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  • Tom Cruise's new movie is insane

    Tom Cruise’s new movie which is also a sequel of the old Mission Impossible films is insane! I mean, it’s very thrilling and way dope! I like how he always mesmerizes his viewers. I like how he does those deadly stunts, very rough yet amazing at the same time. Also, Henry Cavill’s appearance in the movie is a big YES for us fans! From being the patriotic Superman to a non-power human (well, he’s still amazing because of his stunts and live actions!), Henry is a god! I am so excited, especially after their appearance to a foreign tv show. Who’s with me?

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  • Who watched Mission Impossible Fallout

    Thumbs up

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  • What is this TV show? - i need help -

    Need help! somebody gotta remember its name/title.
    -- This show is one of my all time favorite TV shows --

    Either Australian or New Zealand made. (it couldn't of been British made)
    I think it was made in late 1990's or early 2000's

    Post apocalyptic world where all the adults have died due to some sickness,
    (or something like that, i can't remember), only kids and none adult teens exist.

    The show follows this city which is divided into two different "groups";
    these Nazi(ish,esq) baddies who control basically the entire city with fear and violence
    or, with (as the very famous and epic quote of this TV shows goes; "War and Chaos!!!!")

    And those who don't want to be any part of that group who are either alone, hiding,
    in the city, or those who fight against the tyranny of the mentioned above, which includes
    the main cast and the protagonist, they live at the local high school, which
    is the main location where lots of the show is filmed.

    Now the both groups (the naziesc group and the kids&teens who live at the school)
    have names (what they cal their "groups" ) unfortunately i can't
    remember, but those names are often mentioned in the show, i do remember that 🙂 .

    The shows score was amazing (music of the show)
    intro (theme) music, end credits, all of the music really

    Every character were these really cool post apocalyptic punk clothes,
    make up, the mood of the show was really cool and well made.

    Anyone recognize (know) this TV show what i described?

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