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How to use voice calls on mobile?

To use random voice chat on mobile Google Chrome browsers or iPhone Safari (only), Please tell your mobile browser to "Request Desktop Site" by going in your browser settings menu. See below screenshots.

  1. If you are on iPhone safari, hold the refresh arrow icon for few seconds. It should be on top right of the address bar.
    • If you are on latest iOS 13 iPhone safari, tap on the "AA" icon on the top left of the search field. From there, tap "Request Desktop Website" on the pop-up menu.
  2. OR if you are on Android Chrome, tap the 3 dots on android top right side of search bar) as shown in screenshot below.
  3. And click "Request Desktop Site". Or if you don't understand Click for Android Guide or Click for iPhone Guide. If you are on latest iPhone iOS 13 safari, follow guide for iOS 13.

Android Chrome Picture E.g to Request Desktop Site

How to request desktop site on TWS
How to request desktop site on TWS

iPhone Safari Picture E.g to Request Desktop Site

Old iPhones (Hold the Refresh Icon)
How to request desktop site on TWS

New iPhones iOS 11+ (Tap Aa Icon)
How to request desktop site on TWS

Prank calls with humans and not bots

Calling people is not new to the world. In fact, the swift technological change over the last few years has enabled internet users worldwide to connect and interact easily. However, all connecting platforms do not provide real people to connect with, and all your invested time and efforts go in vain when you come across fake profiles. 

Similarly, you are also likely to discover people, fake people, when you intend to kill your boredom through prank calls. Unfortunately, your prank ends up in disappointment if the people you are interacting with are not real. 

On the contrary, talkwithstranger guarantees you to make your way to call real people. Thus, there are more chances that you enjoy your prank to the fullest if you choose talkwithstranger for prank calls.

On talkwithstranger when you prank call they are real, and for fun, unlike other websites where they only show people online. They do not show the original profile. They reply only on chat, and mostly they are automated replies, so falling into their trap. Wasting your time on such platforms is better to log in to a website with real people sitting online waiting for your call.


Your privacy matters more in prank calls. Therefore, any crucial information for you must not be passed to the one receiving prank calls. If your private details are at risk, your prank call may turn out to be a nightmare. However, this is not something to worry about when you are doing it on talkwithstranger. It is one of the most trusted online dating platforms that protect your credentials and personal details at any cost. 

The website spends a hefty amount on cybersecurity, so all your privacy concerns are addressed. Thus, you don’t need to worry about cyber-attacks that may put you in trouble. Your call is not recorded even by the website itself, and if we talk about the profile information. You can easily put a fake user-name that does not belong to you. However, if you are doing some unethical stuff on the website, such as doing scams or doing nasty things without the other person’s consent, you might be permanently blocked. Which means you cannot make another account too. Your IP address will be banned, and you can never benefit from a platform like talkwithstranger.

As prank calls are concerned, nobody will ask you to stop it. However, if users complain about your profile that you are trying to scam with them or have done it in the past, your profile will be banned as the management starts to monitor the profiles that have any complaints against it. If they find anything that can be bad for the users, they immediately block it. Therefore, Talkwithstranger is a safe and private way of doing prank calls. You can do fun while staying within the certain boundaries set by the management.

Keeps it legal

Prank calls can be tricky and risky sometimes. So, to keep users safe, talkwithstranger does not let any caller make a prank call to the emergency services like police headquarters, fire brigade, rescue service, etc. Since any fake call made to the state departments and services is subjected to a legal proceeding, talkwithstranger strictly prohibits its users from any such act that may put him/her into unprecedented trouble. Therefore, it always recommends making prank calls to friends, family members, and dating partners. It is not just safe but fascinating too. A prank call that ends up in prison or some legal action is of no use. So, if you are craving unlimited funny prank calls, there are thousands of strangers and businesses out there for you.  

Pre-set prank calls

What is fascinating about talkwithstranger is that it provides people with a pre-set prank call scenario. If you are shy or reluctant to initiate a funny prank call, you can benefit from this platform’s built-in feature. Surprisingly, there are multiple interesting scenarios already available on the website. It depends on how you choose and which mode of communication you like from talk to text or chat, which prank call is one of the best ways to have fun. Either you want to make your friend scared or make your dating partner fall into your trick. Talkwithstranger will do all this for you at a one-stop-shop. 

People on Talkwithstranger enjoy prank calls

It is one of the best features of this website/app; people are mostly ready for the anonymous calls made to make fun. They enjoy it, unlike the other people that are so busy in their lives. Whenever they receive any prank call, the first thing that comes to their mind is to drop the call if it is irrelevant or if you call them again, they might block you.

People who talk with strangers are very jolly; they welcome everyone, as the TwS’s purpose is to communicate with strangers. While you are on the website, there is a very little chance that you will get blocked, or your call will be dropped. People come up with other jokes that might make you laugh. Moreover, the user of talkwithstranger does not get angry at the other person if the prank is not subjected to hurt them. They will try to reply to positivity.

A lil Story to Warm your Heart 

Just like a happy user of talkwithstranger, Alex shared a story that he was getting bored, and he had nothing to do; he tried to call his friends, and nobody picked up his call, so after getting tired, he searched different online platforms to prank call people to kill some time. He got to know about talkwithstranger where he can completely hide his identity and call people, so he started calling people doing different pranks on them. According to him, 9 out of 10 calls were successful, and people enjoyed talking to him. However, the good thing about him was that he told each one that the call was not real at the end of the call, and he was doing fun; almost all of them knew that he was doing this for fun. 

Alex now uses talkwithstranger very often whenever he gets bored. You can use talk with a stranger too for the prank calls. All you have to do is take some time out of your busy routine and relax your mind while pranks with some random stranger.

The best website to make prank calls: 

There are different prank call websites on the internet that generate prank call phone numbers. These prank call websites give prank call phone number ideas to their users. The user uses these phone numbers that they get from those websites. Many websites are working as prank call phone number providers and generating million dollars annual revenue. This is working as a business. Talkwithstranger is a chat site which gives you the option to make calls to talk to strangers. Talkwithstranger is trustable to use a phone number and talk to the person.

  • Talkwithstranger feature for a prank call

Talkwithstranger provides location-based users to make a call. You'll know where you're calling. This way you can plan a call in a better way. As you know about the phone number and residence country you can go better with your plan. You have the option to get connected with the people living in your region. This way you can make your call more interesting. People know about their area, so you can prank the receiver about different offers which are available in your area, this way, the person on the line will think that you're a legit person and you'll get a chance to put life into your prank. This will make your prank look more real and fulfilled.

  • Making prank calls on random numbers:

Calling random numbers and making jokes is a thrilling idea. Imagine sitting aimlessly and suddenly you get an idea of making a prank call on random numbers. You dial a random number, and a simple person attains the call. You start talking about your planned prank and guess what, you succeed in trading the person. This way, calling random numbers can turn your boredom time into some enjoyable moments. Which you can cherish later, remembering you dialed a prank call with a random number and had fun with it.

Your ideas while you dial a random number should be unique so that you don't get caught immediately while dialing phone numbers. Think something out of the box and then dial prank all phone numbers and have fun on prank call free with talkwithstranger. Old call ideas may get you caught instantly because people remember when they were pranked with the same prank call idea. So you should try to come up with something new and then try it on a call on talkwithstranger. 

  • Making a prank to someone you know

A call to a known person is the most interesting call idea. If you know a person you better know how to trick them. A call to the known person is most enjoyable because you can tease them later on about how they reacted to your call. You can make fun of how you make the person fool with your funny call idea. Calling a known person is easy as well as funny because you have their number beforehand. You know who you're talking to is what's their weak point. You have an idea how to make them fool. So it's easier to prank a known person.

Why is Talkwithstranger the best option to make prank calls to strangers?

TWS gives multiple options to its users like video calling, voice calls, text messages, multimedia messages, and so on. All of these facilities are free of cost. You can pass your time as per your desire, and you don't have to spend a lot of money to have some great fun. Whether you want to date a girl or have some serious conversation with a sensible person. But be sure although these facilities are free of cost. You're not allowed to cross the limits. Harassment(verbal), bullying, using sexist language, or talking about racism or sexism. Sharing adult content or talking about anything nasty is prohibited on talkwithstranger. Talkwithstranger especially hires human moderators to keep the website clean and a safe place. This is the reason that users feel comfortable using this website.

Hunndreds of users enjoy prank calls on TWS daily

A mischievous phone call made to trick someone is called a Prank call. Pranks are very common nowadays. People perform different kinds of amusing pranks to have fun. Practicing social pranks has become a trend nowadays. Many people plan pranks and then record them with hidden cameras. These videos go viral and people make handsome money. Pranks made on prank calls are also recorded and shared on social media platforms. People enjoy listening to those calls. TWS allows its users to make a prank call without disclosing their identity. You can dial an anonymous call without showing up. A funny call to a stranger is a good option to kill boredom and have fun. It is a kind of fun-filled activity that can be done with relatives or random people.

Prank call chat room at Talkwithstranger:

Prank call chat rooms on talkwithstranger are specially designed to make calls to have fun with people through pranking them. These chat rooms allow us to make calls on prank call numbers. There are different prank call websites that generate specific prank call numbers. These prank call websites give the number and opportunity to make a call to anyone you want to. Where you can have some great fun.

Talkwithstranger always comes up with exciting and fun-filled ideas for its users. This chatting website never lets its users get bored whether it's about the versatility of chat rooms. Talkwithstranger gives multiple options for chat rooms, such as teen chat rooms, random chat rooms, desi chat rooms, single chat rooms, local and international chat rooms and so many more. 

Prank call on TWS is easiet way to do it !

Like other features of talkwithstranger, this is also a very easy-to-use option. No long procedure is needed at this step as well. TWS is preferred because of its easy and fast use. No long process is followed before getting to any option. Just open the website or TWS app and enjoy any feature you want, by clicking on that. 

All you have to do is open a prank call chat room, select a nickname or if you don't want to select one it's not mandatory, you'll be shown as someone. After selecting a nickname you'll proceed to your desired option and you'll get connected instantly. Start talking to the person you're connected to. You have the option to disconnect at any time, and the person will not have an option to get back to you. All this is simple. There are different websites, but talkwithstranger is different from all of them. It is more convenient to use. A prerequisite registration process is needed. TWS never asks you to sign up for the site. No need to provide any extra details except a nickname to make a prank call. Have you ever heard of a website that is this easy to use? No email or phone number is asked on TWS. This means you don't have to hesitate that your information will be disclosed. By this confirmation of staying anonymous, you enjoy your stranger talk to its fullest. 

The plus point is that all this ease and fun is completely free. No extra charges are deducted. To use the prank call number of TWS all you need is your regular data plan to run the website. You don't have to think before getting to TWS what costs you to have some great memorable time. Because you know all the services provided are free including prank call. 

Final verdict

While multiple different websites provide you with free calls, talkwithstranger still remains the best. It provides hundreds of the best features regarding prank calls and other free anonymous calls. It has various people waiting for you, and you might be amazed that talkwithstranger is the only website that does not have any fake calls. Which means no computer will call you or pick up your call. 

Therefore, without any doubt, it is the best platform for prank calls. If you only try it once, you will never regret it because it is free, provides numbers to prank calls, no restrictions over age, it is very easy to use, and has an app too. Like these few features, it has countless other features, so it is worth trying once, and we bet you will be hooked.  

So next time if you think about making a prank call, make sure you log in to talkwithstranger and make the best of your time.