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Plenty of Fish Alternatives & Sites like Plenty of Fish

Were you looking for Best Chat Sites like Plenty of Fish or finding online free alternatives to Plenty of Fish or may be finding sites similar to Plenty of Fish ? TalkWithStranger is proud to write reviews and opinions on other chat sites like Plenty of Fish & Plenty of Fish Alternatives. Read more below and stay tuned with best chat sites of 2020.

Plenty Of Fish - The Global Hub to “Chat & Date”

Ever heard about Plenty of Fish (POF)? — I am not talking about the aquatic ones that end up lying with a bowl of rice. In fact it is an aquarium for chat lovers to meet-and-make the best out of each other. If you are still thinking that; 

What is Plenty of Fish? 

How does Plenty of Fish work?

Is Plenty of Fish any good?

Then worry not my friend, you are in the right place. Let's dive in to see how these schools of fishes interact and connect.

Plenty of Fish Overview

What is ‘Plenty Of Fish’? — It is a Canadian hosted popular website, for online chatting and dating with amazing features. Beside Canada, Plenty Of Fish is widely used by “chat-and-date” lovers, especially famous across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Brazil and the United States. The POF headquarters is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Revenues for this website are generated through advertising, marketing and premium paid memberships.

Plenty Of Fish (POF) was sold to Match Group (the owner of, OKCupid and Tinder) on July 14, 2015. After it was sold to the Match Group Company which operated from Dallas, Plenty Of Fish was still operating from Canada. The purchase was made worth $575 Million by the Match Group.

In Plenty Of Fish both free and paid services are available. To unlock the top exciting features such as “who liked whom” and your messages has been read or not, you can upgrade to the premium service according to the service-plans, by paying the charges for it. Apart from the premium services and packages, one can still enjoy the basic features of free Plenty Of Fish login easily. Plenty Of Fish has a huge traffic of users which keeps increasing day by day.

Before entering the Plenty Of Fish sign in process, you must know “how does Plenty Of Fish work?”. The basic thing required is access to an internet connection on a compatible device which can surf the internet efficiently. Here email ID is compulsory. By completing the Plenty Of Fish login steps you’ll be able to experience quality chats with strangers randomly on this dating app. 

The major traffic on POF comes from the youth section. Currently the whole world is moving towards the concept of socialization due to countless beneficial reasons, and here Plenty Of Fish plays an important role in uniting people from different backgrounds. Since dating is very common now this platform helps out in fulfilling your built-in natural desires. 

Cool or not? To find a dating partner, on your finger tips, no matter where you are and who you are, as long as you are a part of it. 

Keep swimming, fishes ahead!

Due to all of its easy and diverse features, it is one of the most trending websites in the chat-world. The number of visitors keeps increasing because of its great reputation. Moreover, Plenty of Fish covers the taste for all types of chat-&-date lovers, by targeting all possible features which directly relates to the choice of users.

History of POF.COM

Markus Frind is the founder of Plenty Of Fish, who graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology as a diploma holder of Computer Systems Technology in 1999. From 2004 and onwards, Plenty Of Fish turned into a full time business for Markus which was run independently by himself. 

Later in 2008 he decided to hire employees to manage his headquarters in Vancouver. On March 12, 2009, Plenty Of Fish became more popular due to a contest conducted in cooperation with Lady Gaga. Here, in this contest, winning users were given the opportunity to meet singers during “The Fame Ball”, which later ended on September 29, 2009.

In 2010 after launching its mobile app for Android and iPhone, Plenty Of Fish had started to appear in different music videos of famous singers, like Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”, Natasha Bedingfield’s “Touch”, Ke$ha’s “We Are Who We Are”, Flo Rida and Akon’s “Available”, Jason Derulo’s “Ridin’ Solo” and 3OH!3’s “Double Vision”. That was the point where POF became unstoppable.

Then in 2011, Plenty Of Fish was pictured in Britney Spears’ song “Hold It Against Me”. Fame was no longer a problem for POF, but at the same time when the undisclosed paid product placements were exposed, it gained a lot of negative reviews. Moreover, 2011 turned out to be a year of hardships. January 21, 2011, was the most crucial time for POF, when it was reported that Plenty Of Fish website was hacked. Apart from exposing the privacy and credentials of user’s personal accounts, a lot of information was stolen. Many users left Plenty Of Fish on this occasion, because it broke their trust. 

However, later Markus claimed that he had succeeded in identifying the person behind this whole hacking scenario, but that was already too late. When this issue got attention of the global media, cyber security experts alleged that Plenty Of Fish is responsible for the security and privacy lapse. In terms of managing confidential concerns of their users,  POF failed to fulfill its responsibility in a very unprofessional way.

On February 28, 2012, the parents of a US Army Lieutenant Peter Burks sued POF for using a photo of their son without permission, who was assassinated in Iraq, back in 2007. Peter’s parents were seeking compensation and punitive damages. Paul Bloudoff was the Firm’s Legal Affairs Manager and he explained the whole scenario by justifying that no image of Lt. Peter Burks was used by Plenty Of Fish officials. In fact, it was used by a third party, which was fully concerned with advertisement, without any kind of affiliation with Plenty of Fish (POF). Lt. Peter Burk’s picture was used by the advertising party to run an ad for the promotion of another dating site on POF’s webpage. 

In August 2012, Markus gave an interview and he said that Plenty Of Fish have been the reason for millions of relationships and marriages. He even estimated that, from the start of POF in 2004, over one million babies were born due to POF’s platform. Was it a joke or reality? — Well, honestly speaking, I have no idea about it.

On May 20, 2013, Markus tried to apply some changes on the Plenty Of Fish website by the vision of creating more meaningful relationships. He also removed the intimate encounter’s option from the website and app. Wrong matches were also a huge problem in dating sites, same was the case with POF. To overcome the matching issues for effective outcomes, age and interest matching accuracy was focused more. It also started to block image contents and users that use abusive words.

Sending images was restricted but later on this rule was finished after being purchased by the Match Group. Meanwhile, users below the age of 14 were highly restricted from the back end in terms of not showing their profile in matches and searches. No matter how much a user tries to contact a member below the age limit, a page automatically pops up, with the statement that “the user doesn’t meet the member’s contact criteria”.

Amazing Features of Plenty Of Fish

  • “Dating” is the core feature of Plenty Of Fish. In fact dating is the basic reason for creating this platform. It gives an opportunity to find easy ways of dating and build profound connections with other users, either by the official web page or app.
  • “Chatting by Online Texting is another feature apart from dating. Users can build relations and make friends with distant people while experiencing a quality time chat with randoms. Plenty Of Fish also gives the feature of inbox, where you can easily find your messages and chat.
  • “Online Free Registration” like in other dating apps is the same for POF where you can easily register without any cost. Just follow the sign up instructions and after a few simple steps of profile creation you’ll be ready to experience the salient features of Plenty Of Fish.
  • “Plenty Of Fish App and Its Premium Services” are one of the ways to experience the salient features of Plenty Of Fish is an ideal pattern. You can easily download the free app on a different operating system and use it as much as you prefer. There is also availability of Premium services on Plenty Of Fish, where users can unlock the best features and enjoy it. Premium services can only be unlocked after purchasing the preferred plan by paying the premium charges which is quite reasonable.  
  • “Privacy Protection” is the most serious matter for gaining the trust of users.  Chat-&-Date lovers prefer platforms where they feel secure. Plenty Of Fish is now quite popular due to its highly secured privacy barriers. 
  • “Accurate Filtering” is one of the most important things for any online chat-&-date platform. The best way to get better results for filtering purpose is by enhancing AI (Artificial Intelligence). To boost a dating app or website it is necessary for the machine’s AI to recognize “what suits what”, because gaining user’s satisfaction isn’t easy unless their needs are fulfilled efficiently.
  • “Spark” is another feature which was recently introduced  by Plenty Of Fish in its latest update. This exciting feature allows users to comment on an individual’s profile section, same as in Hinge.
  • “Latest Group Features” which is known by the name of “Conversation Powers” includes the features of voice messaging, and photo sharing among more than two individuals.
  • “Emojis, Gifs and Illustrations” were added recently in 2018. By this feature POF, a user can express themselves easily in a very effective way. Short symbols with unpredictable depths, superb!

“Plenty Of Fish Account Delete” is also an option to delete your POF account in case you are not satisfied. Some platforms do not give the option of permanent account deletion, but here in POF, no issue at all. It's your right boss!

7 Core Benefits (PROS) of Using Plenty Of Fish (POF)

Plenty Of Fish has a lot of benefits if it is used in a positive way. All depends on the person using it. Anyways, the main advantages of Plenty Of Fish are;

  • Relationship Building 

Building relations is quite easy on Plenty Of Fish. You can easily hook up with other users to build relations. Lot of marriages and strong relations  Plenty Of Fish has been the reason for 

  • Socialization

Since socialization is a very good thing, so here on Plenty Of Fish you can experience it along with its endless benefits. Creating Social networks is not less than a hobby for wise ones. Plenty Of Fish is one of the best social platforms from the beginning. Connecting people from different parts of the world is one of the best advantages of this dynamic platform.

  • Gaining Experiences

An experience gained is more worthy than a sack filled of diamond, because it groom’s you, which broadens your vision and polishes your inner capabilities, not less than an omen. Interacting with different people is the main and most effective way of gaining quality experience

  • Chatting and Dating

The desire to chat and date lies in every human’s desire.By the use of Plenty Of Fish. Users can first interact through profile by means of chatting. Build your understanding and turn it into a good relation, then get prepared for the best meet-&-make experiences. The best part of Plenty Of Fish is, it is capable of connecting you with other nearby users for dating.

  • Mental Relaxation

To have a healthy life you must have a healthy mind. To empower your brain, mental relaxation is very necessary. By the use of POF you can easily relax your mind, either by peaceful chat or an ecstatic meetup. Spending a wonderful time by interacting with people in your free time is not a bad idea.

  • Skill Development 

Different people have different skills. To learn a skill is self grooming and self grooming never goes waste. Apart from just learning new skills, Plenty Of Fish enables self development as well. Since every human is filled with great capabilities, buried within his existence. All he needs to do is polish it, which is very easy by gaining quality experiences, especially from different interactions with others.

7 Drawbacks (CONS) of Using Plenty Of Fish (POF)

Where there are advantages surely there are disadvantages as well, because it comes in pair, with equal probability, because it is a universal truth that “Nothing is Perfect”. So, let see what’s wrong with PlentyOfFish?

  • Cyber Attacks

Spams and information breachings had always been an issue for social websites and apps. Plenty Of Fish is already victimized in its past. After paying the heavy fine of $48,000 in 2015 for the violation against Canada’s anti-spam law. Recently in December 2019, Plenty Of Fish fixed its app again, after a security researcher found that surprisingly without any suspicious act,someone was silently leaking information that users had already set as private in their profiles, including their nicknames, postal codes and many other credentials.

  • Addiction

Excessiveness of anything surely results in harm. Where Plenty Of Fish free dating site is concerned, it is famous for its addictive effects due to all of the exciting features within the app. Addiction directly attacks mentally and physically both, which later becomes our weakness. So it is necessary to use it wisely.

  • Crowd of Fake Profiles

To interact with fake profiles is worthless, but to stay connected with them is not less than a fatal risk. Same as the example of entering a bear’s cave (home) and telling him “lets be friends” or putting your hands directly in a beehive while saying “i love honey”. It is better to just ignore such people and crowds to stay secure.

  • Adult Oriented Contents

If someone asks me about this issue, I will surely say that this is the most terrible issue being faced by almost all of the chat-&-date online platforms. No matter how strictly it is controlled, still there will be freak sitting like a predator in a hideous way. Same in the case of Plenty Of Fish, but due to strong moderations and surveillance from the company's back end, the POF’s environment is quite better as compared to other websites and apps. So one should be mentally prepared for such experiences and keep it far from the access of underage children

  • Waste of Time

Wasting your own time is more dangerous than an equipped enemy. Everything can be reattained in this world except time. Once it ticks away, you can’t do anything, and don’t forget that “Time is Money” and everyone should realize before it slips away. Using dating websites and dating apps more than it requires to be used is nothing but just time wasting, especially when you use it like an amateur. So be wise while dealing with time instead of wasting it on meaningless things

  • Hard and Risky

To make perfect judgements on people interacted through dating sites and apps is not easy. Sometimes your blind trust and silliness digs your own grave. Especially in the current world of conspiracies, stay safe and wise while dealing with strangers. Same is the case for Plenty Of Fish, no matter how good it is.

  • Lack of User Verification

One of the greatest drawbacks of Plenty Of Fish is its unverified users, which can be a huge cause of destruction. So stay wise and attentive, because once a user vanishes, there is no record left. Be careful!


Why should I become a Premium Member of Plenty Of Fish?

Well if you are thinking why should go for it, then read carefully. Upgraded members can enjoy the all exclusive benefits of Plenty Of Fish sign in. Premium member can unlock all the available features which are;

  • Option to upload up to 16 images on your profile in a single post.
  • Users can see either their emails and messages status, either read or deleted.
  • Upgraded members can unlock every user’s extended profile.
  • No ads at all.
  • You can see who viewed your profile
  •  Shows you up first on the “Meet Me” section.
  • Users can even see who wants to meet them.
  • An option to get the exact date and time when someone views your profile.
  • .Unlocks the feature “Plenty Of Fish Username Search”.
  • Three gifts can be sent in a single day.
  • Directly shows you out in all searches by displaying your profile.

Plenty Of Fish Statistics

  • In March 2015, the number of registered users was 100,000,000.
  • in August, 2011 presented a report on dating websites, where Plenty Of Fish was ranked number 1 worldwide.
  • Comscore in May, 2011, ranked Plenty Of Fish at number 1 in the United Kingdom.
  • In April, 2012, believe it or not, the average number of page views and searches for Plenty Of Fish was 2 billion per month.
  • In August 2012 ragain reported that Plenty Of Fish again ranked at number 1 and this time it is in terms of the U.S Site by market share. At that time the market share of Plenty Of Fish was 18.57% which was an unexpected dominance.

Alternatives for Plenty Of Fish 

Same like Plenty Of Fish there are plenty of other sites which give opportunities to chat, connect and date. On the internet there are different sites having diverse features and themes. Some of the top dating sites are;

other people and showing their distance even. You can enjoy a lot of its exciting features.

Where it comes to effective moderations, professional maintenance and a cool platform, TalkWithStranger (TWS) is incomparable. No complications, no obligations, choose your nickname and start chatting in a wide variety of chat rooms. If you remain neat and clean during your chat, then you’ll never face any problem, but if you start something inappropriate, the highly trained moderators will directly ban you, because they are surveilling every action to maintain the website quality.

CMB is considered as one the best websites due to the quality and professional pattern it works upon. Coffee Meets Bagel stated that they prefer quality rather than quantity, as directed by “The Kang Sisters” (owner and co-founders). The basic purpose of creating CMB was to emphasize more on serious relationships. It is a highly reputed chat-&-date site.

After its launch on December 7, 2005, it was the most dominating chatting website with the most diverse features of that time. Highly reputed and also considered among the list of pioneers in the world of chat. Due to its highly optimized domain keyword, traffic had never been an issue for it. Apart from that, ChatForFree also gives an opportunity to experience quality chats.

For searching instant random hookups and dates, Tinder is a better option. In the world of online dating apps Tinder stands at number one, just because of its huge traffic. That same traffic made it popular. It is not that type of app which focuses on serious relations, in fact it is more an instant date app by finding somebody near. It is also known as a flirty app.

  • Bumble

It is an app like Tinder, but it is women oriented. It is labeled as an app for “confident women”. People also call it Tinder for Women. The reason is that, in bumble, if a woman sends you a message first then you are able to date her. Male users can not directly message first and if a guy doesn’t reply back within 24 hours, he loses the opportunity to date with that woman. This time feature is to encourage connections and response. 

Plenty of Fish in a Nutshell!

Plenty of Fish (POF) is one of the most famous online dating websites and apps. People are attracted and connected with it, because of multiple reasons, such as being a pioneer, providing a quality platform, connected with trending experiences and many other reasons . Due to the amazing features and wide opportunities a user can avail multiple benefits from it, especially in terms of dating. 

Despite being alleged with data breaching cases, it is still famous and widely used. A top trending website in a very short passage of time due to the collaborations with celebrities and being picturized many times in the songs of top singers.

Plenty Of Fish is not just a random dating site, in fact it works on matchmaking services as well. You can easily search and connect with users who match your selected interests, and if you succeed in hooking up precisely, get ready for the date.

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