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Calls used to be anonymous and fun but not these days. Do you ever wonder about being someone who has a long list of friends or is always liked and tagged by a group of friends online. People who like to be called party animals, how did they get so social? It is because they initiated a chat with a stranger, slowly and gradually mutual understanding developed and they got comfortable with each other and elevated their conversations to audio calls then video calls and furthermore.

Benefits of Anonymous Call

The option of enjoying unlimited anonymous calls

Specially designed for providing the customers of virtual space with unlimited time for audio and video calls, talkwithstranger justifies its point of creation. With superb quality of audio and video calling features, this app ensures smooth communication between two persons without causing any disruptions, inconvenience, or interruptions with an anonymous call.

The poor and full of distortion voice quality is no more an issue when it comes to Talkwithstranger. It is the wonderful platform for an anonymous call where any sort of disturbance due to technical issues that annoy the users and affect their perceptions regarding the usage of the anonymous call app is mitigated to the point of nonexistence.  Issues like such won’t be a bother anymore for anyone when it comes to this very app because it is structured and devised very efficiently, considering the prospect of user-friendly behavior.

Infinite Virtual capacity for an anonymous call

The app’s commendable point in question is that it does not bind or restrict individuals onboard to a specific region, ethnicity, or country. It rather provides you with massive outreach to any nook or corner of the world without any connectivity issues or disruption. It presents you with options for different chat rooms, making it all the easier for people to choose what they want. This option of choosing from multiple options enables the people to choose wisely and according to their comfort zone. For instance, if you would like to talk to a person from the same region, you could choose an option from the list and carry on with your conversation. This would also dissolve the language barriers encouraging them to continue with long and undisturbed, fluent conversations. 

At the same time, if someone wishes to talk to an individual from a different region of the world, they must choose wisely and then continue with high spirits to opt for this platform ahead with their speaking power. On the other hand, these applications render users the opportunity to enhance their listening and speaking skills. All in all, know that the world of one to one and smooth interaction is just a few clicks away. On this wonderful platform, there are tons of opportunities for you to enjoy. You can make an anonymous call anytime you like with anyone you want.

Entertainment is a must on talkwithstranger

Who doesn’t love a little bit of oomph? This is where the entertainment factor comes in. When a person is fed up of talking or listening and wants time for self-absorbance he does something different. A normal person goes to the spa for a me-day to get away from everyday draining life, members of this app resort to their interesting timelines filled with jokes which pave the way for a burst of hearty laughter. 

Besides, numerous quotes and interesting sayings pop up to brighten up the feed. All this for the sole purpose that the users don’t get bored. Now imagine, you can not only talk your heart out, listen to what people around the world have to go through, you can also reward yourself with some Me-time whenever needed. What else could one need? Also, there is this interesting feature of an anonymous call that allows you to be entertaining with the other person.

Social Equity:

In today’s world, one thing that acts as a barrier of communication or interaction between individuals is the social equity that lies somewhere between social media awkward individuals and socially awkward individuals. The people who have valid points in their minds but whose tongues refuse to cradle their existence in need of time are the ones who are socially awkward. 

In contrast, those who have no brain-to-mouth filter but are too hesitant to debate with someone who has a good vocabulary in the text are called social media awkward individuals. 

Facts About Anonymous Call

  • 65% of people prefer to contact a business by phone, only 24% prefer filling out online forms.
  • 48% of customer phone calls come from mobile search.
  • Businesses are predicted to get 162 billion customer phone calls from mobile by 2021
  • Men account for 53% of customer calls, women clock in at 47%.
  • The average call duration is 4 min, 52 seconds.

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Anonymous Call

Friends we know today were anonymous to us at one point of life. Great friendships always start with being anonymous. Now that everything is going virtual, we can think about having a friendship experience or dating experience on online chatting websites. Our chances are likely to increase, manifold if we simply go for an anonymous call on online chatting platforms.

How to make an anonymous call?

Your unfamiliarity with the term is understandable. However, an anonymous call is not new to the world. People deliberately make anonymous calls to hide or mask their identity. Interestingly, the anonymous call is not new and it has an interesting factor to it.  When you do an anonymous call, the receiver does not get your number or any other clue, which may expose your real identity. The anonymous calls are likely to appear with the word 'private' or some other indicator on the receiver's phone screen rather than the name. In addition to this, the anonymous calls can also mask your identity by displaying caller ID unavailable or unknown caller.

Similarly, in some cases, the receiver's phone screen pops up with a blocked or restricted call. In brief, the hidden or masked identity that is to be allocated during an anonymous call solely depends upon the channel or platform you choose to secure the anonymous call set-up. For instance, if you opt for talkwithstranger, a unique online dating platform, to initiate an anonymous call, your experience will be entirely different from using any other online chatting websites

Reasons to make an anonymous call on online chatting websites

With the boost of technology emerged online chatting websites. The best thing about a genuine and unique online chatting platform like talkwithstranger is the availability of different options like text chat, voice chat and audio chat all at one place. On such dating platforms there are options of making an anonymous call to whomsoever you like. You must remember that being anonymous is the key when you are talking to some stranger for the very first time.

In this way not only you become able to mask your identity, you also get some time to think about the person in terms of compatibility. Anonymous calls on online chatting websites is like a dream coming true and Talkwithstranger realizes the dream. Let's talk about the reasons why you need to make an anonymous call to a stranger.


Lack of convenience is the primary concern whenever you need to interact with strangers. Therefore, most people fail to interact with their potential dates appropriately. What makes them uncomfortable is fear of showing their real identity. People are often afraid that the person they are chatting with will judge them based on color, creed, caste, or other reasons. Consequently, they do not freely express their feelings, ending up the conversation in ambiguity. Thus, online chatting websites introduced the feature of anonymous calls. 

The nascent feature of an anonymous call enabled users to communicate with strangers with absolute confidence. To be exact, it helped people break the ice with strangers. Upon realizing that they are comfortable with the person, people confidently reveal their identities. 


Though online chatting websites undertake the responsibility to protect your privacy, the users' concerns keep culminating. To facilitate the users in the best way possible, dating websites provide anonymous calling. In this way, users are likely to feel more comfortable. Plus, anonymous calls strategy is also likely to mitigate the risk of chatters plunging into the identity or personal data misuse traps. In addition to this, with identity masking, people looking for potential dates are less vulnerable to scams and other fraudulent activities.

Finally, the disposable number that database of the website has assigned you can be listed on your profile. Thus, any random person will not have immediate access to your contact details. So, don't need to worry about non-serious or prank calls. In a nutshell, an anonymous call creates excitement in your life  when you talk to a stranger. No matter if you are looking for a potential date, willing to initiate a conversation with the stranger, or even intending to establish a business connection, anonymity bestowed by the anonymous call will serve in all scenarios.

Why is Talkwithstranger the best platform for Anonymous Calls?

This world is overflowing with talkers. Sadly, this robotic lifestyle takes away the prerequisite for a response a person who loves to talk demands, i.e., time. Listeners are too far and few between with no time. Everyone we know is so caught up in their share of “oh-no’s,” it leaves no focus on asking about what is happening to others. 

All we need today is someone who can listen to us patiently, giving occasional inputs if asked. If we rely on the people we know (family and friends), they come with a lot of baggage, mostly judgments. That is where Talkwithstranger comes in handy. With a strict policy of “no judgments, no obligations,” this is the go-to option for all those socially-awkward fellows whose inner debater comes out front on computer screens. Following are some reasons why Talkwithstranger is the best forum for a deep heart-to-heart talk while also keeping the anonymity intact. 

No prerequisite Registration 

Everyone fancies an app that offers free connectivity to people worldwide without prolonged procedures of login and registration. That too, for free. All you need to do is install Talkwithstranger on your cell phone, and you will eventually get in touch with the world of anonymity where there are no set standards, no obligations, and no judgments. Once you enter, you will be your leader and your own master. 

The true identity of the individual even stays anonymous to the anonymous call app itself. Stuff like the name, religion, country, Identity number, or cast is not asked at the beginning or stage after one gets on-board with the anonymous call app. This also sheds light on the fact that no matter from what part of the world you are, how cool or weird you are, how troubled your past was, or how awful your present is but, in the end, people will only see you like the one you manage to show them more or less. Also, in real-life situations, people are judged way too early based on their appearance before they even get a chance to reflect their inner selves. In most cases, they don’t get a chance to point across the other person and face rejection. 

Whereas when the factor of anonymity is retained, the individual gets a fat chance to build whatever character he or she wants to in front of the other person. The individual in question would be able to express his or her inner self in a poised way. You will be taken into consideration on humanitarian grounds. An anonymous call app is a blessing and on a wonderful platform like talkwithstranger you can enjoy being anonymous with anyone you like.

Moderator police for anonymous calls

Just like a smooth run requires checkpoints, TalkWithStranger’s moderator police assure no law-breaking. Any obscene act will be dealt with accordingly. Thus, it is advised to refrain from violence (verbal) strictly, sexism, cyberbullying, religious extremism, sharing of mature content, 18+ conversation, etc. as this will result in serious actions taken by the moderators. You must remember that talkwithstranger is a wonderful platform however it is genuine. It only entertains genuine people on the platform and any obscenity is simply a question. 

If any person finds the environment uncomfortable or unsafe, he/she has the option to report the chat room or block the individual. The action taken by the moderators includes warnings to the concerned party or, worse, ban. This ensures a friendly and safe environment for all age groups to avoid the corrupting of fresh minds and the cringing of old ones. Thus, a perfect balance between good and bad is established and maintained throughout. 

Privacy is the main concern of talkwithstranger.

Users’ privacy is the top concern of the moderators or managers controlling the flow of information at the back end of talkwithstranger. The privacy of users is their major priority, and the maintenance of that privacy is their chief responsibility, which won’t be compromised on any cost or condition as per the promise which is explicitly mentioned in the privacy policy and is exercised as elaborated in the list of set policies and rules.

The conversations in the audio and video calls are monitored so that any act or action that resulted in the violation of privacy in the slightest would make the system take necessary actions to stick to their word of keeping the security of users on top of everything else. So just because you want to enjoy an anonymous call with a stranger does not mean that no one is going to get you if you are being dirty. Being decent is the key and that’s the only way of people having conversations on this splendid platform.

Versatility in anonymous calls

It is in human nature to get bored with consistency, our minds demand change. Similarly, our inner gossip demon requires a variety of different opinions and responses. That is why we can not confide in the same person in sharing all of our problems because one person responds to every situation in a similar manner. Anonymous call was a prerequisite because it gave us the chance for change. People overcome boredom every time they click on Talkwithstranger. They come across a completely new personality, 180 degrees change of perspective, and a temporary acquaintance. 

The TwS app also offers various chat rooms according to one’s locality, region, and native language. So the language barrier evaporates in a whoosh because you are among the people with the same mother tongue as you, but at the same time someone you will never come across in real life. In addition to this, if one wants to communicate on a larger scale, he/she can opt for international chat rooms where they are at a single tap’s distance from the people they can not even dream of being within reality.

Talkwithstranger leaves you with a decision of how much crowd you choose to engage yourself in by conference calling, which is never possible otherwise through an anonymous call. Whether you are someone who loves to have an easy-going conversation with your regional language speakers or you want to have a world-class debate with all the intellectuals from around America and half of Europe, you are at the right spot either way.

Anonymous calls on online chat sites

Such as talkwithstranger bring out confidence out of socially awkward people. On this wonderful site, using the anonymous call option, anyone can stop being socially awkward.

Final verdict on how to call anonymously and have fun:

So take the level of conversation one step ahead with a free call at talkwithstranger and get yourself connected to a gazillion voices out there in the world that are waiting for a good listener to hear them out or for those umpteenth lonely souls. They want someone to fill them up with logics, interesting stories, and stupid rants without stressing about the risk of losing connection or that weird contact formed on anonymous grounds.

Talkwithstranger has something for everyone. To make yourself feel at home on this wonderful platform, you can always go for an anonymous call option to build confidence and rapport.

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