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As words reach the heart before they reach your mind

When you talk to someone whether known or a stranger the first thing that makes an impression on them are the words, words spoken wisely are called Quotes. Quotes can heal you if you are broken. They can break you if you are feeling over the moon. Quotes can motivate you when you are down and depressed and lonely. When you share encouraging quotes it can build someone's self-esteem discouraging quotes can dismantle a person's confidence forever because it stops them from doing what they should be had been doing extremely well in. If you really want to chat with strangers but are a shy starter. What you can do in order to talk to people are to initiate conversations with strangers using quotes. Using quotes in your chats and life can be a game changer and it may well leave an overwhelming impression on your chat partner the other person who doesn't know you.

Using quotes in conversation is helpful because:

In today's fast-paced world where when everyone is in a hurry and hustle happiness becomes inaccessible as in the past times visiting relatives or friends, others were feasible when you can share a joke with a cup of coffee. In today's electronic world even a cup of coffee is shared through social media stories people share their days work on chat sites and communities on the web. When you visit a chat site like ours TalkwithStranger you can brighten make someone's day by sharing some funny quotes where hundreds of teens adults mean women friends and strangers share their daily experiences with each other on pages like teen chat.

By using motivational quotes with other users your kind words and quotes. You can act as a Savior for someone who wants to throw his face in a towel today. Motivational quotes help people to lift their spirits and inspire them to move in the right direction. You can make the most of motivational quotes just by browsing through this section. The fun doesn’t just stop here, other than quotes users can explore our Jokes section for laughs. We also have a Facts section for a quick fact check and various other fun activities including a Riddles section.

Motivational quotes on Funwithstranger can be shared with users across multiple social platforms. This platform also gives users the power to post their own share of Jokes, Quotes, Riddles and Facts. The best of all times and all times favorites have been made available for your pleasure in one place.   

Inspirational quotes will furnish you with the right tools to become champion of the words world around you. Don't let any probabilities of loss rebuke cast out a doubt fear or any negative thoughts surround you or prevent you from achieving your goals. Never be a victim of life, be a conqueror. With the start of every, this new year live every day with a new inspiration to follow your dreams and desires by including inspirational quotes in your plan.

Life is all about living in the moment making good friends reading good books and moving on. It is not always a bed of roses. Every minute is important the time that passes never comes back if you let others opinions control your happiness and damaged relationship with someone you are at a great loss. Share some motivational life quotes gives you a lesson to learn from your mistakes encourage you to get up and get going again. You will surely build a village of goodness through sharing motivational life quotes.

Sometimes we spend too much time thinking about making the first move and regret afterward when the moment is gone on our chatting site TalkwithStranger there is no limit to making friends sharing your sorrows and happiness by using life quotes sections impressive words without showing who you are and be what you want to be.

The world is all full of amazing people and beautiful nature and its miracles and what better way it is to praise it using beauty quotes. While chatting with friends find something you genuinely like about the person by using suitable quotes to praise it will give more charm to your conversation.

By not denying the fact that bodily beauty is the first attractive thing one notices you can praise someone's eyes/lips/teeth/hair by watching them and talking to them at the same time with our video conferencing option. Admire sometimes it's the simplest of compliments that makes a person's day or boost their confidence even a good little note about a girl's makeup choices like the shade of lipstick on girl chat section or the choice of scarf she is wearing will put a smile on her face for the whole day and that gesture will be remembered for developing a friendship long-lived.

  • Success Quotes:

Success comes to those who work for it. In the same manner, appreciating someone's achievement like a kid running a race with all his might make his day wherever you can chip in with a funny witty quote of a superhero from successful quotes will make him feel like one.

No work should be considered as shameful take pride in what you do for a living. Leaders are people who do the right thing at the right time irrespective of what your profession is encouraging everyone in your work circle using success quotes can motivate them to aim for a higher goal in their respective fields and be amazing everyone wants to be amazing; you are amazing they are amazing. You can even share your success stories with people around the world by using our chat site TalkwithStranger.

  • Friend Quotes:

Friendship is the most precious and trustworthy relationship after your blood relations. Friends are closer to each other more than relatives. It needs a lot of effort to trust someone to share your feelings of loneliness or share your joys with on talkwithstranger. You can have the anonymity for not being judged about how you behave or talk or have certain views so it is so comfortable to talk to someone anytime and from anywhere. You need to be a good listener with a caring heart and actually be there.

It is said that the greatest gift of life is friendship value your friends by sharing our friendship quotes make them feel special to show them they matter.

According to Aristotle, there are three different types of friendship:

    • Friendships of utility.
    • Friendships of pleasure.
    • Friendships of the good.

But the essence remains the same to be there through thicks and thins of life. Reassure your friends that you trust them by heart using the friendship quotes. Make new friends by lending your time to chat to them when they speak their heart out on a dark day. Be comfortable around each other although being strangers.

Only the bravest of souls can dare to love as it makes you courageous dream about the wildest things and leaves you vulnerable to die by the thought of losing someone. Expressing love makes you selfish impatient and a little insecure about how to choose the right words to show the depths of your emotions or true colors of your sincerity. Look no further get help from the wide collection of love quotes uploaded of TalkwithStranger fun page.

Life is a collection of beautiful moments. it is a valley of the stumpy and lofty road you travel through daily. One goes through each and every day no matter how unexciting keeping all the gorgeous memories in mind one finds positive energy to move forward. Do your best to find beauty in everything you do everyone you talk and every place you go. We believe that is the best way to live life. Life has its own ways of returning what you give it. Give freely like breathing like talking like sharing a smile by sharing funny life quotes or funny quotes. Be kind by expressing love in your words and boost someone's self-belief to a stranger in grief by motivational life quotes. When others do acts of kindness for you thank them. Appreciate it no matter how small the action.

  • Teen Quotes:

A child gets a hundred percent of their parent’s attention to love and care, we respect there likes and dislikes. They need to be nurtured but as the time passes by and they grow into teen life most of the parent's attention tend to divert towards their studies and career thinking they are independent and don't require love and care but that is a misconception, a growing child needs as much attention as a little one. The changes within them physically and emotionally make them open to the vulnerability of the world. Tell your teenager that you have the freedom to express yourself as much as you can to the worlds to find like-minded people. We offer a great platform of teen chat for expressing their thoughts likes and dislikes and their mood changes. You can have a teen chat on any topic you want from the latest gadgets to the most happening places in town. The chat site talkwithstranger gives you an opportunity to internationally mingle among people know different cultures.

Teenagers have an outlet to let their fears and doubts free by chatting to other age fellows on our  teen chat page .  

Using our fair collection of best friend quotes can help to build good friendships and they can even grow into lifelong affairs. Talk to friends or talk to strangers enjoy what they share with you and be fascinated in who they are and what they're doing.

Be approachable, listening to them through audio chats when they want to talk you would be surprised to find out how refreshing it is to share your thoughts and get a load of your mind instead of being lousy.

Funny statements are things half said which leave the reader or listener wondering in sweet funny suspense of thinking what it actually meant. Laughter truly is the best medicine for your soul. we all know work routines can be jagged. In reality, every day seems to present a diverse challenge. On the first day of your week, you look for a bump start for work. In the middle, you need some help to get over the hump and on the weekends you need to get re-energized for the week ahead. Therefore sharing funny quotes around you brings laughter to reduce stress. So to keep you healthy and happy literally enjoy these funny quotes on TalkwithStranger fun pages.

  • Depressive Quotes:

An estimated 10.3 American adults experience major depression each year according to a 2016 national institute of the mental health survey. It affects people from every commute of life riches to the poor young or old famous or not famous.

Depression could be life-threatening if not diagnosed on time and treated properly. One major problem about depression is not opening up or expressing about it. If someone expresses their feelings about being sad and hurt through depressed quotes every now n then shares depressing material like depressing poetry on social media then don't take it lightly offer help your kind words can change someone's life using the fine share of our encouraging quotes for overcoming depressed thoughts by happiness quotes to make your friend feel better motivational quotes can also encourage him her to get out of the misery and see on the brighter side. No one can see their loved ones in misery and pain; mostly you care too much about them.

  • Break up Quotes:

After every night there is a new beginning! A new day and a fresh start to a gleaming bright sun reminding you that sometimes one door closes to show you there are ten other doors that will lead you to a better life. If your friend calls you in the middle of the night because her boyfriend dumped her you need to take that call or you can even chat. And then you need to take her out of misery the following day and make her forget about that stupid dude. Take help from break up quotes that will encourage your friend to move on.

When a person is always happy he/she tends to forget about growing or doing things out of comfort zone. It is the hurt and breakup that causes you to overcome your fears of being alone and doing something for yourself by coming out of your comfort zone. To smell the fragrance of roses you have to bear the pain of thorns. Sad quotes help a person to express the emotions of rejection and self-pity and motivational quotes push you towards standing up again and enjoying life making a new start. Making a new friend through joining in chat sites like TalkwithStranger and realize there are still good people in the world who can lift you up in your darker times.

As Albert Einstein rightly said:

“Life is like riding a bicycle. to keep your balance you must keep moving”.