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How to use voice calls on mobile?

To use random voice chat on mobile Google Chrome browsers or iPhone Safari (only), Please tell your mobile browser to "Request Desktop Site" by going in your browser settings menu. See below screenshots.

  1. If you are on iPhone safari, hold the refresh arrow icon for few seconds. It should be on top right of the address bar.
    • If you are on latest iOS 13 iPhone safari, tap on the "AA" icon on the top left of the search field. From there, tap "Request Desktop Website" on the pop-up menu.
  2. OR if you are on Android Chrome, tap the 3 dots on android top right side of search bar) as shown in screenshot below.
  3. And click "Request Desktop Site". Or if you don't understand Click for Android Guide or Click for iPhone Guide. If you are on latest iPhone iOS 13 safari, follow guide for iOS 13.

Android Chrome Picture E.g to Request Desktop Site

How to request desktop site on TWS
How to request desktop site on TWS

iPhone Safari Picture E.g to Request Desktop Site

Old iPhones (Hold the Refresh Icon)
How to request desktop site on TWS

New iPhones iOS 11+ (Tap Aa Icon)
How to request desktop site on TWS

Call App for free unlimited calls

The call app to make unlimted number of calls to online strangers all around the world and chat with them without having to leave the comfort and safety of your homes. Free phone call app that is accesible through the website along with other TalkwithStranger chat and call apps. Join the fun without registration or going through lengthy sign-up processes.

It is always a good idea to be humble and helping towards other online users. Show respect all around and others will also treat you respectfully.

How is it even a good idea to share your secrets with strangers on a call app?

Let’s tackle the old tale here - you cannot talk to strangers, it’s a world full of cons.

But wait, did we even say that you should tell your personal details to this stranger or leave traces of your true identity?

It can be like this but in a digital setting - you feel sad, so you leave your home to find someone interesting on the street. This person cannot see you he can only hear you. So, you talk about all your problems and then leave, never to meet this stranger again.

Did you tell this stranger your name, cell phone number or address? No, you didn’t. You didn’t even show your face, did you?

The same is what happens in a phone call app. In fact, in a text free call app, you also are not physically present at the location of this person but miles away. So, the call app’s online feature makes it a safety barrier. Safety against the chance of being deceived, safety against being hurt in any way.

Be Cautious - Be Wise

This doesn’t mean that you must hide everything about yourself. Sometimes people tend to become great friends with some people in a calling app. This builds trust between them and others which enables them all to disclose some of their personal details. We still caution you to stay careful though.

At the end of the day though, it is entirely up to you to share or not share your personal details on a call to call app with strangers online. As for your secrets, you don’t necessarily have to talk about your problems and negative experiences. You can also simply discuss any topics that interest you with people on a phone call app.

It’s always a good idea to share your secrets with people who are unlikely to harm your reputation or use your secrets as weapons against you to fulfil their inner motive of bringing you down.

And when it comes to strangers, they simply have no reason to do such things, do they? They don’t know you enough to want to tarnish your reputation. To stay on the safe side, you can rename everyone in your stories and even use a pseudonym for yourself.

Call App

The wait is finally over! Call app is here with a Bang! The perfect app that allows you to chat as well as call your loved ones. This app is invented so that the users can get the best experience of calling. The most preferred and widely used call app in the world with millions of users worldwide and a huge community of active users. Calling your buddies is no more difficult now. Get the call app and have fun with your favorite people. 


A stranger doesn’t know anyone who knows you so he or she is unlikely to snitch on you. They have no jealousy, nothing against you.

Therefore, you find a call app to get the load of talks off your chest and you don’t have anything at stake to lose. However, this call app won’t connect you with a therapist as mentioned above. The free calling app is for making friends. Or maybe for participating in chat rooms.

You can join a relevant chat room, say for instance one that discusses heart break or depression, to discuss the sad part of your life and emotions. You can talk along with other people, pour your feelings and some may have some wise words to lend you.

Now in a text call free app, you can also chat via texting or you can jump on a call. It is better to first text and then call so as to ensure that no one finds it odd and there are no awkward silences. Whether on text or on call though, don’t forget to listen to other people too.

Talking to people, sharing with them is and should always be a two-way street. When you read about others’ experiences you also get to learn more and understand different people and the scenarios they are in.

If you keep yammering on and on only about yourself, chances are you will not even be able to make friends with anyone yourself. No one enjoys talking to someone who only talks about himself, right? So, treat people like you want to be treated in person and even on an app to make phone calls.

Free Calling App Unlimited With WIFI

When it comes to free calling, you need to have a stable and good internet connection to do so. With mobile data, it is difficult to make an online call because there can be a network problem. Maybe the signals are too weak to make an online call. Many problems can arise. To avoid such types of problems, always use WIFI for online calling. WIFI is stable and allows you to have the best call experience you never had in your life. Call with all your heart and have fun with the people around you. 

As you all know Talk With Stranger is the app that allows you to do so. It is a free calling app with which you can have unlimited fun with WIFI. The fun never stops. The whole TWS is a fun ride. Once you are into it, you can’t come out of the never-ending fun. 

Do you have friends or relatives who are living abroad? Are you missing them? You can’t go there but at least you can talk with them. TWS international calling feature is a must use. With this feature, you can easily talk with your loved ones across the border for free and without any hurdles. 

You must have the TWS app installed on your mobile phone so that whenever there’s a need you can use it and get to enjoy your life to its fullest.

Text Call Free App

There is an app that allows people to have a text chat as well as make a call at the same time. There are many famous apps available on the internet that allow you to do so. You already know about Talk With Stranger then why are you using other calling sites? Use Talk With Stranger text call free app and have all the fun. You don’t need to download any other app. TWS allows you to have a text chat as well as free calls all at the same time to the people of your choice. Then why wait! Hurry up and get the app now. 

What if you lose contact with someone you talked with on a free calling app?

Calling apps have a lot of people from different parts of the world participating. This means its easy for you to lose connections. However, you can always make an effort to find the people that you have lost contact with and would like to reconnect with.

In this regard, your first step is to recall their username. If you have their username, you may be able to find them on the call app through a quick search. If you do not have such details, you can also try to find them by contacting the support team.

In the case of the Talk with Stranger text call free app, there is a room with the name of Lost Connections where people announce the username of the people they have lost touch with for whatever reason. This is the first place that users use to look if someone is searching for them or when they want to find someone.

You can also exchange your email id, one that is for rough use, with the people you become good buddies with. This way, if you ever lose touch, you will be able to reconnect with the person easily.