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How do you respond when someone consistently and relentlessly teases you about something? You throw roasting jokes his way!

The best Roasting Jokes

Why do we suggest that, you ask? Put simply, because roasting jokes funnily insult the opposite person, leaving him speechless in the lake of bewilderment. By making roasting jokes about him, you put him in a tight spot; if he lashes out at you, people will notice his anger in response to what seems like a friendly tease. If he throws a roasting joke your way, that may take him time to respond which will again make him the butt of the joke! That’s the thing about roasting jokes - they’re insults wrapped in humor. Considering we live in an era where people are constantly dragging each other down, being armed with roasting jokes can prove to be helpful at more occasions than one. After all it is always friendly banter that comes with underlying meanings. No one ever directly projects his jealousy but keeps his words humorous to deliver the worst of blows. Today, roasting jokes are also very common. This form of satire is not only used against frenemies but also casually against friends just for the sake of fun. For example, like how Seth Rogan and James Franco keep roasting one another. Or how recently, Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman roasted Ryan Reynolds when they told him it was a sweater party though it really wasn’t and roasted him on Instagram by posting a picture of the hilarious prank. Reynolds, who was targeted by his close celeb pals, also happens to be a master of roasting jokes himself. The Deadpool actor often tweets roasting jokes on his Twitter, most of which are directed at his wife, Blake Lively, who doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to returning the funniest roasting jokes to her mister. So, you see, roasting jokes aren’t made solely as a way to grill someone you dislike.

What are roasting jokes?

Roasting comedy dates back to 1920, when it was started by the Friars Club who introduced this comedy type to enjoy foods, drinks, and jokes at the expense of one another. However, it wasn’t until 1949 that the club was able to have a roast session open to the public. After their first official roast, the tradition was carried on for members of the club for years with the motto, “We only roast the ones we love.” Till date, roasts are a popular form of comedy. We often see comedy hosts practicing this type of humor in award ceremonies. In fact, we still have comedic roasts in which the hosts and guest mercilessly roast one another for the entertainment of the audience. However, roasting jokes aren’t limited to events. People also make roasting jokes on each other, at home, their hang out sessions, school or just causally anytime and anywhere. Basically, roasting jokes can be defined as funny insults jokes.

Why you need to be well-versed in the art of roasting jokes

Being a pro at roasting jokes can prove to be helpful in many scenarios. First of all, it can teach you how to respond to hateful people who are desperate to bring you down. By keeping it funny, you are not being outright offensive but just enough to burn the person who is unjustifiably trying to make you feel annoyed. Roasting jokes are also great for shutting up bullies. You see, not everyone is good at roasting jokes which is why a bully tends to keep away from you if he doesn’t have an apt reply to your roasting jokes. He starts fearing you for he doesn’t want you to throw these funny insults jokes his way in public. If more people see him getting torn down by simple roasting jokes, no one would fear him anymore and he’d become just another member of the crowd, not someone who is respected, popular or followed around. What’s more, your roasting jokes also attract other people to you. Why? Because humor is linked to intelligence. Particularly, humor that knows how to exactly tear people apart. In fact, science also proves that humor is a mark of intelligence. Did you know that Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein both had a strong sense of humor? Also, science says that humorous people are more creative as well and they make friends easily. Which goes back to what we just mentioned - by making great roasting jokes, you will be attracting more people toward yourself. In fact, research also says that humor is a part of positive psychology. It grows intimacy, helps relieve stress, and promotes optimism. This stresses on why you need to strengthen your position as someone who makes ace roasting jokes.

Roasting jokes - are they always good?

Roasting jokes are not always positive. Imagine being in a situation where someone who is not your pal neither an enemy picks up a beef with you by tossing roasting jokes your way. Of course, your first reaction would be surprise as to why a person you don’t really know or care about is being unnecessarily rude to you. And that, my friend, is exactly how bullying starts. While a great counter strategy for bullying, roasting jokes are also its gateway. You must have noticed in movies how it is often roasting jokes that are to be blamed for the start of bullying. It’s the bullies who have the best roasting jokes to grill every other kid at school. What’s more, roasting jokes for your friends gone wrong can also start a fight. They can also get you in trouble if you are not careful about them. What makes matters worse is that people hardly ever consider their words before they speak them out. What if your roasting jokes are hurting someone’s feelings? What if they are planting seeds of resentment? You need to weigh your words every time because your making funny insults jokes is not pleasant, not always. Over and above that, when you make roasting jokes for kids you have to be even more careful. Until a certain age, children can be pretty sensitive. You cannot just make roasting jokes about them and expect it not to leave an impact on their brains. They may start harboring complex or suffocate in all the judgement that you are doing of them as part of all your roasting jokes. Your roasting jokes can also give other children the chance to tease the child who is the target of your roasting jokes. Over time, this can have the same effect on the child of the brain as that of abuse. You also don’t want your children to learn to be insensitive toward others when they grow up and make annoying roasting jokes. By gaining a reputation as an insulter, your child may never learn how to make friends and cooperate with other people. As a grownup, the concepts of teamwork without making rude roasting jokes may be lost on him. Hence, when making roasting jokes be careful who you are talking to and what you are saying.

The consequences of unfunny roasting jokes

Whether you make roasting jokes clean or roasting jokes for adults, an unfunny roasting joke can have consequences that you may not like. Sometimes, if someone minds your roasting jokes, he or she may consider you an opponent for eternity. However, we’ve already talked about the effects that bad roasting jokes can have on others. Let’s move to how unfunny roasting jokes can be troublesome for you. Unfunny roasting jokes can get you roasted. You know that moment when someone, even if that’s a teacher, makes a lame joke in class? You know what happens, right? Everyone gets together to laugh at the person not because the joke is funny but because the person is plain ridiculous. And you don’t want to be this person. Then when this person keeps making lame roasting jokes repeatedly, that’s when people start giving him the stink eye. That’s how it all starts - how the person who makes unfunny roasting jokes becomes known as the clown. This is why it is necessary to be aware of how, when, and whom to make roasting jokes with. To answer all three starting with ‘how,’ roasting jokes should be well thought out. Make a joke in your head, think it over, see if it is funny, hurting or lame, and then say it if it seems fine from all aspects. Now to the ‘when’ part. It is essential to understand that there is a time for everything. Being too quick to speak will result in impulsive speaking, being too slow is just not smart. Also notice if your roasting jokes will only incite anger at the time or will they do well? Just sparing a few seconds to these thoughts can be helpful to keep any ugly consequences at bay. Lastly, there is the ‘whom’ part. You also need to be careful about the audience of your roasting jokes. Cracking roasting jokes with your friends, roasting jokes for your brother or  your sister is one thing by making unwelcome roasting jokes on strangers is not exactly the right move. You need to be smart and assess your audience and be sure that making a joke with it won’t land you in troubled waters. You should know when your roasting jokes are sitting well with people and when they are not. A tip to notice this is to train your senses on their reactions. Roast masters say that while making people laugh is your aim, if they boo at you, you still shouldn’t worry too much. The problem starts when no one reacts at all and all you get in return is dead silence.

3 reasons you should read and share roasting jokes online

Now that we’ve run you through the good and the bad of roasting jokes, let’s visit why roasting jokes should be read. While they are not quite informative, they’re bite-sized which makes them easily digestible as well as a fun way to spend your time. Also reading them can actually be helpful. Wondering how? here are 3 reasons that explain why you should read and share roasting jokes on online platforms:

1 - Practice makes perfect

When you began sharing your jokes or reading them, you learn what sort of roasting jokes the audience likes best. You understand the psychology behind the type of roasting jokes that are enjoyable, and you also learn when and how to make roasting jokes.

2 - You understand what means you’ve went too far

Not only does reading roasting jokes online help you determine how and when you should joke but it also makes you understand when the joke has gone too far and thus, what type of roasting jokes you should and shouldn’t be making.

3 - You learn the types of people who can take jokes

Reading roasting jokes online is also a great move because it makes you assess the responses of different kinds of people. There are people who know how to take a roasting joke. Then there are those who get angry and start making a fuss if you make roasting jokes about them.

What type of roasting jokes can you find on Talk with Stranger?

You can find many different kinds of roasting jokes on Talk with Stranger. You can find roasting jokes for friends, roasting jokes for kids, roasting jokes for adults, roasting jokes for brother, roasting jokes for your sister, and roasting jokes for your boyfriend as well. You can also share the roasting jokes that you make with people who are interested in the conversation in chat rooms. Not only can you read our collection of the best roasting jokes of all time and the best roasting jokes that rhyme, you can also read the jokes posted by members in chat rooms and discuss roasting jokes and roast strategies with them as well. You can also share your own roasting jokes incidents to share a laugh with chat room members and make new friends online. Want to join Talk with Stranger for reading and sharing roasting jokes? Come on in! Register as a user or use without registration, whatever suits you.