eHarmony Alternatives & Sites like eHarmony


eHarmony Alternatives & Sites like eHarmony

Were you looking for Best Chat Sites like eHarmony or finding online free alternatives to eHarmony or may be finding sites similar to eHarmony ? TalkWithStranger is proud to write reviews and opinions on other chat sites like eHarmony & eHarmony Alternatives. Read more below and stay tuned with best chat sites of 2020.


What is eHarmony

eHarmony is a classic online dating site for people who want to start a new life with a suitable partner. eHarmony was first introduced in 2000 and was established by a Clinical psychologist with his son-in-law, who made a seminar company in 1995. TechEmpower developed eHarmony. eHarmony is having success throughout the world, and the number of users is increasing Day by Day. Because of its excellent and incredible features, eHarmony revolutionized the online dating world. It is now the most responsive online dating site on the internet. The best online dating site for people finding a partner, with millions of users online

Marriage profile and the singles

eHarmony has the match system according to your profile and the portfolio, it also manages your marriage profile. You are single or married and want to marry again, eharmony will find the match as you answer the 80 questions at the beginning of creating the Account. These 80 questions make the personality parameters and rules that are recommended to others while matching. 

There are other sites for you to chat online with strangers. With a high-speed response, you will access different countries and regions for free online dating sites. Talk with stranger is free to use with many unique features. 

Relationship services and science

eHarmony has a system where you create a profile following automatically generated questions. Some questions are asked according to psychology rules and techniques. Your personality traits, interests and choices helps eHarmony in finding the best compatible matches for you. 

If you are not into putting in detailed QnAs and time-consuming processes and want to start a conversation straight away, head on to our site, talkwithstranger where we connect you with someone in the blink of an eye. How exciting it is to be with someone within no time?

Success rate of eharmony

The success rate of eharmony is outstanding because of its international popularity. Eharmonay searches the match after specifying the structure of a profile and the information shared on eharmony profile. It can be rated  as 4.6 out of 5 as an online dating site. Why 4.6 out of 5? Because eharmony has a long time taking procedure of profile making. Many people don’t like a massive list of questions asking one after another immediately.

Highest score on eharmony

On eharmony, you are asked to answer the questions which make your compatibility score for your profile. After completing the process, different users’ profiles are shown to you where there are compatibility scores of users, indicating you the match rate. This score is significant in case of a match. If the score is higher, you are good to chat with the person. If the score is low, you are not advised to engage with that user and waste each other’s time. According to this site, the best compatibility score for you and your profile is over 100. If the match score is 60 to 70, this is not considered acceptable in the data system. So, make sure to have a score of over 100. 

Getting Matches on Eharmony

Since the online dating site, eharmony, came into existence, it facilitated more than 2 million people to find the relationship. It has been helping singles and divorced since it was launched. Many people are married and looking for a relationship. eHarmony also doesn’t forget them and if you are not confirmed with the opinion, go to the eHarmony dating site’s success stories.

There are many free online dating sites like this. But, one of the most popular is talk with stranger where you can have an unlimited approach to the world with no effort. You can search the partner or the friend by typing the interest that you have. If you like sports and want to chat with a person who loves sports, talkwithstranger will direct you to the best match for you according to your region and area. 

Every 14 minutes, Find love

How can you find love in 14 minutes? Yes, that's possible only at eHarmony main features of eharmony online dating site. Eharmony gives you the suggestion in every 14 minutes according to your compatibility. It scans the users’ profiles and tells you what is best for you and which users familiarize you with your interests. You can log in to eharmony and get access to unlimited users who are ready to chat and fund. 

What if we tell you that you can find love in a few seconds? You can get in touch with your love of getting to know a stranger where it connects you with the strangers in seconds. You have to click the start button, and a stranger will be there for you to chat online. Talk with them and match your interest. If everything goes well, then surely you have found the love you were looking for. 

Rejection rates and reasons

eHarmony is developed on a competent system to figure out people. In 2007, eharmony rejected 20% of the people who came for sign up. There were different reasons for it. Some were married, some were under the age of 21 (minimum age limit), and some under 60 married more than four times in their lives. Similarly, some humans didn’t answer the questions correctly. These are the reasons for rejections. Be prepared for this next time you log in eharmony.

When you are paying money on a membership, and people reject you, it hurts very much. If you want to avoid this depression and anxiety and enjoy online chatting free without any judgement join anonymous chat at talkwithstranger. On talk with stranger, once you are rejected, the system automatically connects you with a new person within no time. So, in this way, you don’t feel guilty and unconfident. 

Eharmony for serious relationship

Most of the people on eharmony are sincere and genuine. They are looking for a serious relationship. The reason behind taking up time to answer questions and building up a profile. Despite that, they are paying for it to find a match for them. So, there is no bot or spams at eharmony that could be fake or not assured as a dating site? It is entirely original and performs its lead role in the online dating sites’ world. 

If you are not interested in a serious relationship and want to chat for fun, then don’t waste time on others who are there for someone special. Talk with stranger is for you to chat online and flirt with others. On talk with stranger, there are chat rooms for you to chat online with girls and boys and flirt with them in any way. It is the best place for you if you are not looking for a serious relationship. 

A day to remember at eHarmony

Did you come to know a beautiful girl, like an angel who would be your soulmate forever? It is possible in a day if you log in eharmony and fill up the account’s sign-up form and requirements. Some people wonder for matches on different online dating sites and pay a large sum of money to those dating sites. But, what they get is nothing but regrets. Therefore, give it a try at eHarmony and find what you are looking for.  

On talk with stranger, you can turn your one movement into a long-lasting one. On our site, there are options for you to decide which chatroom you would prefer to chat. Once you select the chatroom, we connect you with strangers. In a blink of an eye, you meet thousands of strangers, plenty of options It all depends on you what to decide. 

Quality & quantity of the site and people

When you go shopping, you always crave for products that are good in quality and offer multiple options. Similarly, these rules also apply at eHarmony dating sites, both great in quality and quantity. People love to chat on it because of its unique and fantastic features. These are concluded in the quality of the site. It has the number of millions of users coming online to chat with different people. Therefore, it also sorts out the problem of quantity. Moreover, you can find out the best yourself after signing up. If you are happy to use it, the future holds many happy, fun-loving people in your life. But, if it doesn’t make you comfortable you can always switch to other options available online.

If you are looking for chat sites which are free to use and are providing valuable content? Visit talk with a stranger for a memorable and beautiful experience. On talk with strangers, you can chat in a free online chat room, and there are pages for all kind of people like boys, girls, gays, lesbians, kids, teens, singles, loners, etc

Ease of use/site navigation, design, and layout

The layout and design of the site are very engaging and easy to use. There is no hard and fast rule for it to navigate appropriately. Even a kid can understand where to go and who to talk to. Because of the attractive eye soothing color scheme, which made eHarmony much more attractive and beautiful. The pages and the buttons are so that you can see everything in front of your eye without focusing on the page’s specific parts. Many sites are similar to each other and have some faults but who doesn't ? The design of the site is very functional and appealing. You will enjoy this eHarmony while you chat with people from all over the world.  

Eharmony app for mobile users

Don’t have a laptop or a personal computer? Don’t worry. eHarmony has an app for you to use on your mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets. eHarmony app is handy when you don’t want to carry a laptop around or don’t want to sit on a chair and use a computer for hours. The Eharmony app facilitates you in each manner, whether in office, school, university, college, or traveling in a bus, car, train, or driving the bike. You can find the match while you are using your smartphone. 

No pay, no access

The tricky part about eharmony is you can’t have it for free after the trial period you have to pay fees and payments for a better experience. They offer three packages:

Premium Light Plan

The premium light plan is the first plan for buying on eharmony. It is a six months’ plan where you can get access to the following features. 

  • View unlimited photos
  • Unlimited messaging
  • See who’s viewed your profile
  • Distance search 
  • Detailed personality profile

Premium Plus Plan

It is the premium plus plan for 12 months. This plan is much more beneficial than the premium light and premium extra plan. The reason is its 50% discount for the first month of the eharmony premium account. 

  • View unlimited photos
  • Unlimited messaging
  • See who’s viewed your profile
  • Distance search 
  • Detailed personality profile
  • Most popular plan

Premium Extra Plan

Premium Extra Plan is the third plan for eharmony premium membership. This plan is very costly. If you are extra careful about getting into a relationship, then buy this premium extra plan. The following are the main features that you are going to get in this extra plan

  • View unlimited photos
  • Unlimited messaging
  • See who’s viewed your profile
  • Distance search 
  • Detailed personality profile

If you don’t want to get into a lengthy questionnaire and sign up, you can visit and talk with stranger where there are free chat rooms to chat online with different people. There is also no FEE. In contrast, It’s entirely FREE for you to use. You can find your interest’s relationship by specifying your interest related chat rooms and ready to chat with a stranger. He/She may be your future partner with a span of time. 

The eHarmony app is expensive than the website

We have discussed the dating site and the application for eharmony. We have discussed the paid plans for the website. Nevertheless, the paid packages on the eharmony app are a lot more expensive than the site. Three are the packages that the application gives you for signing up premium plans. 

Plans for the website

The following are the prices of the plan offered by the website. You have to compare these pricing plans with the app pricing plans to get the difference. 

Premium Light

On the website, you have to pay $17.90/month for this premium light plan. This plan’s duration is six months. This plan is mostly not purchased. It has limited users. The reason is less time duration of 6 months. It is difficult to find a match in 6 months on the site. 

Premium Plus 

For a 12 months Premium plus plan, the user is offered with $11.90/month. In this plan, the first month has a 50% discount, which means you have to pay $5.95/month for your first month. This plan is mostly used by people because, within one year, most people find their match. 

Premium Extra

The website’s premium extra plan for 24 months is $7.90, with the same features as the premium light and premium plus plan. This is a long term plan. If you are looking for more than one relationship, then it is good to go with it.

After a hefty discussion on eHarmony, no doubt it gives you the best matches according to your likes and dislikes but costs an arm and a leg too. For such pleasures there are many free online  chatting websites like talkwithstranger. Like you, many other users pay for a match and wait for people who will approach them but really don't get a chance to meet someone suitable and all the money goes wasted. Be the part of talk with stranger and start chatting online with strangers. You are sure to meet someone like you.


7 Most Important Questions about eHarmony

When someone uses this site, he is not an expert on the website. He sometimes doesn't understand the website’ and the rules that are very important to follow. The website blocks the people who are not following the guidelines and the rules of the website. 

While using eHarmony, some questions appear in the users who don’t want to afford any problems from the website.  The questions are below for the guidance of the readers and the upcoming eHarmony users and members.

Can you use eharmony for free?

You can use eHarmony for free only for limited access. In that access, you can see the profiles of the users. In contrast, these profile pictures of the user will be blurry, and you cannot see their faces until you subscribe to the paid membership. You can’t even message them in the free version. You are not liable for the search filter for the best match. In other words, for seeing pictures, sending and receiving messages, for filtering the people for the best match,  you have to buy its membership. 

Don’t want to purchase any membership? Great! Come talk with stranger. You can interact with different people free of cost on this free online chatting and dating site without buying a membership. Play games with unknown people, joke around, and live life with strangers online. If you are looking for love, then there are many chatrooms related to true love, love chat, chat with girls, flirt with girls, etc. Have fun on talk with stranger.

Plans for the Application

The following are the three premium plans for the mobile application that you should know before installing the app.

Premium Light

In premium light eharmony, you have to pay $41.66/month without any discount for six months. 

Premium Plus 

In the premium plus plan for mobile application, the user has to pay $29.17/month. But it also gives you a 30% discount for the 1st month. 

Premium Extra

With a 50% discount for the first month, eharmony charges $20.83/month for a premium extra package.

Can you cancel eharmony after a month?

Following is the procedure of canceling the membership of eharmony

  1. Log in to your Account
  2. Click on the profile picture of your Account
  3. Click on Account Settings
  4. Go to the “Billing” Button
  5. Scroll down and Subscription Status option
  6. Click “Cancel my Subscription”
  7. Follow the instructions given

That’s it. You have canceled the subscription.

What is the average age on eharmony?

According to research on eharmony, 37% of the males use this site. Similarly, the remaining females, which are 63%, use this site. When it is about the age limit, 40% of the people were between 18 and 34, 20% were over 50, and the remaining 38% were between 35 and 49. 

If you're under 18 and want to use an online chatting and dating site, we would like to tell you to come talk with strangers. On talk with stranger, there are chatrooms for kids like you and teenagers like you. There are kids chat rooms, teen chat rooms, and single chatrooms for you to chat online with strangers and have fun with them. 

What to do if someone blocked you on eharmony?

First, if someone blocks you, it is clear that you would know it or not. If they don’t message you again, you will not know whether they have blocked you or not. If they have blocked you, then search their profile, you will be prompted to move.

Such a mess when someone blocks you, and you are still looking for them. It affects as discouragement. You cannot find the new match because of low self esteem because of the rejection. You would wish that you should have selected them. On talk with stranger, there is no good profile that you are afraid of. You are connected to a stranger. If you both agree to chat further, then you can share pictures and videos. So, you come to meet after a long text or voice chat with people in this way. 

What is the meaning of the green dot on eharmony?

The green dot tells you that your match is online right now, and this green dot appears on the name of the match profile. 

What is the meaning of the yellow dot on eharmony?

When you see the yellow dot on your matches’ name, it means that they were online on eharmony within 24 hours.

What is the divorce rate on eharmony?

Eharmony is the best online dating site for people who are looking for a relationship. Because of this site, many singles and unmarried people were able to get someone to love. But, still some cases result in divorce. The divorce rate is shallow as compared to the success rate of the website. The divorce rate is less than 4% as compared to the success rate. 

Lifelong relationships for FREE, No FEE

Yes, you read it right. Many sites are free to use, and you can find your partner there without paying any subscription. You chat online on these sites. Talk with a stranger is similar free online chat site for you with a dedicated chat room for dating with strangers at any time anywhere in the world for free. More so, it gives you various chat rooms and features that make the chat and talk more than fun and entertainment.

Talk with stranger facilitates you to start and continue the discussion by providing you the topics for discussion and different games to play with other users. There are chat rooms for multiple domains and interests of people, from kids chat room to adult chat room. You should try this free online dating site if you don't want to spend time on paid dating sites and still get nothing.  

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