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You’re beautiful! You are probably reading this because you also like talking to random people online. So do we. It is so much fun! Right. You are at the perfect place!
Talk With Stranger provides the best online chatting experience all over the world.
This is just a very basic guide for you on how you can make the best use of this free online chatting website.

Chatting Online for the first time?

If this is your first time on a chat website, don’t be intimidate or fearful. It’s all the people we chat with all over the world.
The first step is to Choose a good and creative nick-name for your chat session. Some of the funniest nicknames we have found on our chat site so far:
  • Orange Potato
  • I am 12
  • Marry me?
  • Cotton Candy
  • Baby Girl
  • Cookin


Start your conversation with something other than Hi!

They say, first impression is the last impression! Neat.
No matter who your partner is. It all depends on your luck with whom we connect you. Try to strike up an interesting conversation! Make friends!
[Image: Free Chat Online with Males and Females on]
Yes seriously, you don’t want to be this guy šŸ˜€
Use TalkWithStrangers wisely to make friends online and real relationships šŸ™‚

Yes, You can Send Pictures & Videos to Strangers too in your chat?

Images work too! Just click the blue camera icon on your mobile/laptop near your chat and select your photo. And Boom you just sent a picture to your partner.
You can also send animated “gif” images.
baby chatting on talkwithstranger. Free Random Chat Rooms

baby chatting on talkwithstranger. Free Random Chat Rooms

Funny Conversations With Random People are always Fun!

Sometimes a link isn’t enough, you want to quote someone on what they’ve said. Perhaps you’ve started using a new blogging platform and feel the sudden urge to share their slogan? A quote might be just the way to do it!
Random Chat – Sometimes the best feeling of this world is to Tak To Someone Random. Ā TalkWithStrangers allows you to do that!
Did you know Micheal Jackson also used our chat website?

Some Useful Shortcuts to Instantly Chat with Strangers

Got a streak of geek? We’ve got you covered there, too. If you are using Talk With Stranger on a desktop or laptop you can use these easy shortcuts to instantly chat with partners. You can write inline blocks really easily with back ticks. Want to show off something more comprehensive? 4 spaces of indentation gets you there.
  • Press ENTER on homepage to begin your chat.
  • During a chat, press ESCAPE to exit from a chat.
  • During a chat, press ƈSCAPE twice to start a new chat

Ready to start talking to random people?

What are you waiting for? Hop on to Talk With and start talking to people all over the planet and make new friends!
Aw yeah.
Till then, See ya!

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