Build attraction with someone you’re interested in at Talk with Stranger

Ok, we know what you’re probably thinking…

How are you supposed to build attraction with someone you don’t know and can’t see?

Yes, it’s true that a large part of human attraction is visual — you probably have a physical type who you would most like to date — but an even bigger part of attraction is who the person is and more importantly how they make you feel. 

Talk With Stranger is an app that focuses on these elements of attraction first. Once you understand how to build attraction on a non-visual level, we think you’ll love this concept. In our experience, it builds deeper connections in the long run.

The guide below features five ideas to help you build attraction with someone you’re interested in over Talk With Stranger – or any other online dating website where pictures aren’t involved.

Be colorful

The first step to building attraction with someone is to pique their interest. You can’t use your winning smile or perfectly sculpted body to do this, so you’ll have to rely on your words.

With this in mind, take the time to use all the writing skills you have at your disposal. Use colourful language to really describe what you’re discussing. This is one way that authors maintain their reader’s interest and allow them to fall in love with their stories. Now, it’s time to have people fall in love with your creativity!

Here are some tips to make your messages more colourful.

  • Use detail. Instead of telling someone that you’re a doctor. Explain why you wanted to be a doctor, what you love about it, what you hate about it etc. When was the moment you knew you wanted to be a doctor? You should be especially detailed whenever talking about your passions. Passion is an attractive trait, so you want to show this off as much as possible.
  • Add emotional language. Whenever you’re telling a story, mention how it made you feel during each important moment. Men are particularly guilty of sticking to the important facts, but emotion is what brings a story to life.
  • Use the five senses to paint a picture. What can/could you see, hear, smell, feel and taste? Add the five senses into your messages to paint a clear picture for the other person.

If you’re not engaging people with colourful language, there’s every chance they’ll tire of you and gravitate towards someone who is.

Why is it so difficult to make friends

Be curious

The second step to building attraction is to move beyond surface-level smalltalk. You can break the ice with a few flirty questions to ask a girl that the Beyond Ages team recommends or you can try some fun chat games. To show genuine interest in someone, take the time to ask detailed questions about their situation.

When they explain something, encourage them to dive deeper into their story. People will love you when you do this. They will see that you actually care about who they are and how they feel about certain subjects.

It will encourage them to open up and tell more personal stories. It will inspire them to ask deeper questions. This is essential to making relationships deeper and more personal — and curiosity is the magical ingredient that will take you there.

Be vulnerable

Vulnerability is another trait that will deepen your relationship with a stranger and help to build attraction. To be vulnerable is to reveal something that you wouldn’t tell “just anyone.” It could be an embarrassing story, a sad story or a personal weakness.

You may think that weaknesses are not attractive. In some cases, that’s true. But, if you can talk about them without any shame, that shows bravery, which is an extremely attractive trait.

More importantly, it builds trust and comfort between the two of you. These are essential ingredients to create a deep relationship with a stranger.

Be picky

It’s a universal truth of life.

We don’t value what comes too easily to us.

This is as true in the world of dating as it is anywhere else.

If you pepper someone with “likes,” compliments, good morning texts, funny memes, favors or invitations when they haven’t done anything to earn your affection, it’s incredibly off-putting. They begin to sense that you have no personal standards. You come across as needy, desperate and weird even if you have good intentions.

Perhaps if this person is physically attracted to you, they’ll forgive this behavior and date you anyway. But on Talk With Stranger, they’re most likely going to be creeped out.

Let’s be honest, it’s usually the most physically attractive people who don’t have to put effort into messaging potential dates. Most of their online matches are already won over before the first message, so the hotties have no reason to invest too much in their messages.

An advantage of Talk With Stranger is that it puts everyone on a level playing field, regardless of what they look like. This makes it easier to find your intellectual and emotional match. Everyone has to put effort into making a connection.

It pays to be picky in the dating market. If someone isn’t putting the effort to be interesting or fun to talk to, don’t put in too much effort either. Go find someone more deserving of your attention. When you do this, that first person is often encouraged to try a bit harder to win you over.

Swap contact detail

If you’ve discovered a spark with a fellow Talk With Stranger member, the next step is to swap contact details. Perhaps you’ll exchange phone numbers or social media profiles to take your relationship to the visual level. We would suggest that there’s no rush to do this though.

Focusing on the quality of the conversation first is a great way to find someone you really click with on a personal level. We hope these tips will help you to find that special someone.

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