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Hello Diane! I am Zayn. Why did you disconnect? I believe it was a mistake.We were talking about our hobbies and you told that you liked Maze Runner. I will not force you to talk with me. But if you want, please send me a direct message to my twitter account. Only for you, I have edited my Twitter account and can accept direct message from everybody. Please message me. I\'ll be waiting...... Bye
Cameron here from England, im looking for Clara, from Philippines. So clara if you read this i want to tell you that i am very sorry i accidentally click the ad. I dont want you to think that i dont want to talk with you or you are boring coz youre not. Your awesome to talk to.i hope you still remember me. We talk about travelling,sports etc. You are amazing. So again. Clara its me cameron with ,green eyes ,tall and white . Please reply please.