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Are you tired of typing text messages? Some people love typing but some are the opposite who hate to type. For the second category, talkwithstranger has an amazing alternative which is the voice message. Voice messages are a source of recording your voice and saying whatever you want to say to a stranger or loved one. Sometimes we have a long convo, and typing long answers is quite annoying and time consuming. On the other hand, a voice message is convenient and time-saving. Use voice message to communicate with strangers and friends and share all what you cannot do in the text messages. Record voice message with songs in your own voice or communicate verbally about what you feel about the other person. Just log in without having to register and send unlimited voice messages to the strangers and people who you like.

Benefits of Voice Message

Various amazing features of TWS:

TWS is not only a voice message app. It offers a number of other and exciting features as well due to which it is becoming very popular not only among the young generation, but for every age and gender group. Here are some of the exciting features that TWS offers to its users.

Video chatting:

Just like voice message, another very popular means of getting connected with others is the video chatting option. This is one of the most widely used means of communication these days. The reason is that not only can you talk to your loved ones, but you also get a chance to see them as well. With the growing population, people are settling in different countries due to which there are large distances among them. As already explained, making a long distance call does not come very cheap. Therefore, by using TWS, not only can you get in touch with your loved ones without any cost, but you also get a chance to see them. And due to the amazing service, the video quality is also very high. With the smartphone compatibility feature, you can video chat with your loved ones at homes from anywhere.

Voice calling:

Although video chatting is quite an amazing way to connect with others, it is not always possible to do a video chat. TWS offers you the next best thing as well which is voice calling. As explained a number of times, long distances calls are going to have a huge impact on your wallet. But with the help of TWS, you can save up a lot. That is because it offers a voice calling feature totally free of cost. You don’t have to worry about the distance or the time that you are calling for. So make as many calls as you want, to any place that you want. All you need to do is to download the TWS app on your mobile phone and you are all set to go. A direct free call is always a better, safe and more entertaining options than voice message or any other means of communication.

Conference calling:

Another very important type of communication in today’s world is conference calling. It is different from the traditional calling method because that is a call between only two persons. But with the help of conference calling, there can be multiple people in the same call who can discuss different things. There are a number of uses of conference calling as well. The most important use of conference calling was felt during the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Due to this pandemic, people needed to follow social isolation. Because it spread to one person from another rapidly if they did not maintain social distance. That is why people were forced to work from homes. Not only professionals, but schools and colleges were closed as well. Till date, there is no vaccination for this virus. That is why, the workplaces and schools and colleges are still closed.

But this closing down of schools and workplaces was having a very bad impact on people. Therefore, at a time like this, the conference calling option proved to be like a messiah for people. With the help of this feature, people were able to run their businesses from home. They could get all their employees in a call and discuss various things and assign tasks. Meetings were held through free conference calling online.

Not only the business community, but the students also had a lot of benefit of this feature. Online classes were held through conference calls in which teachers delivered lectures in these calls. Apart from that, the students also utilized this feature for group studying as well.  

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Facts About Voice Message

Reasons behind the popularity of voice messages

There are so many reasons why this feature is getting so much popularity. Why do most people want to use voice message apps to fulfill their communication needs?

Here are some of the reasons explained briefly.


  • Less time consuming


Sometimes you need to give a detailed answer for the business purpose or any other topic, so you need to write a long message which is not very pleasant. In this situation, the voice message is a good alternative for delivering a message in detail.

Long typing looks boring and hectic. When it comes to short message sending, typed messages are a good option, but while answering a long paragraph. Answering in a recorded voice is better to choose than getting indulged in typing long messages.


  • Cheap as compare to call


While sending a voice recorded message is easy, it is also not expensive, in fact, it is free to talk with a stranger.  Making an international call is quite a burden on your pockets and costs a handsome amount which puts the burden on your pocket. You can save this money with the help of a talkwithstranger. This site allows us to send voice recorded messages through the internet and deliver our message with ease and economical way. 


  • Convenient 


Convenience is at the top of the list while it comes to voice-recorded messages. Voice recorded messages are more convenient as compared to calls. Sometimes the person we want to talk with would not be available at the time when we want to call them and talk about something, but we have a second option of sending voice recorded messages to the person and he/she will check as soon as they get time to check their phone. So your message will be delivered no matter whenever the receiver gets it. 

Network issues can cause trouble of voice unclarity, in this situation voice messages can give convenience. 


  • Elaborates the purpose perfectly


During the time of network issues, recorded voice can help in elaborating the message properly. Plus during recording voice, no interruption is experienced which leads to elaborating the message properly. During the call, the convo is cut by the other person when trying to clear the point but in a recorded voice, no issue like this is encountered. 


  • Easy option to leave a message while the receiver is not available


Sometimes the receiver is not available when we try to reach through a phone call. At this time by recording voice, we can leave a message for the receiver to listen to later on. Recording voice is better than typing a recording a voice message is an easier option than typing a text message. Especially when it comes to a long message, It is easy to record a long message and hard to type a long message. Some people hate typing and find recording voice convenient.

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Voice message

The world is cutting short in distances and all the credit goes to the advancements in the field of information and technology through voice message. In today’s world, you will hardly find a place that is still cut off from the outer world. And all this is due to the availability of internet and mobile phones. Now people hold their connection to the outer world in the palm of their hands. In contradiction to present to get in touch with relatives or friends and family, you needed a wired telephone. But due to the availability of the internet in every nook and cranny of the world, now there is no need for a bulky device rather you can record an instant voice message and send it to your desired person within seconds. Not only that, mobile phones and tablets have even replaced computers and laptops to communicate.

Embrace the change using an online voice message to communicate around the world !

It wasn’t very long ago when mobile phones were considered a luxury and only the elite class could afford it. But with the advancements in the field of technology, now they are within everyone’s reach. Whether you are a businessman or a laborer, whether it is an elderly or a teenager, whether you live in a far off village or in a metropolitan, everyone owns a mobile phone. So with the availability of new software and technology, the mobile phone does not only serve the need of calling. There are a number of other means of getting connected with others as well. One of the most important and the most widely used means of connectivity is through voice message.

Advantages of voice message:

Mobile phones offer a number of different ways to get in touch with other people. You can make a call and talk to them. But that is not always possible. The main reason for that is that if you need to get in touch with people that live in another country, the charges for making such a long distance call would be very high. Not only that, in areas where the connection is not very good, the clarity of voice would not be good either. Therefore, instead of making a call, people prefer sending a voice message through a free voice message app. Initially, the only means of sending a message was a text message. But with the passage of time, the option of sending a voice message was introduced.

So why is sending a voice message so much better than all other forms of communication?

In order to understand the reason, the first thing that you need to know is what a voice message app actually is and how it provides free voice message opportunities around the world. Here is the answer to your question.

A voice message is a recorded message that you can record on your phone. Once you have recorded it, it will be sent to the desired user. Therefore, instead of real time conversation, the conversation is in the form of recorded messages. There are a number of reasons why voice message apps are considered such an amazing invention of science for communication. Some of those reasons are explained below.

Clarity of message:

As explained earlier, in areas with poor signal strength of your telecommunication service provider, the call quality will not be very good. Due to this reason, the other person might not understand what you are saying and vice versa. By sending a voice message, the need for good signal strength is no more there. Therefore, the other person will understand easily what you are saying in a much better way as compared to a call.

Better than text messaging:

Another huge reason for the growing popularity of communication through voice message is that it is quite convenient. If you are discussing something with a lot of details, you will have to write long texts which is not very feasible. That is why people prefer to make calls. But as explained earlier, long distance calls might prove to be quite a burden on your pocket. That is why, instead of writing a long message, you can easily send a recorded message. Not only will it be convenient, but it will also be quite clearer.

It is also quite better than text messaging is that with the help of a voice message, there will not be a chance for any misunderstanding. In a number of cases, you might not actually mean what the other person perceives from your text message. The reason is that they are not able to hear the tone in which you have said that. They might consider it sarcasm while you didn’t mean it like that. But with the help of voice message, there cannot be any confusion because the other person can hear what you are saying and your tone in a voice message.

A record for the future:

The option of voice message can be utilized in a number of different professions as well. For example, if you need to give different types of instructions to the juniors, sending them in the form of a voice message would be a lot more convenient for you as well as for the juniors as well. The convenience for you is that you will not have to write long messages. For the receiver the convenience would be that if they need those instructions in the future as well, they can simply go back to the message and understand them as well. Apart from that, the whole conversation that is being done between you and your juniors will be in the form of recorded messages. Therefore, there are fewer chances of any miscommunication or misunderstanding. Lastly, the biggest advantage is that as compared to text messaging, it will save up a lot of time for both of you. And you can also send voice message on the go as well. For example if you are driving, looking at the screen and writing a message would be very difficult. But recording a voice message is very easy.

Sending a voice message:

Now that you know about the various advantages of a voice message over different types of communication, you must be wondering how you can send it. Well, you don’t have to worry about that, we have that figured out for you as well.

Method for sending a voice message through TWS website:

If you are using the TWS app on a laptop or a computer, you can send a call voice message to anyone as well. The method is quite simple. All you have to do is to open up the TWS website. Once you have done, you need to select the type of conversation that you want to have. For example, as explained earlier, there are a number of different chat rooms as well as talking with strangers options. Therefore, select the chatroom or the option that you want. Once you have done that, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Once you are in a conversation with anyone, you will be able to see a microphone button in front of the new message tab.

  2. To start recording a message, click on the microphone.

  3. Once you click on it, the icon will turn red.

  4. Speak into the microphone to record the message.

  5. Once you are done with the message, click on it again.

By following the steps above, you can send a voice message easily to anyone during chatting.

Sending a voice message through smartphones:

As explained earlier, TWS is not an app that you can only use on the computer or a laptop. But it is also compatible with the mobile phones as well. The two most common types of OS platforms that you will find on almost all of the smartphones in the world are either apple or android. Therefore, we are going to explain the method of how to send a voice message on both these devices.

The method for iPhone:

If you are wondering how to send voice message on iPhone, then the method is quite simple. Here is how to do that.

The first thing that you need to do if you are using an Apple device is to download the TWS app from the application store. After you have downloaded it to your device, install it in the phone. After the installation is done, open any conversation that you are already having on another device. But if you want to start a new conversation with anyone through voice message, the method for sending a voice message is as explained below.

  1. Open the conversation window by tapping on that person.

  2. Once you have opened the conversation, you might be able to see a microphone icon in front of the new messaging tab.

  3. Tap on that microphone icon and hold the icon for as long as you are recording the message.

  4. While you have tapped and held the icon, record the message by talking into the microphone of your device.

  5. Try to speak with your mouth as close to the microphone as possible because if you are very far away, the quality of the sound will not be very good. A number of phones come with an option of background noise cancellation. But if your mouth is too far away, there can be a number of background voices in the message as well.

  6. Once you are done recording your message, simply tap on the send option and your message will be sent.

By following these simple steps mentioned above, you can easily send voice message iPhone.

The method for android:

If instead of an iPhone, you own an android device, then you don’t need to worry in that case either. The method for voice text messaging through an android device is not very difficult either. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. The first thing that you need to do in an android device is to download the TWS app from android play store.

  2. After downloading the app, install it on your phone.

  3. Once the installation is done, open the app menu, locate the TWS app and tap on it to run the app.

  4. Open any conversation that you are already having. But if you want to start a new conversation with anyone through voice message, open the conversation window by tapping on that person.

  5. Once you have opened the conversation, you might be able to see a microphone icon in front of the new messaging tab.

  6. Tap on that microphone icon and hold the icon for as long as you are recording the message.

  7. While you have tapped and held the icon, record the message by talking into the microphone of your device.

  8. Try to speak with your mouth as close to the microphone as possible because if you are very far away, the quality of the sound will not be very good. A number of phones come with an option of background noise cancellation. But if your mouth is too far away, there can be a number of background voices in the message as well.

  9. Once you are done recording your message, simply tap on the send option and your message will be sent.

With the help of these simple steps, you can easily send a recorded voice message.

Talkwithstranger offers multiple exciting options for its users

Those days are gone when people wait to go out and meet existing and new friends and find new friends. Now is the time of the internet and technology. In today's world, every need can be fulfilled or done. Now you can have friends online with the help of online chatting sites, like talkwithstranger which facilitates its users by offering multiple connecting offers. 

Here are some of the exciting features of TWS. 


  • Voice call


Talkwithstranger allows making random strangers as well as to known people. International and in some cases local calls too are costly, but with talkwithstranger it's very easy to make calls plus it's economical. These options are free for TWS users. Conference calling is a great option of TWS which helps professionals, students, and teachers. It was useful but now in this pandemic, this feature became handy for the users. Teachers used conference calling to attend classes, conference call helps in meetings, etc. 


  • Video calling


Another exciting feature presented by talkwithstranger is enjoying video calling all over the world free of cost. No matter how far the other person is, all needed is an internet connection and a phone or computer. You can make video calls within seconds and get to see the person who is even seven oceans away from you. 


  • Text message


A text message is the most widely used and famous mode of communication. A text message is equally famous among youngsters and adults as well. Text chat provides privacy, when you type text messages, people around can't have an idea what you're talking about. It also provides a record for future us as well. Screenshot sharing is another new trend associated with text messages. Text chat can also be generated in groups, where different viewpoints can be taken, from different people. All of this is free. 


  • Public drawing board


TWS offers another exciting feature which is a public drawing board. To use this feature simply have to go on the TWS homepage and select a public drawing board and start sharing your art with other people and get valuable feedback from them. Or just draw funny pictures together. 


  • Multimedia messaging


With the advancement in technology now it's possible to send pictures and videos, which are called multimedia messages. You send short videvideosdio or pictures to your friends and family. All of this is free on the TWS platform, with no worries of payment or extra charges. 


  • Discussion Chatroom


Discussing a matter and giving valuable feedback is a healthy activity. By discussing matters with others we stay up to date day by day. Especially during covid 19 people are bound in their houses out gatherings and gup shup opportunities have gone. Everyone feels the need for an online discussion forum. Here again, TWS stands first, its online discussion section helps people raise different points and everybody shares their opinion. In today's phenomenon, our practical exposure is less so we are unable to get opinions from all walks of life over a specific topic. Talkwithstranger gives us a chance to get in touch with people from diverse backgrounds and know what they think about a specific matter. These discussion sections can be used to conduct research where the opinions of different people are necessary. 


  • Classic multiplayer game


gaming has become very advanced over these years. But some people are acquainted with these advanced level games. They still love some old textured games. Talkwithstranger allows you to enjoy these games, not only you can play these games but you can also invite your friends to play these games with you. If you don't want it with friends you play these games with a random stranger and enjoy getting to know strangers and relish your game side by side. 

Advantages of using TWS

Do you want to know about the advantages of using talkwithstranger? Then you're at the right place here. We'll discuss some of the core benefits you get while using talkwithstranger as you chat with strangers. There are so many chatting sites on the internet that allow you to chat with different strangers but talkwithstranger is unique from all of them. due to diverse reasons. We'll discuss those reasons here one by one.


  • Free of cost


First of all, talkwithstranger provides multiple fulfilled functions to its users free of cost. No cost is charged for any of the services provided on this amazing site. No hidden fees are charged on this site.


  • No Log in/ sign up


Although log-in is completely optional for TWS users. But if you choose to log in to talkwithstranger you get a chance to set your profile according to your taste, which will help like-minded people to find you easily. If you're a serious user of TWS then you must opt for a signing-in option, if you want to find a life partner or a long-term friendship it would be more convenient with the sign-in option. Although dining in is not mandatory, you get the extra benefits of setting up your profile according to the interests.


  • No fake accounts or bots


talkwithstranger is a legitimate site with real users. No bots or fake accounts encountered at TWS. Some sites try the trick of fake accounts to show their site is crowded. This is not the case with talkwithstranger, this is the site that is full of real users. There is a proper system to confirm users and no bots. Mandators keep a regular check on the users and any suspicious activity caught and dealt with immediately. Strict action was taken against scammers and fraudulent activities.


  • Various chat rooms


Talkwithstranger is full of various chat rooms. Which chat room is not presented on this tremendous site? Name it and talkwithstranger has that chatroom for you. From adults to kids everyone has the option to use the chat room according to their choice, interest, and age.

  1. Are you depressed and want to release your tension? There is a depression chat room specifically for depressed people. Where you can share your condition, find people going through the same situation and get help. Mental stress is a very serious issue, which should never be neglected and addressed immediately. Otherwise it can lead to serious consequences.
  2. There are anonymous chat rooms, anonymous chat rooms and so many different chat rooms which lead you towards thousands of strangers. An Anonymous chat room is the one that guides your privacy. User's Privacy is the main concern of talkwithstranger. A random chat room gives a chance to find random people.          
  3.  If you're looking to get into a relationship then there is a live chat room. Where you can enjoy getting indulged in romance. Sina single room is also one option where you can find single people like you and get mingled when you find one with the same interests. 
  4. Teen chat rooms are specifically for teens, there are numerous chat rooms for every kind of person keeping in mind the needs of every single person such as kids' chat rooms, teen chat rooms, adult chat rooms. 
  5. There are chat rooms according to your age and status. There is the distribution of chat rooms according to your residence and living status as well as international chatrooms to connect people internationally, local chat rooms for the local people. Desi chat rooms, Indian, Pakistani, USA, UK, and chat rooms according to different countries.
  6. This versatility of chat rooms shows talkwithstranger is concerned about its user's interest and needs and offers a platform according to the choices of its users.

Talkwithstranger is a site that keeps in mind that every person is different from others, so the needs. So one or a few chat rooms are not enough for everyone. There should be a separate chat room according to a unique person and TWS is providing it accordingly in real life. What are you waiting for? Go and get a chance to become a user of this exciting site.

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