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You click like, that’s what you do when you come across a random quote which inspires you or interests you. But why do words coming from dead men impact us? From the looks of it, we care more about their motivational quotes than we do about what the living have to say.

Your dad could plant words of wisdom in your brain all his life, and you’d still think that no one has a better piece of advice than Nelson Mandela. Our friends can share random funny quotes all they want, but their words can’t hold a candle to amusing random movie quotes.

Is it that making a name for yourself makes you into such an important person that people find your random quotes so powerful that they’re ready to frame them? Nah, actually that’s not the case. The thing about random quotes whether they are motivational quotes or random inspirational quotes is that they give us hope.

We know the random quotes being shared by a known personality reflect their experiences and we relate with those. This relatability makes us feel like we’re someone better than who we are. We then show our interest in these random quotes by liking or sharing them.

Why? Because we want to come off as intellectual or we want to pass on that hope and relatability to others as well. The impact of random quotes weighs a lot which is why a huge part of the internet is crowded by quotes. This is why there are so many random quote generators, blogs, articles, and more.

Why should you join chat websites for random quotes?

There are several listicles online that are based on and about random quotes. Then why should you wiggle your way into a chat site for reading random quotes? The answer is pretty simple – you get to discuss quotes, share quotes, talk about them and more, something which blogs covering quotes don’t allow you to do.

Sure, you can leave comments on blogs, but those don’t evolve into a conversation. In fact, you hardly ever get a response, let alone one that allows you to talk more about the topic. On social media, you can find only quotes shared by your friends and some liked pages. Only the top commenters get attention there if any at all.

What’s more, several people hesitate when it comes to sharing quotes that are close to their heart on Facebook. Why? Because they don’t want to be judged. You know what they say about social media; everything you post there gives insight into what’s on your mind. Which means you get noticed when you share sad quotes or random quotes about love.

Now, not everyone likes this attention. This is why for some people chat websites are a way better option. Unlike on social media, you are not judged for your taste in random quotes. You can share random movie quotes, random inspirational quotes or funny random quotes and no one’s going to look at you with squinted eyes for it.

Unlike in the case of random quotes blogs, you can leave comments and start a conversation about random quotes as well. People on our chat site, Talk with Stranger, are very welcoming. They always welcome new ideas and share with each other quotes that are relevant to the topic being talked about.

The best part is that not only do you give and take words at chat sites, you also make online friends who share mutual interests. These friends support you and keep you engaged when you’re bored and at leisure. You don’t only get to read quotes and share other quotes of the genre, but you can also talk about the person who has said the quote or the books to which these quotes belong.

Moreover, if you’re passionate about words or have deep ideas that you would like to share with an audience, you can type random quotes of yours as well. This way, you can see how a chunk of people respond and measure how well you’re doing in the field. In short, chatting about random quotes on chat sites is a lot more fun.

Now that we have already discussed why people may be interested in joining an e-chat platform for talking about random quotes let’s see why you should choose to TalkwithStranger for doing so. You see, on our site, you are as secure as you can be. We don’t ask you to fill in any personal details. You can also go for an anonymous chat.

Our moderators are constantly keeping an eye on everyone to ensure no inappropriate words are exchanged. And we care about all our users. No sexually explicit content is shared so you don’t have to worry about an odd image popping up on your screen while you’re innocently talking about random quotes.

How can you read and share random quotes on Talk with Stranger?

To access Talk with Stranger, you only need a username. If you’d like to avail more features, set up a proper profile to have more people follow you for your random quotes content or to make more friends, then you can enter your email and set up a proper profile. It is entirely up to you whether or not you want to keep your own image as your profile picture.

The other option you have is joining chat rooms without registration which is a convenient route. You don’t have to struggle to remember your username or password every time you use the site to share and read random quotes. If you don’t want to reveal your identity so that you can participate in chat rooms that talk about random quotes about love, join the anonymous chat.

By going in as an anon, you can keep your privacy intact. While ours is not a random quotes generator, users discuss unique quotes every day. So, if you need a laugh, a burst of motivation or just want to read random quotes from movies, then this is the place to be. At Talk with Stranger, members talk about whatever types of random quotes they like.

You can join a public chat room or a private one, whichever you prefer. Know that our platform is free so you can send and receive multiple messages about random quotes and more. You won’t be required to pay even a penny. A single chat can have several participants. For your convenience, our mobile chat app is also available so that you can chat endlessly.

What sort of random quotes can you find here?

On Talk with Stranger, you can find several different types of random quotes. Depending on your mood, you can read whichever kind you want to. Apart from a general random quotes chat room, we also have more specific chat rooms. If you would like to start a chat about a particular random quote or genre of quotes, you may do so.

Here are some types of random quotes you can find on our website:

  • Random inspirational quotes

On days when you’re feeling blue, random inspirational quotes can really lift you up. They don’t only make you feel hopeful, but they also fuel your motivation and encourage you to do better. On our website, you can find many random motivational quotes that are sure to make you feel better by boosting your mood and energy.

  • Random Movie Quotes

Obsessed with movies or random movie quotes? As fans, so many of us love to read and share impactful quotes that are shared in movies. There’s no denying that scriptwriters are great at adding random quotes life in movies which the audience can relate with on many levels. Cinema fanatics on our platform share random movie quotes from various sources.

  • Random quotes about love

If you’re looking for random cute quotes to share with your significant other or just to make your heart flutter, this is the place. Along with sharing cliché random love quotes for her, members also share other fun random quotes about love that are less-known so that you don’t drown in the waters of same-old.

  • Random memories quotes

Along with random love quotes for him and her, people also talk about and share wise words regarding heartbreak. Not everyone’s love-story has a happy ending which is why people talk about random memories quotes as well. These random memories quotes aren’t necessarily about breakups. They’re also about lost loved ones, childhood memories, etc.

  • Random quotes for Instagram

Wondering which caption you should put up with your picture on Insta? A random quote would do, no? You can look for random quotes for Instagram on the whole of the internet or get more specific quotes for your photographs on our site. On our e-chat platform, you will be able to find both random selfie quotes as well as random photography quotes.

  • Random kindness quotes

Being kind doesn’t cost a thing, but it sure spreads a lot of smiles and happiness. Reading random acts of kindness quotes can remind you to continue being kind. Sharing these quotes with other people can sow generous habits in them as well. In our chat rooms, you can find several random kindness quotes that you will most certainly want to forward to friends and fam.

  • Random deep quotes

Random deep quotes make you ponder over life, death, and their mysteries. They make you question your existence. Quite frankly, such random quotes can be addictive. In the mood to read some random deep quotes? Other than Tumblr itself, you can find many random quotes Tumblr on chat sites such as ours.

  • Random book quotes

Are you an avid reader of novels, stories or non-fictional pieces? Several times what happens is that we forget to highlight the random book quotes that we like, which means our only option is to Google them. A better idea? Connect with people who have read the book in question on a chat site and find the random book quotes that you have been looking for.

  • Random Disney quotes

Not only as children but even as grown-ups, random Disney quotes never fail to leave us wondering. Whether Disney movies have random happy quotes or sad ones, they are always relatable regardless of our age. Their popularity is why you can find several of them on our chat site. If you have any in mind that you’d like to share, feel free to do so.

  • Random hilarious quotes

Random funny quotes have a way of delivering a truth about life packaged in humor. They’re easier to digest and more fun to talk about. They teach you lessons along with being amusing. Here, you can find many random funny quotes and even random dumb quotes. These quotes are sure to make you smile on a stressful day.

What should you keep in mind when sharing random quotes in a chat room?

It’s all fun and games until someone annoys the entire chat room. Don’t be that someone. In a chat room that is discussing random quotes, be sure to stick to the topic. Don’t talk about something people in the chat room may find off-topic or uninteresting. Firstly, you won’t get any response. Secondly, you won’t be able to make friends.

This means that your presence in a chat room which is specifically for sharing random quotes will be unappreciated. In case you want to talk about something else be sure to join a chat room that is relevant to it. What’s more, don’t spam people with links to videos or blogs of random quotes. Don’t type random quotes with the caps lock on or by using a blend of small and big letters.

Also, don’t use colored text as that can be unpleasing to the eyes of readers. Above all, keep in mind that our platform doesn’t encourage sexually explicit content so don’t drop any such images or links that people may find inappropriate or disturbing. Other than that, feel free to add fodder to the conversation being carried on about random quotes.

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