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Things to talk about chat room is not restricted to any topic and works for anything that you want to talk about. This chat room also provides you with various conversation topics and things to talk about with your crush and others. Here you can read on important tips on things to talk about with a girl or things to talk about with your girlfriend. This is the place if you are looking to find conversation topics in order find more things to talk about with a guy, things to talk about with your boyfriend or things to talk about with your crush. Other than that users can find awesome conversation starters and conversation topics along with advice on how to talk to girls, topics to talk about with a girl and questions to ask your crush.


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Things to talk about

We all have been in situations where we find ourselves looking for things to talk about during a conversation. This situation arises when a communication suddenly dies down. When we are looking for things to talk about during a conversation we feel very awkward about it. This feeling of awkwardness is a decisive moment, that can make or break a conversation. Hopefully, here are some topics that can help you in continuing your conversation.

First of all, we need to look at different things to talk about with someone. We also need to establish whether we are meeting for the first time or not. Usually, the best way to start a conversation with a new acquaintance is to talk about the current situation you are in, like a job or studies. Some of the most common things to talk about are, music, food, sports and traveling.

Talking about jobs and professions are also some of the good things to talk about. Simple questions like what do you do for a living? Or what's the best and the worst thing about your job? are good ice-breaking questions. Talking about one's experiences is one of the easiest things to talk about. Generally, people love it when you show interest in their lives. If you know the right things to talk about, then you can keep conversations going for longer.

A few more things to talk about are clothes, news, and movies. People generally like a good and honest compliment. If you ask someone a question about a jacket that they are wearing. They will be more than happy to talk about jackets and their other clothes. Similarly, if you ask someone's opinion about the current affairs they will be glad to share their thoughts.

The topic of sports is one of the most common things to talk about among men. If you meet someone new you should be careful to choose the things to talk about, based on the situation. For example, if you meet someone in a library it is a good idea to talk about books rather than traffic issues.

Things to talk about with a girl

To be very honest, every man who has to walk up to a girl finds this activity to be very hard. In fact, if someone says that he has no problems in approaching a woman is either a rockstar or a liar. Good looks in a man is not a guarantee of confidence. Even the most handsome of men face trouble when trying to think of things to talk about with a girl.

In general, you might not have any problems when chatting with friends. But as soon as you have to walk up to a girl, words start drying up and you are overpowered by feelings of embarrassment. This could result in the wrong words coming out. Experts say that when faced with the question about choosing things to talk about with a girl, you should stick to the basics. Start with a simple 'hi', and introduce yourself. Hopefully, after the introductions, you can carry the conversation forward by asking her if she would like some company.

While on the topic of things to talk about with girls, you should always remember to keep the conversation clean. Try to keep your eyes above the neck as you don't want to seem like someone who is only in it for the wrong reasons. Women respond well when they are respected so be careful when choosing things to talk about with a girl as a slight mistake might offend them.

One of the best things to talk about with a girl is her charming personality and her dress. Women tend to spend a lot of time choosing their clothes. A few good words about her dress will make her feel good about herself. There are also a few points to avoid in the list of things to talk about with a girl. When you are talking to a girl it is advised that you don't talk about your previous love life. Secondly, don't talk too much about yourself as no one likes a selfish person. Thirdly, one should never share a joke unless it suits the situation appropriately.

Read in detail more about "Things to talk about with a girl" or "Things to talk about with your girlfriend"on the next page. If you want to know more about how to talk to girls, then we suggest you read on down below to find help in that matter.

How to talk to girls?

One of the most asked questions in the world is, how to talk to girls? it's probably in the top five most asked questions. There are some basic things to remember when you are trying to talk to girls. First of all, you should 'be original'.

Being original means that you should be comfortable with yourself and stick to your natural style. Girls can tell when someone is trying to be someone they are not. This can have adverse effects on your efforts to talk to girls.

If you don't know how to talk to girls then you should allow her to do most of the talking. This will give you an insight into what she likes. Once you know about her interests you can build your conversation with her. In order to talk to girls, you should remind yourself that relationships need time. You should take one step at a time to understand the question of how to talk to girls.

If you ask an expert about how to talk to girls then they will tell you to look into the eyes while talking to girls. A good eye contact shows off your seriousness and dedication. You will not be able to impress a girl if you keep staring into the distance while talking to her.

To the right we have instanes of Interesting topics to about with a girl that can help you to keep the conversation going. The list of interesting topics to talk about with a girl are compiled from some of the most interating topics to talk about with a girl.

Things to talk about

When you join a chat room and connect with a person to chat, you don’t know what to talk about. Do You often wonder what are the things to talk about in a chat room? This is very confusing. In this case, you are waiting for the other person to start the chat and he/she is waiting for you to start the chat. This is the most awkward moment as you don’t know what to talk about. In such a situation, start with ‘Hi” to give the conversation a push. Then think of topics to talk about or search on the internet. 

Start off with something interesting. Find a topic from the internet and start to talk about it. If the other person is interested in talking about the specific topic, then he/she will continue to chat otherwise they will close the chat and move to some other person. You also can find some other person to talk to. The best things to talk about are the hobbies and interests. People love to talk about these things. 

If you are talking with a girl, you need to be more specific as girls don’t tolerate nonsense and immediately block you. Be careful while talking with girls. Only talk about things they love like they love to talk about fashion, dresses, shoes, bags, etc.

Are you searching for sites where you can talk with strangers about anything? Are you searching for things to talk about? Stop your search right here. Talk With Stranger is the site which provides all these things. TWS Things to talk about chat rooms are all about the topics used to talk with people. You will get to know the tips and conversation topics that are used to talk with a boy, a girl, a man, and a woman. 

Get advice on how to impress your girlfriend with interesting conversation and how to make more and more friends. Follow the good chat room topics suggested by people to make your talking experience worth it.

Topics to talk about

When you are talking to someone and all of a sudden your conversation stops because you don’t know what to talk about and you both are sitting empty minds thinking of a topic to talk on. Some people don’t want to talk. If a person gives you a one-word answer and you feel like he/she is not interested, then it’s better to end the conversation right away and find someone else to talk with. 

Here are some topics to talk about with a person:



People love to talk about themselves so find something interesting from their profile that describes them and start talking about it.



Talk about the hot topics about which people are talking about. What is top trending on the Twitter



Tell about what’s happening in the world, which country is growing and which is not



Almost everyone is a sports lover. It is a topic on which everyone loves to talk. Talk about the sports your opposite person loves



Ask them about what extracurricular activities they take part in other than their work like playing badminton or tennis



Talk about what they love to do. The things in which they have an interest like reading books



Talk about the list of hobbies that he/she has listed in the profile



Discuss the latest movies. Which movie to watch and which not to



The Majority of people are music lovers. It is the best topic to talk about

There are hardly a few people in this world who don't like to travel. Tell them about the places to have visited and also get to know from them



Reading books is very beneficial as we get to improve our English skills. Recommend some good books to them

Things to talk about with your boyfriend

When you have been in a relationship for some time you will sometimes need new things to talk about with your boyfriend. A conversation is an important part of the relationship as it makes the bond among partners stronger. One of the best things to talk about with your boyfriend is To recall a private moment in the past. You can ask your boyfriend questions like 'when did you first realize that you liked me? This question will allow both partners to ponder over how much the relationship has grown with time.

Talking about the family is also a good thing to talk about with your boyfriend. If you ask your boyfriend 'what was the best thing about your childhood?'. It will make him feel good and loved. Asking your boyfriend about his father will show your genuine interest in his personal life. It is a good idea to take your boyfriend on a trip down memory lane.

Some experts say that one of the finest things to talk about with your boyfriend is inquiring about how his day was. This query will him a chance to unwind and share all the joys and sorrows of his workday. Sharing in a relationship is very important so anything that would make your boyfriend open up and share his feelings is good.

You can also talk about your problems with your boyfriend. As in every relationship, there are bound to be obstacles. Communication is the key to overcome these obstacles as a lack of communication can cause misunderstandings that are harmful in any relationship. You can find solutions to any problem just by talking about it with your boyfriend.

You can ask your boyfriend about the best place he has been in his life. Questions like these will help you to better understand your boyfriend and will help in better bonding of the partners. Read more "Things to talk about with a guy" on the next page.

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Interesting topics to talk about with a girl

If you have known a girl for years or just meeting for the first time. Knowing things to talk about with a girl are vital to keeping the relationship going. Different girls have different tastes so following are some of the safest topics that you can't go wrong with.


Family is one of those topics that can fill an entire conversation. There are not many safe topics to talk about with a girl other than family. As both of you have unique family backgrounds this gives you plenty to talk about and understand who she really is.

Ask about her day

After the introductions and family, another interesting topic to talk about with a girl is asking her how her day went. This will give her an opportunity to unwind and share her experiences of the day that are still fresh in her memory. Asking her about her day will also let you in on her daily routine and habits. You can keep the conversation going by asking her some follow up questions as well.

Talk about fun things

For men, meeting a girl is always awkward by nature. You can ease the discomfort by cracking some really funny jokes. Leave the dirty jokes out of the conversation and stick with family-friendly jokes for now. Girls appreciate a guy with a good sense of humor, even if it's silly to some extent. It is advised that you don't act like a comedian or anything. Just try to be upbeat and positive while keeping a smile on your face.

Good Things To Talk About

Everyone wants the conversation to be interesting. It can be done by thinking of good things to talk about.

Below are mentioned some good things that we have to use while chatting:

Best things to talk about with your crush

If you and your crush bump into each other, what would you talk about? It seems impossible to talk to them. You can often forget that if your crush likes you as well then he/she will also be looking to start a conversation. Below are some good things to talk about with your crush.

Talk about your dreams

As human beings, we tend to like talking about ourselves, our values and ambitions. Talking about dreams in life is one of the good things to talk about with your crush. When your crush talks about his dreams, you will be able to see through a small window into their lives. If your crush is comfortable while sharing his/her dreams with you then it's a sign that your crush might like you as well.

Questions to ask your crush

Try to get your crush to talk as much as you can. Ask him about what he likes and what he wants in life? Make sure that your questions are related to your crush directly. Don't try to change topics frequently because it is unnatural to switch from a conversation about someone's childhood to their favorite brand. Let the conversation flow organically and you will have more things to talk about with your crush. It is a good habit to prepare some questions to ask your crush in advance.

Discuss Hobbies

Some good questions to ask your crush are about interests and hobbies. Discussing life goals is also a good thing to talk about with your crush. Someone's interests tell you a lot about that person. If you are lucky, you will find some common interests and hobbies that you can talk about with your crush. You should really listen to what your crush has to say as your ability to listen deeply shows that you are truly interested.

Ask for Advice

One of the best things to talk about with your crush is asking for his or her advice. Try breaking the ice by asking your crush for advice. People feel flattered when asked for advice. It can give you a natural start to a conversation. Try to ask questions to get your crush to start talking meanwhile you should listen carefully to seem genuinely interested. Once the conversation gets going, let the topics flow naturally.

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