17 seconds.
  • The USA, Hong Kong, Australia and Canada generate the most traffic.

(Note: Values may vary)


During the first decade of this millenium, was also one of the dominating sites. A large number of users were, and are still using ChatForFree as a result of it’s domain link, which relates to the most searched keyword in terms of online chatting by users. Moreover, user’s trust also played an important role in achieving a good reputation in the market. ChatForFree has been inclining and declining with a balance after 2010, but no matter what is the situation, ChatForFree has a vital role as a pioneer in the world of online chatting. Still ChatBlink is times better than ChatForFree by traffic rankings.

Statistics of ChatForFree

  • Current Worth $960 with a daily income of $4.
  • Average time spent by daily users is 3 minutes and 25 seconds.
  • Ukraine and the USA generate the most user traffic.

(Note: Values may vary)


User’s Benefit

In terms of user’s benefit, ChatBlink gives multiple options to gain the best out of it. It's up to the usage and expectations of the user. Anyway, it is still capable of benefiting it’s users in multiple ways, such as;

  • Easy to access without long registrations and credential sharings.
  • Option to build a personal user profile.
  • Highly secure in using.
  • Freedom in content sharing.
  • Perfect matching of users according to their interests.
  • Safest and fastest way to chat randomly with strangers with full control of users.
  • Multiple chat room options and availability.

Disadvantages of ChatBlink

Using ChatBlink is not less than a risk, either mental or physical. There are a lot of reasons and complaints shown by the users against multiple cases which rose in the past. Major mistakes were personal mistakes on the user's behalf. So be careful while using BlinkChat and always keep precautionary steps.

Some of the main disadvantages of ChatBlink are; 

  • Time wasting.
  • Security risks.
  • No paid plan services.
  • Weak moderations and control.
  • No filters for inappropriate contents.
  • Adult orientation.

Is ChatBlink is a safe Website?

Well, in my opinion according to my personal analysis, ChatBlink is quite safe from the company’s back end. Still it depends more on the usage of users. If you don’t take sensible precautionary steps from your side then the risk of negative consequences may increase. 

ChatBlinks take a lot of care of their user’s privacy, but still they lack moderators and authentications which is not less than a risk towards interaction of fake profiles. Since there are no restrictions on shared contents, be careful and stay safe from spam links. So, before experiencing Chat Blink, it is better to read the privacy policy and community guidelines.

5 Most Important & Common FAQs Related to ChatBlink

  • What are some chatting websites with no registration?

There are countless websites that offer online chatting. Among them, some of the most rated and liked websites are;

  1. TalkWithStranger
  2. Chatroulette
  3. Omegle
  4. Coffee Meets Bagel
  5. POF
  6. ChatForFree
  7. Emerald Chat
  • Are the chats through messenger safe?

Well, it can’t be determined precisely, either it is safe or not, but mostly it depends on the person using it and the app or website that is being used.

  • Is online dating safe or not?

Online dating is never less than a risk. Safe or not? If you ask me, I’ll definitely rely on the way of its usage. Take self precautionary steps to make it safe, at least from your side.

  • What are the best live chat solutions for Websites?

There are multiple live chat solutions for websites, but that totally depends on the requirements of the hosting website or app. Apart from just requirements, enabling a live chat app on a website is also a vital tool for enhancing customer’s satisfaction. 

Some of the best live chat software solutions are;

  1. LiveChat
  2. Olark
  3. Intercom
  4. Kayako
  5. Acquire
  6. LiveHelpNow
  7. Tawk
  • What would your reaction be if a stranger said “I love you”?

Surely I’ll instantly reply with “I love you”, because spreading love is a good deed. Beside it, I will praise and thank the stranger for showing love. What about you? What will you say?

List of Most Searched Keyword Related to ChatBlink

Well, over the internet, whatever a user intends to watch, they usually prefer to search it through search engines, mostly google. These words are considered as keywords. In terms of ChatBlink the most searched keywords related to it are as follows;

  • ChatBlink
  • blink chat
  • chat blink apk
  • chat blink login
  • chat blink com
  • chat blink international
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  • chat blink guest

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