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We live by the philosophy that the best things in this world are and should be free. You cannot buy friendship, family or love. People can always make you feel so much more; love, joy, bliss, laughter, self worth, confidence and even sadness can be a good thing to put everything into perspective. Because of this we strive to make products and companies that are free and always focused at people.
Following are some of the products we've launched.


Ever felt like conventional dictionaries are boring and/or not cover the words we ofter hear or read on internet and daily life? We felt the same. That’s why we created a platform where we give power to every day users instead of just grammarians enabling them to create this fascinating knowledge-base of words from all segments of life.


Random Video Chatting is a great new way to meet people online. They make it easy to connect people around the globe. If for a change, you’re tired of texting, head over there to have a video chat experience!


Goals we follow

Our enthusiastic team is working hard to solve the following challenges:

  • Meet New People Online

    We allow you to use our platform to make new friends and grow your social network. Chat with cool people all over the world in our free private chat rooms.
  • Share Knowledge

    This is the information age. Everyone knows something that you don't know. Why not talk and share with people?
  • Enjoy & Have Fun!

    We want to build relationships and friendships. We get happy when we see happy people around us. We hope you will have an enjoyable chatting experience on our chat app.
  • Get Public Opinion

    Want to discuss something you feel shy about sharing with your friends? Ask a random stranger!
  • Reduce Social Awkwardness

    Do you feel shy talking to new people ? Use our free chat website to boost your self confidence.
  • Self-Evaluation in Private Chat Rooms

    Do you think people talk to you only because you are pretty ? Break the stereotypes and have the opportunity to know people based on how they are rather than how they look.

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