A BEGINNER’S GUIDE On How to Talk Dirty

Intimacy is a crucial part of any relationship and dirty talk is a masterful act that can help you get intimate with your partner.  You must learn how to talk dirty. Whether you are with a person for a short-term or see a future with them, you would want to keep them satisfied in all aspects including even dirty talk. Many users do not have a clue on how to talk to teenage girls or how to talk dirty to a girl they like.

Likewise many girls don’t know how to talk dirty to a guy or how to talk to dirty to a teenage boy. Not being able to talk dirty is a hurdle in many relationships, due to which people are unable to talk with their partners openly about their desires. You can chat with random strangers and teenage girls to practice how to talk dirty. Here you can learn with experience and helpful tips to get a hold on how do you dirty talk with them.

how to talk dirty

What to expect when you talk dirty

Talk dirty to me

The way to talk dirty is a different experience for everyone and each does their own version of dirty talk. If you are a beginner on how to talk dirty, you must have found yourself scrabbling the internet every now and then looking for a solution.

First, you need to be keep in mind is that something which is pleasurable for you, might be offensive to your partner. Fearing what if your partner asks you to talk dirty with them in the bedroom or a chat room. You don’t want to end up looking like a dumb minion who has no clue where to start. What you can do is practice dirty talk with strangers for free in this chatroom.

Approaching dirty talk

For instance you say ‘I want someone to talk dirty to me’ then you should try our free random chat rooms to chat and practice dirty talk with live strangers.  Although if you were searching for – talk dirty to me song by Jason Derulo and found this page then you should definitely listen to it over here ===> Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo – and for talk dirty lyrics

If it’s your first time exploring this area of intimacy, it’s always better to slowly advance while you talk dirty with your chat partner and play safe. You must be wondering how to talk dirty! Let us tell you that:

Draw a line when to talk dirty, before getting intimate or after getting into the act:

If you prefer to talk dirty before getting into the real action then that is what you should do and talk dirty before getting intimate with your partner. This way you can get a better response from your partner as they know about what you prefer and what you don’t. It also helps in getting you better insight on what your partner wants from you if you talk dirty. Keep in mind that being too demanding and bossy can also be a turn off, making your partner feel that they are not good enough and eventually they end up losing their interest in the relationship.

When you try to talk dirty it help’s both of you to understand each other’s preferences better and in turn influence your partner to respond eagerly as well. This way you can also discuss with your partner about your respective turn ons and what are the downright turn offs for the both of you. You can also ask other users of the TWS Community for their help and insights on how to talk dirty or join a chat room.

dirty talking

Try to be more descriptive while you talk dirty:

dirty talk

This can be a little hard if you are a beginner, but practice makes perfect. (practice chatting with strangers here) Making an effort and being careful can turn out to be amazing for you. Rather than using small phrases and words, try to be more descriptive and break down what the act made you feel. Go into deeper details and be descriptive about your experience, make big even on the feeble attempts by your partner to talk dirty for an even more enthusiastic response.

This will add an eagerness into the act, enhance the good feelings and emotions you both get out of it. Above all else it makes the next person feel quite appreciated and confident about themselves. Including dirty talk in your make-out routines can take your relationship to a whole new level!

Engage in more senses, delve into intricate details:

Usually, two senses are involved in dirty talk: sight and touch. Which means you either compliment how a person looks or what they make you feel. Of course, there is nothing wrong with it as long as you are in your comfort zone. Always be an avid listener to catch the clues as to what your partner might want from you in the bedroom. Keep communicating with each other as this will definitely help you get better understanding of your partner and vice versa.

However, involving multiple senses can make the experience far more enjoyable. E.g. using words like ‘You smelt amazing when you were near me’ or ‘I love the sounds that you make!’ can create more passion and intimacy! If you want to test your dirty talking skills, try our video chat rooms to take it a step further and challenge your chatting skills and dirty talking.

loud talking

Start slow, build your confidence and master how to talk dirty:

dirty talk whispering

This is our prime guideline as well! Start slow means initiate it in texts, chat with others in an anonymous chatroom to polish and hone your skills without revealing your true identity. If you are completely unaware of what your partner would like, observe and judge before trying it out face to face. Since this is your first time, you either haven’t spent enough time together or have purposefully avoided it. In both the instances, you are completely clueless about what your partner prefers. If you initiate face to face and they find something offensive, it can be a little hard to cover up and cause problems between you and your partner. To avoid this situation, make an effort to learn how to talk dirty and evaluate your own skills by messaging instantly through mobile chat, start through texts and slowly grow through it.

Avoid profanity whenever in doubt:

If you want to take the risk, good luck to you! But frankly, it’s not worth it and may even give out negative results. Some people do like to use abusive and vulgar words during sex or dirty talk, but we recommend you to put a leash on your urges if it’s your first time. Keep your self respect intact and also value the person you chat or talk dirty with.

In the rules to follow on how to talk to your crush, how to talk to a guy, how to talk to girls or how to talk to a girl you like, you should definitely avoid using profane words. Keeping silent instead of saying something awful will save you a bit of trouble down the road.

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