ChatforFree Alternatives & Sites like ChatforFree


ChatforFree Alternatives & Sites like ChatforFree

Were you looking for Best Chat Sites like ChatforFree or finding online free alternatives to ChatforFree or may be finding sites similar to ChatforFree ? TalkWithStranger is proud to write reviews and opinions on other chat sites like ChatforFree & ChatforFree Alternatives. Read more below and stay tuned with best chat sites of 2020.

ChatForFree.Org - Free Texting Online & Video Chat

Among the endless list of dating websites over the internet, have you ever experienced the famous ""?

If your answer is "no", then this is the best platform to get familiar with this trending website, where you can experience a quality time chat.

ChatforFree Brief History and Details

After an amazing start on December 7, 2005, chatforfree was among the top few websites who were offering top quality chatting services in the form of free chatrooms for both, texting and webcam video chatting. It was capable of connecting users globally. Users were able to chat privately, as well as in the form of group communication with multiple users. On a continuous regular basis, the website's software and applications were updated for an uninterrupted service at the best. The best part was, from its beginning all services were free and easy to use. Within a few clicks, you'll be ready to chat anonymously over the globe. This website gained a large number of users initially, due to its multiple and diverse features.


Chatforfree website and the Chatforfree app are great ways to connect with strangers randomly without any risk or insecurity. You can enjoy it a lot by interacting with people from different backgrounds. This website gives the opportunity to chat in different chat rooms of your choice and interest via webcam (video chat).

No doubt that there were already many websites which were offering online chatting services such as ICQ, Aol, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger and skype, but during the time of its release there were no other websites providing such chatting services. Since currently Omegle is considered as the most famous and widely used website for video chatting, people get confused in deciding who is the pioneer of chatting and dating sites? Omegle or Chatforfree?

It may be a bit shocking, but the truth is, was established in 2005, when Omegle didn't even exist. Omegle was founded later in 2009. Due to a lot of competitions going on among the chatting and dating websites, might be fading slowly and losing its position as compared to its initial stages. Still, once it was trending on top in the world of chatting and dominated for more than a decade. According to past experienced chat lovers, was a revolution in the world of chatting. A huge volume of users are still attached deeply with the "pioneers".

Currently Chatforfree is ranked at 1,476,407 (may vary) according to Alexa Website Rankings. The website is also estimated roughly to have a worth of $960 with a daily income around $4.

Benefits of Random Video Chat

Chatting with random people is perceived differently by different people and their thoughts. Some say it is nothing rather than wasting time, but if you ask me, I rather believe that it all depends upon the concerned person. It is what you prefer to gain from it.

Where it is concerned with the benefits of video chat with randoms, some of the most important benefits in regards to ChatForFree online chatting are;

  • Go Social and Diversify Learning

Online random chat with strangers avails users the opportunity to boost up their social skills. Having conversation with new people and building connections can teach us a lot, especially when you face countless new faces on a daily basis through your webcam, while sitting safe at home. In this current era of socialization, people are well familiar with the powers and significance of social networks. It provides users an opportunity of learning with a broader vision. is one of the best places where you can experience the worth of being social and enhance your skill.

  • Comfort in Expressing

There are a lot of people who feel shy and hesitant when it comes to expressing and sharing their feelings live. So for such people, ChatForFree Video Chat is one of the best places to overcome fears and hesitations by interacting with people around the world while sitting confidently in your own comfort zone. Sharing and expressing your feelings is not less than a healing herb.

  • Convenient and Authenticity

Video chat is considered as the most convenient way to interact and connect with people. Beside only being convenient, it is also the most authentic way of chatting. In simple chat rooms you can not easily judge reality with a mind full of doubts. When users are connected via webcam they feel more secure and it's easy to trust each other.

  • Secured by the Distance

When a person is interacting with a stranger, in a live situation it's not less than a risk. The consequences can be crucial and probably unpredictable. So, ChatForFree video chatting gives an opportunity to be close while maintaining distance at the same time.

  • Privacy and Credentials

Confidentiality of a person's privacy and credentials is one of the most sensitive matters. Especially in this mysterious world it's necessary to keep your privacy and credentials safe. Interaction with random strangers is not less than a risk, especially when you are not familiar with them and their intentions. Free random video chatting is the best way to experience a stranger in an effective way without any risk. You can even chat by hiding your identity and assess your partner.

  • Mental Relaxation & Health

In the current fast-busy-world, stress is a major issue faced by a huge population of the world. When stress increases it directly affects a person mentally and physically. Expressing your inner feelings through a conversation in a secure and relaxing atmosphere can not only heal your body, in fact your soul too. It is also a kind of therapy mostly familiared by the name of "Chat Therapy".

Where it is concerned with video chatting with strangers randomly, it may turn out as the most effective way to fight against stress, because you can speak freely the way you want without any fear-or-formalities to care about. Same in ChatForFree.Org you can free yourself from mental and physical stress.

Top Alternative Websites For ChatForFree

Throughout the internet there are countless number of websites who are hosting online random chatting. These websites are competing at their best to provide top quality services for gaining more users. Among all these websites the top 5 are;

Currently TalkWithStranger (TWS) is one of the most famous websites in the world online chatting. The popularity of this website is due to its diverse features and vast options. Here you can experience almost all types of chat rooms for all kinds of people among a huge crowd. Beside all above facts, TalkWithStranger are considered to have the best moderators. It is considered as the most professional and clean online chatting website.

  • Omegle

I guess there is no need to explain about Omegle due to its worldwide popularity. It is famous because of its market hold and users. Whenever the word online chat comes forward, the first thing that pops in the majority of the world's chatting population mind is Omegle. It gained a lot of fame due to its easy and instant features. In the world of online chatting, Omegle is considered the top brand icon.

  • ChatRoulette

The diversity of this chatting website is its "Ultra Simple Video Chat" format. It is fully supported by Adobe Flash Player for video display and accessing webcams. This exciting website is also simple in usage and high in fame, especially in the U.S region. A unique feature of this website is, it allows users to upload their profile photo.

  • Paltalk

Having the most unique and diverse video functionality makes it one of the top chatting websites over the internet. Users are quite attached and satisfied. The overall analysis shows that Paltalk is already giving a very tough time to other top websites, such as TalkWithStranger, ChatForFree, Omegle and ChatRoulette. Quality services and maintenance was the main key towards gaining a high number of users. According to a report shown at the end of 2017, the number of users raised up to 4 Million.

  • Enterchatroom

Live air video chat rooms are the main reason for its success. This website is a bit more focused toward easy random chatting for its users like ChatForFree. The most unique feature of this website is that it even shows who is watching your profile and pictures.

ChatforFree Review

After taking a profound analysis of from its beginning to the current time, we can easily see that ChatForFree and the chatforfree app are in a bit of trouble due to the dominating competitors which entered the market later but vital, such as Omegle, TalkWithStranger, ChatRoulette and more.

Since being one of the pioneers in the world of chatting, ChatForFree is still properly known and used by chat lovers around the globe, especially in the U.S. From its start in 2005, ChatForFree had dominated till a decade, before other exciting websites were launched.

Currently, if we take a glimpse of ChatForFree app and website, the position is not as strong as it used to be. Still the users are deeply attached due to the unique features and years of trust. Beside the strong connection between the the website and its users, it is also quite addictive, especially when you get used to it as a core user from the beginning.

In future, no matter what happens in the world of chatting, ChatForFree will never lose its significance as a pioneer.

How about you? Ready to give it a try and experience "ChatForFree"?


Features of

As compared to now, at the beginning there were limited features, but at that time it was still considered as the most dominating chatting website. As time passed, the company also improved its website and softwares but not as good as its beginning. Infact, ChatForFree was famous for its quality services at the start, but slightly declined after more dominating websites entered the market.

Compared to other countries, in the United States ChatForFree is still widely used. If we take the current features of ChatForFree, it is still enough for a user to enjoy it and its purpose. Since the launch of the Chatforfree App some new users have started using their services.

Now let's take a look at the website's core features in regards to its functions and usage.

No Registrations and Downloads

The best part of this website is, it doesn't require any registrations or downloads. In a couple of clicks you can start a conversation with any random person available online. Instead of long signups and requirements you can just easily chat with a person if you have an internet connection. Where video-chat is concerned, a webcam is also necessary along with an audio device. It is quite easy and interesting and there is no risk of credential leakings.

Free Video Chat

You can easily chat through a webcam with an endless number of users in different chat rooms at no cost. Along with these free features there are no hidden charges or premium packages (paid membership plans). Every service is free here, infact the name of the website itself describes.

Connect & ChatWith Real Humans

Here a user can easily connect and chat with different people, by entering a random chat room. The website randomly matches you with other users, and then connects. They are also praised for having the unique motive, 'strangers become friends'. You have the choice to continue the chat or simply leave and wait for the next user. If you build a relationship with a stranger and you are satisfied, you can easily add them to your contact list for future contacts on the website.

Currently in the world's common interests, socialization is a major factor which is highly boosted and focused around the globe. ChatFoFree.Org gives a social platform where a person can polish their social skills by experiencing an endless number of school of thoughts.

Multiple Chat Rooms for Video 'Chat-&-Date'

The availability of multiple chat rooms is also one of the major reasons for gaining a large number of users, which gives the opportunity to chat according to your own interest and preferred orientations. Some of the famous chat rooms of ChatForFree.Org are, Black Webcam Chat, Free Video Chat, Ladies Only Chat, Free Cams and over 30's. Beside these there are a lot of other chat rooms available on the official website of ChatForFree. Such video chatting and dating are now quite common, especially among young girls and boys.

Regional Chat Rooms Based Location

ChatForFree also allows their users to chat with people according to their preferred region and country. You can even connect to people of a specific country, by selecting the listed and available countries on the webpage.

Isn't it cool to chat with people of any country you want?

5 Most important and FAQs related to ChatForFree

1) Is there a completely free chat site?
Yes, not only few, in fact there are numerous websites which can be considered as complete ones in terms of services and features.

2) Are chat rooms still popular?
Yes, chat rooms are still popular. Day by day, the number of users is increasing due to the amazing features and the ongoing trend of chat rooms.

3) Can we do a private chat for free?
Yes, it is almost common in all chatting websites where you can avail these endless opportunities of chatting privately with other users.

4) What are the sites for chatting with strangers for free?
There are numerous websites where you can easily chat with strangers for free. The most popular websites of all time are;

  • ChatForFree
  • TinyChat
  • ChatRoulette
  • Omegle
  • TalkWithStranger
  • 99Rooms
  • Paltalk Express
  • YouCams
  • OmniChat
  • ChatWay

5) What is the best video calling app in the USA?
Apple holds 43% market share in US Smartphone sales. Based on facts and figures If we talk about iOS Smartphones (US), Skype dominates in video calling due to its pre-installation within the iOS devices. Where it comes to android, the most rated and downloaded video chatting app is Facebook Messenger.

List of Most Searched Keywords related to ChatForFree

Most of the internet users in the world prefer to search things through search engines, mostly by using google. The most common keywords used by users while searching are;

  • chatforfree
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  • chatforfree mature
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