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The constant struggle of getting better and trying to achieve more. Having a break from it all through some funny quotes in conversations is always a breath of fresh air.

Never-ending collection of Funny Quotes on Talkwithstranger to make a day brighter with laugh ~ Life is like a mirror. If you smile at it, it smiles back at you.

Humor is the spice of life. In this world of never-ending chores.

The constant struggle of getting better and trying to achieve more. Having a break from it all through some funny quotes in conversations is always a breath of fresh air.

Have you ever felt exhausted by overburdening yourself with long hours of work or a relationship that is not working? We all have! But the truth is, no matter how much we try and be happy. There would always be something or someone who makes you feel lonely or depressed.

In your friends circle there is someone who needs your motivational words . someone who needs your happy go lucky nature to be uplifted from stress. you can help get that done by heading over to our section of funny quotes.

Love and friendship are God's most precious gifts to humanity.

Notice the first word of this article, never-ending tensions and stress are one thing that keeps us all occupied for the most part and usually comes in the way of us doing other fun things.

Like when you think “I would love to go chat with my friends, but they don't understand me and I feel lonely and sad”, “I would really like to finish this book, but it has so much negativity and stress in it that I can't handle it I need to read something light and funny”, “I can never find time for myself because by the time I get done with the chores, all my friends are already busy with their other friends and they don't have time for me, and I don’t have much energy left”.

The idea behind using funny quotes in different aspects of life:

The entire idea is to be flexible and have realistic expectations of yourself and others. One must feel that we have unnecessarily burdened ourselves by trying to fit the molds of superheroes. Happiness costs nothing yet it is a priceless gift given to others, do not ask for help go search our funny quotes section for numerous funny quotes to share with your girlfriends, new friends, and loved ones!

Why use funny quotes?

  • A happy home is a content home share funny quotes on life:

Families grow with togetherness they  are nurtured by sharing negative or positive sentiments, at the same time giving each other space to live a life of their own too. When someone in the family is facing  hard times everyone is affected.

The best way to get through it is having moments of laughter, if you are able to crack a joke or say a funny quote to make him/her laugh and get the attention away from the matter even for a bit works wonders for the depressed soul.

The secret to a happy family is Eat, play, love.

These are the easy ways to reconnect with your family . It can help to create a really positive dynamic and if you are away from each other start texting. Use our chat site to connect with each other.

  • Build a happy friends circle:

When a friend is in distress talk to your friend about what really makes them happy share our interesting collection of humorous funny quotes and encourage these activities like joining social media like chat sites.

Help your friend identify the other good things in life. Remind your friend we have the power to move past anything in life and create our new life from NOW within us. Make a new friend, talk to strangers explore new possibilities by using social media as an outlet to grow yourself and don't limit yourself to a specific closed group of people either by showing your identity or being anonymous our chat rooms give you both opportunities to open your heart to new people.

Listen to some good music together that makes them happy now and in the past and make a playlist online by chatting with other like-minded people

  • Improve community environment around you:

A community is a person's second home whether living abroad or in your own country. People in a community have been seen together around each other and cheer each other on without any holding back. They are built at events and gatherings during the year where everyone freely shares tools and techniques of their goals they worked so hard to get, no dream was too big or too small, and friendships are made that will seriously last forever some funny jokes and funny quotes are mandatory to be shared. By the help of our  chat site talkwithstranger a social community has developed that is so strong and wide. Without the boundaries of religion, nation, color or cast.

Just think about how powerful that is!

  • Feeling of self-accomplishment by helping others:

Imagine how glorious the world would be if helping others and making them feel better in their difficult times was our “mark” and we all did that for each other more often. People on our chat rooms are here for it. To the mother of a tired child in the grocery store, to the women entrepreneur who’s making a fortune of dollars after working her ass off for years, and to everyone else across the chatroom. Let’s cheer each other on, be excited for each other’s accomplishments, and make everyone laugh by sharing our unique collection of funny quotes in any way that we can. Cause if that makes the life of a friend or stranger chat with you openly and lessens his/her sorrows then funny quotes magic have worked.

  • Being able to self motivate yourself:

Planning the ‘day off’ should be easy for you if you know the source to get humor and fun in your routine.

It is strongly believed to take a day off instead of continuing without a break and ending up with being sluggish at most of the days where you're always worried that you didn't do enough!

Taking this one day off just for you and reading some funny quotes! not for your partner, for your friends or kids, just you is super refreshing.

For that one day, stop with the comparison and have fun, for that one day, focus on the ‘Done’ instead of the ‘Should have done’. Delay, relax, read some funny quotes on a lighter note.

And spend the day with YOU!

We also have a number of categories of funny quotes you can find on our chat site TalkwithStranger:

  • Short Funny Quotes:

We live in the era of technology where everything is available on the click of a button so is fun and laughter. People enjoy short and witty sentences more than stories. Head over to our section of short funny quotes that are easy to learn and share. And if you're already a laughter king or queen with an impeccable collection of funny quotes to share our chat site TalkwithStranger is the place to be for you with numerous chat rooms like teen chat, adult chat, chat with girls and chat with strangers to enter and impress new friends with your sense of humor.

  • Funny Quotes and sayings:

when a person who is well known and famous person says something funny it becomes the talk of the town. Their words either funny or motivational leave an impact on their followers that they become famous funny quotes. People blindly follow what their mentor in sports says. Student quote words and sayings from professors of their alma maters. As Abraham Lincoln said :

No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar
  • Funny Quotes about life:

Life is a short smile while you have the power to do it, life is all about attitude about how you survive a storm either you come out as a warrior or a chicken who runs out and hide in a shed. It is popularly said when life gives you lemons make lemonade but we say to squeeze it in your enemies eye and run away. Ups and downs are the part and parcel of life but one needs to be motivated through funny quotes and funny sayings and keep moving forward. Check out the hilarious collection of funny quotes on life to have a hearty moment in tough times because sometimes you have to find funny in furry to survive.

  • Funny Quotes about love:

Be happy if you want to make your partner happy. Being in a healthy and happy relationship requires understanding, giving enough space to the other person to enjoy his/her personal interests along with spending time quality time together, enjoying each others company, reading good books and good humor. Our collection of funny quotes on love will sure improve your love life to the next level.

Men and women in a relationship often give an impact that the other person  in their life is strong and they are complex. They express their feelings through funny quotes about men and funny quotes about women. They like to have a go at each other by saying funny things about their habits likes and dislikes. Try our section of funny quotes about love to win the battle of never ending argument with your spouse without being harsh.

Men who like to show they are smarter than the women in their lives can have help by learning new and absolutely unique funny quote to taunt and tease, nevertheless in this era of equality women accepting challenges through all walks of life will accept this challenge too and come up with equally good funny quotes for men from our section of funny quotes about love at our websites TalkwithStranger.  

  • Funny Quotes with pictures:

A picture is worth a thousand words, the art of being happy is the power of taking out best from the worst. You don't believe what you hear but you believe what you see every time. Funny quotes with pictures could bring a smile on a frowning face. Pictures help you relate to things easily and stay in your memory for a long time just like a picture of a minion is a sign that there is something funny in it. Share your collection of funny quotes with picture while you are chatting with someone on a chat site or chat room or get assistance from our wide range of funny quotes with pictures that will surely make you and your friends laugh out loud.

  • Funny Quotes about school:

Educational institutes like school, universities and academies is where most of the youth is at the same time they have professors and teachers in old ages this contrast of age brings the best of humor from their daily life experiences. Students like to share funny quotes during their sessions to show how smart they are but the teacher can respond with a funnier answer to show who the boss is! Most of the funny quotes about school are spread through social media, chat sites like ours Talkwithstranger where students as well as teachers cut loose and have light moment after a hectic day of studies, homework and teachings. In our chat rooms everyone can share funny quotes on school anonymously without revealing your identity keeping in mind that bullying is a crime and that act will result in blocking from the page.

  • Funny Quotes on wisdom:

Sometimes we need someone else to believe it for us when we can’t. When we feel hopeless, we need someone else to have hope where it feels impossible and make us feel better. Wisdom is accepted when transferred in a positive way. A thing explained with fun and laughter will be more accepted rather than using harsh words and criticism. Whether it’s your relationship or whatever it is in your life, we all know is the struggle is real. It would be our honor for you if someone understand what your are trying to teach them through funny quotes on wisdom. Just leave a funny note or a   funny quote about wisdom .

  • Funny Quotes on friendship:

In friends circle nowadays people are a big case of FOMO, When it comes to events where they refuse to rest or sleep in the fear of missing out on something fun, as a result, they drain their self out and end up being cranky.

By Sharing some funny lines and funny quotes on friendship from our social network site   Talkwithstranger (chat and fun) helps in a way that will recharge your friends and you while getting ready to work next day.