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We dont truly and fully understand all of our phases of sadness, grief and depression. Most of just succumb to the darkness and never call out for much needed help. Online therapy chat is here to resolve that and get you the help you need instantly. Just login and start a session with strangers, let everything out with complete anonimity and security. Try it out and you'll feel better.


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Online therapy chat

Let’s socialize and talk with strangers to overcome mental health issues

Do you feel lonely, depressed and anxious? Need to talk to someone who can better understand your mental health issues? Well, if you feel like that then here you find the best suggestions and solutions that you haven’t heard before. Don’t let social distance make you feel isolated. There are several online therapy chat sites available on the internet. Best thing is that you can use online therapy chat without having to go anywhere. You may be thinking or have questions in your mind...

Is it good to find mental health therapists online?

How can online therapy chat be available for free?

Is it possible to get a reliable therapist or mental health advice for free?

Well, here we will discuss most common questions you can find answers to your questions.

Why should you prefer online therapy chat over offline therapy chat?

The fast-paced world makes our lives a little bit busier than ever. Yes, and our busy schedule makes us depressed and anxious. Although, online therapy chat is the only solution to all your problems. Of course, by downloading a therapy chat app, you can seek a complete cure whenever or wherever you want. So, isn’t it convenient to prefer online therapy chat instead of going to a therapist? For sure, yes.

One of the benefits of using online therapy chat is, you can discuss all your queries from the comfort of your home. Free online therapy chat sites make communication services and features accessible to eve. With a good internet connection, you can talk to a therapist or someone via text chat or video chat. Yes, you can text a therapist free of charge to get the best advice or suggestions. Besides, the video chat feature is the best available feature of online therapy chat. A therapist can better understand you if they are able to see your facial expressions.

A few of the benefits of online therapy chat


As discussed earlier, online therapy takes less time than traditional therapy. You need to login to a free online therapy chat, no need to travel to meet up with your therapist. You can take your online therapy sessions wherever you feel comfortable.

Less expensive or affordable

No doubt, online therapy sessions are significantly lower than traditional therapy sessions. Of course, taking online advice or therapy is far better than in-office visits.

Online sessions are more comfortable for younger adults

More and more people are now fond of technology. Users prefer using emails, text messaging and video chat for communications over meeting.

Provide access to those who are ill or disabled

People who have a chronic illness or disabled find it difficult to leave their home. So, online therapy chat or web therapy can be the best or only option for their help and support.

Let us share the best and top online therapy chat apps that can help people who are looking for support and a listening ear.

Other alternates for online therapy chat

7 Cups

It is an authentic and easy to use online therapy chat app. Yes, it offers the world’s largest emotional support system to those who seek the help of trained listeners. You can talk to licensed therapists and get the best possible support. Remember, there is no shame or hesitation in asking for help from professionals. So you can give the online therapy chat app a try.

7 Cups app is free to download and easy to join via the signup process. The community and forum discussions help people to discuss a variety of different topics. The community forums and free therapy chat with strangers are available for free. Other than that individuals can pay for online therapy sessions with certified professionals.

So, are you ready to meet new people who understand you and start an anonymous virtual chat with trained listeners? No doubt, it is the best place where you will be heard with emotional support. Remember, nurturing mental health and learning coping skills for personal growth is not as difficult. Ask for help wherever you are and join online therapy chat sessions.


Free therapy chat with strangers via HearMe is simply easy and quick. Well, remember, it’s not a dating app or online discussion forum. It is an online therapy chat app where someone is volunteering their time to listen to your queries. It is absolutely an amazing app where just a random conversation can make your day special. Isn’t it great? Yes, it is.

At HearMe you can anonymously connect with trained and empathic listeners in under a minute. And yes, you can easily access the services 24 hours a day. So, if you want to charge your mental health via free online therapy chat then HearMe is the best choice for you. Whenever you want to share your problems or anything in your heart, HearMe listeners are always there for you. You just need to select a specific topic that you want to discuss with your preferred listener.


If you are experiencing pandemic anxiety, loneliness, racism, coping with loss or sexual assault then you can browse Wisdo for free. Yes, you will get free access for six months. Yet, you will also get a paid subscription every month. You can join Wisdo without any hesitation and become a proud user of this online therapy chat app. Around millions of people have already improved their mental health and live happier lives. You can also experience happier days with the power of human connection.

Yes, you can build your profile, join a community where empathic listeners are waiting to give your emotional support. Or start a conversation with Wisdo mentors via online therapy chat. They are sympathetic and can better understand what you are going through. So, you can join or step in as it is completely safe to use.


It is yet another private and affordable online therapy chat app. More than thousands of licensed therapists are ready to help you out. No matter how you are mentally ill, Betterhelp will provide the best therapy services for sure. With a simple process i.e. fill out a questionnaire and you will get your desired therapist. Yes, Betterhelp will connect you to trained and licensed therapists according to your needs. In fact, Betterhelp gets the best possible results with 70% of reduced depression symptoms and 98% of significant progress.

So, for anyone who is facing life’s challenges, Betterhelp professionals can better assist you anytime and anywhere. Of course, it is the largest online therapy chat app that makes professional therapy convenient and affordable.

So, which one do you find best for overcoming mental health issues? We know it’s quite difficult to choose the one as almost all the free online therapy chat apps are offering outstanding services. But, we recommend you to choose the Talkwithstranger app. As it is the most authentic app where you can experience anonymity, privacy, security and 24 hours availability all at the same time.

Well, we must say, you will never explore all those benefits in one app. Are you? Well, we have discussed the features or services of the best online therapy chat apps. Now it’s all your choice what you find better for your mental health.

What would you prefer: therapy chat or traditional therapy?

Well, we have already discussed in detail the benefits of online therapy and how to choose an effective online therapy site. However, apart from all those benefits still people are afraid of using therapy chat. And the reasons are unqualified providers, technical issues, or loss of emotional connection.

We have discussed all of those issues with their best solutions. Choosing a reliable and authentic online therapy chat can lead you towards your destination. If you select the right online therapy platform like Talkwithstranger then most probably you will end up feeling happy and satisfied. But again it’s all people's choice, what they find suitable for their mental health. We only suggest the best and guide you to look for the incredible options available in the online world.

Of course, it is incredibly easy to avail the best therapy chat services without investing anything. Yes, you will definitely overcome loneliness, stress, anxiety, and other mental health problems for free. Would you like to join the Talkwithstranger community chat and forum discussion? If yes then, of course, you are considering the best or making a worthwhile decision!

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Top free online therapy chat apps  

Talkwithstranger – Free therapy chat with strangers

Do you have a busy or hectic schedule? Or do you have limited access to like-minded people? Do you want to talk to someone? If your answer is yes then this online therapy chat app is the right fit for you.

Talkwithstranger is one of the top-rated and popular online therapy chat apps accessible for free. It is a family friendly site where everyone can talk to strangers online. There are different chat rooms for everyone's needs that are simple and easy to use. No gender restrictions and no sign-ups required. Once you have joined this incredible online therapy chat app. Teens, adults and even kids can find someone to talk to. No doubt, the TWS chat rooms are reliable and efficient. Come one come all and fulfill all your needs to talk your heart out with someone online.

Isn’t it surprising to know that you will not talk to fake people? Yes, unlike other chat sites at Talkwithstranger you will find real people to talk to. Though, TwS is not a counseling site, rather it’s a free online therapy chat room where strangers can chat. It helps people to communicate or start a discussion on mental health or wellbeing.

Online therapy chat rooms:

Talk to someone

If we say, talking to someone or talking to strangers is like maintaining good hygiene then nothing is wrong with that. Yes, guys, believe it or not, talking to strangers online is the best chat therapy. So, why do you not prefer meeting new people instead of going to a therapist? We as humans are capable of sharing our emotions or feelings with others. However, it’s never too easy to open up to a stranger online. Or reveal feelings of distress and anxiety. Talk to someone is the best available chat room of an online therapy chat app. It allows you to share whatever you feel with someone.  

Free depression chat

The depression chat room is a free therapy chat room. Here users can find online help to overcome stress and depression. Those who suffer from clinical depression can find a secure environment for discussions. For instance, lonely and depressed people can get an online cure by staying at home. Th depression chat room and therapy chat rooms help people overcome the social isolation or depression.  

Text a therapist free option is good to explain the mental condition. Yes, asking questions about problems via online therapy chat or group chat help people to find the best solutions. Similarly, video cam chat is another reliable option than text chat. As it gives you the option to freely talk to the therapist or talk to someone without any hesitation.

Free online therapy

It’s a free online therapy chat room or mental health platform that everyone can freely join. Yet, if you need the help of an experienced licensed therapist, you need to get paid sessions. And for this, you are required to sign up. People have a chance to get a seven-day free trial service for private sessions. Well, it is best designed for struggling individuals and yes, those who have relationship issues.

The community of relationship counsellors, online therapy chat, and volunteers are genuine people. People can enjoy all the necessary resources available at free online therapy chat. For instance, individuals can seek mental health for suicidal thoughts, PTSD and crisis support. Also there's a community of online users where you can read more on managing depression and reducing anxiety.


It is another reliable and authentic online therapy chat. By signing up, patients can connect with licensed professional therapists. All you need to do is fill out a detailed questionnaire and you will get the right counsellor within a day. When it comes to the authenticity of the counsellors then they are highly qualified and trained professionals. Yes, they specialize in different mental health issues such as anxiety, grief, depression or low self-esteem.

eTherapyPro mobile app is easy to access. You can schedule online therapy chat sessions via phone calls, video cam chat or simply text a therapist free. Even patients can avail the free three-day trial to get the best services with certified professionals. eTherapyPro offers patients to use text chat, voice chat and video chat for the best online therapy chat guidance. You can choose options that work best for you.

Isn’t it amazing to get professional counselling without physical mobility? Of course, having access to quality professionals via online therapy chat is such a blessing during the pandemic period.


It is an online therapy chat platform available without any registration. It is 100% free but for unlimited online therapy sessions, you need to pay a low fee. You have options to choose online therapists, free therapy chat with strangers and get love guidance. And the best thing is the licensed therapists are specialized in different mental health issues. For example, you will get guidance to overcome anxiety, parenting issues and depression. Other than that you also can get help with relationship issues, marital issues and many more.

If you are using BlahTherapy for the first time then you have to register first. After filling out a questionnaire to find an online therapist and paying required charges. You can avail unlimited messages, video chat and live phone call sessions. Although on TwS, there is a free discussion forum available without registration. Free therapy chat with strangers via groups and discussion forums help people to cope with stress. This also helps lower anxiety, depression and of course builds good emotional support. So, do you want to join this online therapy chat app while staying at home?

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