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How to use voice calls on mobile?

To use random voice chat on mobile Google Chrome browsers or iPhone Safari (only), Please tell your mobile browser to "Request Desktop Site" by going in your browser settings menu. See below screenshots.

  1. If you are on iPhone safari, hold the refresh arrow icon for few seconds. It should be on top right of the address bar.
    • If you are on latest iOS 13 iPhone safari, tap on the "AA" icon on the top left of the search field. From there, tap "Request Desktop Website" on the pop-up menu.
  2. OR if you are on Android Chrome, tap the 3 dots on android top right side of search bar) as shown in screenshot below.
  3. And click "Request Desktop Site". Or if you don't understand Click for Android Guide or Click for iPhone Guide. If you are on latest iPhone iOS 13 safari, follow guide for iOS 13.

Android Chrome Picture E.g to Request Desktop Site

How to request desktop site on TWS
How to request desktop site on TWS

iPhone Safari Picture E.g to Request Desktop Site

Old iPhones (Hold the Refresh Icon)
How to request desktop site on TWS

New iPhones iOS 11+ (Tap Aa Icon)
How to request desktop site on TWS

Voice message through Talk with Stranger:

It is quite evident from the reasons mentioned above that voice message is a lot more advantageous than other forms of communication. That is why its popularity is growing over time. Whether it is a discussion on a serious topic or you are simply talking to your friends, you can do it in the form of recorded messages. Due to the growing popularity of this type of communication, there are a number of platforms and voice message app. A very popular app in this regard is Talk with Stranger (TWS). There are a number of reasons for that. Some of the most important reasons why you should choose TWS over others are explained below.

Convenience of conveying the message without error or misunderstanding

You want to give a message to someone, but the person is very talkative. No problem. Instead of calling them who can occupy you for hours, simply record a voice message and send it to the person. Voice messages bring convenience for you. The Voice message facility is free of cost on TWS. Not only voice message but talkwithstranger is the site that brings so many exciting options all free of cost. Such as video calling, voice calls, conference calls, text messages, random calls, voice messages, anonymous calls, and so on.

Communication has become much quicker with a voice message 

The phone has converted into a necessity instead of a luxury. Nowadays a phone is needed for every second person. Not only the phone but the internet is also dominating our lives and becoming a crucial part of our lives. New inventions are making it more convenient and instant. The use of these facilities is becoming common day by day.

If you remember in the past we used to have a can led phone in our houses on which necessary calls were made. And before this there were no phones in every common man's house instead, there were phones both and PCO for crucial calls. Only the rich were the ones who could afford a phone.

But nowadays even if you can't buy bread and butter you must own a phone because it has become a part of our lives. Phones have changed their place from luxury to necessity. Long phone calls are reduced to short text messages or voice messages. Voice messages make it very easier than a voice call. It gives an option for instant connection. A message can be delivered instantly. Voice messaging is a convenient and instant alternative to calls.

Invention of Voice Messages?

At first, there was an online typed messages concept. There were only messages which you type and send. But later voice messages were developed according to the needs of people. For instance, mobile phone companies give a variety of offers to their customers, by which calls are cheap. But if you have relatives and friends abroad the call charges are very high. Voice messages are quite less expensive. Moreover, there are some areas where network service is not properly provided. The clarity of the voice is an issue at such a place. In these situations, the voice message is a good alternative to convey your message. 

Sometimes the person we want to talk with is busy, so they can't respond to our call immediately. In this situation leaving a voice message is a better option. The person can listen to it later. 

What is a voice message

Are you still thinking about what a voice message is? The voice message is recorded on your phone, you record a message in your voice on your phone and send it to the desired person.

Do you want to know how you do voice message download?

Well, voice message download is quite easy. Most of the time the voice message is downloaded automatically. If the voice message download is automatically not done. You can tap on the voice message download option, and listen to the message.

Voice message app

Talkwithstranger offers a voice message app for its users. Voice message app gives instant reach to the option. Instead of getting indulge in opening URL searching and selecting voice message chatroom. When you use a voice message app you have the option of instant reach to your desired feature within seconds.

Key Features:

A totally free app:

As explained earlier, there are a number of apps in the market that are offering the option of text and voice message. But the main reason why TWS stands out from the rest of the apps is that it is a totally free platform. Anyone, from any part of the world can use this platform. You will not have to pay a single penny. The other apps might ask you for a subscription charge or monthly charges, but that is not the case with TWS. From the first day that you start using this app till the end, we will not ask you for any account details, because all our services are completely free.

No personal details required:

Another reason that separates TWS from the rest is the sign-up procedure. As a matter of fact, there is no sign-up procedure at all. All you have to do is to simply open the TWS website on your computer and start connecting with random strangers from all over the world. The reason why this is so important is that first, it protects your privacy. Secondly, this feature guarantees that there is no change in amazing services that we provide. Because a number of sites that need your credentials for sign up procedure might have a number of hidden charges. Therefore, when we say that this app is totally free, the sign-up procedure guarantees that it stays free.

High quality audio and video:

When you are using TWS, you will soon find out that we offer the best audio and video quality as compared to various other apps and websites that are offering the same features. This further enhances and improves the user experience while using the various features of TWS.

Compatibility with various devices:

As explained a number of times, mobile phones are extremely important and a must-have gadget in today’s world. And everyone owns a smartphone as well. You can’t carry your laptop everywhere with you. But you cannot leave your house without your mobile phone. Therefore, you can use the various features of TWS on the go as well. No matter where in the world you are, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection for your device and you can use the various features that include video chat, voice message, phone calls and numerous others without any worry.

Therefore, due to all the above mentioned reasons, TWS is the best app that you can use for getting in touch with anyone from your social circle.

Chat rooms:

One of the most exciting features of the TWS app is the variety of chat rooms that it offers. As the name of the site suggests, it offers you an opportunity to talk with strangers. The other features are simply an added bonus that comes with this amazing site. The different chat rooms have been set up so that you can find strangers that match your interests and talk about different things with them. Here is a list of different chat rooms and their features.

Chat rooms for different countries:

People like to make friends that live close to them. The reason for that is not only does the same location offer a lot of similar interests, but they might also get a chance to meet them as well. This is not possible if you make friends from a different location or a different country all together. That is why TWS offers you the opportunity to find people that live in the same country. It has more than 160 chatrooms for different countries from all around the world. All you have to do is to go to the chatroom of your country and start talking to different strangers from your country.

Dating chat rooms:

TWS is not only a social site. You can also use it for dating as well. People nowadays prefer dating online instead of real life. The reason for that is that it is simply more convenient and cheaper. You will not have to spend huge amounts of money taking people to dinners only to find out that both of you are not compatible. With the help of TWS, you can first get to know each other better. If your interests match and you see that you have a chance of building a strong relationship, then you can proceed in any way you want.

These dating chat rooms are not simply for straight people. Apart from straight chat rooms, there are a number of different dating chat rooms that are for people for different sexual orientations. There are lesbian chatrooms, gay chatrooms, singles chatrooms, bisexual chatrooms and a number of others. Therefore, no matter what gender orientation or gender preference you have, you will find that on the platform of TWS.

Depression chat room:

Depression is a very serious problem. It is known as a silent killer. You might find that a person is fully normal and has a complete life, but still they are in deep depression. It not only affects normal people, but also affects a number of celebrities as well. There are numerous suicides every year due to depression. Although it might have very serious consequences, it is very easily treatable. All a person suffering from depression needs is a listening ear. If they find a person who is ready to hear about their problems, it can go away. Besides, if you know that the main problem that you have is just depression, you might also be willing to take professional help. That is why, TWS also has a special chatroom known as depression chatroom. Any person who feels that life is not fair to them and is thinking about ending it, just give it a try and you will find out that most of your problems are just in your head.

Reasons behind the popularity of voice messages

There are so many reasons why this feature is getting so much popularity. Why do most people want to use voice message apps to fulfill their communication needs?

Here are some of the reasons explained briefly.


  • Less time consuming


Sometimes you need to give a detailed answer for the business purpose or any other topic, so you need to write a long message which is not very pleasant. In this situation, the voice message is a good alternative for delivering a message in detail.

Long typing looks boring and hectic. When it comes to short message sending, typed messages are a good option, but while answering a long paragraph. Answering in a recorded voice is better to choose than getting indulged in typing long messages.


  • Cheap as compare to call


While sending a voice recorded message is easy, it is also not expensive, in fact, it is free to talk with a stranger.  Making an international call is quite a burden on your pockets and costs a handsome amount which puts the burden on your pocket. You can save this money with the help of a talkwithstranger. This site allows us to send voice recorded messages through the internet and deliver our message with ease and economical way. 


  • Convenient 


Convenience is at the top of the list while it comes to voice-recorded messages. Voice recorded messages are more convenient as compared to calls. Sometimes the person we want to talk with would not be available at the time when we want to call them and talk about something, but we have a second option of sending voice recorded messages to the person and he/she will check as soon as they get time to check their phone. So your message will be delivered no matter whenever the receiver gets it. 

Network issues can cause trouble of voice unclarity, in this situation voice messages can give convenience. 


  • Elaborates the purpose perfectly


During the time of network issues, recorded voice can help in elaborating the message properly. Plus during recording voice, no interruption is experienced which leads to elaborating the message properly. During the call, the convo is cut by the other person when trying to clear the point but in a recorded voice, no issue like this is encountered. 


  • Easy option to leave a message while the receiver is not available


Sometimes the receiver is not available when we try to reach through a phone call. At this time by recording voice, we can leave a message for the receiver to listen to later on. Recording voice is better than typing a recording a voice message is an easier option than typing a text message. Especially when it comes to a long message, It is easy to record a long message and hard to type a long message. Some people hate typing and find recording voice convenient.