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Anti jokes also commonly referred to as anti humor are not traditional jokes. These jokes are known for the dark humor they trigger. Anti jokes may not fulfill the characteristics of a normal joke which are supposed to be funny or intended for comic purposes. Rather, they are indirect or ironic forms of a joke. The listeners often find them funny because they break free from the traditional art of telling jokes, lack of sense or their ambiguity.

What are anti jokes?

Anti jokes or dark humor is a form of comedy that is not laughable yet still very funny. If a person is telling anti jokes to an audience, usually all of the gathering might not have the same response to an anti jokes. This means that anti jokes are funny to some people and they have the potential to be offensive to some people on the other hand. Anti jokes are presented to an audience with the style and format of a traditional funny joke. The only difference is in the punchline of the joke which often differs in the format, intention or purpose.

The famous ‘Knock Knock Joke’ is familiar to almost everyone. The joke ends with a pun or a humorous line which is the best turnaround of the joke. In the anti-joke version, the jest is told as it is and then not attempting the humorous part. Basically, it is the opposite of joke telling and points out the way a joke works besides using the usual way to get a laugh out of people. While hearing a joke, the audience expects a bit of humor but that does not happen. The irony of the joke is itself humorous. Sometimes not being funny is the most funny thing one can do.

Anti jokes and Dark humor on TWS

Anti humor jokes have gained more fame due to the popular reddit anti jokes becoming a thing. Users love reading anti jokes on reddit or wherever they can find good anti jokes or anti humor. The dark humor in anti jokes is the main reason why these jokes gained so much popularity among friends and in parties. Some people among us prefer such dark humor and regularly search for anti jokes. This website is a treasure trove for such people who are looking to find anti jokes and dark humor.

Master the art of anti jokes

In order to master the art of anti jokes the number one most important rules that you have to remember is to keep a passive face. As they say 'Poker Face'. This is the best way of telling someone an anti joke. Anti jokes sound a lot better when told without showing any expressions as to whether the joke was funny or not funny. Furthermore, After you have mastered the art of keeping a poker face while telling an anti joke. The next best thing to do is to build a healthy vocabulary of anti jokes that you know by heart and can iterate in front of anyone, anytime. The fluency and clarity of speech are utmost important for you to deliver a well received anti joke to an audience.

Stand-up Comedy

In the stand-up-comedy, the anti-humor jokes are often used to characterize with mediocre stand-up comics but they are many who have mastered the art of anti-jokes and are very successful in it. Andy Kauffman is among one of them. He has his own unique set of anti-humor skills that is coupled with the show. His best-known show (performance) was the act of Tony Clifton which is an untalented entertainer of a lounge lizard. Another comedian that falls in the performance of anti-jokes is Norm Macdonald. Although, he does not like being associated in this category.


  • The “No-soap-radio” is an anti-joke which is not intended to have a punch line. It is a joke which usually circulates around groups of friends. When anyone tells the joke, it is most likely to confuse the other person who doesn't know that there isn't supposed to be a joke in the first place.
  • Knock Knock
Who's there? Jerry. Let me come in. This is supposed to be a humorous joke but the irony is in the fact that the other person is asking to come inside. Usually, this is the part of the pun which is intended to be hilarious.
  • Why is 6 afraid of seven?
Because of seven eight nine. The humor is in the fact that numbers are incapable of feeling sentiments. Therefore, they can not be afraid of anything.
  • What does Buzz Light year say to Woody?
A lot actually, there were three movies and the guy had lots to say to Woody. Also, a couple of short films were also included. This joke is referred to like the movie Toy Story. So, if you are looking for something humorous and something that is different from the traditional style of jokes, then this chatroom is the best option for you. Apart from anti jokes users are free to enjoy:
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