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POF Alternatives & Sites like POF

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POF - Dating Website, Trending Worldwide!

Plenty Of Fish? No, not the one we see in water or fish market, a bit similar, but here "humans" are swimming. Diving through the internet while interacting with other fish. Oh! Sorry, I mean to say free online chatting and dating with other users. Yes, it's the viral pof.com

What is 'pof.com'? It is a Canadian hosted popular online dating service with attractive and exciting features. Beside Canada, POF is widely used by "chat-and-date" lovers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Brazil and the United States.

The base of POF is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company generates its revenue through advertising, marketing and premium memberships.

Later on, POF was sold to Match Group, the owner of Match.com, OKCupid and Tinder. The Match Group Company is based in Dallas, but POF was still operated from Canada after the purchase of $575 Million made by Match Group on July 14, 2015.

POF Paid and Free users

There are options for both free and premium services in POF. For extra features such as "who liked whom" and which message has been read or not, you can upgrade to premium service. Beside the premium services and packages, one can easily enjoy the core features due to free POF login. Huge volumes of people daily search POF login over the internet to enter POF.

Before the POF sign in, you must know "how to use PlentyOfFish?". All you need is access to the internet with a compatible device which can surf the internet easily. Don't forget to have an email ID. After the POF log in, in a couple of steps, you can easily enter the dating arena as a stranger and enjoy its amazing features.

If we take an analysis of the type of users using POF, the majority are youth. In this modern time of the emerging socialization concept, POF has played an important role in uniting people from different areas and cultures. On the other hand, dating is very common now because of its connection with the built-in natural desires of human beings.

Isn't it cool, to find a partner to date while sitting in your cozy bed with a cup of coffee and a flirty smile on your lips?

Due to its ease and salient features, now it is trending in major developed countries. Number of users is increasing day by day. The best thing about POF is, it is not limited to a specific group or genre, it is a platform for all types of users belonging to any age group or place.

Why should I become a Premium Member of POF?

All upgraded members can enjoy the exclusive benefits of POF sign in. These benefits are;

  • Users can upload up to 16 images on their profile in a single post.
  • Upgraded members can unlock every user's extended profile.
  • One can see either his emails were read or deleted.
  • Shows you up first on the "Meet Me" section.
  • Members can use POF without ads.
  • Finding out the date and time when someone views your profile.
  • You can see who viewed your profile.
  • Per day three gifts can be sent.
  • Stand out in all searches.
  • Users can even see who wants to meet.
  • Access to the "POF Username Search" feature.

History of POF and its Origin

The founder of POF is Markus Frind, who graduated in 1999 from the British Columbia Institute of Technology with a diploma in Computer Systems Technology. Later on in 2004, POF became a full time business for Markus which he ran independently. Four years later in 2008 he decided to hire employees for his headquarters in Vancouver. It became more famous after the POF contest conducted in cooperation with Lady Gaga in 2009. In this contest the winning users were given the opportunity to meet singers during "The Fame Ball".

Later on in 2010 after launching its mobile apps for iPhone and Android, POF had started to appear in different music videos of famous singers such as Lady Gaga's "Telephone", Natasha Bedingfield's "Touch", Ke$ha's "We Are Who We Are", Flo Rida and Akon's "Available", Jason Derulo's "Ridin' Solo" and 3OH!3's "Double Vision".

In 2011, POF appeared in Britney Spears' song "Hold It Against Me". POF com gained fame and popularity, however the service also received criticism and negative reviews due to its undisclosed paid product placements.

POF Hurdles

Year 2011 had been a year of struggle and complication. Especially after January 21, 2011, when it was disclosed that the POF website was hacked. In this tragedy, a huge number of personal accounts and confidential information were breached. Huge amounts of data and information was stolen.

After facing this huge hurdle, Markus claimed to identify the person behind this whole scenario, but it was too late. At the time this issue received global media exposure, security experts blamed POF for the security and privacy lapse, especially in managing confidentiality of users at the free dating site POF.

On February 28, 2012, the parents of a US Army Lieutenant Peter Burks sued POF for using their son's photo without permission, who was killed in Iraq in 2007. Parents of Peter were seeking compensatory and punitive damages. Firm's Legal Affairs Manager, Paul Bloudoff explained the whole scenario by justifying that no image of Lt. Peter Burks was used by POF. In fact, it was used by a third party advertising body which was not associated with POF. The third party advertiser used Lt. Peter Burks picture to run an ad promoting another dating site on POF.

In an interview given by Markus in August 2012, he said that POF has been the reason for millions of relationships and marriages. He estimated that over one million babies have been born due to POF's platform.

Later, on May 20, 2013, Markus tried his best to bring changes on the POF website with the vision of creating more "meaningful relationships". One of the main changes was the removal of intimate encounter's option from the website and app.

Wrong matches were also a huge problem in dating sites. For effective output of results, age and interest matching accuracy were emphasized in the updates. Blocking image content and banning sets of adult words sent from users also enhanced POF experience and its value.

Image sending restrictions were later on removed by POF when it was acquired by Match Group. On the other hand, users outside the age limit of 14 were highly restricted by not showing their profile in matches and searches by POF. No matter how much a user tries to contact a member outside the age limit, a page automatically displays, stating that the user doesn't meet the member's contact criteria.

Amazing Features of POF

  • "Free Registration" like in major dating apps POF account logon which you can register without any cost. All you must do is get to the sign up page and in a few simple steps of profile creation, you are ready to enter.
  • "Dating" is the core feature and purpose of POF. It gives an opportunity to find easy ways of dating and make deeper connections with other users.
  • "Chatting and Messaging" is another factor, besides dating. You can build relations and make friends from far distance while having a wonderful real time random chat. POF inbox is where you can find your messages and chat.
  • "Quality Filtering" is one of the best features of POF. It is quite efficient in giving the best results because of its filtering parameters and enhanced AI (Artificial Intelligence). Recognizing "what suits what" with high accuracy is necessary for a dating app or website to boost up its user traffic and user satisfaction.
  • "Privacy and Confidentiality" is most important to gain the trust of users. Wherever users feel secure they stay there longer. POF is now very well known due to its highly secured privacy and barriers.
  • "POF App and Premium Services" are one of the salient features of POF. Anyone can easily download the free app on a different operating system and use it. Premium services are also available on POF, where premium users can unlock the best features and avail it, after paying the premium charges.
  • "New Group Features" which is known by the name of "Conversation Powers" includes the features of voice messaging, and photo sharing.
  • "Emojis, Gifs and Illustrations" were added later on in 2018. Users can now easily express themselves by this feature on POF .
  • "Spark" is another feature which was recently added by POF in its update. It allows users to comment on an individual part of another user's profile, same as in Hinge.
  • "POF Account Delete" is also an option to delete your account in case you are not satisfied with POF. This also attracts the trust of users, where they can easily erase their account or delete POF.

7 Benefits (Pros) of using POF

There are countless benefits in using POF. The beneficiary depends on the person in regards to. Seven main advantages of POF are;

  • "Relationship" building is quite easy on POF.com. One can easily hook up with other users for building relations. POF has been the reason for countless marriages and strong relations.
  • "Dating" is now easier by using POF. Users can easily connect with others for dating, especially users from nearby areas.
  • "Chatting" on POF is quite interesting and easy. Which may later proceed to strong connections and relations.
  • "Socialization" can be boosted by POF because it is already a social platform from the beginning. Connecting people from different parts of the world is one of the best advantages of POF.
  • "Relaxation" can be attained easily by using POF. Spending a wonderful time by interacting with people in your free time will surely relax your mind.
  • "Experience" gained is one of the most worthy things in a human's life, not less than an omen. Interacting with different people is the main and most effective source of experience.
  • "Skill" building is the common desire and core nature of a normal person. It is a part of daily life. Connecting with different people can add and enhance multiple skills effectively.

7 Drawbacks (Cons) of using POF

Advantages and disadvantages come in pairs, in every object and every aspect, with equal probability, because it is a universal truth that "Nothing is Perfect". Let's now look, what's wrong with PlentyOfFish?

  • "Addiction" of anything excessively is harmful. Where POF free dating site is concerned, it is already well known for its addictive effects due to its exciting features. The worst thing about addiction is, it deeply affects mental and physical health, which may last for a long time with other side-effects.
  • "Cyber Attacks", spams and information breachings are issues faced previously by POF. They were fined $48,000 in 2015 for alleged violation of Canada's anti-spam law. Even recently in December 2019, POF fixed its app after a security researcher found it was leaking information that users had already set as private in their profile, including their hidden names and postal codes.
  • "Adult Orientation" is one of the major issues of using POF dating sites. It is common in dating websites. Where POF is concerned, having a huge number of users will automatically increase the probability of facing adulthood contents, which is harmful for huge volume of youngsters and youth using it.
  • "Fake Crowds" are not less than a bee hive. Like putting in your hands for honey, and finding yourself in the clinic. Fake profiles are an old and common issue of social platforms. These profiles can give huge losses, as it already gave many times before and still going on. Same is the case with POF.
  • "Wasting Time" is similar to spell a curse on yourself towards destruction. "Time is Money" and everyone should realize before it slips out of their hands. Using dating websites and dating apps is a lot of time wasting. We can commonly observe that, at the end of the day, dating websites gives nothing rather than your own wasted time in the form of regrets and hardships.
  • "Hard and Risky" Judgements is another issue of dating websites. It is hard to understand and act 100% accurately over the internet due to physical appearance limitations.
  • "Verification" of users is not part of POF which can cause spamming and harassment.

The question that might pop up in your head now would be

"Why should you join POF? Is it a good site? Is it a scam?"

So lets understand "what POF dating site is all about?". POF is a well known dating site, which has both advantages and disadvantages. Like if you are from the US, living in a small city or rural areas, you surely meet huge numbers of interesting people around. You can even build strong relationships and find your ideal true love or you can interact with handsome men and pretty women easily.

It is a pretty good website as compared to other dating sites, but still if you want to enjoy the complete features of POF, upgrade to premium.

No matter how we take it, the number of users will still increase due the popularity it already gained. The amazing features of this pioneer dating site can't be denied.

Now it's your turn, give a try to POF alternates and tell us, how do you feel about it at TWS.

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POF and its competitors

  • POF

POF is one of the most well known dating sites throughout the globe. People of the dating world admire the functions of POF. Due to the amazing features and wide opportunities a user can avail multiple benefits on it in regards to dating.

After being founded in 2003 POF, it is still known as the pioneer of dating sites which is popular till today. It claims to be the world's largest dating site with the highest number of users. It has 90 Million registered users worldwide.

POF is a mixture of dating sites and matchmaking services. You can easily find and connect with users matching your nominated criteria and date with them. Now today, POF combines all the features of dating sites and dating apps on the market all together.

You can search users based on location. Users can scroll through the profiles of others by swiping their profile pictures or tick if you want to match with them.

  • Members in USA 78,000,000
  • Daily POF Login 2,000,000
  • Gender Portion Male 60% Female 40%

Same like POF there are plenty of other sites which give opportunities to chat, connect and date. On the internet there are different sites having diverse features and themes. Some of the top dating sites are;

Either you are looking for hookups, friendship and long term relationship, Tinder givers you all. It is considered as a first step towards the dating world. Keep swiping your screen for new people which everyone is doing on Tinder. It encourages contact with other people and shows their distance even. You can enjoy a lot of its exciting features.

TWS (TalkWithStranger) provides random chatting for free with exciting people in different chat rooms. One-to-one chatting and group chatting, both are possible on this site with multiple choices and cool features. You can easily start a chat with randoms and strangers without registrations.

It is totally free and you can easily share videos, pictures and winks in chat. No apps or anything required. Where it is concerned with dating it may be a bit hard to grab someone easily, but the number of availability of users are high and quick in accessing.

  • Bumble

It is a kind of tinder which is more women oriented. In bumble, women need to message first and if the guy doesn't message back within 24 hours, he loses the opportunity of dating that woman. The timer feature is to encourage contact and response.

Bumble tends to be liked by slightly more insecure males. However, the number of confident male users are quite high.The BFF features are also liked by users, where you can find a way to meet new people.

Among the dating sites, this is one of the most interesting sites. Many people met their spouses through this site. In the chatting world it is also famous for strong relationships. The OkCupid profiles are more in depth as compared to other dating site's profiles.

If you answer the long endless series of questions like a personality test, they will split out the best Match and Enemy ratio on the profile to enhance easy compatibility.

Recently changes have been made the same like Tinder. It is focusing now more on swiping and removing the ability to message a user before matching with them first. You can still send a message but it will only appear in their inbox when you match with them first.

  • Hinge

It is well known as the site for 'serious relationship seekers'. It is one of the most liked dating app in the dating world. The app focuses more on your common connections such as from facebook mutual friends and other sources linked with you through different apps, including your partner's.

Hinge has designed the app to keep users engaged by multiple exciting and addicting features. Users have multiple options of displaying a lot of useful information. Some questions are like, religion status, political leanings or even the amount of consumed alcohol. It is the most engaging and addicting dating site.

  • The League

Known as the 'Elite Dating App'. In this app you must share your authentic details like LinkedIn profile, your job and college. Big cities have a long waiting list, so you must acquire some patience and wait for your profile to be previewed. Stil you can see a lot of those users on Tinder which you can connect easily on Tinder beside waiting on as an 'elite'.

  • Coffee Meets Bagel

This dating site is well known as 'breaking the silence'. It offers better quality matches for the users. You can send matches or bagels daily at noon. It is a much more detailed app as compared to POF and Tinder.

It also suggests 'icebreakers' for sending the first message and breaking the silence. For those users who are a little extra hand holding CMB is a good option. Still people say that CMB is a bit confusing compared to other dating sites.

  • Her

Most apps are LGBTQ inclusive. Still, it is nice to have an app which calls out and shows your own interest. 'Her' is taken as a platform for lesbian, bisexual and queer women. Sometimes bugs and glitches make it frustrating to use. According to users reviews, this app is 'just ok' not perfect. They usually end up back to Tinder or Bumble.


Best for quick and easy hookups


Best for youngsters & random connections


Best for confident women


Best free dating site


Best for relationships seekers

The League

Best for people with high standards

Coffee Meets Bagel

Best for breaking the silence


Best for lesbians, bisexuals and girls looking for girls

POF.com Statistics

  • Number of registered users in March 2015 was 100,000,000.
  • According to Comscore May 2011, POF was ranking at number 1 in the United Kingdom.
  • In April 2012, the number of page views and pof search a month was 2 billion.
  • According to Hitwise.com in August, 2011, POF was ranked number 1 worldwide.
  • Hitwise.com reported again in August 2012 that POF ranked at number 1 in the U.S Site by market share. Market share of POF was 18.57% at that time.
  • Most of the users between the ages of 18 - 29
  • Highly used and most popular in Canada
  • Upgraded members can enjoy additional features & exclusive benefits

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