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Free online chat and free online chat rooms are still considered by the youth to have only social purposes. The key problem is that people have associated free online chat with strangers on the internet. This misconception among people is one of the biggest obstacle preventing us from learning by using free online chat rooms. If we can see beyond the usual implications, we can make use of free online chat rooms to our benfit.

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How free online chat rooms help users

A recent analysis by experts shows that free online chat can help students in various ways. We need to find out, to what extent free online chat contributes to the online learning experience of an average student. With the use of free online chat, students can improve their class participation because of free online chat rooms. The youth of today are fascinated with modern gadgets and use them regularly so the modern education system should embrace this change and integrate free online chat with the education system of today.

Using free online chat address the level of comfort that students feel when they are taking lectures. In this article, we will be discussing how free online chat lines can help students by providing them with teaching support, questions and answers. With expanding new horizons of technology we might see that free online chat will be an integral part of the future of education.

Education these days is becoming more inaccessible for the youth of developing nations. With the explosion of the internet, new opportunities have arisen for sharing and learning across borders. With internet connectivity, it is now easy for someone to use the free online chat with strangers. The same can be used for learning and education. If someone has access to a computer and internet he can join a lecture being delivered on the other side of the planet. Using free online video chat is one of the key advantages of the internet.

Aim of free online chat in education.

  1. Analyze approaches to use chat for online learning
  2. Create awareness of free online video chat for teaching and learning experience. 
  3. To encourage the use of free online chat to learn online.
  4. Highlight examples of best practices among students located in developing countries.
  5. To encourage free online video chat based training courses and research.

Experience using free online chat

Research shows that 40% of lectures have a student count of around 20 to 25. If these lectures are delivered online for 25 students it would require the same amount of time and effort. But when the number of students is in thousands the effort required is nothing in comparison. Using free online chat can help connect millions of people around the world. It can help us share your knowledge. Free online chat lines like these can even help students to ask questions and learn at an international level. 

If there is a need for group collaboration for a project students can simply use free online video chat or even make their own free online chat rooms. For example, a person can use the free online chat in India and attend a lecture from Australia. Hence the number of participants can be significantly larger as long as they are not dependent on each other to complete the joint project.

Means of using free online chat lines.

When planning for free online video chat seminars student feedback revealed different means of using free online chat lines. Below are a few examples.



Currently, academics are using free online video chat to conduct seminars that welcome guest speakers from all around the world. In developing countries, there are not enough funds to invite a guest speaker to physically come and talk to students. With free online chat, instructors can address a hall full of students halfway around the world while staying in the comfort of their own homes or offices. 



In modern academia, students are required to participate in active debates. This helps the students to develop confidence and enhance class participation. Using free online chat rooms instructors can just set a topic and ask the students to debate on the subject matter. This exercise can help students to research the topic and present their argument. Student participation can be tracked by the teachers and points can be awarded accordingly. Using free online chat rooms is a better option for teachers as a verbal debate among hundred students is impossible to track and rate.



Free online chat should be time-bound. Meaning there should be a time lock on the free online chat room so that it doesn't become a burden on the students. The topics and guidelines for using free online chat rooms should be specific and to the point to ensure that the students don't go off course and stay within the defined parameters of the discussion.

The chat for education should be measurable in order to be graded. There should be clear communication to students about the grading policy of free online chat room. The chat by the students should have an achievable target you cannot have an infinite discussion on a topic that would lead to nowhere. The students must conclude their answers with a pre-decided checklist and the teacher should analyze the results based on the arguments of the students. 

In order for free online chat to succeed in the world of academics, all topics must be realistic in nature. Any discussion in free online chat rooms cannot be hypothetical. Academics are very serious matters so they should always be realistic in nature. It should not be mistaken for a casual free online chat with a stranger.



With free online chat for studies, the lessons must be carefully planned for the students living in different time zones across the world. And they should have the luxury of catching up with free online video chat whenever they have time. The free online chat rooms should be time locked in such a way that students could post on the chat forum during specified hours of the day.

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You should also consider the following while using this chat avenue or any other chat services available on the internet.

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Benefits of using free online chat

One of the biggest advantages of using free online video chat is that it provides extra support for students to learn. With free online video chat, students can not only learn directly from the teacher but they can ask each other for help on topics. Along with this students can have a choice of teachers they want to follow based on their teaching style.

Free online chat rooms can be a good source for students to carry out their research. Students can share their questionnaires to people all over the world using free online chat rooms. If students need to learn about a distant country they can use the free online chatrooms to ask for help regarding a particular subject.

Free online chat rooms are a great opportunity for students who are learning a new language. The best way for students to improve their new language is to use a free online voice chat. This gives them a chance to talk to native language speakers. Free online chat can help educational institutes to pool their knowledge and share it with students all over the world. Free online provides a platform for trainers to showcase their teaching abilities all over the world. 

Online video chat is a free and convenient way to carry out a conversation in real-time. This ability of free online chat can bring a revolution in the world of education. Free online chat can give anyone a chance to learn whatever he wants and wherever he wants. Many argue that free online chat should only allow textual communication. But depending on the complex nature of problems being discussed in advanced courses there is a need for audio and video.

For example, an instructor can share audio or video content as per the requirement of the subject. The need for writing or presenting board is still vital in explaining complex problems. Then there is a concern regarding the attendance of students in these free online video chats. Students can avoid attending the sessions and rely on the chatroom’s archive to attend the lecture at their convenience. This brings forward a question of discipline which can be resolved by free online video chat where student’s attendance can be tracked and monitored. 

Free online chat can help students of all ages to attend a lecture together. With free online chat, people can start to learn at any age, for example, a young student who is interested in attending advanced lectures can attend it online. 

Concerns regarding free online chat rooms

Some people have shared their concerns regarding the use of free online chat rooms for education. 

  1. Free online chat allows everyone to post at any time, because of this the focus can be lost. So there is a need for strict management of these free online chat lines. Because there are so many students who would be participating in free online chat rooms it can become unorganized so there should be a time bracket for posting your comments in the chat room. Continuous messages in a chat room can disturb students all day long.
  2. Bad voice quality can be very unsettling when using free online video chat. In order to reduce the technical issues, the universities should ensure that they use the state of the art hardware for their free online video chat. Bad video quality and a poor voice quality can be a problem when chatting with hundreds of students from all over the world.
  3. When using free online chat rooms, messages may tend to arrive very quickly because of the number of people using the free online chatroom. So it's advised that after setting a topic in a free online chat room the teacher must give ample time for students to respond. But the teacher must define a clear deadline for the chat to end.
  4. I would take time for students to become accustomed to this new idea of free online chat. As using free online chat for education is a new idea universities must be a bit patient with their students. Educational institutes might need a comprehensive training session for the students and teachers alike to ensure smooth operations.
  5. Frequent use of free online chat can become a burden for teachers and students alike. So there is a need to time-bound all free online chat activities for the students. 

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