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Do you want to chat with girls and join girl talk to gossip away your worries?
We've all been at that stage in life, more than once, where we've quietly professed our attraction to someone.
At Talk with Stranger, we're big supporters of love, which can be reflected by our community's many discussions about the topic.


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Girl Talk - Gossip with girls and talk online

Come on girls, we all know how exhausting life can be. Work, college, house work; the list never ends. There is so much pressure on women to be perfect at it all. Most of the time when you get tired of things and want to complain about how tough life can be, people just say “It is not that hard.” You can complain to boys but they never really understand our girl talk, do they?  That is due to the fact that men can never relate to our experiences as girls.  Now, the good news is, finding a wholesome, welcoming girl talk online community to have girl talk on all day has never been this easy and accessible ever before.  The topics you can talk about are endless.  You can talk about anything under the sun; it does not have to be work related or a heavy topic. You can keep the talk and gossip fun and light hearted with jokes and memes. It gets your mind off the stresses of day to day life. There are so many upsides to meeting girls online and participating in girl talk all day.  Many women are worried about talking about their relationships issues, health issues and colleagues and friends. The thing is these days we have easy access to the internet.   You do not need to worry about where you can join a girl talk conversation because cool websites like TalkwithStranger  exist. You can join the many options Tws has like the absolutely free chat rooms which include online chat rooms that are only for girl talk as well as other options like the girls chat room and the free talk to girls chat room online.

As for the boys reading this, do not fret, we have you covered as well. There are further discussions on how to meet girls online, how to talk to a girl, girl talk topics and more. You will no longer be lost in confusion when a girl talks to you about something.

Popular girl talk topics to break the ice in a chat room

Wondering what girl talk is? Why is it separate from other kinds of talking? Well, it is not all that different. There are just some things girls enjoy talking about more. There are also some topics girls know only other girls will understand. As we are part of the female gender, we all have somewhat of a shared experience with it. Some of these girl talk topics are universal, so let’s see. 

Whether you work in an office or are a full time stay at home housewife, life can get hard. Managing things can be difficult. Rude bosses, annoying colleagues that you do not get along with too much workload, demanding family and more can get on your nerves. At times like that there’s nothing a fun little girl talk with friends will not make better.

Girls love to get advice from each other and share details to get a better understanding of boys in relationships.  Many times, girl talk all day just ends up happening when complaining about these problems like a selfish partner or a partner that is too rigid and is no fun.  When girls get angry, upset or even sad about something a boy has done, they rush to have a girl talk about it with their friends.

Many women love makeup, accessories like purses, shoes and jewelry. They text their girl talk group every time a new collection launches or if they are annoyed because they cannot get their hands on something. Girls help each other look for these things and deal with them all the time. Many girls also love gaming and sports, reading about certain topics and discussing feminism. Even music from different girl bands, BTS, Black Pink and music like the song girl talk Dave Edmunds or the mash ups by girl talk dj Greg Michael is popular. Many girls have fan clubs online for girl talk dj, girl talk song and idol groups.

Girls will often talk about unfair things that happen to them, like making less money at the same job as a man, getting catcalled on the street while crossing the road or being followed by the wrong kind of crowd. Women all over the world understand this and have a fear of going out alone at night or taking a taxi by themselves. Girls will share these problems and fears with each other, because they know this is girl talk that other women will relate to and understand.

Talk to girls

It is always the best option when it comes to women, girl talk is the most interesting thing to girls that will keep their attention focused on talking. There are thousands of girls searching online for girl talk and even more men would love a chance to chat with girls. This demand has given rise to this chat room for talking with girls. A number of online groups and communities supporting girl talk have also been in huge demand since some time.

Finding your community for girl talk all day isn't hard. On top of that, you can also always discuss matters unrelated to business, work, or school. In fact, you can go on to talk about girl talk song by the American disc jockey, Gregg Michael Gillis, who is popular on stage with his name, girl talk.

You can always fangirl about the girl talk dj, discuss girl talk tour, or rave on and on about girl talk albums. Not to mention, you can write similar songs or poems as your own girl talk song – a passion activity idea for those who love it.

How to get a girl’s attention on talkwithstranger during girl talk?

Getting a girl’s attention is the key to making sure that the girl talks to you so you want to make sure that you start the girl talk such that the girl will want to talk to you. If you do not demand the attention of the girl in the first online chat then it will be much harder to stick to the conversation with her. She will most likely lose interest in you. Here are a few things that you can do during girl talk to make sure that you get the girl’s attention enough that the girl will talk to you.

Ask about her:

Your girl-talk conversations can elevate to higher levels when you show interest in your partner’s likes and dislikes. The best way to know how to talk to girls you like then this is the perfect recipe for an interesting start to a girl talk. Simple questions are perfect if you want to let the girl know that you are interested in an online chat with them but not too interested that it would be creepy. You can ask her about something that she would want to talk about. Everyone likes to talk about themselves so if you ask a simple question about what she likes or what her common interests are it is for sure that girl will talk to you with more interest than when you start a random online chat with her.

To ask her something simple about her you might even take a look at her profile and her bio to know the general interests she has with you. You want to make sure that you are striking an online chat with her that she will genuinely want to have. You can talk about her occupation or her hobbies and let her know that you have similar interests as her. Something like that will surely not just catch her attention but make the girl want to talk to you. People like what they can relate to and this way she will find a way to relate to you. A connection with you will help with continuing the online chat.

Share interesting things about yourself

You should probably do this to make sure that the girl can trust you. If the girl trusts you then the girl talks to you, it’s as simple as that. By trust, we mean that you want her to think that you are an authentic identity and that she will not get into any sort of trouble when she talks to you. This is important for girls and they won’t feel confident enough to talk to you unless you make them feel completely safe and secure to talk to you. You can talk about yourself but make sure that you keep it at bay, you don’t want her to know too much about yourself and you also don’t want her to get bored listening to a girl talk where she will hardly be able to contribute to the conversation. Girls generally talk to people depending on their moods and what kind of girl talk they are meaning to have at the moment. So, if it seems like she would rather not have this conversation then don’t pressurize her into listening to you talk about yourself. You will only annoy her this way.

How can I make a girl laugh during girl talk?

If you want a girl to be interested in you then there is no better way than a good sense of humor. The more you make the girl laugh, the more she enjoys an online chat with you, and the more she will want to talk to you. So, you make her laugh and the girl talks to you. Here are a few ways that you can make a girl laugh and therefore make sure that she wants to have an online chat with you:

Add some humor to your girl talks:

Questions are a great way to keep the conversation going because they need an answer. You have to answer them If you want a girl to talk to you then there is no better way than to ask questions. When you ask her goofy questions, you are making her see you as a friend and trust you. Humor will also allow you to enjoy her company thus she will want to answer these questions that you ask her. However, all girls dig different kinds of sense of humor and one girl may enjoy a girl talk with you while the other one will not understand or vibe with your humor. You want to make sure that you are not making the other person too uncomfortable. So, when the girl talks to you in the first few introductory conversations you will know enough about her to know what kind of conversations she enjoys and what kind of humor you can use to make her feel more welcome. When you ask her goofy questions the first few times her reaction will also tell you if she is into that kind of humor or not, maybe the girl talks more about the planets and space than she talks about Tv shows. This means that she will probably enjoy a joke about the space or planetarium because she will see this as you recognizing her interest in such things.

Send her memes and funny pictures:

There is nothing better for bonding than a good meme or funny pictures. You don’t make up these jokes but they’re good enough to catch the attention of the girl. She will have a hint about your sense of humor and perhaps if you two share a sense of humor then you will get along just fine and the girl will talk to you more often. Maybe you can take it to the next stage. We all know girls like funny guys. Humor makes girls like you and helps make them feel comfortable. Another great thing about funny pictures and memes is that you can simply find them online on Instagram and Twitter you will not have to go around searching for them. It works like magic. If the online chat is getting too boring and if you want the girl to talk to you then a simple meme or picture will have her attention, if she enjoys the online chat, she will want to continue it.

Discuss Your Dreams and Ambitions with Fellow Girls

Who doesn't like girl talk on and on? As cheesy, chick lit, or girlish as this may sound, girl talk is everything that a girl and a strong woman wants. After all, in a world full of discrimination and challenges, a she-gang for support is essential.

Personal and professional challenges are what set the need for girl talk. As a person striving to deal with the daily life issues, you need all the support and a group of girls to cheer you and pull you out of the doldrums no matter how sad the day may be.

To this end, let's walk you through the need for gurl talk and how you can come to develop a community of strong, like-minded women who share your preferences and ambitions.

Don’t focus on specific topics to talk about with girls:

You should never try to enter a random chat with topics that you have already decided to talk about. You are not a Television show host and you are not hosting a channel. Having a random chat with another person is interesting because it is unpredictable and you will simply be going with the flow. Talking to girls is no different. If you start a girl talk with a female to enjoy the online chat with her then you will not have anything to worry about. Girls can talk about things that you might find more interesting too, you might end up in a random chat room where you would get to learn more.

You want to go with the flow, notice something special about the girl then ask about her in your girl talk. Compliment her and make sure that you make her feel noticed. A girl will talk to you if you seem interested in her. With that said you do not want to give her too many compliments and make it seem like you are too desperate because trust us this will ruin your chances with a girl faster than anything. When you come online with a checklist of topics that you want to talk about with the girl you will simply seem too weird to her. Moreover, you will be too focused on the topics that you want to discuss rather than the topics that naturally come up in the online chat.

Your girl talk should spark emotions:

The best tip to make sure that a girl talks to you is that you spark emotion in her when you are talking to her. This can be any kind of emotion from happy, frustrated, sad, etc. you want to make sure that she is emotionally invested in the chat. Don’t be too shy to take the chat to a depressing or rather sad side. If a childhood trauma that she’s suffered with has come up in the online chat and she seems like she’s willing to talk about it then ask about it and courteously listen to her. Girls talk about what they feel like talking about. So if she does bring up something that she seems to be invested in and wants to talk about then try not to change the topic before she is ready to.

Keep in mind that girl talks that ignite a spark in you or your chat partner are your ultimate goal. Remember that you always want to avoid the flat line. Never let a chat with stranger girls online get too boring. So, whether the girl talk with you is making her frustrated or happy, your job is to keep her emotionally invested in the online free chat with females. All the online chat with females free should essentially have the same criteria. If this goes on then you will have the girl interested enough to have her stick around. Girls talk to people who have them continuously invested.

Listening is the best way to girl talk:

One of the best pieces of advice that anyone will give you about making sure that a girl talks to you is that you listen to her. If you do not seem invested enough in the online chat then you will most likely not have the girl invested in having more online chats with you either. You want to make sure that you listen to her and from what she talks about you can collect what she is like. For future reference, this will help you choose the right topics to talk about in the next online chat that you have with her.

It is wise to have female friends even if you are not interested in having a romantic relationship with them. This will help you understand women better and know what men are missing to make sure that girls talk to you thinking you are different. When you know more about women you will be more sympathetic to their problems as well. This will be useful because you will understand them better and subsequently, they will want to hang around you or have a girl talk with you.

Girl talk as we know it

Most of us have grown up, thinking that girl talk is something negative. However, the current times of online connectivity have changed the very meaning of this word. Girl talk has become all about women empowerment and support.

The main credit for this goes to the internet. This is because girl talk has become positive as the online world helps you get in touch and stay in touch with like-minded ladies. The key here is 'like-minded.'

Previously, girl talk was typically painted in the negative light because it stood for teenage girls talking about boyfriends and, eventually, disclosing all the gossip to others. Only a handful of girls succeeded in developing true friendships that last a lifetime.

Such friendships welcomed gurl talk of all types. Again, these were successful because of the like-mindedness of the people involved in the friendship. Now, the odds of such great bonds have increased because the online sphere brings together girls of like mind.

Consequently, you are in the right company, which is what has made girl talk so interesting. Finding these right folks also isn't a tough nut to crack. Chat sites like Talk with Stranger are the best places to get in touch with strangers who may be sharing the goals and aspirations that you may have.

Girl Talk On Talk With Stranger

In today's world, girls are underestimated. People don't let girls come forward and stand equal with men. They always let them down. They don't let girls do anything. People think that girls are only made to do household chores. But this thinking is wrong. Girls can do everything that men do. Men and women should be equally treated. With a lot of confidence and support, girls can achieve milestones and can conquer the world. In this new world people still have old thinking. This thinking needs to be changed and girls should be given equal rights.

No matter how hard you try, you can't emphasize enough on the fact that girls nowadays are shaping up the world with their intellectual ideas and creativity. Have you wondered why women's empowerment has become an international discussion? The answer lies within the fact that girls have become more ambitious and vocal about every ongoing situation around the world.

Sadly enough, society hasn't catered much to the needs and rights of girls or women in general but there is a platform out there that actually cares about women.

If you haven't already guessed it, We are talking about TalkWithStranger which is the best online chatting website for girls.

TWS has a girl talk chat room where you can talk to stranger girls about any topic of your interest. This chat room provides a great opportunity for all the online girls to chat and express their true personalities without the fear of being judged.

TWS allows you to chat with girls and understands that girls love talking and gossiping so it doesn't matter what your age, relationship status or work field is if you are a female looking to let out your frustration or emotions, feel free to join the online chat room on TWS and achieve a peaceful state of mind. Talk With Stranger has many other chat rooms. You can choose the one you like and start chatting online with random strangers.

Conversation topics for girls

Make the first move and start your conversation with something interesting. Choose an interesting topic and talk about it. Develop the other person's interest in the topic otherwise, she will leave the chat. So make sure not to let the other girl with whom you are talking with get bored.

You can share your life experience or chatting experience with other girls in a chat. Tell them about the Do's and Don'ts. Whether you had a bad experience or a good experience you can share with them.

TWS no doubt is the best girl chat site. You will find thousands of girls here willing to chat with you. Talk to girls online and make your day amazing. It is free and no registration is required. So join this girl chat site and get to chat with other amazing girls.

How to find the right community for girl talk all day long?

As mentioned, finding the right gurl talk community is not hard – all thanks to the internet. Two main places where you can meet people who can turn out to be your soulmates are social media and chat sites. Here's more about their details:

Social media for finding your girl talk team

Social media is a vast place so we'll take two examples here, namely, Facebook and Twitter for finding the girl community where you are a right fit. There is no point trying to fit a piece into a mold where there is no place for it.

- Building your girl talk community via Facebook

So, let's start with Facebook, which is a community of one billion people. Start with looking for the girl talk pages that interest you. There are tons out there so don't get discouraged if you don't find the right ones in the first round of research.

You can go to general pages on FB as well such as The Humans of New York Page. Go through and participate in the comments on such high-engaging pages. After a small period of time, you will note that there are women on such pages that you agree with and those that you disagree with.

Start making friends with the ladies who share your point of view and aspirations. Gradually, connect with these women to keep in touch and nurture your friendship to the point where gurl talk is normal between you and the others.

You can follow the same process for vetting out like-minded people in Facebook groups. There are specific groups too, which encourage women empowerment. You can easily find your supporters there.

- Popping into girl talk discussions and nurturing relationships on chat sites

Next, you can look for your partners on chat sites like Talk with Strangers. Again, there are several ongoing discussion threads on chat websites so you can jump into and participate in multiple threads. As you participate in conversations, you will note people who share your opinions. From then on, proceed with making friends with such people and chatting about various matters including girl talk and girl talk topics in general.

That said, there are girl talk threads on chat sites as well, which offers a shortcut to finding online friends. Cultivating relationships with folks such as these shouldn't be hard. And, who knows where these friendships could lead you to, possibly good opportunities and a lot of much-needed support in daily life.

- Developing a supportive community on Twitter

Lastly, you can also sow the seeds of great girl talk-worthy relationships on Twitter. To begin with, look for your community. This may take time, but it is always worth the effort. A golden tip is to follow hashtags on this social network of 261 million folks.

So, for example, if you are a blogger looking for a supportive community where you can share girl talk all day, then you should follow the hashtags that bloggers follow. You can also join girl talk Twitter chats and enter an already-established community where girl talk on and on is just what ladies do all day long.

Ways your girl talk community can support you

A girl talk community that talks about everything and anything can turn out to be very supportive. And when we say supportive, we mean supportive in all walks of life including your personal and professional life.

The areas where you seek support, of course, boil down to your unique life situation and age. So, if you are a school going teenager, you can talk about the issues that affect your life with your community.

You can also have a girl talk about boys. Not to forget, you can fangirl over girl talk dj or seek some insider advise about how to deal with your studies. Similarly, if you are a working woman who is handling a family life as well, then you can gain all the positive vibes from your community.

In fact, you can discuss issues that plague your life as part of your girl talk. If you ever worry about what accounts for girl talk and what doesn't, take a deep breath, and tell yourself that whatever issues surround your life as a woman make up girl talk topics.

Here is a quick look into how your community can be supportive

  1. Girl talk can help you sail through a complicated relationship

In certain relationship cases, it is tough to identify the red flags. By discussing your partner's behavior as part of your girl talk chats, you can get an idea of what is right and what is wrong in a relationship. Plus, you can also get the additional support that is required should you decide to break ties with your partner.

  1. Girl talk can be the cheerful talk that lightens your mood

A divorce, a rude boss, a colleague who frequently pokes her nose in your matter, or excess workload are examples of some of the reasons why you may feel down in the dumps. In such instances, the girl talk all day long can be the very thing that brightens your day and reduces your burden by taking the emotional and mental load off of you.

  1. Girl talk all day long can be refreshing

A community where girl chat all day long is normal can also be the reason for your refreshment. Some folks emit positive vibes. These can leave you energized for dealing with your daily life issues.

  1. Girl talk maybe the exact support that you need in your business

Not only can girl talk all day leave you refreshed and energized, but it can also help you in your business. Relationship building is one of the important pillars of online marketing these days. So, if you succeed in building an engaging community, you may find your next client/customer from your girl talk group.

If not, you can get referrals. Moreover, if you are stuck somewhere in your business, then your community can be of help here as well.

Put simply, a girl talk group can offer support in all walks of life, which is what makes it amazing in the first place.

If you are from a specific country, and are finding talking partners from a different country or from your own local country or city, we have international & local chatrooms for you. Below is a list of top ones.

  1. If you are american, and want to talk to american people, american girls, american boys, Join our American chatroom.
  2. If you are indian, and want to talk to indian people, indian girls, indian boys, Join our indian chatroom.
  3. If you are british, and want to talk to british people, british girls, british boys, Join our british chatroom.

Please read the following rules before using the TWS chat services or before joining any chat rooms. Any violation of these chat rules will lead to your account being banned from Chat.

You should also consider the following while using this chat avenue or any other chat services available on the internet.

Please keep the chat clean or you might get banned for any of the rules mentioned above. We are also working on a "Report" feature that will let you report bad users easily.

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What Is Girl Talk all about?

“Girl talk' is usually about relationships. Girls also gossip with each other. It’s likely that in a “girl talk' one girl has relationship problems and she discusses it with the other girl and the other girl gives her the advice. No boy is allowed in the chat because it is a girl-girl talk. Boys are the hot topic of the conversation. Girls also talk about hair and dress.

Ways to leverage the girl talk community for your business

A community where girl talk is sincere by nature and revolves on a professional axis as well can aid you in building and growing your business too. This may be tough to swallow, but every successful small business owner who runs operations online swears by the significance of establishing an engaging community first.

A case in point is Gretta Van Riel, startup founder and an influencer who has earned millions in business starting from $24 in her account. Riel explains that creating an engaging community is the first step to building a successful online business.

So here is how your girl talk community can help you grow:

  1. Drive traffic to your girl talk blog or podcast

If you own a girl talk blog or run a girl talk podcast, then a strong community may just be the first step that gets you to success. A blog is incomplete without any traffic and readers. Same goes with your girl talk podcast, there is no point to it if there are no listeners.

Luckily, you can get a lot of traffic and listeners from a strong girl talk community. Share your content with your group and get the support that you need. That said, you need to ensure that the community you spend time is interested in the topics that you cover on your girl talk blog or podcast.

  1. Get more viewers for your girl talk show

If you are cultivating the right community, then you can also get the right audience for your girl talk show. Moreover, you can make connections in your group and invite over other girl talk leaders, bloggers, or aspiring women to your show and make it a hit.

In fact, if you have a girl talk app, even then you get downloads with the help of a powerful message that resonates with your audience.

  1. Attract more sales via your girl talk group

If the community that you nurture is interested in the services or products that your business offers, then you can easily get more sales from your community. The key is to provide value and offer a solution that solves your audience's problems. In this way, you can grow your online business drastically.

If you employ clever marketing, you can also sell girl talk quotes on t-shirts or other items of girl talk clothing that can empower the community while increasing your revenue.

  1. Generate referrals and word of mouth message from the group

Lastly, if you don't get any direct sales from your community because it does not contain folks who are your business's target audience, then you can encourage indirect sales from your girl talk group.

You will need effective strategies here though. For example, you can set up and run a referral program or you can request your online friends to share about your businesses with their friends and family. If you are not sure how then you can ask girl talk questions regarding what will work and how you can grow your business.

Take the first step to talk to girls:

How to talk to girls and how to understand girl talk to keep them interested is something you can easily learn in a matter of hours. Are you sitting there, wondering how it could ever be that quick and easy? Well, through talking to girls online and learning girl talk you will learn more about what attracts women. Real life experiences always help, so put yourself out there because in order to be able to play the game, you need to get in the field. We live in a day and age where all things can be in front of our eyes with just a little tap on our smartphones or a click on our computers. The world is as connected as it can be today. It has never been easier to engage with people, talk to girls, talk to strangers online or even attempt online dating.

Keep it smooth and keep it going:

As for understanding girl talk, like in any dialogue you are trying to have, you have to keep the conversation going smoothly. Make sure to listen to who you have been matched with and talk about things that would interest girls. It is much easier to talk to girls when you find a common ground or a fun interest that you both enjoy but sometimes you need to talk about what the other person needs. So according to the situation, you will understand when it is girl talk that is happening or not. The girl talk topics mentioned earlier are a great place to start. Remember to keep it light and fun when talking to girls online at first. You have to break the ice casually at the beginning.  Have some topics ready to talk about if you feel the conversation fading, like mentioned earlier. You could talk about the girl talk song or even the popular girl talk dj. This way you can bring the conversation to a good flow with a light topic. Knowing a girl’s nature is the most important thing to your success here.

Looking to connect with like-minded girl talk partners? Join Talk with Stranger anonymously or with your name and start building your online support group.

Want to join in on the fun? Register as a member now on TalkwithStranger!

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