Updates to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Please read Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. If you keep using Talk with Stranger, you're letting us know that you're okay with the updates.

What's getting changed?

Nothing is getting changed in the way website works, we are just clarifying how we use your information to improve your experience. We use browser cookies to save your nicknames in your own browser so that you don't need to write the name again when you return. It is different from using a database. TalkwithStranger doesn't store any information on their servers regarding user communications or their names.

Why are we clarifying now?

There are some new European privacy rules that will apply across Europe on May 25. We’re using this opportunity to make sure we’re really clear with you on how the website works.

Does this affect the way I use TalkWithStranger?

Not at all—your TalkWithStranger experience will stay the same.

What if I'm not okay with the changes?

If you're not okay with the changes, you should not use the website. But before you do that, please get in touch with us so we can answer any questions you have.