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Halloween Jokes - Where Do They Come From And With Whom To Share?

Telling Halloween jokes at the dinner table with a cooked and spiced turkey resting on a platter is only a fraction of the fun ways this festival is celebrated. From trick-or-treating to dressing up as your favorite characters, Halloween is an event packed with enjoyable activities throughout. Celebrated at night with candles in the mouths of carved pumpkins, the spooky vibe of the festival has been passed down generations.  The only difference being that the fun loaded holiday was more than just a celebration when it began. Of course, Halloween and the best Halloween jokes that the festival brings haven’t crawled out of nowhere. In fact, history has birthed them and that too, as a rather scary practice. Thank time for cleansing the festival of its truly peculiar and fear-inducing nature. It all began in the era of the Celts who celebrated the start of a new calendar on November 1. Not only was October 31 the last night of the year but also the last day of summer. The Celts held a belief that on this date, the living world and that of the dead was divided by an unclear fog. The last part of the year was also thought to be the time when the most deaths happened. For all these reasons, the festival of Samhain, now known as Halloween, was celebrated on October 31 in honor of the ghosts that visited the human world. Costumes were worn, bonfires were lit, and the deities were served crops and sacrificed animals. The festival evolved into that of Feralia and Pomona in the time of the Romans. Today though, Halloween is a day of enjoyment filled with apple bobbing, games, and goofy Halloween jokes. Where do you think these Halloween jokes and puns have come from? They’re all spooky because of the ghost and death related past of the event. It’s the many stories behind the holiday that have created the dark vibe, representation through cats, bats, and spiders, and the many corny Halloween jokes.

Should you tell Halloween jokes to everyone?

Sneaking up behind your friend to shout a loud ‘boo!’ in his ears on Halloween may sound funny to you but your friend may not like it if he is sensitive or if your Halloween joke is too intense. You see some jokes are funny Halloween jokes while others are scary Halloween jokes. Now there are two types of people. The first kind is of the people with whom you can share scary Halloween jokes. These people don’t mind watching movies like Annabelle at 3 am alone. Then there’s the second category and this comprises of those who cannot digest Halloween jokes which are even the slightest bit scary. Mostly these include children who get afraid of stories and jokes easily. With such people, it is better to share Halloween jokes for kids. While you may enjoy the expression on their face when they get spooked out, chances are your scary Halloween jokes would ruin sleeping or walking alone in their own home’s corridor for them. It’s unkind to not consider their feelings - fear can be pretty gripping. Then there are also those people who should not be told Halloween jokes just because they don’t enjoy jokes. Too them, such humor is boring. So, while you’d be having the best belly laugh of your life while dictating the joke, they’d be looking at you with a blank expression. Such response can be a let down and it can also make you come off lame. Therefore, make goofy Halloween jokes with only the people who you are sure will like and enjoy the humor.

Why should you tell Halloween jokes at all?

Apparently people are very sensitive these days. It takes only a joke to hurt them. So, does this mean you should stop telling jokes? Nah! You see, Halloween is a time when people get together. Children go trick or treating together in groups. Adults prepare dinner together and adolescents simply binge-watch a spooky Netflix series together. Not to forget all the candy giving and taking adds more sweetness to the environment. Jokes, those serve the same purpose. They make people laugh and bring them together. As long as Halloween jokes are not offensive, they’re all good humor. Also, it is unlikely for a typical Halloween joke to centralized around racial differences or gender bias which is why there’s often nothing to worry about. So, no, don’t stop joking. If anything, keep selling those dope Halloween jokes!

Halloween Jokes - when to make them

You must know what they say about jokes; they are only good if they are made at a suitable time. Ask yourself, would it be decent of you to make scary Halloween jokes about death with someone who has lost a loved one in October? Or would it be a good idea to throw seemingly funny Halloween jokes at someone who just doesn’t like joking for whatever reason? When people don’t want to be bothered with Halloween jokes and they are very clear about this, it is best to not share your best Halloween jokes with them. A better idea is to either keep quiet or converse with them in a way they appreciate. Unless you are sure that your Halloween jokes can make someone feel better about their situation, it is in your best interest to not toss any jokes at all. Another thing to know about Halloween jokes is that they just cannot be as funny when pulled out of nowhere. Why’d you share Thanksgiving jokes on Christmas? You simply wouldn’t. In the same way, sharing even the best Halloween jokes of all time in the middle of summer season is just odd. It’s not cool or appreciated. Unless, of course, you and those sitting with you are discussing Halloween, it’s origin or fun facts about it. Then it does make sense of you to bring up Halloween jokes. As you know Halloween season begins in October. So that’s when you should start collecting any Halloween jokes that you are interested in or thinking of any Halloween puns and jokes or pranks that you want to play. You can read Halloween jokes for boosting your mood at any time though. It’s not as if reading Halloween jokes when it’s not Halloween season is a bad omen or something. In fact, if it makes you feel good or cheers someone up, go ahead! No one is stopping you. Because you know, these kinds of things don’t have any particular rules or something.

What sort of Halloween jokes can be found online?

There are many types of Halloween jokes that you can find on the internet. After all, when it comes to good Halloween jokes not everyone knows how to brew some. While some people just have a comic character, others don’t. They just cannot make up jokes themselves and hence, they have to rely on the internet. If you’re one of those people, here are some kinds of Halloween jokes that you can find here:

1 - Halloween jokes for kids

The same jokes that you tell adults cannot be told to children. This is because kids don’t have the same mental level that adults do. And of course, you cannot toss Halloween jokes dirty their way. You don’t want their innocent but curious minds to wander in that direction. This is why you should read best Halloween jokes for kids to tell them.

2 - Halloween jokes for adults

In the same way you cannot share Halloween jokes for adults with kids you cannot share Halloween jokes for kids with grownups. They simply find jokes for children meh. Some may laugh to keep your heart, but most would just get irritated. So, if you actually want a genuine laugh out of your older fellows, tell them some fun Halloween jokes for adults.

3 - Corny Halloween jokes

Corny Halloween jokes are for people who don’t mind a bit cliché in their lives. While these jokes are old and rusted, they still manage to get out a few smiles and laughs. Corny Halloween jokes, you see, are not as common because people think of them as repetitive. Therefore, when someone tells a corny joke even if it is old, it still manages to stretch a smile if not full-blown laughter.

4 - Goofy Halloween jokes

When you sit down with your pals enjoying a drink or two after dinner, you’ll definitely feel like making the moments even more memorable. And one way to do that is by sharing goofy Halloween jokes with them. This is sure to incite some laughter. Goofy Halloween jokes can also work to win over a friend whom you’ve mistakenly hurt.

5 - Halloween knock knock jokes

Here’s another type of Halloween jokes that you can enjoy; Halloween knock knock jokes. Such Halloween jokes are fun to read and even more fun to share. Halloween knock knock jokes can make both kids and adults laugh. In fact, they are a great way to interact and bond with one another. You can find many Halloween knock knock jokes on this platform.

Where can you find the best Halloween jokes?

For some people, the source of their Halloween jokes are their grandparents or dads. They spend the holiday with these old folks, and they are who tell and teach them these humorous jokes. For other people, they are just naturally funny. This means they don’t need to make repetitive or boring jokes; they make their own. There’s yet another kind of people and these people read and find Halloween jokes to tell through the internet. What’s not find able on the internet these days? From magazines like Reader’s Digest to social media channels like Twitter, you can read some pretty funny Halloween jokes at several spots online. In fact, you can read Halloween jokes here, at Talk with Stranger as well. Just to give you a little insight into this platform, it’s basically a chat site where people from different parts of the world come together to talk. About what, you ask? About anything and everything. That’s what makes conversations fun, no? When they are free-flowing and self-evolving. You can also read our compilation of quotes or jokes or refer to chat rooms with quotes and jokes from other people. Either way, the whole deal is pretty fun. You can meet and make friends online on this site, you can read stuff, share stuff and there are no restrictions on you. You just got to be kind and nice because being rude misses the whole point of making good friends online.

Can you find new Halloween jokes?

Halloween jokes have been passed down the generation ladder just like any other jokes. If you want to read new Halloween jokes though, you can find those as well. After all, telling the same old jokes can get a bit boring. When it comes to jokes, those which have been repeated a bit too much just don’t feel fun enough. They fail to make people laugh and instead make them groan in irritation. New Halloween jokes can be found in memes. You can find these on social media particularly, Facebook and Instagram. You can also find some really cool new Halloween jokes on Talk with Stranger. You can find these by shuffling through our collection or simply by participating in chat rooms where people share their own Halloween jokes. If you make Halloween jokes, Halloween puns and riddles or Halloween memes, you can share those on the chat site as well. This will let you test try the joke. If they win at making people giggle, you can then submit them someplace else where the audience is wider. All in all, good Halloween jokes can be found through many sources. Sharing Halloween jokes is like sharing happiness so good ahead and make some people laugh! Make sure that your Halloween jokes are not rude or offensive because that would only invite backlash and trigger hate which goes against the whole deal of spreading smiles. Know that apart from Halloween jokes, you can find many other types of jokes online. Interested in reading and sharing Halloween jokes? Join our platform now as registered user or without having to make an account. It’s entirely up to you!