Global Warming Facts

Serious Global Warming Facts that needs our immediate attention

Understanding global warming:

Our planet is warming up. We now know it as a global warming fact. Global warming is not one single factor, it is actually a collection of global warming facts that tell us that the global average temperatures are rising. Scientists have been studying global warming facts and they have all suggested that humans need to make some serious and quick lifestyle changes. In short, our planet will soon reach a point of no return in terms of global warming.

Global warming definition:

In simplest of terms to explain the global warming fact is; a gradual or slow rise in the average temperature of the earth due to pollution and carbon dioxide emissions into our atmosphere. Although some people call global warming a myth but it is something far more serious that can have adverse effects on not only our lives but for the generations to come.   Global warming is a very serious concern because we are polluting our planet at a very alarming rate which is causing our planet to heat up. This warming up of our planet can cause huge after effects that can be avoided if humans work together and take actual initiatives.   The first step is to spread awareness among people about global warming facts, by raising your concern about the planet then talk about it with strangers to find innovative solutions for this problem.

Global warming causes:

There are many different causes of global warming, these causes vary from pollution by industries to cutting down of trees, you should share your opinion at this chat avenue. The scale at which global warming is taking effect is very alarming. It is only when you take a closer look at the global warming facts you understand the scale at which the causes of global warming are taking effect on our planet. The reduction of global warming is the responsibility of everyone. Humans should take measures to reduce their carbon footprint.

Carbon Emissions:

One of the primary causes of global warming is carbon emissions, if you look at global warming facts it is easy to see that the major contributor to global warming is carbon emissions. Carbon emissions are caused by exhaust fumes from cars, factories, and even forest fires. A detailed study of the global warming facts leads us to the conclusion that humans are directly responsible for the global warming issues that we are facing today. An important global warming fact is that the world is burning up fossil fuels at an alarming rate. Burning of fossil fuels is increasing the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, hence our atmosphere is now absorbing more heat, therefore, causing global warming.  

Greenhouse Gases:

Scientists have studied the global warming facts in detail, and they have introduced a scientific term for global warming called greenhouse gases. Planet earth is protected by our atmosphere which is a composition of gases called greenhouse gases, our atmosphere allows rays of from the sun to reach earth as this light energy is vital for sustaining life on our planet. But the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere trap these rays of light. As light energy fails to escape our atmosphere it then raises the temperature of our atmosphere. When light energy fails to escape it transforms into heat causing a greenhouse-like effect on our planet.  You can chat and show your love for the planet at this community opinion board.  


Did you know that the second most contributing global warming fact is agriculture? This is the most important factor in global warming. It might be a bit confusing at first, how agriculture is aiding in the global warming phenomena. For example, when rice is cultivated the soil below the field is deprived of oxygen and the organic matter releases carbon into the atmosphere. There is also another factor that is causing greenhouse gas effect. This is a global warming fact that farmers set fire to the outgoing crop to make space for new crops. Along with Multiple factors, farm animal excrement is also the leading global warming fact.  


  Another global warming fact that is widely known to everyone is the deforestation. Humans have cleared forests to make space for farming and agriculture. Trees are nature’s filters, they soak up the carbon dioxide in the air and give us oxygen. In nature everything is balanced, but deforestation at such mega scale has disrupted this natural balance. Due to cutting down of trees the carbon levels in the atmosphere have become dangerously high. Causing the average temperatures of the planet to rise constantly. If you want to share your concerns you can always use this community topic.   Deforestation was always a concern for humans but this process of wiping out forests was pushed into overdrive at the start of the industrial age. With the growing demand for paper, furniture and other needs humans destroyed the forests and cut down trees at an alarming rate.   Using trees for raw materials is one thing but we lost huge areas of forests when humans cleared these areas to use the land for cultivation. This is the scariest global warming fact that humans have destroyed forests that have resulted in a huge leap in carbon emissions.  

Global warming effects:

To be clear about any global warming fact we must look at its effects on us and our environment, global warming effects on our planet are devastatingly serious. Global warming is not to be taken lightly as nothing and no one on this planet will be safe from the effects of increasing the carbon footprint of humans. The sad part is this that Humans are the main cause of the carbon emissions but the creatures of sea and land alike are paying the price for global warming. Let us discuss some of the effects in detail. If you want to create awareness about these effects you can always share your views here. Increase in global warming is affecting our lives both directly and indirectly. Some of its effects are direct, such as health problems, but there are also indirect effects of global warming that has an effect on us indirectly. These effects are climate change and the destruction of animal habitat.  

Global warming effects rising sea levels:

  Our planet is blessed with huge freshwater sources at the north and south poles of the globe. One of the direct global warming effects is the melting of the polar ice caps. When the temperature of our planet is continuously rising, it causes the polar ice caps to melt. When the polar ice melts it adds to the volume of the ocean.   The most dangerous global warming fact is the possibility of rising sea levels. Such effects can cause flooding even sinking of whole cities that are situated at or below sea level.   Global warming is seriously damaging our oceans as well, due to rising temperatures of the planet the seas are also becoming warmer. Oceans are home to some of the most diverse organisms. Marine life is only suffering from the hand of humans in terms of pollution. The aquatic animals need an optimal temperature of the water to survive. But the global warming fact states that aquatic life is suffering a lot as their habitat is becoming so warm that it is now unbearable for animals to live there any longer.   Global warming is fast melting the polar ice caps, which is a huge problem for the land animals living there like polar bears, their habitat is shrinking very fast and the population of these animals is declining quickly. So much so that soon these beautiful animals might be extinct from the planet.

Global Warming Effects (on humans):

Climate change has caused permanent alterations to the planet’s biological and ecological system. It is also a true global warming fact that humans are the number one cause of global warming. Sadly though humans are the ones being most affected by global warming.   The burning of fossil fuels by humans is causing many diseases among people, especially the ones living in large cities. Increasing Global warming is causing serious health problems for humans especially related to skin and respiratory complications. If global warming continues at the current pace, it might become extremely dangerous for our coming generations. If you are a planet lover then do your part by raising your concern and discuss this serious topic here   In the recent few decades, humans have paid a heavy price for global warming. As we know it for a fact that most of the worlds food supply is provided by our oceans. If these Global warming facts are ignored like this, the time might not be far when we could lose this precious food source. As rising temperatures are killing our food sources.   Alarmingly global warming is causing heat waves across the world. These heat waves are becoming unbearable by the passing time. Many people have died during these waves of heat in different countries.  

Global warming effects climate change:

In this age and time, the most horrific effect of global warming is climate change. We know it as a global warming fact that it causes climate change. Climate change is an effect of global warming that affects everyone. Climate change may bring about natural disasters like Heatwave, Floods, Earthquakes, and tsunamis.   If we study the history we find that global warming effects only started when humans stepped into the industrial age. We polluted our planet at a rate that has never been recorded in history. Global warming is not just caused by pumping pollutants into the atmosphere, it is also caused by dumping waste into the ocean.   Climate change is a very serious problem and we need to raise awareness, read and discuss Global warming facts at this amazing chat community.  

Global warming effects on animals:

When talking about the effects of global warming we need to understand that we share our planet with hundreds of thousands of animals and insects. These animals are suffering the most. Wild animals are dying by this global catastrophe. Global warming is causing droughts which are reducing the wildlife’s water resources. Animals in the wild are dying because of lack of water or dehydration. Another global warming fact is that the rising temperatures are destroying the great barrier reef that is home to sea animals.   These living organisms have been here long before humans, their habitats took millions of years to form. But due to global warming, we are losing these organisms faster than ever before.  


To conclude this discussion we need to understand that as humans we share our planed with each other, there is no other planet in our knowledge that can sustain life like our planet. First of all, we need to realize and face this global warming fact and need to take serious and drastic measures to reduce our carbon footprint. We need to approach this problem one step at a time. First of all, we need to make some lifestyle changes and that includes the control of carbon emissions. This will take some time to implement as humans are yet to discover an alternative to fossil fuels. Secondly, we need to plant more trees at a mega scale as trees help cool down the temperature of the planet. New tree plantations are probably the best hope for humanity to recover from this disease of global warming. Thirdly we need to look at science's new methods of getting energy, scientists have found out that sunlight is the most abundant energy source available to us. Humans need a paradigm shift in energy, we need clean energy sources as soon as possible so that we can recover from the global warming damages we have caused during the last century or so. For any idea to succeed we need every stakeholder to join hands and do our part. We have to understand that no single individual can make a change. First, we need to create awareness and educate people about global warming. Then we can put pressure on global industries and governments to take steps to recover from the effects of global warming. We can only succeed when we become a community and raise our concerns to protect our precious planet.