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Should Or Should You Not Make Racist Jokes?

Racist jokes can be widely misunderstood despite being funny. If you want to read racist jokes online and make fun friends then this place is for you.

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“Take a chill, I’m just kidding,” says the racist joke teller in an attempt to cool the air in the room, sweat trickling from his forehead. His intention was not to mock a mate, but angry pairs of eyes look at him from all directions for being insensitive to the Chinese lad in the room. Had he really offended his friend so much by simply saying that he would name his child Sudden Lee if he’d be born before the time due? A few feet away the Chinese friend has his eyebrows raised, not because he’s pissed but because he doesn’t know how to react in a situation like this. He’d heard this racist Chinese joke a couple of times but had never been able to quite understand what was so funny about it. Since when had names become a topic to be laughed on? Is he offended though? Not really. The Chinese boy doesn’t think that such one-liners can decide the fate of his friendship with his British friend whom he often teases for his exaggerated accent. So, in a way he also makes racist British jokes, doesn’t he? What do you think about the above situation? Are funny racial jokes rude or they are just funny?

Are racist Jokes like black jokes, white jokes, Latino jokes, sexist jokes, etc. funny?

There was a time when comedians were famous for their racist jokes until that changed and comedians who made alternative jokes became more popular. This was the 1980’s when Rowan Atkinson had made his way to the screen and stage for feeding people good humor that didn’t hurt the feelings of anyone. However, Rowan himself recently approved of a racist joke made at the expense of a Muslim’s beliefs - he said that it was funny of Boris Johnson to say that women who wore burqas resembled letterboxes. Are such Muslim jokes funny? Or was this particular one reducing the worth of a Muslim woman to that of an inanimate object?

Our take on racist jokes

Racial funny jokes do not have to be offensive. They can be funny, light-hearted humor which doesn’t aim to displease any one’s taste. In fact, a group of black men can call each other the ‘n’ word without having people surrounding them shoot glares their way. Clearly, they cannot be making black jokes out of their own identity unless they can take it, right? Racist jokes are offensive when they come out in hateful way or limit one based on the person he is since birth. They should be apologized for being told when the opposite person seems visibly uncomfortable or annoyed at the joke. Racist jokes are only fine as long as they aren’t demeaning. They should celebrate the differences between people of different colors, countries, religions, and ethnicities. Racist jokes should not poke fun or fuel spite in the hearts of people. Unfortunately, people are not careful about the type of racist jokes they tell. To them, as long as a one-liner makes the majority laugh, it is funny. Racist jokes shouldn’t encourage people to divide and conquer but to unite and live in peace.

Why are certain racist jokes bad and others good?

The world we live in is such that most people are insensitive and despite minorities and oppressed individuals speaking for their rights, it is getting even more offensive and hateful. The more feminism is being discussed, the more it is coming under the bus. The more black people are trying to rise up, the more they’re being shoved down. So how do racist jokes contribute in such an environment? They let the oppressors keep oppressing. They keep the victims silenced. And this is exactly where humor turns sour, where racist jokes get bad. How can racial funny jokes ever be good, worth spreading and sharing? The answer is plain - sometimes, jokes must be taken for what they are; jokes. The target of the joke must know how to reply a racist joke with a funny and respectful racist joke to enjoy a good time with his pals without anyone getting overly political. Surely, you can make dumb jokes with your friends even if you cannot make them in public or against someone who doesn’t know that you are against racism. Moreover, racist jokes must not be told when in a group of racists. This may make people who differentiate roar out with even more offensive jokes. Also, it must be kept in mind that while your friends who are of color or another religion, do not mind you making funny and good racist jokes they may not tolerate you making such jokes about them in public or when with frenemies. To be brief, racist jokes are a controversial topic which must be treaded carefully. People are quick to pick up sticks and stones when they hear someone with a different opinion. At the end of the day, one must be mature and thoughtful with the racist jokes if makes.

Reading and sharing racist jokes on public forums

On our chat website, you can find many racist jokes shared by users as well as a collection of racist jokes of our own. However, we urge you to be mindful of the jokes you share and try not to offend anyone. Be very careful about whom you share these jokes with as well. In a chat room, you are likely to come across a lot of different types of people. Some of these will be kind, some will share racist jokes that aren’t offensive to you, some will be so friendly that you will know their intention is not to hurt you. But, there will also be people whom you may not like at all because of their lame racist jokes that are meant as a way to fire shots on other people. Sometimes, the majority will be of people who will enjoy and clap on these pathetic racist jokes which are downright offensive. Other times you may find that the majority is against such type of racist jokes. In most cases it is best to stay silent when someone tells an offensive racist joke because people often hide under the banner of free speech when they want to say whatever is on their mind regardless of how hateful their comments or racist jokes are. However, other times it may be necessary to speak against the people who are making a racist joke and deliberately trying to hurt those in the minority. Perhaps your speaking up can save someone from unfairness. From our side as well, we do try to keep fights from erupting in chat rooms where racist jokes or other types of jokes are being made. Our moderators make sure that no sexist jokes or racist jokes that can ignite a problematic situation for anyone involved are made. Please try to be calm and nice in conversations. Only then will you be able to enjoy the true essence of a gathering of people from various corners of the world to share racial funny jokes. If your goal is to join the site as a permanent member who can access all features then register as a member. But if you would rather just visit the page occasionally and aren’t too committed to making pals online out of strangers, then you may choose to use the site without registration for your ease. However, this may limit you with regards to features. Do you need an account to read racist jokes or share unoffensive racist jokes with your friends on Talk with Stranger? Not necessarily. You can read our collection of quotes or participate in the discussions of people talking about racist jokes without even having an account. The best part is that we have a chat app as well which means you don’t have to use your personal computer all the time for the sake of staying in. You can also participate conveniently via the Talk with Stranger chat app on your mobile phone.

Why offensive racist jokes aren’t humorous but plain wrong!

As discussed, racist jokes are of two types. The good kind that is not offensive just funny and made on the basis of differences in race. The second type is of offensive hate-spewing racist jokes which must be avoided. Here’s why:

1 - They reflect real-life oppression

Racist jokes show that there is injustice still prevailing even though we are in the modern times. These jokes show that people are still struggling out there because of the mainstream ideas regarding their identity that have taken root in the society. Not all black people are criminals. Not all Puerto Ricans are restricted to lesser posts. These racist jokes are a reminder to victims of all the atrocities, no matter how minor, they have gone through.

2 - They encourage racism

Another reason racist jokes that offend are wrong is that these jokes encourage racism and unfairness. They make racism seem okay and allow people to go on with the hate. They discourage those who want to take a stand against oppressors. They make the younger generation look at racism as something that is not a problem who then bully and tease minorities with racist jokes that sideline them.

3 - They ignore the targeted minority

Another reason racist jokes are wrong is that they ignore even the presence of people who are the ones being targeted. For instance, in a room full of Americans, if a select few make a racist Korean jokes about Koreans even though a few Koreans are in the room, they are clearly ignoring the very existence of these people regardless of them being right there, the butt of the joke. It also further enforces the not-so-bright ideas that have come to be associated with Koreans.

4 - They put people in an uncomfortable position

Yet another reason why racist jokes which are offensive are wrong to make is that they make people uncomfortable. People who are on the side of the targeted minority don’t know whether they should stay silent or they should speak out. If they are the offender’s friends, they don’t know if to laugh at the joke or to criticize the joke teller’s poor sense of humor. Hence, the habit of making offensive racist jokes needs to come to a stop.

Why good type of racist jokes should be shared

Racist jokes don’t need to be stopped entirely. This is because in a way they represent people as well, as long as they aren’t based on negative elements or haven’t been created on the grounds of common beliefs about a particular group of people. Here are some reasons that talk in the favor of the good kind of racist jokes:

1 - They celebrate differences

People often make funny jokes of how Canadians pronounce about as ab-oot because they pronounce dipthongs with a higher part of their mouth. Now this joke is not normally offensive or rude. It just takes about the difference in a Canadian’s pronunciation of certain words in a humorous manner. Such a joke is among non-offensive Canadian jokes. Same as in the case of Arab jokes that are about how Arabs pronounce ‘p’ as ‘b’ so parking is barking for them.

2 - They are made with good intentions

Indians have strict parents and Indian jokes about this aspect of their culture are also popular. However, such jokes don’t have to be offensive when a group of friends is enjoying them. Such jokes aren’t always made with the intention making a person from a minority awkwardly stand out. They are made out of good intentions in a lighted hearted way. If we start taking offense from such jokes too, what are we going to even talk about? Overall, racist jokes such as black jokes, white jokes, sexist jokes, Latino jokes can be good, bad or simply misunderstood. Above all, you need to see your audience before you try to crack funny racial jokes. Want to read racist jokes online and make fun friends? Join Talk with Stranger now!