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The chat room to talk to girls online is available for anyone wishing to talk to a girl, read on how to talk to girls and what to talk about with a girl along with real time chatting with girls. You can pick up excellent tips on how to how to talk to girls at parties or how to talk to a girl you like. Our chat rooms support instant and anonymous chat features along with sending voice notes to talk to girls in your own voice. You can practice your skills on how to talk to girls and gain experience when you talk to her. If you manage to work things out your chat with a stranger could lead you to meet girls.


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Want to Talk to Girls Online – Visit & Join TalkWithStranger

There are many reasons why boys want to talk to girls online. However, some reasons are friendships, romantic relationships, common interests, networking, and out of curiosity. Some boys may be looking for chatting ladies to make new friends and find social connections with girls online, and some boys may be interested in forming romantic relationships with girls they meet online. Boys may be interested in connecting with girls online who share similar hobbies or interests. Also, they may be looking to expand their social or professional networks by connecting with girls online.

Boys may be curious about what it's like to talk to girls online or learn more about girls. However, it's important to note that regardless of the reason why boys are talking to girls online, it's important for everyone involved to communicate respectfully and responsibly.

TWS – A Perfect Dating Website

Talking to girls is one of the world's most thrilling experiences. However, you must know 'how to talk girls'. Are you looking for a website to chat with hot girls & for girl talk? In order to chat with a hot girl and meet girls from around the globe, many people visit dating websites. However, they don't sometimes know what to talk about with a girl. However, it's not difficult to talk to girls. When you start talking, it becomes convenient for you to chat with girls online.

Due to the attention that attractive women get, a larger percentage of people search for them on online dating sites like TalkWithStranger. You are beginning a better life with happiness and less stress when you use girl chat apps to talk to girls who could be a match.

How to Talk To Girls at TWS Girl Chatrooms?

People often search for this question about how to meet new people & talk to girls. For those who want to talk to girls online, there are random girl chatrooms available at TWS. Also, TWS offers a chat with girls app. Therefore, users can find millions of girls in our anonymous chat rooms. You just need to open a chat room, meet a girl and have a world chat with her. Girl-to-girl or boy-to-girl chats are both available at TalWithStranger. By joining our fun chatrooms, you can enjoy talking to girls online. Girls are drawn to tall, good-looking men who can speak confidently and are funny. So, if you possess the necessary traits, you are fortunate. You should choose our text chat over video chat if you are shy or lack the courage to speak in person.

Talk To Stranger Girl via Text Messages

You can talk to girls via text messages in a text chat. Attaching smileys, emojis, and emoticons can add interest to the talking. Additionally, by using our chat with girls app, you can receive prompt responses from other girls online. Due to the simplicity and usability of our free text app, millions of people are using TWS worldwide. Also, if you want to call, you can use our free calling app or voice chat to talk to girls online & for "free chat girl".

How to talk to a girl over text and impress a girl you like? 

So, guys, do you have questions in your mind and want to resolve the overwhelming mystery? Well, it’s quite hard to meet girl’s expectations but we are here to help you out. Yes, we put together some best tips on how to talk to a girl over text.  

Believe it or not, following all those tips will make you more attractive and let her know that you are sincere and interested in her. And of course, you will learn good texting skills.

Well, before going to discuss tips on how to talk to a girl over text, we recommend you to download the most reliable online chat app, Talkwithstranger. Yes, it’s an online stranger app where thousands of strangers are available to share their experiences with you. Remember, when it comes to choosing an online chat app, authenticity and reliability is a must. So, if you want to know how to talk to a girl over text or make your chat exciting, simply go with TWS text chat. 

Best Intellectual, flirty, funny and playful text conversation starters

You need to decide whether you want to ask a personal, flirtatious or funny question. And yes, always be ready to respond to her answer. 

Some good texts to send:

Good morning text

Make your girlfriend realize she was the first thing you thought in the morning. And for this, you can send a good morning text to her. Try to send a text with some care and love. TWS text chat allows you to send interesting emojis, GIFs and exciting videos to make her feel excited and valued.

Good night text 

Remember, a good night text fosters feelings of love and affection. Try to text in a way that gives her positive feelings. Yes, once she feels something good, you will definitely be on her mind. Of course, once you let her know she is on your mind even at the end of the day, she will feel valued and important to you. And those feelings will draw her closer to you. 

Don’t try to start a random chat without any purpose in your mind. Well, some purposeful reasons to text her are:

For instance, talk to girls with some best compliments and make them feel special. Of course, figuring out how to talk to a girl over text or compliment a girl can be difficult or tricky. Make sure you need to be original with your words. 

You can text like:

“I love your beautiful eyes.” I am just impressed with your beauty. 

You are such a loveable, intelligent and thoughtful person.”

“I have talked to girls online before but believe me I never felt satisfied.” I am happy you are with me and part of my life.

Of course, she will feel excited once you send her some of her exciting pictures. Yes, this will make her realize that you want to include her in fun activities. 

A great example is:

“Guess what I did or happened today!” Send a random selfie of a fun activity or whatever you want to share. 

So, whenever you feel confused or don’t know which app works best for text chat, just download the TWS chat app for free. No need to log in, just choose your desired nickname and get ready to talk to girls online. 

Things to Talk About With a Girl

Do you want to chat with females? Or do you enjoy talking to girls online for free? If so, go to TalkWithStranger and start "chatting online girl". You don't have to invest any money; our chat avenue girls are all free. All you have to do to join the world chat of girls and discover thousands of girls to talk to. However, before starting, you must enter a nickname and click the "Talk to girls" button to chat with women. You can also look through the photos of the women and pick the most attractive one. Now the question arises what to talk about with a girl and how to talk to a girl? You can engage her by chatting with romance and kindness. You can attract her with polite words. Also, try to discuss intriguing subjects like their hobbies and interests.

Also, make sure to talk in a friendly way to keep the lonely chat going; otherwise, you will be skipped, and the girl will move on to the next individual. You will be expelled from the club if you are rude or disrespectful to any of the girls. If you get the opportunity, take advantage of it to the fullest and enjoy our "chat with hot girl" chatroom.

Tips to Talk to Girls Online

When talking with girls online or wanting a free text girl, it's important to remember that they are real people with their thoughts, feelings, and preferences. Here are some tips for having a positive and engaging "chat room girls" to talk to female strangers online:

Be Respectful

Always treat the girls you talk to online respectfully and kindly. Don't use derogatory language or make offensive comments. Also, use chat roulette alternatives to secure your chat with randoms.

Be Interested

Show genuine interest in what they say and ask questions to learn more about their hobbies, interests, and opinions.

Listen Actively

Listen carefully to what they have to say and respond thoughtfully. Try not to just speak by yourself only.

Be Mindful Of Your Tone

Your tone can greatly impact a message's reception. Try to avoid being too aggressive or confrontational in your communication.

Be Yourself

Make sure not to be someone you're not just to amaze the girls. Always make sure to remain truthful about who you are. Also, what you're interested in.

Remember, the goal is to have a positive and respectful online chat with a girl, not to try to "win over" or impress the girls you're talking to on our chatting apps with a girl. Hence, our messages app can assist you.

Some more on how to talk to girls

When you try to talk to girls you might find out that a simple act of starting a conversation can be very difficult. In reality, talking to girls is only as hard as we make it. If you talk to girls online you will understand that It's not as difficult as we imagine it to be. When you talk to girls, don't be fooled into thinking that women are looking for fame, money or looks. Don't compare yourselves to some of the celebrities, they are fictional characters that don't exist in real life.

What women want is to find some real men whom they can meet in real life. When you talk to girls you need to approach and handle a girl in the right way. When you talk to girls you can forget that women have fantasies too and you need to be sensitive towards them. When you talk to girls make sure that you make them feel fascinating, desirable and beautiful. Once you satisfy these basic needs of girls you can expect the same from them as well.

One of the most exciting feelings in this world is to talk to a girl and get to know someone new. Many people head to dating sites in order to chat with girls and meet girls from all over the world. Beautiful women attract a lot of attention due to which a higher ratio of people searches for them over online dating sites. When you talk to girls with a potential match you are at a starting point of a better life with a lot of happiness and less stress.

How to talk to a girl you like

Men generally don't want to be seen peeking at a girl but the human instinct forces them into doing so. Some experts advise that you shouldn't be ashamed of being caught looking at a girl. Don't let the fear of rejection make you look the other way as eye contact is the first step in your effort to talk to a girl you like.

You will find that a girl may become flattered if she catches you looking her way. The girl may start glancing your way when she notices you checking her out. If the girl starts to ignore you then it's not over for you just leave her alone and move on. If you play your looking game right you might have an excellent chance to talk to a girl you like and enjoy her companionship.

When you glance at a girl it is actually your first contact. It shows that you are interested and attracted. Girls love to feel attractive no matter how beautiful a woman is she always craves attention. If you read some of the interviews of supermodels fill find out that even they are doubtful about their attractiveness.

The answer to the question of how to talk to girls at parties starts with the look. A good look can lead to an introduction and much more. If you notice a girl at a party, you should keep looking in her direction every now and then. Keep in mind not to look longer than 20 to 30 seconds up to the point that she notices that she is being watched. Remember that looking for longer periods of time might make her nervous.

If she starts to look your way in response you should take a risk of showing her that you are interested. Some good ways of showing your interest in her are to just smile or raise your glass or nod when she is looking.

How to talk to girls at parties

There are many who ask the age-old question of how to talk to girls at parties? Well, there is no hard and fast rule for this. But if you can be a bit creative and take small risks you can talk to the girl you like. You can start talking to girls by just pretending to know them. For example, you can walk up to a girl that you like and say 'Hi Susan (imaginary name), how was work today?' in response to this she might reply with ' I am not Susan'. So you can reply by apologising and introducing yourself followed by asking her actual name. This can result in a good start to chat with a girl.

How to talk to girls generally

Talk to girls online chat room is for people who are willing to talk to girls. You can find millions of girls in this online chat room. Hook up with a girl and get to chat with her. It can be a girl-to-girl talk or a boy-to-girl talk. Talking to girls is fun. Girls look for handsome boys who have the confidence to talk and are funny. So if you have the required qualities then you are the lucky one. If you are shy and don’t have the confidence to talk face-to-face, then you should prefer text chat on video chat.

In a text chat, you talk to girls using text messages. You can make the chat interesting by attaching smileys, emojis, and emoticons. The Text chat is simple and reliable and you can get fast replies. It is preferred by many people from across the world because of its simplicity and ease of use. 

Video chat is for active and confident people who can talk to girls easily. In a video chat, you have a 1-1 chat with your girl. If you want you can talk to more than one girl at the same time through video chat. All this is free and you only need a webcam attached with your laptop, PC or tablet.

Do you want to talk to gorgeous girls? Are you interested in relationships? If so, then visit Talk With Stranger and hook up with pretty strangers. All the fun is free and you don’t need to spend a single penny. All you need to do is to enter a nickname and click the button “Talk to girls” and there you are into the world of girls where you can find thousands of girls to talk to. Browse through the girl’s profiles and select the girl that is most beautiful. Start to chat with her. Talk about interesting topics like their interests and hobbies.

To keep your conversation rolling, make sure to talk in a friendly manner otherwise you will be skipped and the girl will move to the next person. Be polite and respect every girl because if you don’t do so you will be banned from the group. Now if you have got a chance, avail it to its fullest and have fun with pretty lads.

Things to talk about with a girl

When you have made eye contact with a girl and have exchanged smiles. The next step is to talk to her. To put it simply, it's now time to start level 2. To talk to girls you need to approach them with confidence (trust and believe in yourself). Approach her and ask her if the seat next to her is free. If there is no seat stand beside her but respect her personal space and don't stand too close.

One of the basic things to talk about with a girl is to greet her with a simple 'hello' or 'hi' followed by a compliment like ' I have to tell you that you have a beautiful smile' or pick a feature that you like the most like her eyes or hair. When you talk to girls you should always remember that girls love compliments. After a short compliment, introduce yourself and extend your hand for a handshake. When you talk to a girl you like a handshake is the first physical contact which can lead to a great relationship.

In response to a handshake, she might tell you her name but if she doesn't, you can always ask her. At this point, you can offer her a drink, if she doesn't want you to buy her a drink it doesn't mean that she is not interested. Once you have made initial contact you now need to ask yourself the question of what to talk about with a girl. Well, it's always good to set up a question and let her do the talking. If you want to talk to girls you need to become Mr. Interested. Once you get her to start talking your conversation may start to pick up the pace and you can keep the conversation going effortlessly.

How to talk to girls in college

A college is a place where you find your crush. Boys and girls are together in a college so there is a chance that you can find your crush. But approaching a girl is not easy. You need to have guts and a lot of confidence. Find ways to talk to a girl. Start by asking for an assignment or having a discussion on the semester project.  Slowly and gradually she will become your friend and you will start to think about her. ‘Don’t wait for the perfect moment to come, take the moment and make it perfect.’ express your feelings to her. If she will be interested, you will get a positive response and if she is not you will get a negative response. Don’t get heart-broken, try on another girl. There will be a girl to whom you can make a girlfriend. 

Talk To Women Online

While chatting online, you come across many women from different countries and from different cultures. Women are always in search of men. Find an appropriate woman for yourself and start to talk to her. Talk with your heart out. Men take out some time from their busy and hectic routines and join the chat rooms to talk to women online. The invention of online chat rooms has made it easy for the new generation to talk to each other. They require a medium to do so. Everyone has a mobile nowadays and they are busy talking with their friends or playing games. Mobile phones are also used for talking. So grab your smartphone and open the online chat site and start talking with women.

Happy Conversation! 

Pro advice on how to talk to girls!

When you want to talk to a girl and want to make a good first impression then you might feel a bit stressed. There is no need to freak out, you can just be yourself and everything will turn out fine. If you are a nervous person, it's always a good idea to calm yourself down before talking to girls. You can listen to music that helps you relax and lifts your mood.

If you are meeting a girl at a restaurant or any other venue, always plan to reach at least 15 minutes before the agreed time. This gives you an opportunity to relax and avoid traffic delays. If you are running a bit late then always inform her that you are going to be late.

Girls are very observant and look for minute details. If you want to impress girls the first thing to focus on is your hygiene and behavior. Always have a positive attitude and take the initiative yourself. It's better to create an opportunity than to wait for one. Another golden rule is to always respect women and show them your kindness. Always say words like thanks and please as they show your attitude towards women.

Final word

You want to chat with girls  however, you don't know how to talk to girls at parties. You are unaware of how to talk to girls online. Also, you don't know what to chat about with females? TWS offers you a girl chatting online app, chat USA and website. On our website, users can enjoy chatting with women and talking to girls online. Do you want to join the “chat live girls chatroom”? Our "web chat girls chatroom” at TWS is the ultimate solution!

If you are from a specific country, and are finding talking partners from a different country or from your own local country or city, we have international & local chatrooms for you. Below is a list of top ones.

  1. If you are american, and want to talk to american people, american girls, american boys, Join our American chatroom.
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Please read the following rules before using the TWS chat services or before joining any chat rooms. Any violation of these chat rules will lead to your account being banned from Chat.

You should also consider the following while using this chat avenue or any other chat services available on the internet.

Please keep the chat clean or you might get banned for any of the rules mentioned above. We are also working on a "Report" feature that will let you report bad users easily.

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More things to talk about with a girl

A simple question to start off is to ask her if she is from around here. She could answer this question with a yes or no but either way you can ask a followup question to keep the conversation going. For example, if she replies that she is a local you can ask her for advice like what are some good places to visit in this town.

Experts believe that when we as humans are asked for advice or help it makes us feel intelligent and needed. So when you talk to girls, it's a good idea to make her talk and feel good about herself. If she gives out advice then listen carefully as you might find out what excites her. For example, if she likes a particular restaurant and she speaks highly of it, ask her for more details about that restaurant.

Once you get a girl to start talking about her favorite place you can sneak in your request for her number by saying ' I hope you could show it to me some time'. If she smiles or blushes you are in. One of the ways to talk to girls is to simply show them that you are interested in and attracted towards her and let her make draw the conclusions.

How to find girls

If you are interested in talking to girls then you need to look for them in places where they enjoy hanging out. For example, if you are interested in talking to a smart girl then it is advised that you visit your book store.

You can find girls and other strangers to talk to at websites like 'talk with stranger' here you can chat with girls online without registration. TWS is a chat avenue where you can chat with random girls without registration.

If you want to talk to a girl that you like in a bookstore, it's better to approach her and ask for her advice on a book she is looking at. It is advised that if she gives you one-word answers then you should thank her and keep your distance as she might have other things on her mind.

If you are in a supermarket shopping for groceries and you find a girl. It would be easier if you could strike a conversation by asking her advice on products in her basket. It is good to start a chat with a girl when she is not surrounded by people.

For example, you should approach her and ask her 'excuse me but can you advise me on how to pick a good Mellon?' if she responds positively then you should thank her for her help and introduce yourself. If she tells you her name you can call her by her name and offer her a cup of coffee and see how she responds.

What to talk about with a girl

As men, we generally don't know what to talk about with a girl but we can prepare for different topics. It's always considered to be a good practice to prepare for a conversation with girls. Some good topics can be brushed up by reading a magazine or watching entertainment gossip online.

In order to talk to girls, you need to be up to date with the upcoming events or festivals in your area. The reason for updating your knowledge is to find common grounds. The information you store before meeting a girl may help you in situations where you are looking for a topic to discuss.

It is advised that if you are meeting a girl for a second or third time you should always do your homework and get some knowledge of her favourite shows, movies, sports, places or celebrities.

Some more things to talk about with a girl

People often wonder what to talk about with a girl. When they connect with a girl they don’t have anything to talk about and they remain confused. This results in losing the girl and they regret it for the rest of their lives. Below discussed are some topics that will make you win the heart of your girl.

General Tips on How to talk to Girls

When you talk to girls try to tell them about yourself as well. Talk about your family, siblings, school life or your job. You can share your ambitions or desires with her and let her know what you want to achieve in life. This will help her to know a bit more about you. When you talk to girls they notice your habits in detail so always be polite to others around you. If you are at a restaurant always be courteous and friendly to the waiters.

Remember that girls love being talked to and hate being alone. Even the most beautiful girls have no one to talk to because men don't know how to approach them. The initial pressure of talking to girls will fade away when you take the first step towards the girl you like. Women and men alike tend to feel insecure at first but you feel better as the conversation starts.


Talking to girls or talking to strangers online can be incredibly easy if you know the tricks of how to talk to girls or what to talk about with a girl. And of course, you need to believe in yourself and be confident that you can do anything. So, are you ready to embrace your good conversational skills? Let’s start a random chat at TWS and have fun with millions of online strangers!

Talking to girls is not an exact science as it involves many different personalities and situations. You should always understand that there is a huge chance that you might fail in your attempts but such failures are not your fault. The key to success is to keep trying again and again.

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