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Have you ever said to yourself that “I want people to talk to me”? Are you actually looking for new ways to become more trustworthy in the eyes of others? You want others to know that when you talk to me, you will feel good and safe. Sometimes when you find someone with depression you want to say “talk to me baby” but the words don't come out. First of all, you need to ask yourself “am I interesting enough for people to talk to me”?

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I want people to talk to me

Communication is the ability to chat with people. It is one of the greatest skills to have in life today. When someone says that when people talk to me, I don't feel confident or comfortable. It doesn't mean that you start telling people “don't talk to me”. Better communication skills will help you in achieving your social and professional goals.

In order to take action, you need people to be motivated and enthusiastic about the action. Motivation can come by simply saying "you talking to me, was a great experience.'' Generally, people are likely to be more enthusiastic about something if you are also motivated. It can be quite tricky trying to get someone else motivated about something that you have no enthusiasm about.

First, we need to address our fears that resonates through your body language. These fears give out a signal saying don't talk to me. You can reverse these negative feelings and replace them with positivity.

You will need to learn new tricks in order for you to say “talk to me” with your body language and appearance. We will address questions like, who to talk to and how to talk to. You will have to learn how to make others interested in what you have to say. Armed with these skills you will be able to say “talk to me baby” to anyone.

I feel a chill when people talk to me.

Fear is an emotional response to a situation that you are facing or thinking about facing. Again two people may face the same situation and have totally different feelings about it. There are many people who say that “I feel fear when people talk to me”. These people should understand that feelings are triggered by thoughts. In order to control your feelings you need to control your thoughts.

Fear and anxiety when people talk to me

There is a fundamental difference that you need to understand, between fear and anxiety. Fear is something you face when you are dealing with a current situation. For example, if some stranger says to you “talk to me nicely”. If talking to a stranger is something you hate then you will experience fear at that time. You can always watch movies and listen to music to take your mind off the anxiety

On the other hand, anxiety is something that has similar symptoms as fear but the causes are different. Anxiety is the feeling of worry that you feel for something that may or may not happen in the future. Knowing the difference and identifying what you are experiencing will help you in better coping with it. In order to counter anxiety, you need to keep telling yourself that you are getting stressed out by your own imagination.

Ways to reduce fear

  1. We know for a fact that exercising your skills over and over again gives you confidence. You can ask your friend to “talk to me baby” and practice your communication skills. Exercising your skills with a friend will result in a step by step dismantling of your fears.
  2. Fear is a product of how you think about things. One of the ways to reduce fear is to imagine things differently. If you are in a  chat with a stranger then you should imagine that a friend wants to talk to me. This will help in changing the way your mind works allowing positive emotions to flow. 

You need to understand that fear is not real. It is an emotional response that you trigger yourself. In some cases, fear is caused by past experience or something imaginary. Scientists say that we are born with only two kinds of fears, the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. Hence the fears we know today were picked up by us in our journey of life. If you find a friend who is facing fear or anxiety you should help him by saying “talk to me baby”. 

In order to get away from your fears, you need to start analyzing your own thoughts and emotions. You must find out which thoughts trigger fear in you. Then you need to isolate these thoughts try to replace them with positive thoughts. There is a famous Quote “bravery is mastering the fear, not the absence of fear”. Only you can fight your own fears no one else can do it for you. 

Do you ever noticed when a thought pulls you to the past events or propels you into the future. You will be surprised by the fact that how often it occurs when you start noticing.

Focusing on the immediate moment will help stop your brain from frequently moving into these past and future thoughts. We compare different feelings with different words and just saying the word “relax” to yourself a few times can actually help your body to begin that process. Remember that fear doesn't interfere with your chat when you are comfortable and relaxed.

Coupe with rejection

One of the most important reasons people don't speak up say “talk to me” because they suffer from the fear of rejection. This fear arises from not knowing how to control what seems to be rejection. This fear originates from adolescence for most people. As a kid, when you get into trouble, you can't support your position and you just have to live with it. 

When feeling embarrassed and ashamed as an adult you can stand your own ground in a calm, positive and respectful manner. Fear of rejection holds most people back from starting a conversation. You must understand that these fears have no reality and you must push these feelings aside.

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Why I want strangers to talk to me

Wanting others to talk to me is one of the most basic of human emotions. Everyone wants someone to talk to and share their feelings. There is nothing wrong with asking others to talk to me. In this article, you will learn how to avoid pitfalls of communication and ways to get out of tricky situations. 

You will need motivation and patience as learning to talk to someone is a step by step process. There are some who radiate with a vibe that says talk to me. But not everyone is gifted with the art of communication. The key is to start slow and build your skills as you go.

What others think when they talk to me

Sometimes when you enter a room full of people and you say to yourself who would be a suitable person to talk to me. Then you suddenly realize that everyone is looking at you and you get confused. This confusion is caused by your assumption that everyone is judging you. Well, the truth is that no one is judging you in fact no one cares what others do around them. 

Everyone looks at you because of a natural reaction, when someone new comes into the room. Out of all the people who look towards you when you come into a room, 99% have no intention of judging you, so just relax. 

Have you ever experienced a random stranger walk up to you and say “talk to me” in a public place? You would realize that no one other than the stranger talking to you is paying any attention. For them, you are just two random strangers talking to each other. Similarly, people don't go around all day judging people. You just have to keep in mind not to do something out of the ordinary. 

If you are concerned about others judging you then you are more likely to make a mistake. If you are not focused on what you are doing and are distracted by others around you, mistakes are inevitable. You require focus to stay on track and achieve what you want.

I should listen when people talk to me?

When someone says, “when people talk to me, my mind wanders off”. This is totally natural and you can change this habit. You need to tell yourself that the person who wants to talk to me must feel that I understand what he has to say. The progress of the conversation depends upon the common understanding of the chat. 

Should I notice different things when people talk to me?

It's a known fact that when two different people see the same event they can have different interpretations at the same time. Scientists believe that we tend to notice things that represent our world view. To understand this you can take the example of a football match. Two people who go to the same game may have different experiences of the same event. 

Another example is that when you buy a new car and after a few days you see a similar car with the same color you will notice it immediately. Have you ever wondered why you never noticed the same car before you bought one like it? This is because our brain is wired in such a way that notices things it can relate to. If you ask yourself why people don't talk to me? Its probably because can't find anything to relate with you. 

Talk to me about the barriers

Fears hold people back when they are talking to someone. You must have experienced situations in which you failed to initiate a conversation. This situation arises not when you don't have the necessary skill set, but it arises when you hold back because of fear. Some people call this fear uncertainty, no matter what you call it, it is the primary factor holding you back.  

Even when a person is saying talk to me. You would hold back the conversation because you feel fear of rejection or fear of looking stupid. Fear is the survival instinct embedded in our biology. When we are in a situation our instinct protects us with this fight or flight response. This fear is actually based on past experiences and emotions attached to those past situations. 

For example, if at a party you ask yourself I need someone to talk to me in Korean and they do. The next time you go to a similar party you will have good feelings about it because of your past success. The next time you will be more confident is asking someone to talk to me in Korean without fear.

Talk to me online

If you are a shy person in real life, it doesn't mean that you have to live with it all your life. With the growing world of the internet, you can now ask anyone to talk to me online in a chat room. Going online to practice your communication skills is a good idea. As in a chat room, there is no fear of rejection or being judged.


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