How to flirt with a guy / How to flirt with a boy – Flirting 101

Flirt – “How to flirt without being too obvious” A beginner’s guide

How to flirt with a boy – How to flirt with a guy without being too obvious

What is flirting? Flirty? Flirtatious? – Flirt  definition

Flirt / Flirting in actual is an art of behaving in such a way that shows you are attracted to or interested in someone romantically or sexually. Flirting is the verbal or non-verbal communication through body language relaying the fact that you find the other person attractive for varying individual reasons. It is usually associated with a non-serious attitude towards any commitment and flirting is believed to rarely grow into a deeper connection with your partner. Therefore, non-seriousness is attributed to a flirtatious behavior. Flirting isn’t really difficult like fast flirting and some people just have the talent to flirt without an effort while we see some people struggling to flirt. Do you want to learn how to flirt with a girl or how to flirt with a boy?

People are usually dumb founded when asked about how to flirt with a guy or how to flirt with a boy. Though flirting isn’t really that much difficult as people believe it to be and it isn’t a rocket science. The basic concept of flirting has been the same since the beginning of flirt, only the methods of application have changed. We might have differing opinions on flirting and on how to flirt like a pro but basically we all fall for the same things really. On a basic level our advice to you is to keep up your confidence and act naturally. If you are not a natural flirt no problem, just take a bold step to flirt and build on it from there based on your instincts and I am sure you will achieve great results. Believe in yourself and the message you want to convey will have that much strength in it as well.

Top 9 tips on flirting
Tips on how to flirt with a guy without being too obvious


Today we are going to tell you about 9 great techniques to flirt with a guy. These tips will help you get the best out of this beginner’s guide on how to flirt with a guy and it can be used to flirt with a guy at work as well. A collection of 9 best tips and techniques on how to flirt that you can use successfully while flirting. Use these tips and techniques to flirt freely.

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Keep it simple and understandable

Hands down the most straightforward techniques used in flirting usually work best. Generally the simplest techniques are the easiest to understand and interpret. This is mainly due to the reason that the signs clues and moves used while flirting feel more familiar. There are many online dating sites for you to try this on.

For example:  Flirting through your eyes and passing clues is basic and simple. Guys are suckers for pretty eyes and if you have lovely eyes you’ve got an edge on flirting with them with your eyes. Eyes are also known as to be the windows to the soul and a lot can be conveyed using just your eyes. A meaningful flick of your eyes towards your partner’s lips is suggestive in itself that you are open to a kiss. Flirt with guys and pass flirty signs using other simple methods.

Be prepared and master your techniques

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Start talking & develop a level of understanding

The next step in flirting is to start talking and if you have got something to talk about with him then you should do that now. If you do not have anything to talk about with him specifically then you should start developing a basic level of understanding with the guy in order to flirt better with him.

Guys love it when girls try to understand them and doing this will definitely get you a high score in flirting. Most guys will fall for this tactic and get wrapped up instantly in what you’ve got to say. We recommend you to check out these  helpful blogs Beginner’s guide on How to talk dirty? and the Beginner’s guide on dating.

Maintain eye contact & draw attention to yourself

Maintaining eye contact is very important in flirting and you can use your eyes to pass all sorts of discreet and naughty messages across. A simple swift gaze from his eyes to his lips can be used to flirt in suggesting yourself as being open to kiss.

By staring into his eyes and maintaining eye contact you are positively drawing attention to yourself. This tactic is especially useful while flirting as it allows you to take control and lead to your desired direction.

Keep it fun, remember to compliment smile & laugh often

Flirting is supposed to be fun and so should it be, and it does not work if you intend to make fun of someone. To keep it light and fun remember to compliment him often. Smiling and laughing can also help lift the mood a little.

The best tip to be given here is to never target the specifics and always use generalized forms in your jibes and flirtatious comments. This will help you avoid unnecessary awkwardness and keep your comments in check.

Do not go overboard while trying to flirt

Flirting can be used as a great tool but it is not advised to be a flirt all the time. Many people find flirting discomforting and would rather avoid being played by anyone. If you want to know how to flirt you should know when to stop flirting. Flirting if playfully done should be fun but it must never be offensive.

Overplaying your flirt hand is not recommended and it is best to get to know your partner better before taking it a step further.

Flirty smiles
  • Benefits of flirting:

  • Beneficial for physical health, mental health and it’s fun at the same time.

  • Great practice to meet new people and find new friends.

  • Your self-esteem gets an immediate boost after witnessing the responsiveness after flirting with guys.

  • A great way of unwinding yourself after a hard day at work or otherwise.

  • You also become more aware to your own outlook and how the world sees you. A motivating factor indeed.

  • Brings about higher self awareness in you and can help you improve yourself further

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Show genuine interest & relate whenever possible

If you show genuine interest and lean in just a little when he is talking to you, it will make a huge difference and go a long way in your partnership. This shows the guy that you are genuinely interested in what the guy has to say and whatever he says will be taken seriously.

Relating to the guy whenever possible about your own experiences. This will also go a long ways in your flirty endeavors and may even rake up high points for you.

Get close & lift the touch barrier gently

If you think you have had enough talk and want to carry this forward one step further then we would suggest you to lift the touch barrier. You can do this gently by brushing past his hand or sitting really close to him in a confined space to get him to open up with you and feel comfortable around you.

This flirting technique is quite helpful around a shy guy but don’t try too hard or you’ll end up making it too obvious. It’s also advisable here to get to know the limits of the guy you want to flirt with.

Draw attention to your body with elegance

You should flaunt whichever features you posses and get complimented upon by everyone. Acting with grace and by paying attention to your body language you can convey a lot to your partner indirectly. Simply rolling your hair around your finger can draw attention to your beautiful hair or a naughty suggestive lick of the lips is also highly advised.

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