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Men Chats Alternatives & Sites like Men Chats

Were you looking for Best Chat Sites like Men Chats or finding online free alternatives to Men Chats or may be finding sites similar to Men Chats ? TalkWithStranger is proud to write reviews and opinions on other chat sites like Men Chats & Men Chats Alternatives. Read more below and stay tuned with best chat sites of 2020.

MenChats - Chat Rooms For Men

When it comes to 'Men-Chatting' MenChats.Com is the best choice, but it is specifically a platform for bi's, which confuses straight oriented users. Apart from all, the most important factor is to analyze whether it is worth chatting or not? While keeping the top websites in our mind under a neutral sight, let's find out;

What is MenChats.Com?

Why MenChats?

How significant is MenChats in the world of chatting?

Before devling into details associated with MenChats, let's first know about it and its origin. MenChats is one the most epic platform for gay and bi chatting. It usually pair's users randomly in a one-on-one chat conversation. Like the famous Grindr app, MenChats.Com is also developed with the same core purpose of facilitating everyone to communicate with others, with years of quality experience, in fact the pioneer of this genre. Apart from such oriented users, others can use it as well without any kind of restriction.

Launch Year: April 25, 2003
Owned By: VS Media, Inc.
Headquarter: California
Daily Pageviews: 2,624
Daily Unique Visitors: 1,312
Special Features: Text Chat, Vid Chat, Contacting Features, Add Contacts, Private Message, Whisper
Famous Chat Rooms: Text M4M Chat.

Overview - Menchats is one of the most trafficked websites due to large volume of gay & bi users. The reason behind is its debut as a first platform which is specifically made for LGBT community for interacting with each other in a safe and effective way. Since no active threats are reported, it is considered as one of the safest sites to browse.

After being initiated in 2003, it has become one of the most entertaining platforms for LGBT users. For a normal person it might be a bit weird and frustrating, but for the concerned community it is the best place for enjoying like-minded chats.

However, this website is not suitable for those who are looking for a romantic partner, but In the case of passing time, MenChats serves the best. The reason behind is the community it is related to, especially the mindset.

If we take an analysis of its basic requirements and features, such as the video cam option, hosting Cam Models, and many others, we can observe that it is quite unique, as compared to features offered by other online chat sites. This uniqueness is one of the main reasons for gaining a large volume of like-minded users throughout the world.

Sign Up & Registration Process

For chatting on MenChats sign up or registration is not compulsory, but registered users have a plus point of saving their private chats with other users. As a guest your conversations are deleted automatically, as soon you leave the chat site.

In the registration process of MenChats.Com users are required to fill some basic information. Besides, men and women are not able to sign up. So as a woman if you want to experience this website, never disclose your gender,or else no chance.

Among the basic requirements for registrations, sharing your birthday, location anda valid mail is also necessary. Verification of email is not compulsory, but validity is must. The purpose behind is the eligibility check of users. Users less than 18 Years of age are not permitted to enter. After being eligible, the next step is the nomination of your username and password. By completing all the necessary fields, answering captcha along with agreeing the Terms & Conditions of the site is the last step. After that, you're good to go.

Functionality & Usage of MenChats

MenChats page layout and pattern is created in a very cool and easy way, in terms of user's usage. Providing the best possible services to its users is one of the reasons for its fame, especially in the world of LGBTs. Still it is doing its best to improve as much as it can.

Without any registration you can directly experience endless chatting opportunities with other online users which are connected randomly by the site in a one-on-one private chat session. If you look at the bottom of the page you can see options for multiple available chat rooms and users are given. In a couple of clicks you can easily interact with strangers anonymously.

On the left side of the page, you can see a link which redirects users to the chat rules upon clicking it. Apart from it, you can also see the skin options, settings options and language menu on the left side.

After logging in to the website's chat page, you can see a very simple and straightforward chat room, designed without any kind complexity or complications. Text, icons, attachment and smileys options are given below on the bottom of the chat page. On the right side of all of its chat rooms, you can see the status of current online and active users. If you wish to go for video chatting or webcam options, you can find its option on the page.

According to its users, it said to be 'Easy To Use - Hard To Leave' because of its addictive nature.

Why MenChats?

Well different schools of thoughts have different perspectives on its usage reason. Since it's a chatting platform specifically popular for being the best spot for gays and bi's, so the analysis will be taken in accordance with their aspects.

For a straight oriented person like me, finding a love or dating partner on this site is not quite effective, but if it is concerned with time passing, especially for like-gender strangers, then it is an enjoyable place.

If you are thinking Why MenChats? So first, think the way they think first!

Let's find out the best reasons for going in favour of MenChats.

  • Multiple options of chatting platforms

One of the main reasons for gaining the majority of users is the availability of multiple options created and given directly according to their mindsets, which fulfills their interest. Among the multiple options, the core and basic ones are 'Text Chat' and 'Video Chat'.

  • Text chat

In this platform, the only source of chatting is interacting by text messages which are mostly known as Online Texting. One of the safest and easiest ways of chatting when it comes to interacting with strangers.

  • Video chat

In the current emerging world of social networking, Video chat is commonly known as webcam chat. Here, you must have a webcam and microphone to experience it. Users can interact with each other anonymously here, no predetermined limitations, and it surely excites users by the feature of providing an open safe platform to experience physical appearances with other users through webcams in one-on-one video chat session mode.

  • Interacting features

MenChats.Com is a single platform with numerous features. In terms of user's connection mode there are plenty of other additional features of this website. Username of a profile is itself an option towards further features which can be discovered upon clicking it. The main 3 are;

    • Private texting & messaging

Communicating with other users by bringing them from any chat room into a private one-on-one chat session, is also a diverse feature of MenChats, which is highly praised by communities associated with it.

    • Contact list

MenChats also allow users to add other chat participants in their contact list, which also tells the activity status of the concerned partner. Instead of losing your partner or finding a lost one, by simply adding them in your contact list makes it easy to interact with them later.

    • Whisper

It is a kind of tagged message or a bit like a flash message but more of a chatting type, which is possible and only visible between you and the user you chose to whisper with. Indeed it is very cool and quite diverse.

  • Absolutely free

This website is also famous for giving amazing features to its users with any kind of paid plan or packages. All the services can be experienced by anyone from anywhere, without spending a single cent.

7 Most Important & Common FAQs Related To MenChats

  • Are there really any websites to chat with strangers?

Yes, there are countless websites which offer users to chat with strangers, such as TalkWithStranger, ChatRoulette, POF, Coffee Meets Bagel, ChatForFree and a lot more.

  • How to make a guy fall for me through just chatting?

Well that depends more on the concerned person and those facts which trap his heart. Still never forget, Love & Respect is the greatest weakness of a human.

  • Is it normal to text a male friend everyday just to chat?

Yes, nothing is strange to have a male friend or to text him. Stay simple and think less to prevent nonsense thoughts and questions.

  • Is using MenChats safe?

Well that totally relies on the person and its way of using it. It's not 100% safe but not quite bad if we take precautionary steps before.

  • How do I join a chatroom?

In MenChats website, simply by entering it and by clicking the 'enter' button on the right side of all the chatroom pages will connect you to a chat.

  • Who can join MenChats?

Everyone can join it but its name describes for whom it works and how it works. Women and boys younger than 18 are not allowed.

  • Is chatting to other women online disrespectful to my wife?

Ask yourself first how would you feel if she is chatting with men online. Then ask her as well how she takes such a situation. Keep in mind that, Trust is the hardest thing to build and easiest to break. So, be careful and try not to cheat or hurt anyone.

What's happened to MenChats? How significant is MenChats in the world of chatting?

Nothing happened, it is still functioning properly, but instead of worrying about what happened to MenChats, focus more on its impact that is capable of affecting the society profoundly. With a diverse and unique orientation MenChats attracted a large volume of concerned and connected users, especially more from the community of LGBT and its different orientations.

MenChats.Com can be considered as the pioneer and father of online gay and bi chatting. By implementing this plan a large number of shy and emotional users from the community can enjoy chatting with like minded people of their type without any kind harassment probability.

Apart from the orientations and genres it focuses on, the amazing features of MenChats is very unique and easy to use, without any kind of pay plans. If we just talk specifically on the countless features it gives to its users, that is truly amazing and quite rare.

Still it is not for boys or girls below 18+, because on such platforms inappropriate contents are very common. It can temper a youth's mind easily by the weird atmosphere and concepts. On the other hand everyone knows online chatting itself is nevertheless more dangerous, so be careful and take precautionary steps in advance to protect your data and privacy. By reading Community Guidelines of the hosting sites you can understand the site and all of its possible outcomes, including techniques for countering spams and harassments.

If we talk about its worldwide significance, it is a huge and very effective platform for all the LGBTs, especially the 'G' and 'B' where they can find and meet their worldwide community who can understand them better as a like-minded socio-culture partner. Since they have mostly faced difficulties, harshness and brutality in their past, as a gift of just living the way they want, such platforms can become a source of awareness for their rights, peace and freedom.

To stand for the rights and justice of an innocent is only possible when you yourself, deep inside acquires a warrior within, with no fears and tears, especially after getting fed up of breaking bones and thirsty for spreading love.

'Patience & Mercy' is the quality of a brave heart and a divine spirit!

Anyways, no matter how MenChats progresses or not,

Don't waste your time friend because,

TWS Social Community is still incomparable! Check it out and share your views!


Top 5 Alternatives For MenChats

No doubt that when it comes to chatting with guys and men, no other websites had made a direct platform specific to these orientations, but when it comes to the concept of random chatting with strangers, there are wide range of websites competing each other. Among the endless list of random chatting websites, the most amazing and diverse websites and apps are;

TalkWithStranger (TWS)

In the world of random chatting TWS is highly reputed and considered as one of the most dominating sites far more better than MenChats. Despite being launched late in 2015, it dominated in little time, because it overcomes all the sections which are missed or ignored by other sites. Moreover, all its diverse and numerous features cover all, and that is what I call total professional. No matter which way you assess it, TWS is incomparable and is highly maintained under quality controls of the world's best moderators of online chatting. Efficiency and proficiency is its key.

'Our aim is to make this world a better place by bringing like-minded people together. We believe that the internet is full of great people and it would be a brilliant idea to connect these amazing minds together' — TalkWithStranger

Statistics of TWS

  • Number of estimated users is around 1.2 Million.
  • Page Views Per Month Exceeds 75 Million.
  • It is accessed and visited from 220+ countries.
  • 75% of Traffic comes from mobile devices.
  • Its familiarity is highly boosted by spreading it through different ways such as digital marketing, media advertising or even by sharing it verbally.
  • Most of the user traffic comes from the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Pakistan and India.

(Note: Values may vary)

ChatRoulette (CR)

Well if we are going to discuss about ChatRoulette than the most compulsory thing to know about is the all time famous titles given to it such as, 'shortest-lived crazes', 'future of the internet' — NyMag, or 'the Holy Grail of all internet fun' —

Apart from a great downfall along with its feature less layout and options, it is still one the most dominating websites, because of its past legacy along with a charismatic name. Apart from users volume, ChatRoulette is reputed on the base of multiple purposes, and the core reason is positioning at the top among the list of top pioneer chatting websites. However, currently MenChats is providing better services as compared to the remainings of ChatRoulette, but still in rankings and user's traffic it is no where near ChatRoulette.

Statistics of CR

  • Alexa Traffic Rank is 29,736.
  • Major users are adults and most of them are male.
  • Average time spent by users on the website is 1 minute and 48 seconds.
  • Mexico, USA, Canada and India are the countries which generate most user traffic on CR.

(Note: Values may vary)

POF (Plenty Of Fish)

If we mix up chatting and dating in a single website or app, you can give it the name POF (Plenty Of Fish). One of the most trending apps during 2009 and 2010. It single handedly dominated the world of chatting and dating, especially after being featured continuously by almost all of the top singers and celebrities of that time, in their latest releases back to back. After a slow and silent start in 2004, later it became one of the most trending apps throughout the world. Despite facing a lot of hurdles and cyber cases, it is still considered as a pioneer in the world of chatting and dating with a great reputation.

Statistics of POF

  • Alexa Traffic Rank for POF is currently 2,050.
  • Number of estimated registered users is 90 Million.
  • Average time spent daily by users is 11 Minutes and 9 Seconds.
  • Most traffic on POF comes from the UK, USA and Canada.
  • The most featured app on big screens.

(Note: Values may vary)

Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB)

CMB is one of the greatest masterpieces in the world Dating. Yes, talking about the dynamic dating app for serious relationship seekers created by the 'Kang Sisters' (Owners & Co-Founders). Coffee Meets Bagel stated that;

'We create meaningful connections that spark hearts and inspire people to share themselves authentically and enthusiastically'.

Truly Dynamic!

Due to the devotion by smart working sisters, CMB is a highly reputed dating app. The company's key towards success is the professional ethics and quality orientation approaches taken since the beginning, by targeting quality rather than quantity. Also famous with the name of anti-tinder.

Statistics of CMB

  • Current Alexa Traffic Rank of CMB is 228,798.
  • Till this day, more than 50 Million successful matches had been made.
  • Total numbers of users is approximately 7 Million, out of which 3 Million users are the paid members.
  • Average time spent by users daily is 1 Minute and 17 Seconds.
  • Hong Kong, USA, Australia and Canada generate the most traffic for this site.

(Note: Values may vary)


A website which is another reputed one in the list of pioneers of the chatting world. After a slow start from its beginning in 2005, it started to move on a sudden incline with a short passage of time. Apart from providing a quality platform, the other key reason for its success is the optimized keyword power of its domain, which is highly capable of advertising and ranking on its own. Among all other top chatting websites it is more often said that ChatForFree.Org had single handedly dominated in the first decade of the 21st Century.

Legends May Die, But Legacy Never!

Statistics of ChatForFree

  • Current Alexa Traffic Rank of ChatForFree.Org is 921,702.
  • Current worth $960 with a daily income of $4.
  • Average time spent by daily users is 3 minutes and 25 seconds.
  • Ukraine and the USA generate the most user traffic on this site.

(Note: Values may vary)

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