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Desi chat is a chat room created for desi people only so they can find other desi people to talk to in their local languages and engage in fun filled conversations. The desi chat room at TWS has been specially designed for users searching for a wholesome desi online chat experience. Engage in desi talk in your local language with fellow desi people from various parts of the world. This chat room works for desi USA chat as well as desi India chat.


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Desi people prefer desi chat

Desi word is derived from the ancient Sanskrit word desa or deshi. Which means land or country. Commonly people of South Asia are called desi people. Desi people are also called brown people. Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Maldives, Nepal, and Srilanka are included in desi countries. South Asian culture and products are referred to as "Desi".

But that's not the case with desi chatrooms on TWS. Let us tell you why ?

Chatrooms at talkwithstranger are not only for South Asians but for the people of the USA, UK, or any other country. It's just this that desi chatrooms at TWS provide an opportunity for people from any part of the world to get connected with their fellows of the same country and culture. No matter if it's desi UK chat or it's desi Pakistani chat. Chat with stranger's chatrooms works for all. It's human nature that we find solace in the company of people who share the same background. We feel good to have the company of people who have the same roots. It's natural to have bonds with the people of our own culture and country. This love is even increased when we leave our country and start living abroad. 

Are you bored sitting at home? Your mind and body both want social networking to be at peace ? That's the very reason why you would love to read about Desi chat room at talk with stranger. For you, where you can relax your heart, can color your heart, many chat friendly girl friends are ready to chat with you here to talk and have a call. If you want to have a call with new people, then through this desi chat you will be able to talk with any girl on an online video call! A lot of beautiful girls are found here, you can make girlfriends, you can also make guy friends, and build long lasting relationships with each other online! A Desi chat room will bring happiness to your life once and whenever you use it. Desi chat is giving you the opportunity to make calls and texts for free! You can choose your partner from here if you want for life! If you want to make friends online and have fun, then this is the right place for you to use in a very easy way!

Desi online chat

Due to the lockdown, people are stuck at homes, and in such a situation, this techno generation has become very fond of online dating. At this time, if you are also getting upset thinking about your first online dating or if many questions are arising in your mind, then there is no need to panic now. Just come to desi chat to start to chat online with the people you want; however, some things have to be taken care of while chatting online on desi chat. If you keep these things in mind, then it is possible that soon you will get the partner of your choice and you can enter into a serious relationship.

Desi chat rooms to meet new people

Desi chat room to chat with strangers can make one's life happier and merrier. There will be a lot of possibilities to find girls and boys in the neighborhood and make a real date from online desi chat. Joining new relationships like making a new girlfriend or boyfriend is really easy with talk with stranger. Making new friends on social networks is not that easy, but with our desi chat, you get the option to see thousands of people online looking for someone to chat to from all over the world. If you are getting bored or feeling lonely and want to share your thoughts or real-life experiences with someone, then give this random chatroom a try and chat with people online.

Desi India chat

Desi India chat is the best place to be for Indians around the world who miss their people and culture due to work or family abroad. Indian chatters will never leave talk with stranger desi chat once they get hooked on it as they can find many girls chat rooms. Enjoy Cam2Cam chat with your Indian friends. Our desi chat room is great for a lot of reasons. You can meet people from all over the world online without paying a penny and no registration. You can start an audio chat, keep in touch with old friends. Desi chat is free and allows you to talk about whatever you want online. This site is free to use for everyone.

Free desi chat from around the world

With our online desi chat, people get their preferences with a simple click and start chatting with a pretty girl or handsome guy of their choice. The user also gets to see if they are single, married, or divorced as they talk or if the other person is willing to reveal as ther. To send gifts and chat with strangers for free when someone feels they can connect. There are many boys and girls online around the world. It's totally free, so you can chat with them anonymously throughout the day. Topics cannot be discussed openly and with people, you know well but as this is a completely random chat you will not feel that discomfort.

It doesn't matter if you are a girl or a boy and you are shy to talk with unknown people in public places, then this free desi chat site is for you. Here you get to chat in virtual chat rooms with people who like you and want to talk with them.

Do you wanna know more ?

TWS provides the facility of a desi chatroom to its desi users. Desi chat online gives a chance to people who have the feeling of spending some quality time in their native desi environment. Talk with stranger is a unique chatting website that keeps in mind every need of its users. And provide options according to the user's need. Users are the priority of the management of talk with stranger. One example is a desi chatroom. Desi chat online is specially designed for desi people keeping in view their priorities. 

Desi chatroom provides a sense of belonging

Desi people love their desi culture and desi fellows no matter where ever they go. They prefer to stay in touch with their desi fellows. Desi chat online provides a chance for all the desi people to stay connected. On desi chatrooms, this connection is in pure desi form, without any other touch. When using desi chatrooms people feel a sense of belonging to this chatroom. As desi chat giving a chance to show their real me. In desi chatrooms people don't need to pretend to be modern or fake. They can be what they're and what they feel like. They can purely show their feelings.

Desi chatrooms help people to stay connected with their roots

In today's digital world, where everyone is busy chasing modern and successful life. Most of the people lost connection with their forefather's culture while running the race of being modern.

Desi chat online provides an option to reconnect with their forfeited culture. When you talk with desi people in these desi chatrooms the talk brings back all the memories. Which are lost in this busy life. You get a chance to revive all those feelings. In the desi chatroom, we find so many things and people relatable.

Desi Chat - Connect with Desi People for Desi Talk Online

Have you ever felt like a stranger in a country you live in?

Like there's no one who speaks your language and can connect with your culture?

That's probably how celebrities like Riz Ahmed and Dev Patel would have felt growing up at one point or another. It's a feeling shared by everyone who was born to Indian or Pakistani parents in the United States or Europe.

Perhaps you have friends at school but don't quite connect with them. Or you relate more to the cousins back in Asia than your neighbors despite having been born and raised among white people. But then when you return to the country where your roots belong, you may find you cannot quite fit in there either. It's like you adjust at both places but you don't quite fit.

Like you belong in London or New York but only if these cities had a touch of desi.

Don't fret, that's entirely possible.

Oh no, you cannot travel to a parallel universe where there are Britons or Americans who have aunties constantly looking for their rishtas or uncles praising one another's sons while criticizing their own. Where white and brown people, chill out by drinking hot cups of tea at least thrice a day and there is an entire street dedicated to desi food.

What you can do though is discuss all of this while sitting in your room, seas away from desi people. How? Not via phone calls with those pesky cousins even if one of them is so cute you secretly wish to marry her. Then? Your best option is to try out desi chat rooms for some fun-filled desi gossip and desi chat that reminds you of what it's like to be in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or the like.

What is desi chat?

Desi chat, like the name suggests, refers to chatting with desi people whom you can relate with. For this purpose, you can connect with random desi people for a desi online chat via a chat site. This means you get to enjoy conversations that you can relate to without even spending a penny.

And since the conversations are with random people who don't know you in person, you don't have one reason to worry about any desi problems arising out of your discussions because a family member or friend decided to disclose your secrets to the entire crowd of relatives back home!

Are desi chats for only brown people living in foreign countries?

The question does arise - are desi chat rooms only for desi people living in other countries? Can people who are living in India, Pakistan, etc. who are surrounded by brown people also join desi chat rooms? Or is it that since they don't need a desi chat room that much, those are exclusive to brown people abroad?

Don't fret, you can join desi chat rooms regardless of where you are located. You could be in India but still join desi India chat for some desi talk. Or you could be in Australia but take part in desi chat rooms to get a fresh air of some relatable desi conversations.

The point is that desi chat rooms are for every desi out there. They're like the internet's desi club, where desi people unite to talk about various things.

Desi chat rooms

Are you looking for cool strangers? Do you want to chat in the best desi chat rooms? If so, then Talk With Strangers desi chat room is there for you. It has all that you want. It’s strong and interesting features make you addicted to it and force you to join this chat room. You will have so much fun that you will forget all other chatting sites and will rush to TWS. If you are living abroad and missing your loved ones and can’t pay a lot of charges to the service provider to talk to them, then don’t need to worry. Talk With Stranger has the solution to all your problems. Boom! With TWS you can chat with your loved ones easily and for free. No need to take tension. Hurry up and join the desi chat room to have fun with your favorite people. 

Be careful in Online desi chatrooms

We have to be very careful while using desi chat. In international chatrooms, it's very common to talk with strangers, make girlfriends, and date. In our desi scenario, it's not very common to have boyfriends and girlfriends. Free talk of boys and girls isn't acceptable by some people so in desi chatrooms we have to be more careful. Plus we talk to our local community so there is a chance that we get caught and our identity is revealed. This can put us in an awkward situation. So we have to be cautious while using desi chatrooms. To avoid any trouble.

But there is a benefit as well that we can see and meet the person who was once a stranger. And get a chance to talk to the person, we are unable to talk in normal condition. Online desi chatrooms give us this opportunity to explore new fellows from our surroundings. Nowadays we are more active in our digital life than in real life. Maybe we don't know a person living in our colony but on an online chatting site, we talk to the person and find that this person is very good and helpful. But we were not familiar with him, although we were living in the same colony. 

Can people who are not desi participate in desi chat rooms?

Are there any white people in desi chat rooms? That's like asking are there any desi people in Chinese chat rooms? Because, of course, you only participate in a country- or region-specific chat room if you:

For instance, if some Aussie wants to know more about desi culture for a research paper, because he is marrying a desi or another such reason then yes, he can pop into a desi chat room.

Example, when someone from America has a lot of desi friends and knows quite a bit about their desi mother tongues. He or she may participate in a desi chat because there is an understanding of not only the language but what is being talked about. The reason such a person may take part in a desi chat room would most likely be that he is interested in desi talk.

This last point relates to the above two. If someone is affiliated with a desi in anyway, he may want to participate in the desi chat room. Or perhaps some of his other close chat partners from other rooms are part of desi chat rooms, then also he may want to include himself in a desi chat room.

Desi Chat

Desi chat room is created for desi people to chat with other desi people from all across the world. If you are a Pakistani by birth and you are living abroad then desi chat is for you. Chat with your loved ones living in Pakistan for free and whole day long without any tension. Chat in your local language and have fun. You will meet many desi singles who are interested in having a fun conversation. Chat without spending a single penny. There are many people in your local area whom you don’t know. Desi chat in the chat room that lets you meet with people in your local area. Meet boys and girls of your local area and have a fun chat with them. 

Are you looking for the best desi people to chat with? Do you want to meet local people? Talk With Stranger is the best site to do so. Its desi chat room is worth using. You will get to chat with millions of desi people. You just have to enter a nickname and press the “Desi Chat” button and there you are into the world of amazing people. Enjoy your stay here and chat with all your heart. 

Talk With Stranger also provides you with an opportunity to chat anonymously. In an anonymous chat, you and your partner don’t know each other. You chat without revealing your name. This is fun because you can talk about whatever you want without worrying about the reaction of the other person after all, he doesn’t know you. 

Desi chat rules

You might be wondering - can you do whatever you want in a desi chat room or are there rules that apply? Of course, there are some rules and regulations which are applicable. You cannot just speak in any sort of manner and talk about anything in any chat room without caring about the basic boundaries of human decency.

That being said, here are some desi chat room rules that you should know about:

1 - Don't be offensive

The first key to participating in any chat rooms including desi chat is that you never be offensive. Just because you don't agree with Hindu or Muslim rituals, doesn't mean you all should fight or taunt one another. If you don't like particular aspects about your very own culture but someone else does, you shouldn't offensively chastise them.

Focus on having a good time and let others have their good time as well. People join chat rooms to unwind and talk, don't take this away from them.

2 - Don't be abusive

Secondly, don't abuse people. Don't use language against someone which includes profanity or threats. Don't use swear words to hurt people or their values. Desi chat rooms are for bringing people together rather than for creating more problems and separating people by means of spreading hate.

Hence, don't use abusive terms in English, Hindi, Urdu or any other language. Don't use Roman Urdu or Hindi to abuse others.

3 - Don't be mean

Last but not the least, take care not to bully people, even unintentionally. Don't be mean and understand that online bullying is a serious concern. In fact, play the part of a peacemaker if you notice two people fighting rather than aggravating the situation. In short, try to make the desi talk you are having as fun filled as possible without raising any issues for anyone.

Don't make others feel unwelcome. At Talk with Stranger, we take these issues seriously and have moderators constantly noticing if someone is acting out of line.

Wrapping up, Talk with Stranger is one platform you can join for talking to new people online. We have desi chat rooms for desi talk as well. The best part is that you don't have to pay any money to participate or access new features. The site is also simple to use and safe. Be sure to be careful about revealing your identity and secrets and you should be all fine.

4 - Do not write likes and dislikes on the desi chat site

While dating online, take special care that you are not sitting for an interview. So don't give too many details of your likes and dislikes in your profile. Keep in mind that you do not praise yourself in your profile. This has a negative effect. Apart from this, do not mention in your profile what things you would like in your partner, that is, do not mention the qualities you want in your partner in the profile. This makes your profile boring. Along with this, some people also start understanding this kind of thing as an attitude.

5 - Use friendly and Positive words in Desi chat 

You can make your profile fun. You can write something funny about yourself. It can have a positive effect on your partner. Apart from this, if you are sending the first message to someone while online dating, then be very careful. The first message should not be too long. Understand that your first message only connects and breaks your relationship. In such a situation, think again and again about what to write. You write the first message in a light-hearted mood and keep in mind that it has a funny tone.

6 - Showing off in Desi Indian Chat or Desi Chat USA is never a good idea

You check everything written in your profile. Take full care that the spelling of anything is correct. From your profile to your bio, nothing should be pretentious. This makes people run away. Do not fill in your fake profile and fake details at all while online dating. If you are in conversation with a match, then do not give false information about yourself to him at all.

7 - Keeping it simple has always been a way to go!

From your profile to your photo and your first message, in desi chat room the more simplicity you show, the sooner you will get a good response from people in desi chat. Keep in mind that simplicity is the most beautifull thing in a relationship. The simpler you are and the more you stay away from the pretense, the sooner you will get your partner specially whn you are in a desi chat room. Everyone likes simplicity, so it is important to be simple even while dating online.

Want to join a desi chat room? Join in on the fun now with or without registration. You can also go anonymous!

If you are from a specific country, and are finding talking partners from a different country or from your own local country or city, we have international & local chatrooms for you. Below is a list of top ones.

  1. If you are american, and want to talk to american people, american girls, american boys, Join our American chatroom.
  2. If you are indian, and want to talk to indian people, indian girls, indian boys, Join our indian chatroom.
  3. If you are british, and want to talk to british people, british girls, british boys, Join our british chatroom.

Please read the following rules before using the TWS chat services or before joining any chat rooms. Any violation of these chat rules will lead to your account being banned from Chat.

You should also consider the following while using this chat avenue or any other chat services available on the internet.

Please keep the chat clean or you might get banned for any of the rules mentioned above. We are also working on a "Report" feature that will let you report bad users easily.

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International Chatroom for overseas Indians and Pakistanis

No matter where we live our relationship with our foundations stays in our hearts always. Even if time and circumstances fade it, still it revives at some point in our life. For different reasons some time for higher education, or jobs we have to leave our beloved country and move abroad. In this situation, the desi chat room is a good option to stay in touch with our desi culture and desi people. 

Overseas find solace by using desi chat sites and enjoy talking to their folks. Some people are born and raised abroad but they feel that they don't belong to that environment. They long for their past relationship and feel more connected to their cousins back home than their white neighbors and schoolmates. They feel good while talking to their desi fellows. So these free desi chat rooms are like a blessing for them. Free online desi chat rooms give them the possibility to talk with their desi mates for free. These desi chat rooms are easy to access and free of cost. 

Desi chat room for desi people from all around the world 

Desi chat room is for desi people from all around the world. For instance, Pakistani people are spread all over Europe. An online desi chat room is an option for all of them to gather in one place and share ideas and experiences. Some people live in the USA, some in the UK, and stay in touch with each other via online desi chat rooms. Free online desi chat rooms are good options to stay connected. 

Desi Online Chat

Online is something that is done using the internet. So is online chatting. Online chatting is an emerging trend and is improving day by day. Online chatting is a stress reliever. When people are bored or depressed and have no one to talk to, they start online chatting with their friends and get away with all the depression. Desi online chat is all about chatting with your nearby people online. One of the greatest advantages of online chatting is that you can chat from anywhere and about anything. Chat with the ease of your home. You chat with desi people about common interests, hobbies, games, music, movies, etc. 

Desi USA Chat

Desi USA chat is for people who live in the USA and want to chat with their loved ones in Pakistan. Desi USA chat is bridging the gap between the USA and Pakistan so that the people can easily talk with their loved ones. The chat is free. Yes, you read that right. A person must wonder how can an International chat be free? Well, this is all because of the desi USA chat. 

Talk With Stranger is the perfect site for desi people. Its desi chat room is famous for talking with people living abroad. In very few years TWS has gained a lot of popularity and has become #1 chatting site.

What to talk about in desi chat?

There are several topics that brown folks can discuss in a desi chat room. You might have stumbled here for some desi dirty talk but if you are looking for desi talk that revolves around any offensive content, this is not the right place.

Desi chat rooms are more for discussing other things desi people normally talk about relating to their specific culture, traditions, lifestyle, and society. There's a lot of difference in how people do things in various countries.

Example, while dating is considered normal and healthy in most families of the United States, desi people are against the concept. Marriages are a lot more sacred for desi people and there is a stark difference between how to speak and dress. It's like the difference between Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner - much deeper than skin and hair color.

To help you understand, here are some topics desi people normally talk about in a desi chat:

1 - Bollywood movies

You can talk about the latest Bollywood, Lollywood or Tamil movies. While your native English friends may not get who Ranveer Singh is, a desi would know well you're talking about the Indian actor who happens to be Deepika Padukone's husband. Desi chat rooms are where you can discuss desi movies which are quite different than Hollywood films even content wise.

2 - Brown people problems

Another conversation starter is brown people problems. For instance, unlike white people, desi folks have huge families and many traditions. Everything is about being big and happy on the surface while there are several small, but impactful underlying problems. Example, how desi individuals often are trapped in gender stereotypes. So, you can discuss these types of issues in a desi chat room.

3 - Desi YouTubers

From vlogging to YouTubing, desi people have dominated video platforms and have become quite famous. Someone from Germany wouldn't be aware of how amazing Zaid Ali T's videos are but a Pakistani can definitely share his excitement on Zaid's videos with an Indian. So, in a desi chat room you can talk plenty about desi internet celebrities.

4 - Desi foods

Yet another desi talk is about food. You might have gotten used to pancakes and hot dogs abroad, but there is no forgetting biryani. You can discuss delicious desi foods in a desi online chat as well as exchange recipes with another. This is an especially great topic for desi folks new and alone in European, Australian or American countries.

5 - Brown marriages

Weddings in the desi world are a lot more different than the white-clothed bride weddings in the western. Not only does the bride wear a red gown that is completely the opposite of white, but the weddings are bigger with lots of more events, people, cuisines, and colors. So, if you have no one to talk about experiences in a brown wedding while living in a country like Italy or France, you may want to join a desi chat club online.

6 - Brown people jokes

There are many different jokes out there from dad jokes to knock knock jokes. But not all of those commonly made in the west are relatable for the desi kids out there and vice versa. Did you know that desi people have their own set of jokes? Of course, they do. A desi chat room is where such a funny discussion and exchange of jokes can easily take place and be cherished.

7 - Desi events

Christians have Christmas, Jews have Hanukkah, Hindus have Diwali, and Muslims have Eid. But the latter two of the four cannot quite openly discuss or celebrate their events when they aren't back in the East. Sure, a wee bit of memorable celebrations do take place in the community. But it is a desi chat room where they can be discussed after the events wholeheartedly.

8 - Desi culture

You would be having an idea by now that there is a stark difference in desi and not-desi culture. In a desi chat, brown people from around the world can talk about what makes their culture unique and what similarities they have in their cultures. This can be quite a fun and knowledgeable conversation, particularly for a student of a relevant subject.

Can desi people not participate in other chat rooms?

The simple answer to this is - yes, they most certainly can. Everyone is welcome in different chat rooms where he can talk his heart out. In fact, you can be a part of a desi chat room as well as some other chat room such as lonely chat at once. It is not like you are bound to the chat room which you are a part of and cannot get entry in other chat rooms.

This enables people to always have a good time. If the conversation is not flowing in one chat room, they can also take their leave and participate in another. Or they can keep the talk going in the many different chat rooms they are a part of at one time.

This is also a great feature because if you don't feel like mingling with desi peeps and instead take part in another chat room, just because you feel like doing so, you are able to. Therefore, there are no limitations.

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