Chatib Alternatives & Sites like Chatib


Chatib Alternatives & Sites like Chatib

Were you looking for Best Chat Sites like Chatib or finding online free alternatives to Chatib or may be finding sites similar to Chatib ? TalkWithStranger is proud to write reviews and opinions on other chat sites like Chatib & Chatib Alternatives. Read more below and stay tuned with best chat sites of 2020.


Chatib is an exciting online chatting website that gives unlimited options for young boys and girls, teenagers, adults and specially students to chat online for free. chat ib chat app is another way to chat with strangers and get to know people from around the world. chatib chat platform was used exclusively by students and young people when the internet was a new thing. was a revolution to chatting rooms in its time. Now there are more interesting options like talkwithstranger for free chat which requires no login no registration just straight fun.

Chat ib gives you the opportunity to socialize which is otherwise difficult or just can’t be given time to. Busy work and life schedules are the main reason why we can’t meet new people. Not only that, due to various jobs or study pressures and busy schedules, they have no time to go out for clubbing and making new friends. The reason why people have become lonely. Humans are social animals, and they cannot survive on their own. So they need other people for socializing. If someone stays alone for a long time, they are at a great chance of having depression and suffering from various psychological problems as well. That is why various sites like chatib have been developed.

With the advent of the internet, the whole lifestyle of people has changed. As explained earlier, people have no time to spend hours on shopping, doing groceries or even meeting new people. Now people prefer ordering online. Whether it is their monthly groceries, buying new clothes or even buying any electric appliances or gadgets, they can simply order online. So, while they are doing everything online, they prefer finding new people online as well. Keeping that trend in mind, various platforms rushed to provide online chat rooms and chat sites like Omegle. But most of them had one problem or the other. In times like this, one of the best platforms that provides various services for meeting new and exciting people online is

Benefits of using

There are a number of reasons why people prefer over various other dating sites. It has a number of chat rooms available for different types of people, where they can find people that match their interests. When you are on a chat site that does not have different chat rooms for every type of chatting, there is confusion about what to talk about with others. This becomes a major hindrance in making new friends, because you simply don’t know what to talk about. Here is a list of different chat rooms that are available at the chat ib app.

Chat room for college students:

People belonging to different age groups like to chat with people from the same age group. That is because their age fellows understand what they are going through. It does not mean that elders are not able to understand their children only because they are not at that age anymore. But it’s just that kids feel like their age fellows will be able to understand them in a better way. Due to this, they can vent out all they are feeling, which reduces anxiety and stress in many cases. Therefore, if you are a college student and feel that you are under a lot of stress, not only because of the study pressure, but also because no one understands you, then login to the chatib chat platform. 

Chatib has a special chat room for college students that is free of cost and teenagers can enjoy teen chat. You can talk about anything with other people that are your age fellows. Not only that, you can also use it for discussing any course related or study related problems. In a way, you can use this chat room as a platform for group study as well.

Chatroom for dating:

As explained earlier, loneliness can give rise to a number of problems like stress and anxiety, which might have serious repercussions on health as well. Humans are born to live in pairs. Due to the busy schedules and routines, people cannot take time out to go clubbing or on blind dates. It’s not just about the process of finding someone, but the limitation is also about the time that you have to spend together to get to know about each other.

Apart from that, there is a huge majority of people who do not feel confident enough to go up to anyone and ask them out. For this reason, there are a number of dating apps, which help you to hook up. But they too are not the real representation of how the other person might turn out. Because all they ask is to put up a profile picture and write some stuff about yourself. And no one in their right mind would write their flaws.

So, if you are also suffering from unwanted hook-ups and are unable to find the right one for you, then you don’t need to worry anymore. Chatib dating app allows you to get to know the other person first, before you decide to go on dates or waste your time. A special chatroom has been designed only for people who are looking for dating. This provides you with a better chance to find someone that matches your interests. Because only with 2 to 3 chatting sessions, you will get to know about them.  

Chatroom based on location:

Everyone knows how difficult it is to maintain a long distance relationship. Many couples, who have been with each other for years, could not make their relationship work only due to the long distance between them. But worry not, because has got you covered here as well. We have designed a number of special chat rooms, where you can find people that live in the same locality as you. So either you are looking only for a friend, or for a potential life partner, simply join our India or London chatroom. Here, you can find people that live very close to you. So even if the casual fling turns into something serious, you will not have to worry about losing the potential partner due to the long distance between you.

Chatroom based on interests:

Finding people with similar interests? Just go to chatib chat login page and start talking. As explained earlier, people used to spend hours every day in various tea houses or gatherings at a friend’s house, where they used to discuss a variety of things. These discussions involved music interests, like the new band in town, the new album from a well-known band or a deep discussion on various philosophical topics. But due to the busy lives and limited time, those gatherings got smaller and eventually vanished. But you don’t have to worry. 

Chatib us has thought about that too. We have special chat rooms where people can come together and discuss anything related to music, philosophy and even political affiliations. Because, due to the women’s involvement in politics these days and due to their right to vote in almost all the countries of the world, this is not only a topic which is for men.

Religion chat room:

Religion is a very sensitive topic. There are a number of religions people practice in different parts of the world. Only about 16% of the total population of earth live without having any religion. This leaves around 84% following one or the other religion. As explained earlier, it is a sensitive topic and everyone feels that their religion is an integral part of their life. So if a number of different religions, come together at a single platform, and start talking about other people’s beliefs and affiliation, it could create a major conflict. Because no one can hear other people talking bad about their religion. understands this and that is why, we have created a special chatroom, where people from different religions can come together. 

This also gives you an opportunity to know about other religions and their beliefs and the way they practice their specific religion. Not only that, there are also people who have a certain amount of command over the religious topics. So you can clarify different issues that you might feel regarding your religion. Apart from that, discussing your religion with learned scholars will also help you in better understanding regarding your religion.

Chatroom for singles:

Not everyone uses online chatting platforms for dating. Some people are just there to find people with whom they can discuss anything and everything. In simpler words, some people are online only because they are looking for people who can be their friends. This helps them to lighten their hearts because they can discuss different topics, without feeling any kind of restrictions like you do, when you are in a relationship. Therefore, if you are also looking for a chat room that is only for single people like you, then just login with and get connected to singles from different parts of the world.

Sports chat rooms:

One of the most common and widely discussed topics, among people of every age and gender, is sports. Whether you want to vent about your favorite team losing, or want to celebrate your team winning the championship, whether you want to discuss any conflict during a game, or you simply want to discuss the strategy, has a chatroom, which is only specified for sports enthusiasts. By logging into this chatroom, you can get connected with people from different parts of the world which are following the same sports, or are supporting the same teams. So login to this chatroom and discuss whatever you want regarding different sports. This is because numerous people around the world are waiting to connect with people like you.

Games chat rooms:

One of the favorite time passes of people from all parts of the world is playing games. Not everyone shows interest in playing high tech gaming all the time. Because they are quite stressful, where you need to be attentive regarding different aspects of the game. A number of games that can help you in reducing stress. These are simple games like the one we all used to play on our phones e.g. snake, bounce etc. These games not only help in reducing stress, but also help in passing time. That is why, chat ib app has a chatroom, where you can play a number of different, but simple games. 

These games include apples, katana fruits, checkers, reversi and tic-tac-toe. Not only that, all these games have dedicated chat rooms. Here, not only can you enjoy games, but can also hold friendly competitions. People from all around the world can join with ease. Because playing a game is fun, but a friendly competition makes the experience even better. So instead of looking for ways to spend your leisure time, just log on to and start playing these simple yet interesting games.


Using chatib during Covid-19:

The recent COVID-19 has brought the whole world on its knees. It has affected the most advanced countries in the same way as the third world countries. Rather, in a number of cases, the advanced countries have been affected even worse than less developed countries. The whole world has been forced to go into lockdowns. On recommendations of the World Health Organization and various medical experts, due to the absence of any vaccine. The only way to stay safe is to practice social distancing. That is why the whole world has come to a standstill. The economies have shut down due to the pandemic. People have been forced to not only to stay home, but also to socially isolate themselves from the world.

Due to the shutting down of industries and companies, a large population of the world has lost their jobs. Not only that but staying at home all the time has also increased the level of stress. Although this has given an opportunity to the people to get connected with their loved ones, those who are alone or have gotten stuck in different countries of the world are facing a number of issues like increased stress levels, anxiety and uncertainty about the future. Therefore, in times like this, is a great way in which you no longer have to stay alone. You can simply log in to any of the chat rooms that have been mentioned above and pass this difficult time. You can find people with similar interests, find dating partners, or simply play a number of different games with other people from different parts of the world.

Therefore, if you are also stuck in a country away from your loved ones, instead of getting stressed, join the community of hundreds of thousands of people from different parts of the world.

Why join chatib?

As mentioned earlier, Numerous chat sites are available online that you can join. One might ask why you should join instead of the numerous others available online, with millions of users. Well, there are a number of reasons for that. Some of those are mentioned as follows.

Real users:

As mentioned earlier, various platforms, only in order to attract more users, show millions of users that are fake. They are not real users at all. A number of users have complained that after going through lengthy login procedures. When they do get a chance to get connected, there is a large percentage of bots. The most number of bots are experienced in the chat rooms that have been designed for dating. does not show fake users. The login procedure is quite simple and straightforward, and you can see once you join. There are no bots and everyone  online is in fact real.

Safety and privacy:

When you join chatib chat app, you can be completely sure about your safety. The site has strict rules against people that are showing unwanted or adult content. In order to keep the user experience clean and suitable for both men and women. If you see anyone showing unwanted content, you can report them to the website authorities. If they find out that anyone has, in any way, violated the user’s policy, they might be temporarily or permanently banned from using the services.

Age restriction:

To protect children from scams and internet bullying, the site has a strict user’s policy. Due to this policy, no one under the age of 18 years will be allowed to join the site.

Customer service:

One of the best features of using is that you get a 24-hour customer service. No matter what part of the world you belong to, or what time zone you are in. If you face any trouble, you can get in touch with our customer care services. As our website is used globally, therefore, with the help of 24 hours customer service. We are able to ensure that no one faces any difficulty while using our chatib chat platform.

User interface:

The chatib site has been designed for all ages above 18 years. Therefore, we have kept the user interface quite simple so that no one faces any difficulty when they are chatting. Not only that, you can find different chat rooms and games on a single page.

Therefore, if you are looking for a chat app that has everything that you need. Then is the one for you.

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