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Jokes are an integral part of our lives. We seek them in movies, on social media, among friends, and even in politics. Eliminate humor from the equation of our lives, and we’d only be left with expressionless, dull faces.
Want to add more life to your life? Read more jokes. Wondering where? Right here! At TalkwithStranger, we have several users who share and read funny jokes. You can hop into the community to read all types of funny short jokes and even long ones. You can also share your joke of the day if you’ve got one on your mind. Humor is always welcomed here!

How Do Funny Jokes Improve Our Social Life?

Really funny jokes can make our social lives better in more ways than one. Humor works as an anti-stress pill as well as a drink, sharing which can make people bond with one another. Let’s dive deeper into how funny jokes can make our social lives better:
  • They improve your mental health

Have you been feeling off lately? Can’t shake off the negativity? Try reading funny jokes online to cheer up your mood! Whether you’re into funny knock knock jokes, funny clean jokes or funny dad jokes, you can find them on our chat website. Jokes have a way of making us feel better. They incite laughter which is good for our mental health.

  • They help you make more friends

Treating people to good really funny jokes mid-conversation makes you admirable. Sharing jokes also make you come off as someone who is easy-going, friendly and welcoming. This quality helps you socialize which is also good for your health, both physical as well as mental. By being funny, you make more friends which makes you more social.

  • They spread joy

A good laugh can not only improve your mood but of those around you as well. You see, when you are sad, your vibe effects those in close proximity with you. On the flip side, when your mood is good, the people around you also tend to feel better. What’s more, when you tell someone a funny joke of the day and succeed at making them laugh, their mood is naturally boosted too.

  • They strengthen relationships

Jokes also mend relationships. Wondering how? You see, in your friends’ circle, they give you all something to talk about and laugh over. At work, they instill motivation and reduce pressure. At home, they strengthen family ties as everyone sits together to exchange good jokes and have a good laughter session.

  • They better heart health

Laughing over jokes is also good for your cardiovascular health. Laughing can prevent stroke, heart attack, and heart disease. This is because laughing increases blood flow and also blood pressure. When you stop laughing, your blood pressure is brought down. This allows for deeper breathing which encourages oxygen in the blood to circulate around the body.

  • They are a great coping mechanism

When an awful tragedy strikes, making a joke out of it can help your brain cope. Without humor as an armor, humans might as well lose their minds. A wise man once said, “every time you find humor in a difficult situation, you win.” You see, the more difficult a situation gets, the better your humor game has to be.

Some pointers you should keep in mind when joking

Everything is good but only as long as you follow the rules while doing it. This applies to joke as well. Yours can be a really funny joke but said at the wrong time, place or to the wrong person can entirely spoil the fun. In fact, it can even turn the atmosphere sour. That being said, here are some things that you should bear in mind if you don’t want your joke to cause a problem in place of happiness:
  • Don’t make offensive jokes

Regardless of how many funny racist jokes you have on your mind, tossing them on someone who finds them offensive can backfire. Don’t be a douchebag who makes a joke on the expense of someone else’s feelings, or respect. Even if you make your friend the butt of a joke, he’s going to resent you for the awful words. So, just don’t make jokes that have the potential to hurt someone’s sentiments.

  • Know who you can joke with

There are people with whom you can joke, and then there are those with whom you can’t. Typically, serious-natured people or those who are shy, don’t like other people interfering in their space and brewing laughter. Therefore, keep your funny knock knock jokes for only those who appreciate and enjoy them.

  • Know when to joke

Another thing that you have to be careful about is timing. Making jokes at the wrong time, when someone is grieving, angry or frustrated can hardly ever have a positive outcome. Throwing a joke at the wrong time can cause conflict, in fact. It can make the opposite person lash out at you, which is why it is necessary to know when you can and when you simply cannot make a joke. Even if it is a really funny joke keep it for a later, appropriate time.

  • Know what type of a joke to make

You can’t share the same kind of jokes with everyone. For instance, you cannot share adult jokes with kids. At the same time with a grown-up, you cannot make funny jokes for kids. With someone you have just met, you cannot talk about dirty jokes. Then there are those people whom you’ve known for a quite a while, but because of their personality, you can only make funny clean jokes with them.

  • Don’t drag a joke

Don’t stretch your jokes like chewing gum. Make funny short jokes that people are able to relate with. When you drag a joke not only do you suck all the fun out of a good joke, but you also make a fool out of yourself. Therefore, avoid long jokes if no one is in the mood for them. An extension of a joke might sound funny to you but may not seem that way to others.

  • Don’t explain your jokes

If you have to explain your joke, you’ve already failed at it. There’s no point wasting time and butchering your respect by trying to explain your joke. If you tell someone a joke and he doesn’t laugh, let it go. Perhaps the opposite person didn’t find it amusing or has already heard the joke one too many times.

What kind of funny jokes can you find here?

Enjoy jokes, funny memes, and gifs that make people laugh?  Join our chat rooms which are particularly for such funny conversations! TalkwithStranger is filled with various kinds of jokes. Some of the content related to funny jokes that you can find here includes the following:
  • One liner jokes

Long jokes can, quite frankly, bore many. They also don’t leave much of an impact and can sometimes make you come off as a stupid person. Better than those are short, one-liner jokes that people actually are forced to burst out into laughter on hearing. You can find several short funny jokes and one-liner jokes on our platform.

  • Adult jokes

There are several jokes which are just not appropriate enough to be said in front of kids. However, these jokes can be privately shared with close friends or among a group of adults. Adult jokes and dirty jokes are always funny even if you’ve heard them several times before.

  • Christmas jokes

Another type of jokes that many people enjoy is event-based funny jokes. These include Christmas jokes, Halloween jokes and the like. Such jokes should only be shared when the relevant season is in full swing otherwise it may seem that they have come out of nowhere.

  • Jokes of kids

The funny jokes for kids that you can find here from knock knock jokes for kids to dad jokes for kids, all of these are the best jokes as they are unique. The little ones in your life are sure to find them amusing even if they may come off as bland to you sometimes.

  • Silly jokes

In the mood of reading dumb jokes? Since so many people have bad jokes, you can easily find many silly jokes everywhere. At Talk with Stranger, you can several community topics where users discuss silly jokes which are fun to read.

  • Funny jokes to text

Looking for funny jokes to forward to your phone contacts? Check out our website. We have several funny jokes to text. You can also share the funny jokes that you have saved on your cellphone with other people and make strangers into friends for online chatting.

  • Funny memes

This generation loves memes. From tagging friends in memes to create a meme out of every movie and TV scene, everyone is obsessed! If you’re not big on social media but love funny memes and would like to feast your eyes to some, join our chat site.

  • Funny jokes for teens

Teenagers have their own way of having fun which kids or adults cannot relate too. So, naturally, their jokes also differ. Since a whole lot of people on our chat website and chat app are teens who love to connect and share jokes, you get to read and share amusing, funny jokes for teens here.

  • Funny jokes to tell a girl

Women can be difficult - difficult to win, difficult to keep, and difficult to deal with. Fortunately for you, you can find several tips on our blog on how to flirt with a girl or the cute things that you can say to your girlfriend. Since humor attracts women, we also have funny jokes for her particularly.

  • Funny jokes about friends

Are your friends your fam with whom you can share all your secrets, bad jokes, dirty jokes, and more? Or do you want to make new friends online and in person? To help you out, we’ve got some dope funny jokes about friends shared by users on the platform. Funny jokes most certainly will win you friends and help you bond with them too.

  • Funny Jokes about life

Life can be tragic, but there’s nothing you can do about that. Jokes can be a great way to deal with sadness and tensions as they’re bound to make you laugh and uplift your mood. If you’re looking for funny jokes about life, you’ll be easily able to find them online on our site.

Are funny jokes with pictures better?

Whether you're looking for just funny jokes in text or funny jokes with pictures, our chat website has them all. You see, people these days are interested in visual content. This is why they don’t only like to consume visuals but also share it along with their funny jokes. Sometimes they share their funny short jokes with memes, other times they express their jokes or react to other people’s jokes with gifs. You can use these visuals as well on our chat site as we support pictorial content. What’s more, people also enjoy funny jokes video. It’s no secret that video and voice are the future of the internet. And clearly, this future is fast-approaching. At TalkwithStranger, we support videos so you can share them as well. If you would like to suggest your online chat friends watch a YouTube or a Facebook video, you can always share links. However, be sure to not spam people as that can be annoying. We also recommend that you only share funny jokes video in selected chat rooms which focus on a relevant topic.
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