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How to use voice calls on mobile?

To use random voice chat on mobile Google Chrome browsers or iPhone Safari (only), Please tell your mobile browser to "Request Desktop Site" by going in your browser settings menu. See below screenshots.

  1. If you are on iPhone safari, hold the refresh arrow icon for few seconds. It should be on top right of the address bar.
    • If you are on latest iOS 13 iPhone safari, tap on the "AA" icon on the top left of the search field. From there, tap "Request Desktop Website" on the pop-up menu.
  2. OR if you are on Android Chrome, tap the 3 dots on android top right side of search bar) as shown in screenshot below.
  3. And click "Request Desktop Site". Or if you don't understand Click for Android Guide or Click for iPhone Guide. If you are on latest iPhone iOS 13 safari, follow guide for iOS 13.

Android Chrome Picture E.g to Request Desktop Site

How to request desktop site on TWS
How to request desktop site on TWS

iPhone Safari Picture E.g to Request Desktop Site

Old iPhones (Hold the Refresh Icon)
How to request desktop site on TWS

New iPhones iOS 11+ (Tap Aa Icon)
How to request desktop site on TWS

Free Online Call is your new best friend!

Communication with others is the key problem in present times.There is nothing better than being connected with people around the globe either for exposure or for relation. Social media and free online call is a man's best friend. Whether it's searching for products, studying for another course, or communicating with your best friend. Social media acts like oxygen to all of us. Similarly, we need a good website or an app to connect with our loved ones or meet new people here free online calls come handy.

Are you tired of being alone on your birthday, New Year's Eve, and all of your achievements?

Worry not, we’ve got you covered with free online call. You can get incoming and outgoing calls through our website for free.TalkwithStrangers is here to connect you with new friends and family without any cost. What else can you ask for?  TWS will offer you all kinds of opportunities to celebrate your birthday when you're away from family. It doesn't matter if it is a domestic call or international call.

Either you want to make new friends around the globe or connect to your family that is far away. Instead of being sloppy on your birthdays and calling it a night? Well, worry, not. It is as simple as it can be.

TWS offers everything, from chat to call to video call. It is a free calling website which is flourishing every day. TWS has a lot of features to offer. They are enhancing the qualities after a little while. It will help you to connect more, better, and also gives you a smooth ride to call.

Free online chatting and call rooms:

Something we all look for is talking to a new person. At times, it can get very difficult. However, other times you can get some help. TWS is here to help. You can talk to new people and get to know them. If you feel like you have compatibility you can take it up a notch and call.

To meet new people around the globe, nobody wants to spend a lot of money. You don’t want to buy your friends, do you? For that matter, talk with stranger is the best app. It has no login or sign up for chats and calls. It is available 24/7. Whether you want to call or chat.

Free calls attract people way more. It’s like virtually meeting the person! You will get to see how they behave. In texts you might now be able to get to know each and everything about a person. They might not even show you the bad parts of themselves.

Because of the judgmental and harsh comments of others, one can be upset. Therefore not show you their true self. But they can be scared to show you their flaws. Or maybe they are just insecure. To get to know all the highs and lows of the person audio calls and video calls is the answer.

Free online chatting helps you to talk to the person around the clock. You can text the person anonymously without giving them your personal information. This helps a lot since if you don’t want to continue the communication with the person you can easily leave.

Apart from that, if you are online dating on talk with stranger. It is going to benefit you a lot as the person you will be interested in wouldn’t love you or judge you from the looks. You would get to know the other person’s personality and vice versa.

Sexual orientation:

There are a lot of different sexual orientations out there. Even though there are separate chats and calling apps for them. But there’s a calling as well as chatting group for different sexual orientation groups. You can easily dial up domestic and international calls without any cost. 

You can always go up here and chat with whoever you want to! Whether you are looking for a serious relationship or you want to have a one night stand. You can come up here and look for a person with the same requirements and have fun!

With so many different call rooms, you can have the option of coming up here too. Though different people have different needs. Some might come here to flirt, some might come looking for a serious relationship. You can chat as well as audio video call with whoever you want

Now there’s a Depression group too: 

Are you going through some difficult times in your life? And are you struggling to talk about it? Is it because you can afford a psychologist for therapy? Or it isn’t a big deal for you to visit therapy. 

These are for sure a handful of questions and you might be struggling with a lot more. Whether you are a teenager discovering everything around you. Having a lot of questions. Thinking everything has a problem with you. 

Or you might be having tough times in school.maybe somebody is bullying you. Or you are being looked  down at. There can be a lot of things when you live in a  new modern society like ours. 

It can be because of some personal issue. Or any health issues that might have led you into depression. You can be insecure or you can be unhappy because of your parents divorce. There are so many things that can affect your mental health yet it has the least importance. 

But don't worry, Talk with Stranger will definitely help you with this too. There are professional therapists out there who’ll help you out in this. You can talk to them for free. They will help you out and talk you through your whole issue.

Call chat room for boys:

TWS is a free calling website. It has numerous chat rooms to offer. Similar to the girl’s chat room there’s a specific chat room for boys. The boy’s chat room is a casual place for them to talk, go out and have fun. They can talk to each other as well as have a sexual relationship.

You can meet new boys to hang out with. Whether you want to talk about sports or go grab a lunch. You will have another “bro” to spend time with. For somebody who isn’t very social, can go on here and make new friends.

Some boys are interested in other boys. They can come here and have a exciting experience with other boys. They can talk about however they are feeling and their experiences. If they are interested in something, they can talk about that or if there’s a new movie coming!  

Other than that you will be happy when you will find a person with similar likes and dislikes. It’s also good to have a friend who won’t look down at you and will love and cherish your friendship forever.