ChatRoulette Alternatives & Sites like ChatRoulette


ChatRoulette Alternatives & Sites like ChatRoulette

Were you looking for Best Chat Sites like ChatRoulette or finding online free alternatives to ChatRoulette or may be finding sites similar to ChatRoulette ? TalkWithStranger is proud to write reviews and opinions on other chat sites like ChatRoulette & ChatRoulette Alternatives. Read more below and stay tuned with best chat sites of 2020.

ChatRoulette - Chat Dynamite or Future of the Internet?

Inspired by the name? Well that's obvious because no one can deny it. Any idea what is ChatRoulette? What happened with ChatRoulette? Where does it stand now? - Be patient and discover how it rocked and rolled in the World-of-Chat. You might be well familiar with this website and all of it's cracking news in the past, or perhaps not, but for New York Magazine it was, 'the future of the internet', while the popular web magazine stated chatroulette as, 'the Holy Grail of all internet fun', but what it turned out to be, was more confusing rather than surprising. Keep reading to reveal all its related concerns then Spin-The-Roulette and decide yourself, dynamite or future?

History of ChatRoulette

ChatRoulette is an online video chatting website that has remained as one of the most dominating, especially in terms of having a chat with randoms. It was launched on November 16, 2009 by the 17 year old Andrey Ternovskiy from Moscow, Russia. Ternovskiy built this website on an old computer he had in his bedroom with 20 users initially. This website was stated as highly addictive by the New York Times. Few months after its launch in February 2010, the average number of users at any given time was 35,000. At the beginning of March, 2010, the website claimed to have approximately 1.5 Million users.

'Idea' is the core-and-extreme of every powerful plan. According to Temovskiy, he got the idea of this website from previous video chats experiences with his friends through Skype. He developed this platform in 2 days and 2 nights. The name ChatRoulette was derived from Ternovskiy's favourite movie 'The Deer Hunter'. A film released in 1978 on the Vietnam War where prisoners were forced to play 'The Russian Roulette'.

According to Ternovskiy, at the beginning he didn't even advertise his website. He just shared it with his friends by his words during common gossip or conversations. At a sudden, the number of users increased rapidly which led him to rewrite all the codings to cover up the load, which was very hard to manage. The website was expanding rapidly on a huge scale, but still he coded everything on his own, and sometimes he took help from a very close friend known by the name of Vlad Kostanyan.

Brief overview

Even after a huge downfall later on, ChatRoulette is incompatible due to the height it achieved in the shortest time ever by any website. The key role of success for this 'chat-dynamite' was its own diverse features that inspired and attracted countless number users throughout the globe. It also has the record to gain the most users in a very short passage of time, as compared to any other chat website and social app in the world of chat. It was the best social networking platform and very easy to connect yourself with a random stranger.

'ChatRoulette Spin', was excitingly famous. To spin the roulette, you must bring your face in front of the camera once, but out of the eight (8) spins, one was surely an adult 'R-Rated' content, according to RJMetrics surveys. Apart from that, ChatRoulette does clear its users for not entering unless they are 18+ years old, and was strictly against adult oriented content. Still it was unable to impose any specific resistance against all these loop-holes. Maybe not even a concept of website moderators, where the only option left for users is the 'self-protection mode by a self-police' for their own survival.

This video chat site randomly pairs its users to connect them, where you can easily experience text chat and video chatting in a very pleasurable way. Now the online texting option has been removed. It has been so famous that users started to share their ChatRoulette experiences through screenshots which became a viral trend. Even celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Alba and many others shared their ChatRoulette experiences.

Due to its fame, it turned out to be a platform for studios and companies to promote their productions such as the most noted ad of The Last Exorcism in 2010. It was advertised in grimick ways by showing a beautiful brunette playing with her shirt buttons looking in users' eyes and out of nowhere her eyes rolled back to the backside of her head in a horrifying look. With an attack of the brunette, the video blacks out ending with a display of 'THELASTEXORCISM.COM'. Then the compilations made by users on YouTube made it again viral over the internet. Apart from compilations, chatroulette memes, chatroulette merton, chatroulette peacock and chatroulette murders (prank) were also the trending features.

Now if we compare current ChatRoulette with its beginning, 'nothing is left'. It is also considered as the 'shortest-lived internet craze of the last decade'.

Why is ChatRoulette so popular?

All left in ChatRoulette is a single page website with the only option of video chat. Still it is popular and there are wide reasons for it, especially the past ones. Some of the main reasons are;

  • Gaining 1.5 million daily active users in the first four month of its launch.
  • The unique feature of making gimmicks of users.
  • An amazing platform to experience teen chat.
  • A popular spot for Celebrities.
  • The unforgettable ChatRoulette mini-celebrity, Merton (Piano Improv Guy).
  • Platform for ads and campaigns.
  • Promotion of movies by studios.
  • Unforgettable domination in the past.
  • Pranks, especially the breathtaking ones like the famous 'ChatRoulette Murders'.
  • The ChatRoulette Meme trend.

Current Usability & Features

As compared to the functions of ChatRoulette back in 2010, now it is totally different. No complications or registrations, just a direct entry to a video-chat page and no further options are available. It's a total free video chat zone with just two small webcam screens lying on top of each other with no other options. Facial recognition is the only requirement to start a chat. Worse part, no moderation and restrictions.

There are no special features left in ChatRoulette now, besides the basic ones.

  • No Registration.
  • Only video chat.
  • Webcam feature at the centre of the main home page.
  • Facial Recognition to enter a chat.
  • Totally free, no paid services.

What happened to ChatRoulette?

ChatRoulette is one the strangest stories in the world of free online chat. A sudden giant leap towards dominance, that ended nowhere with the same pace. Doomed itself by that same anonymous pace, after reaching a great height. There were plenty of reasons for the huge downfall, look below for the main ones.

Authentication and Monitoring Issues

Believe it or not, the site was later labeled as 'a predator's paradise'. The reason behind it was just the lack of control by the site's authorities. No monitoring or any kind of check and balance kept. There was no concept of moderations or moderators in ChatRoulette which later became a major cause of its decline.

Inappropriate Contents

One of the major reasons towards the downfall was inappropriate content, especially the adult oriented stuff, which was totally sick and disgusting. There were no controls on it which broke the heart and the trust of their users. A large volume of the users slowly vanished away.

Security Risk and Controversies

Another cause for the downfall were the risks in security concerns and controversial connections which even led to serious cases such as the on stage suicidal arts of hanging dead bodies by the duo artist Eva and Franco. There were no security measures and precautionary steps taken by the ChatRoulette's authority which was necessary towards community concerns. With the passage of time users started leaving as they were getting familiar with the security risks they are facing.

Reporting Issues

Users were unable to report other harassing users. Later on a report option was added which shows 'user reported' by clicking on it, but there was no evidence that the user was really reported and banned. Since users were still experiencing those reported-users repeatedly, they started to leave slowly.

Gender and Orientation Imbalance

To keep balance in the numbers of gender and orientation volume is necessary for the success of chatting websites. It can only be maintained by the equal traffic and satisfaction of the genders. In the case of ChatRoulette, now it is only a male's playzone, where rarely you can find a girl to chat with. Here, as compared to the number of female users, you will be facing more male users in the weirdest way crossing all ethical barriers. Due to this imbalance, ChatRoulette started to decline rapidly.

ChatRoulette Overview

ChatRoulette, once an icon, viral among celebrities, and now? People don't even know what it is. The way it rose with great dominance is still unforgettable. ChatRoulette is an online video chatting website that has remained as one of the most dominating, especially in terms of having a chat with randoms. It was launched on November 16, 2009 by the 17 year old Andrey Ternovskiy from Moscow, Russia.

It attracted not only the intentions of people and celebrities, large organizations have been concerned of its growth and opportunities. Either discussing it in trending news or using it for promotional concerns, ChatRoulette became highly concerned for top organizations. There were plenty of reasons for it, but the main two reasons were, gaining 1.5 million users within four weeks, and it became a hub for celebrities.

However, the pace of its decline was more than one can expect. It vanished like it never existed. Despite its beautiful name, nothing is left there. Just a weird video chat page with no restrictions and control. All one can experience there is an adult oriented atmosphere, filled with freaky male users. A self-destroyed masterpiece by the Russian youngster himself. Ended horrible but surely memorable. Journey from 'The Holy Grail of All Internet Fun' to 'A Predator's Paradise'.

Shortest-lived internet crazes of the previous decade. Still if you enter the chatroulette chat site you can find online users, who are maniacs in my view. So no need to worry, ChatRoulette is still alive, surely you'll find someone there, but the best advice from my side is to try other chatroulette type sites instead of wasting time there.

Chat Dynamite or The Future of the Internet? - Surely just a highly explosive dynamite which exploded once for all, leaving a small piece of shell.

TalkWithStranger (TWS)? - Yes, that's the right direction towards a diverse chatting hub, go straight in and don't forget to share your experience. Quality matters!

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5 Top Alternatives for ChatRoulette

No doubt that ChatRoulette was once incomparable, but now there are many other online chat websites dominated by their diverse features and quality control. Some of the current dominating chat websites are;

Apart from just having a cool name, it is more famous and diverse due its vast unique features. In this popular website you can experience all types of desired chats, because of the numerous chat rooms available, based on user's interest and choice. If you want to have a quality-time-chat with multiple varieties of users, TWS is the best best place. From the start till now, moderators of TWS are incomparable. Never forget to enter the TWS Social Community at least once, you will surely like it. The only confusion is, either it is casual-cool or professional? - Hard to judge because TWS is the best free online chat website which covers all. So what are you waiting for? Just enter and chat, especially in the anonymous-chat mode.

Most commonly known or in simple words, it's the most popular chatting website. Throughout the world, when it comes to the word 'online-chat', the most probable thing that pops in a person's mind will be Omegle. The reason for such high popularity was the period of its dominance, when free online chatting was something new for the world. Omegle entered the market at the perfect time. Till today, a large volume of chat lovers are deeply attached to it and gaining new ones too. Instant features of Omegle was the key role towards its success, which is now considered as a top brand in the chatting and social world.

When it comes to the best 'chat-&-date' websites, CMB has a great significance. One of the most popular websites with a very unique app along with endless features. User satisfaction rate is quite high. It is well known for focusing on quality rather than quantity, same as stated by the Kang Sisters (Owners). Apart from just chatting and dating, it emphasizes more towards serious relationships. It is very famous and still trending in the world of chatting and dating.

A well reputed website where you can have an online chat with random people. POF.COM is a Canadian hosted website developed for chat-&-date lovers. According to its users demographics, most traffic comes from the United States. Beside its popularity and unique name it is also considered among the list of pioneers with a great importance in the chatting world. Moreover, it is also attracting a huge traffic from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Ireland and Brazil. Highly addictive and quite amazing.

When it comes to quality online chatting in the first decade of the 21st Century, ChatForFree ranks at the top. Apart from the self description given by its domain link '', the website is easy to search from search-engines because it exactly matches a highly optimized keyword, a reason for its popularity as well. A well trusted platform but now it is not the same as it was in terms of users traffic. Still it is competing with a good reputation and highly trusted by users.

5 Most Important and Common FAQs Related to ChatRoulette

  • How does ChatRoulette work?

ChatRoulette is very easy to use. Simply by entering the website you will experience a screen consisting of video boxes lying on top of each other where you can see your partner and yourself. All you need is a webcam to get started.

  • Is ChatRoulette still around?

Yes, ChatRoulette is still around but not as it was. Where it stood as a trending icon in the past, now it's just a name left with no other options left except for video chatting. In simple words, nothing left but still alive.

  • What is ChatRoulette known for?

In the past when it was trending after a great boost in a very short time, the whole internet started to talk and predict about it. People and organizations were giving great statements based on its popularity. It was mostly known as the 'the future of the internet', which was stated by New York Magazine (NYMag). Now it is just known as 'shortest-lived internet crazes' of the last decade and some say now it is only 'a distant past of the internet'.

  • Why did ChatRoulette fail?

There were plenty of reasons for its failure. Main reason for the downfall was poor monitoring which turned it into a platform of inappropriate content. Adultery, Security Risks, Controversial Connections, Unresponsive Administration and Gender Imbalance were the main reasons for its failure.

  • What are some websites like ChatRoulette?

Huge number of chatting and dating sites are available on the internet. There are many ChatRoulette type sites available, that are even better in some aspects. Some are as listed below;

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