Safe chatting :

So these days the trend of text chat in online chat rooms is very famous and most of the teens use online chat rooms to spend their free time. Also, it is a good way to socialize with people from all around the world with different cultures. Teens who are very shy may fulfill their needs to socialize by using these chat rooms. But there are a few very important things that should be kept in mind at all times during text chats when one is using these online chat rooms. There are a few tips and rules which should be followed in order to stay safe chatting in these chat rooms.

safe chatting


Rule #1

 Never reveal your identity for safe chatting

The most important safety rule to remember when chatting online is that When text chatting with strangers online, one can forget that after all the person on the other side of the chat is, however, a stranger and no matter how much have you bonded with that person, he still remains a stranger who can harm and threat you in many possible ways. No matter how much comfortable you get, never reveal your identity and that means you should not tell your personal address, your full name, your phone number or any other details about yourself to the stranger at any cost in these online chat rooms.

Rule #2

Use a secure chat room 

Chat rooms come in all different shapes and sizes. Some chat rooms are a free-for-all, while others have specific rules and codes of conduct that must be followed. Make sure that you enter a chat room that is appropriate for you in that way you can have safe chatting. Children have no place chatting with adults. Find a chat room with a moderator who can add additional security by filtering out any inappropriate content from the chat room

safe chatting

Rule #3 

Parents set chatting safety rules for your children 

Children are often the targets of predators because children are generally very trusting. Teach your children important online safe chatting rules Make sure that you talk to your children about the conversations that they have online and the types of people that they are chatting with. Make sure that your kids are in age-appropriate chat rooms and encourage your children to come to you if they ever feel uncomfortable about a question that was asked to them or a message that they received. Many times it is best to only allow your child to chat with people that you and they know personally, rather than allowing conversations with strangers.

safe chatting

Rule #4   

Never be too comfortable

Teens these days tend to get comfortable with anyone they text chat with for long periods of time in online chat rooms. Always keep one thing in mind that the world is full of bad people and the person on the other side of the screen in any chat room can be the threat to you. So you should not reveal any personal information at any cost.


Rule #5 

Install a firewall security

Make sure that you have a firewall security system installed in the device you use for random chatting because it is quite possible that you can get a virus from these chat rooms as strangers tend to pose such threats in such chat rooms. Sometimes there can be some very dangerous viruses that can enter your computer via free online chat rooms and your computer or any other device that you are using can be heavily affected. Having a firewall makes you secure against such harms.

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